News Headlines - 02 April 2012

▽Bin Laden family charged and sentenced in Pakistan - BBC
Osama Bin Laden's three widows and two eldest daughters have been charged and sentenced for living in Pakistan illegally, their lawyer has confirmed.

▽Satellite pictures show signs of North Korean rocket launch preparations - The Guardian
Satellite images of a North Korean rocket launch site show a mobile radar trailer and rows of what appear to be empty fuel and oxidiser tanks, evidence of ramped-up preparation for what Washington calls a cover for a long-range missile test.

▽Suu Kyi celebrates ‘new era’ in Burma after election win - Evening Standard
Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi spoke of her hopes for a new era of change in Burma after claiming victory in the country’s historic by-election.
She addressed thousands of cheering supporters gathered outside her opposition party headquarters after the win that will see her enter parliament.

▽Pastebin to hire staff to tackle hackers' 'sensitive' posts - BBC
The owner of Pastebin.com says he plans to hire more staff to help police "sensitive information" posted to the site.
The website is frequently used by Anonymous and other hackers to reveal data taken from their targets.
In the past this has included home addresses, email passwords and bank account details.

▽Government to monitor email and web use of EVERYONE in Britain - Scottish Daily Record
NEW ‘Big Brother’-style laws will let the Government monitor the calls, emails, texts and website use of everybody in Britain.
Internet firms will be forced to give the Government’s intelligence agency GCHQ access to anyone’s communications.
The Home Office said it will strike a major blow against terrorism but civil liberty groups and others have heavily criticised the move.







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