News Headlines - 17 April 2012

▽Anders Behring Breivik claims victims were not innocent - The Guardian
He expressed no regret for planning and carrying out the attacks that left 77 dead last summer. Maintaining he acted out of "goodness, not evil" to prevent a "major civil war", Breivik insisted: "I would have done it again."

▽Repsol vows to fight for $10bn compensation over Argentinian plans to seize control of oil group YPF - Telegraph.co.uk
Spanish oil giant Repsol said on Tuesday that it will demand compensation of at least $10bn (£6.27bn) from Argentina if the country completes plans to seize control of its largest oil company.

▽Tokyo to buy disputed islands: Governor - AsiaOne
Controversial Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara has said taxpayers in Japan's capital will buy a small chain of uninhabited islands at the centre of a damaging territorial dispute with China.

▽Samsung Galaxy SIII ‘official Olympics phone’ - Telegraph.co.uk
Samsung’s new Galaxy device is to be unveiled in London because it is to be the official phone of the Olympics, according to reports.

▽Spectacular Solar Flare Erupts From The Sun - Sky News
Nasa has released spectacular images of a powerful solar flare erupting from the sun.
Although measured as "moderate", the sun storm captured by Nasa spacecraft revealed it to be a stunning display of magnetic plasma.







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