News Headlines - 22 May 2012

▽Eurozone crisis could hamper UK economic recovery, IMF warns - Scotsman
A WORSENING eurozone crisis would deliver a “substantial contractionary shock” to the UK economy, setting back progress made towards recovery, the International Monetary Fund has warned

▽Britain may need to cut VAT or National Insurance, says the International Monetary Fund - Telegraph.co.uk
Britain should consider cutting VAT or National Insurance if the recession continues, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

▽UK inflation falls to lowest for more than two years - Telegraph.co.uk
The Office for National Statistics said consumer price index (CPI) inflation eased to 3pc in April from 3.5pc in March.
Economists had been expecting a sizeable fall in inflation due to a spike in some prices in April last year not being repeated this year. The average forecast was for inflation to fall 3.1pc last month.

▽96 soldiers killed in huge suicide bomb blast in Yemen capital Sanaa - The Independent
The attacker was one of the solders taking part in the parade, held near the presidential palace in the main square of the country’s capital city Sanaa.
The bomber detonated his explosives minutes before the arrival of the defence minister and the chief of staff, leaving a scene of carnage, with scores of bleeding soldiers lying on the ground as ambulances rushed to the scene.

▽'New era' as SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket leaves for International Space station - Metro
The White House has hailed a 'new era in American spaceflight' after the SpaceX commercial Falcon 9 rocket blasted off for the International Space Station.







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