News Headlines - 21 May 2019

Ex-Ritsumeikan teacher, a suspect in 2016 Dhaka terror attack fatal to 22, held in Iraq | The Japan Times
A Bangladeshi academic believed to have played a role in planning a July 2016 terror attack in Dhaka that killed 22 people, including seven Japanese, is being detained in northern Iraq, a Bangladesh intelligence official said Monday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said information received through informal channels suggests that Mohammad Saifullah Ozaki, who once taught at Japan’s Ritsumeikan University, is being held in the Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah. Ozaki, alias Sujit Debnath, was among 10 Bangladeshi militants who surrendered to the Kurds in the former Islamic State stronghold of Baghouz, Syria, after it fell to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on March 15, according to the information.
Japanese man gets 15-year prison sentence in China for spying - The Mainichi
A Chinese court on Monday sentenced a Japanese man convicted of spying to 15 years in prison, Sino-Japanese sources revealed Monday. The man, in his 50s, was also fined 100,000 yuan (about 1.6 million yen) by the court in Hainan Province for having illegally obtained state secrets, analyzed them and disseminated them abroad. they said. Since 2015, at least nine Japanese people have been indicted in China for alleged involvement in spying activities, and this marks the seventh time for a court to render a verdict.
Japan gov't decides on route of Oct. parade to celebrate imperial couple
The Japanese government said Tuesday it has decided on the October parade route to be taken by Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako to celebrate his enthronement earlier this month. The open motorcade is expected to take 30 minutes to drive 4.6 kilometers through the capital on Oct. 22 from the Imperial Palace to the Akasaka Palace to be cheered by the public... The route for the imperial couple's wedding parade in 1993 was also considered but rejected.
Indonesia election: Joko Widodo re-elected as president - BBC News
Joko Widodo has been re-elected as Indonesia's president after last month's vote, beating former general Prabowo Subianto. The result was released a day ahead of schedule in the early hours of Tuesday, amid fears of unrest... Mr Prabowo rejected the result and said he would pursue "legal avenues", but urged his supporters to stay calm.
Washington becomes first US state to legalise human composting - BBC News
Washington has become the first state in the US to legalise human composting. Under the new law, people there can now choose to have their body turned into soil after their death. The process is seen as an alternative to cremations and burials, and as a practical option in cities where land for graveyards is scarce.

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バノン氏、欧州議会選で極右にテコ入れ 仏与党は戦々恐々 - 産経ニュース
欧州議会選を前に、トランプ米大統領の首席戦略官だったスティーブン・バノン氏が極右「国民連合」をテコ入れするため先週末、パリ入りした。…… バノン氏は欧州の右派ポピュリズム(大衆迎合主義)勢力を支援しており、パリではメディアの取材に相次いで応じている。……フランスの選挙は、共和国前進を中心とする中道連合と国民連合が首位を争う展開。最新の世論調査では、国民連合が24%の支持率で首位に躍り出た。
Instagramインフルエンサーの何百万もの個人情報がネットに晒される | TechCrunch Japan
Instagramの何百万人ものインフルエンサー、著名人、ブランドアカウントの連絡先情報を含む膨大なデータベースがオンラインで公開されているのが発見された。 そのデータベースは、Amazon Web Servicesによってホストされていて、パスワードも付けず誰でも中身を見られる状態で公開されていた。……そのデータをざっと見てみると、各レコードにはインフルエンサーのInstagramアカウントから抜き出した公開データ、つまり履歴、プロフィール画像、フォロワー数、検証状態、国、都市レベルの住所、などが含まれている。しかし、それに加えて非公開の連絡先情報、つまりアカウント所有者の電子メールと電話番号も含まれているのだ。 このデータベースを発見したのは、セキュリティ研究者のAnurag Sen氏だ。
フォード、7000人削減計画-全世界ホワイトカラーの10% - Bloomberg
米FCCがスプリントとTモバイルの合併をついに支持、でも残る次の壁 | 日経 xTECH(クロステック)
米連邦通信委員会(FCC)は2019年5月20日(米国時間)、ソフトバンクグループ傘下で米携帯電話4位のスプリント(Sprint)と同3位のTモバイルUS(T-Mobile US)の経営統合を支持する委員長らの声明を公表した。今後、数週間以内に承認される見通し。もっとも米国では米司法省(DOJ)が承認しない方向とする報道が依然として続き、予断を許さない状況だ。
眞子さまと婚約内定の小室圭さん NYの大学を卒業
秋篠宮家の長女・眞子さまとの婚約が内定している小室圭さんが、留学先のニューヨークの大学を卒業しました。  小室さんは去年夏からニューヨークのフォーダム大学に留学し、法学修士号のコースを修了しました。……小室さんは8月以降、同じ大学の法務博士号のコースに編入するとみられています。

