News Headlines - 12 May 2012

▽Japan PM eyes start of free trade talks with China, S.Korea - Reuters
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Friday he would work with China and South Korea at a weekend summit in Beijing on starting negotiations on a three-way free trade pact, although senior officials suggested it could take time for talks to begin.

▽Greece lurches towards new vote, hard left leads - Reuters
Greek politicians were set to abandon their quest to form a government on Saturday, leaving the president with one final chance to avert new elections that could drive Greece out of the European single currency.

▽Jeremy Hunt should quit over 'hacking advice' email, says Labour - The Guardian
Labour has stepped up demands for the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to resign following the disclosure of an email that appears to show he sought "private advice" from News Corporation over how Downing Street should respond to the phone-hacking scandal.

▽JP Morgan losses cause shares to drop in other US banks - MyFinances.co.uk
Trading losses of more than £2 billion suffered by JPMorgan Chase has caused shares in the biggest US bank to fall by nine per cent.

▽Scottish independence: Referendum wrangling - BBC
The Scottish government's referendum consultation has ended, marking the latest phase in the programmed push towards the ballot in the autumn of 2014.







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