News Headlines - 11 May 2012

▽Prince Charles weather forecast sweeps the globe - BBC
Footage of Prince Charles reading the weather on a visit to BBC Scotland has picked up coverage around the world.

▽Diamond Jubilee drives Eurostar sales - Breaking Travel News
Eurostar has reported a 30 per cent surge in bookings around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend, compared with the same period last year1 and an 18 per cent increase, compared to the Royal Wedding weekend in 2011.

▽Cameron DID text Brooks when she left NOTW over hacking - ITN
David Cameron sent a sympathetic text message to Rebekah Brooks after she resigned as News of the World chief executive over the phone-hacking scandal, the Leveson Inquiry has heard.

▽UK Trader Linked To JPMorgan £1.2bn Loss - Sky News
A trader at JPMorgan's London office was linked to the $2bn (£1.2bn) loss in a proprietary trading portfolio, Sky sources have confirmed.
The employee's activities were part of the company's wider trading strategy, the source added.

▽Microsoft redesigns Bing to combat ‘search overload’ - Telegraph.co.uk
The redesign was shown off and explained at a press event yesterday in San Francisco by Microsoft’s top search executive Qi Lu.
The main change sees the introduction of a section called ‘sidebar’, positioned on the right hand side of the screen, which incorporates relevant posts from a person’s Facebook and Twitter contacts during a search on Bing.







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