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News Headlines - 20 May 2019

Japan's unexpected GDP growth in January-March leaves plenty of reasons for caution | The Japan Times
The economy unexpectedly grew at an annualized 2.1 percent in the January-March quarter, government data showed Monday, but it is likely to give little comfort to policymakers worried about economic momentum ahead of the looming consumption tax increase. The biggest driver of the expansion was imports falling even faster than exports, meaning that net exports technically drove growth in the economy. Yet falling imports is actually a sign of underlying weakness in demand, so the result is somewhat misleading.
Billionaire Robert F. Smith vows to pay off debt of Morehouse College graduates. Here is what it means - CNN
Billionaire investor Robert F. Smith's commitment to pay off the student loan debt for graduates of the historically black Morehouse College covers millions of dollars, the school said... Smith's gesture, which Thomas called "a liberation gift," will enable graduates to have more capital to do things like start businesses and support their families.
Watch as Nigel Farage hit by milkshake during Brexit Party campaign - The Scotsman
The Brexit Party leader became the latest victim of a protest which has seen other European election candidates such as Ukip's Carl Benjamin and ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson suffer similar attacks... Last week, police apparently ordered a McDonald's outlet near a Brexit Party campaign rally to stop selling milkshakes and ice cream, the restaurant's staff have said.
Spina bifida: Keyhole surgery repairs baby spine in womb - BBC News
In a UK first, doctors have used keyhole surgery to successfully repair the spine of a baby with spina bifida while it was still inside the womb. Surgeons at King's College Hospital say the procedure is not a cure, but could be the difference between some children learning to walk or not. Sherrie Sharp and her son Jaxson had the operation 27 weeks into the pregnancy.
Germany legalises e-scooters but bans them from the pavement | Euronews
German lawmakers voted on Friday to allow e-scooters to take to the streets making the UK the last major European economy to still ban them.The text approved by the Bundesrat on Friday enables battery-powered scooters to circulate on roads and cycle paths but forbids them from being used on the pavements. Users must be 14 or over and must respect a 20 kilometres per hours speed limit.

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米グーグル、ファーウェイとの一部ビジネス停止=関係筋 - ロイター
トヨタ、米政権に不満…輸入車規制に反対声明 : 読売新聞オンライン
トヨタ自動車の米国法人は17日、トランプ米大統領が検討している輸入自動車への規制に反対する声明を発表した。トランプ氏が、輸入車や輸入部品の増加を安全保障上の脅威と位置づけたことを念頭に、「我々の事業と従業員は米国経済に大きく貢献しており、安全保障上の脅威ではない」と主張した。  声明では、トヨタが米国で約60年にわたり、47万5000人以上を雇用し、600億ドル(約6兆6000億円)以上を投資してきたと説明。トヨタ車が米国で3600万台以上走っているとも指摘した。
[FT] ベルサイユ動画が見せたゴーン被告の「勘違い」
ルイ14世をテーマに、63万5000ユーロかけて宮殿で開く晩さん会はどれほど豪華なものなのだろうか。……答えは動画サイトのユーチューブにあった。……ベルサイユ宮殿でのパーティーと、RNBVが負担したとされる63万5000ユーロの費用について釈明するのは容易ではないはずだ。……祝宴の日はゴーン被告の60歳の誕生日にもぴったり重なり、消息筋によれば、ゲストリストは連合の直接的な取引先よりも個人的な友人、家族の方がかなり多かった。 さらに重要なことに、企業連合を祝うパーティーには推定160人の招待客がいたものの、日産トップクラスの日本人幹部は誰も出席しなかったとみられており、連合からは従業員2人だけが招待されたと考えられている。
CNN.co.jp : 独バイエルに2200億円の賠償認定、除草剤めぐる米訴訟で

