News Headlines - 19 April 2012

▽Sun journalist arrested in British corruption probe - AFP
A journalist from The Sun, reportedly its royal editor, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of illegally paying public officials, police said.
The 36-year-old journalist was held in a dawn swoop at his home in Kent, while a 42-year-old male former armed forces member and a 38-year-old woman were arrested at their home in Lancashire.

▽Suspected far-right extremists arrested across England - The Guardian
Five suspected far-right extremists have been arrested by counter-terror detectives after race-hate material was posted online... The arrests on Thursday are being linked with a splinter group of the English Defence League known as the North West Infidels.

▽Royal Palace was Breivik’s third target - Views and News from Norway
Mass murder- and terror defendant Anders Behring Breivik testified in court on Thursday that he originally planned to bomb three targets in Oslo including the Royal Palace, and then go on a shooting spree downtown until he was shot himself. He settled on bombing government headquarters and a massacre at a Labour Party summer camp.

▽Nokia slumps to €1.3bn loss under competition from Apple and Samsung - The Guardian
Nokia's smartphone sales have faltered after Elop moved its devices off its home-grown Symbian operating system last year to the untried Windows Phone software owned by Microsoft. As a consequence, sales of Symbian-based phones are declining rapidly while uptake of Nokia's new Windows-based phone, the Lumia, has disappointed.

▽Japan deficit adds to nuclear restart calls - Financial Times
The value of imports of liquefied natural gas, used for thermal power generation, reached a record-high Y5.4tn ($66bn), up 52 per cent from the previous year, with imports of crude oil up 23 per cent to Y11.9tn. That drove the trade deficit to Y4.41tn in the year to March 2012, from a surplus of Y5.3tn in 2010/11.







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