News Headlines - 31 March 2012

▽China rejects Obama's Iran oil import sanctions - The Associated Press
China rejected President Barack Obama's decision to move forward with plans for sanctions on countries buying oil from Iran, saying Saturday that Washington had no right to unilaterally punish other nations.

▽Fuel strike: government changes advice to say no need to queue for petrol - Telegraph.co.uk
Ministers have revised their advice to insist there is no urgent need for motorists to fill up their tanks with fuel after their warnings over strikes sparked two days of panic buying that has caused many petrol stations to run dry.

▽Spain unveils 'most austere' Budget in democratic history - Telegraph.co.uk
Spain unveiled "the most austere budget in democratic history" with €27bn of cuts and a 7pc rise in utility bills but still failed to win over economists.

▽Apple, Foxconn revamp China work conditions - Reuters
In a landmark development for the way Western companies do business in China, Apple Inc said on Thursday it had agreed to work with partner Foxconn to tackle wage and working condition violations at the factories that produce its popular products.

▽Neutrino 'faster than light' scientist resigns - BBC
The head of an experiment that appeared to show subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light has resigned from his post.







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