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News Headlines - 19 May 2019

Brexit: My Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be a bold new offer to MPs | The Sunday Times
When the government puts the Withdrawal Agreement Bill - the law that will take the UK out of the EU, deliver Brexit and allow us to move forward after three years of hard work - before parliament in a couple of weeks, it will truly be decision time for MPs. Before that happens, the British people will go to the polls in the European elections on Thursday. I hope that everyone who wants to see Brexit delivered in a responsible way as soon as possible will vote for the only party that can actually deliver that: the Conservative Party.
GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to say Trump 'engaged in impeachable conduct' - CNNPolitics
Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash said Saturday he had concluded President Donald Trump committed "impeachable conduct" and accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading the public. Amash's comments recommending Congress pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump were the first instance of a sitting Republican in Congress saying the President's conduct meets the "threshold for impeachment."
Bomb blast targets tourist bus near Egypt's famed pyramids
At least 17 people were injured on Sunday in a blast targeting a tourist bus near the new Egyptian museum close to the Giza Pyramids, Egyptian officials said. The roadside bomb went off as the bus was being driven in Giza, also causing injuries to Egyptians in a nearby car, medical and security sources said.
Detective Pikachu Tops Overseas Box Office, Endgame Hits $2.6 Billion - Variety
Warner Bros. and Legendary’s “Detective Pikachu” remained the top film at the international box office for the second weekend in a row, amassing $53.8 million from 72 foreign markets. The Pokemon adaptation, featuring the voice of Ryan Reynolds, is nearing the $200 million mark overseas. It has currently earned $193.4 million abroad, taking its worldwide bounty to a strong $287.4 million. “Detective Pikachu” had another solid outing in China, earning $17.2 million and bringing ticket sales in that territory to $70.3 million. Other top markets include Russia, where it opened with $4.3 million, as well as the United Kingdom with $3.5 million, Germany with $2.1 million, and Mexico with $2.25 million.
Zagitova faces administrative penalty for driving car
Olympic champion Alina Zagitova faces an administrative fine in the amount of 5 to 15 thousand rubles ($77 - 231) for driving a car without a license. To recall, the athlete is only 16 years old, and the Russian law prohibits her from driving. Sports.RU reported that employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate are already conducting an inspection on the grounds of the violation of Article 12.7 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Driving a Transport Vehicle by a Driver Who Has No Right to Drive the Transport Vehicle). The girl had previously published a video on her Instagram showing her driving a car in the countryside.

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CNN.co.jp : 豪総選挙、与党連合が予想外の勝利 モリソン首相続投へ
北極海の漁業協定を承認 日米中ロなど10カ国・機関で  :日本経済新聞
日本人そっぽの峠越え、外国人に大人気 英テレビで注目:朝日新聞デジタル
いま「くじ引き民主主義」がヨーロッパで流行中、その社会的背景 | 現代ビジネス
マクロン大統領は4月25日に2時間近くに及ぶ記者会見で、幾つかの改革案を提案した。内容は、選挙制度改革や議員定数の削減、地方分権推進など多岐に渡った。 その中に、少々意外な提案があったことをご存知だろうか。それは、環境問題を討議する新たな評議会の代表や、法案の諮問機関である「経済社会環境評議会」の議員の一部を、市民からの「抽選制」によって選ぶというものである。……憲法改正を討議するためにアイスランドが2010年に市民1000人を抽選で選んだ事例や、やはり憲法事案についての意見を集めるためにアイルランドが2012年に66名の市民を抽選している。最近では、ベルギーが、国の政策について意見を具申する市民から抽選した委員による審議会を2019年中に設置する発表された。
容赦ないマンC、8年ぶりFA杯制覇!イングランド史上初の国内3冠を達成 | ゲキサカ

