News Headlines - 23 May 2012

▽Egyptians vote for Mubarak successor in historic poll - Egyptian Gazette
Egyptians were voting Wednesday in historic presidential elections contested by Islamists and secularists promising different futures for the country after the overthrow of veteran dictator Hosni Mubarak.

▽Nuclear talks begin in Baghdad, a day after U.N. watchdog says deal with Iran is near - Washington Post
World powers began a fresh round of talks with Iran on Wednesday amid hopes of progress toward a deal on Tehran’s disputed nuclear program that could help lift the threat of war hanging over the Middle East.

▽France Seeks New Euro-Zone Architecture - Wall Street Journal
France will use an informal summit of European leaders in Brussels Wednesday to propose that members of the euro zone start working on a new architecture of the currency bloc that would eventually allow for joint-debt issuance--the so-called euro-zone bonds.

▽UK retail sales drop after April rains wash away shoppers - The Guardian
April was a washout for the high street as heavy rain contributed to the biggest monthly plunge in retail sales volumes in more than two years.

▽Japan's economy downgraded by Fitch on debt concerns - BBC
Japan's credit rating has been downgraded by two levels by rating agency Fitch on concerns about the country's high levels of debt.







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