News Headlines - 16 April 2012

▽Lord Ahmed suspended from Labour Party after 'offering £10m bounty for capture of Obama and Bush' - Telegraph.co.uk
Lord Ahmed, a controversial British peer, has been suspended from the Labour Party amid reports that he offered a £10 million bounty for the capture of President Barack Obama and his predecessor President George W Bush.

▽Breivik admits to killing 77, but pleads not guilty - CTV.ca
A right-wing fanatic admitted Monday to unleashing a bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defence.

▽Property asking prices hit all-time high but soaring London masks misery elsewhere, says Rightmove - This is Money
Average asking prices rose 2.9 per cent between March and April to £243,737, according to the Rightmove House Price Index. That is £1,327 more than the last peak in May 2008 when the average was £242,410.
The average is being skewed by London's irrepressible housing market. Since the last peak in 2008, London prices are 14.9 per cent higher, compared with a 4.3 per cent fall in that time for the rest of the country excluding the capital.

▽Himalayan glaciers resist global trend of melting: Study - Economic Times
Some glaciers in the Himalayas mountain range have gained a small amount of mass between 1999 and 2008, new research shows, bucking the global trend of glacial decline.
The study published on Sunday in the Nature Geoscience journal also said the Karakoram mountain range in the Himalayas has contributed less to sea level rise than previously thought.

▽Drought 'may last until Christmas' - Bourne Local
The Environment Agency declared official drought zones in a further 17 English counties - including Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire - and said the shortages could last until Christmas or beyond.







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