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News Headlines - 18 May 2019

President Trump says foreign cars are a national security threat. Will Congress stop him in before it's too late? - CNNPolitics
Republicans on Capitol Hill at first breathed a sigh of relief this week when they learned President Donald Trump was planning to delay a decision on tariffs for foreign cars and auto parts by six months. But their initial reaction overlooked a key implication of the move: Included in Trump's announcement was his first formal assertion that imported cars and parts are in fact a national security threat.
Man in German crossbow deaths reportedly led 'Medieval cult' - The Local
Germany has been baffled by the bizarre case since the man and two women killed with crossbows were found Saturday in a hotel in Passau, followed by Monday's discovery of two more dead women in the town of Wittingen. The figure at the core of the group, Torsten W., 53, appeared to have controlled the four women like a harsh sect leader who used physical force and psychological manipulation, Bild daily and RTL television reported.
Glasgow and Edinburgh fight to become the UK's first 'net-zero' city - BBC News
Glasgow and Edinburgh are going head-to-head to try to become the UK's first "net zero" city. Both cities have now unveiled ambitious plans to cut greenhouse emissions to a neutral level. Glasgow wants to reach the target "well before" 2045, while Edinburgh has set its target to 2030.
More than half of Madagascar MPs suspected of corruption: enquiry
Madagascar's anti-corruption agency has begun legal action against more than half of the country's parliamentary deputies who are suspected of taking bribes, just two weeks ahead of legislative elections, a source said Friday. After a year-long enquiry, a dossier on 79 MPs was sent to the prosecutor's office this week "to begin legal action against the accused", the source told AFP.
WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked with flying kick at Sandton event | Sunday Tribune
Former movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked by an unknown person during an event in Sandton on Saturday... A man is seen attacking the former governor of California from the back with a flying kick. The attacker hits the floor, as the 71-year-old Schwarzenegger stumbles momentarily after contact. It is not clear why the man attacked Schwarzenegger... On Twitter, Schwarzenegger said he was fine and only realised after seeing the video that he had been kicked. He was more concerned about his Snapchat being interrupted.

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米、鉄鋼アルミ関税撤廃で加・メキシコと合意 新協定に前進 - ロイター
ウォルマート純利益80%増 2~4月期 ネット通販拡大  :日本経済新聞
妊娠中絶禁止法、アラバマ州で成立 禁錮最大99年 :日本経済新聞
米南部アラバマ州で15日、人工妊娠中絶を禁止する州法が成立した。性犯罪被害者の女性も対象で、合法的に中絶が可能なのは女性に生命の危険がある場合などに限られる。事実上、中絶を全面禁止する「全米で最も厳しい法律」(米紙ワシントン・ポスト)だ。中絶した女性は罪に問わないが、手術をした医師らに10年から最大で99年の禁錮刑を科す。 州上下両院で可決され、アイビー知事(共和党)が署名した。女性が人工妊娠中絶を選ぶ権利は、1973年のロー対ウェイド事件で連邦最高裁が認めている。
CNN.co.jp : 英与野党協議が決裂、EU離脱で溝埋まらず
英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱をめぐる与党・保守党と最大野党・労働党の協議が17日、決裂した。英政治は一段と混迷を深めている。 労働党のコービン党首はメイ首相宛ての書簡で、「可能な限り」協議を進めたものの、与野党が「重要な政策に関する溝」を埋めることができなかったと述べた。

