News Headlines - 15 May 2012

▽Hollande proposes ‘new pact’ for Europe in inaugural address - Washington Post
Newly installed French President Francois Hollande declared Tuesday that he would propose a “new pact” to his European partners emphasizing economic stimulus in addition to the fiscal discipline imposed by Germany.

▽Markets recover as eurozone dodges recession - The Associated Press
European markets bounced back from early losses on news that the 17-country eurozone has narrowly dodged recession, thanks mainly to strong growth in Germany, though concerns persisted that Greece's political impasse could eventually force it to leave the currency bloc.

▽Rebekah Brooks and husband Charlie CHARGED with perverting course of justice - Evening Standard
Rebekah Brooks was today charged with attempting to hide evidence of phone hacking from police
The former News International chief executive and her racehorse trainer husband Charlie were accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

▽Another Earth Needed to Meet Humans’ Demand for Resources - BusinessWeek
People required 18.2 billion hectares (45 billion acres) of land by 2008, with 12 billion productive hectares available, WWF said today in its biennial Living Planet report. About 55 percent of land needed was for forest to absorb carbon dioxide emissions. The Earth takes one and a half years to regenerate natural resources used annually by human inhabitants, WWF said.

▽Japan's loo with a view is world's largest too - Telegraph.co.uk
A Japanese town has opened what is claims is the world's largest public lavatory - a single toilet in a glass cubicle surrounded by more than 2,150 square feet of carefully tended gardens.







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