News Headlines - 13 April 2012

▽Turmoil in global markets as Spanish bank borrowing from ECB doubles - Telegraph.co.uk
Spanish bank borrowing from the European Central Bank doubled last month, revealing a dangerous dependence on emergency funding that on Friday triggered renewed turmoil in financial markets.

▽N.Korea Admits Rocket Failed Shortly After Launch - The Chosun Ilbo
North Korea has acknowledged a multi-stage rocket it launched early Friday failed to reach orbit. An announcer on North Korean television -- interrupting programming four hours after the launch, which was not broadcast -- says the Kwangmyongsong-3 earth observation satellite did not succeed in reaching orbit and scientific experts are investigating the cause of the failure.

▽Fuel tanker drivers consider possible deal - BBC
The fuel tanker drivers' dispute could be over after the Unite union agreed to put a possible deal to its members.

▽The Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit has terrifying implications - The Guardian
If Apple loses the US case for alleged price-fixing, Amazon will be left in sole charge of the publishing industry

▽Emperor penguins counted from space - BBC
Nearly twice as many emperor penguins inhabit Antarctica as was thought.
UK, US and Australian scientists used satellite technology to trace and count the iconic birds, finding them to number almost 600,000.







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