News Headlines - 21 March 2012

▽French police in standoff with possibly Al Qaeda-linked suspect in school shootings - Fox News
French police say a gunman suspected in seven killings and claiming Al Qaeda links has resumed talking to negotiators.
The suspect is barricaded in an apartment building in the city of Toulouse in southern France.

▽Judith Tebbutt freed by Somali pirates after six-month kidnap ordeal - Metro
Judith Tebbutt has been freed by Somali pirates after her relatives paid a ransom to her kidnappers, ending her six-month ordeal in captivity.

▽Prince William returns from Falklands deployment - AFP
Prince William has returned to Britain from the Falkland Islands following his tour of duty as a military search and rescue helicopter pilot, officials said Wednesday.
The 29-year-old, second in line to the throne, was sent to the South Atlantic archipelago as a routine part of his Royal Air Force (RAF) duties, but his near seven-week stint angered Argentina.

▽Kensington Palace's £12m refurbishment unveiled - Telegraph.co.uk
Kensington Palace, purchased in 1689 by King William III and Queen Mary II, has been refurbishment for its new residents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to move in as early as next year and use it as their London base.

▽Aspirin 'reduces the chance of dying of cancer by 30pc' - Telegraph.co.uk
His team found that taking low-dose daily aspirin for between three and five years reduced the chance of being diagnosed with cancer at that time by 19 per cent. Five years or more after starting taking aspirin, the reduction rose to 30 per cent.







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