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News Headlines - 17 May 2019

Taiwan gay marriage: Parliament legalises same-sex unions - BBC News
Taiwan's parliament has become the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage following a vote on Friday. In 2017, the island's constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry. Parliament was given a two-year deadline and was required to pass the changes by 24 May.
Vodafone reveals mammoth £6.6bn loss and slashes dividend | The Independent
Vodafone has revealed a mammoth £6.6bn annual loss and has cut shareholder dividends for the first time. The mobile phone giant slashed its payout by 40 per cent, dealing a blow to millions of investors, as it sought to reduce its mountain of debt. Vodafone swung to a huge loss from £2.8bn a year earlier, after it wrote down the value of some of its assets and took a hit on the sale of Vodafone India.
Microsoft, Sony partner on streaming games, chips and AI - Reuters
Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp on Thursday said they struck a strategic partnership in which Sony would use Microsoft’s cloud for streaming games and media and the two would work together to develop image sensors. The deal is in its early stages, with many specifics yet to be determined. But the owners of two major consumer interactive entertainment franchises - Microsoft’s Xbox platform and Sony’s PlayStation - would collaborate to stream games and content to consumers and offer game makers new development tools.
UK to scrap passenger landing cards - BBC News
Landing cards are currently filled in by passengers arriving by air or sea from outside the European Economic Area. Border Force director general Paul Lincoln, in a letter to staff, said it would "help meet the challenge of growing passenger numbers"... The Home Office had agreed to scrap them for seven countries, including the US and Australia, from June, but has now decided to go further.
Bulgarian boxer suspended in California for kissing broadcaster - Reuters
A Bulgarian boxer who grabbed a female broadcaster’s face and kissed her on the lips during a post-fight interview was suspended until July by the California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday following tearful testimony by the interviewer... Pulev, who has only one loss in 27 fights, grabbed Jennifer Ravalo’s face and kissed her in the middle of a live interview moments after knocking out Romania’s Bogdan Dinu in the seventh round of a March fight in Costa Mesa, California.

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メイ首相の退陣日程6月に確定、与党党首選へ-ジョンソン氏出馬 - Bloomberg
欧州委、5行に制裁金 三菱UFJは80億円超  :日本経済新聞
欧州連合(EU)の欧州委員会は16日、EU競争法(独占禁止法)に違反したとして、三菱UFJ銀行や英バークレイズなど5行に計10億7000万ユーロ(約1300億円)の制裁金を科すと発表した。2007年から13年にかけて、外国為替取引を巡るカルテルに加わったという。 制裁対象はバークレイズなどのほか、英ロイヤル・バンク・オブ・スコットランド(RBS)、米シティグループ、米JPモルガンの5行。金額は三菱UFJが約7000万ユーロ、シティグループが約3億1000万ユーロ、JPモルガンが約2億3000万ユーロなどとなっている。
富士フイルム、ドイツの内視鏡器具メーカー買収  :日本経済新聞
隠し子訴訟で前ベルギー国王に支払い命令、DNA鑑定に応じるまで - ロイター
ベルギーの裁判所は、前国王のアルベール2世(84)に対し、娘だと主張する女性の父親であるかどうかを判定するDNA検査に応じるまで、女性に1日5000ユーロ(約61万4000円)を支払うよう命じた。……昨年、DNA鑑定用のサンプル提出をアルベール2世に指示する判断が下されたが、アルベール2世はこれを不服としている。……これまでにアルベール2世は、王妃だったパオラ夫人との間が不仲だったと認めている。1999年に出版されたパオラ夫人の伝記では、アルベール2世が不倫関係を持ち、1960年代に娘が生まれていると記述され、これがきっかけで問題が注目されるようになった。 アルベール2世は2013年に退位し、現在は公務を行っていない。

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