News Headlines - 26 April 2012

▽Japan court clears Ichiro Ozawa, prompting talk of challenge to PM - The Guardian
Japan's prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, faces a potential threat to his leadership after Ichiro Ozawa, a rival and powerful figure inside the governing party, was acquitted of breaking political funding laws.

▽Rupert Murdoch admits NoW phone-hacking cover-up - The Guardian
Murdoch, the News Corp chairman and chief executive, giving his second day of evidence to the inquiry in London on Thursday morning, said he was "misinformed and shielded" from what was going on at the News of the World, adding that there was a "cover-up".

▽Spy death: 'No evidence' of secret service cover up - BBC
An ex-colleague of Gareth Williams, the spy whose body was found in a padlocked bag in the bath of his London flat, says there is "no evidence" to suspect that MI6 were involved in a cover up.

▽Israel army chief: Other nations could strike Iran - The Associated Press
Gantz told The Associated Press on Thursday that he believes Iran will "never get" nuclear weapons because the threat of a military strike and international pressure in the form of crippling economic sanctions are a powerful deterrent.

▽Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho rules out return to Chelsea after Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich - Telegraph.co.uk
Now at Real Madrid, he is one the verge of claiming the La Liga title and had the opportunity to face Chelsea in this year's European Cup final before Bayern Munich through a spanner in the works and knocked the Spanish giants out on penalties at the semi-final stage on Wednesday night.







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