News Headlines - 28 March 2012

▽UK growth for final quarter revised down - Financial Times
Britain’s economy shrank more than previously thought in the final quarter of last year, according to official statistics that caught economists by surprise on Wednesday. Estimated output fell 0.3 per cent from the previous quarter rather than the earlier official estimate of 0.2 per cent.

▽Disasters Hit Lloyd's of London - Wall Street Journal
Lloyd's of London on Wednesday posted its first pretax loss in six years after being hit by lower investment returns and major catastrophes, in what industry experts call the second-costliest year on record in terms of insured disaster claims.

▽JetBlue plane in emergency landing after pilot suffers mid-air meltdown - Metro
A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing after the captain began yelling about a bomb and had to be restrained and locked out of the cockpit.

▽UK riots 'made worse' by rolling news, BBM, Twitter and Facebook - The Guardian
The summer riots across the UK last year were "made worse" by rolling TV news channels and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, according to an independent panel set up by the government to examine the roots of the unrest.

▽Pope to meet with Fidel Castro - The Press Association
Pope Benedict XVI is to wrap up his visit to Cuba with an open-air Mass in the shrine of the Cuban revolution and a meeting with Fidel Castro.
The former Cuban leader announced that he would happily meet with Benedict, saying he was asking for just a "few minutes of his very busy time" in Havana.







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