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News Headlines - 30 June 2012

The Press Association: Nations start formal talks on Syria

The talks, hosted by the United Nations at its European headquarters in Geneva, are seen as a last-ditch attempt to salvage the peace plan brokered by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, a former UN chief, who was joined by his successor, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

BBC News - Brotherhood's Mursi sworn in as Egyptian president

Mohammed Mursi has been sworn in as the country's first civilian, democratically elected president at a historic ceremony in Cairo.

I wish I had been offered presidency of EU, Tony Blair admits - Telegraph

"I sometime wish now that when the presidency came up, I would have taken that position - and actually gone out on a more public campaign about what I thought about Europe," he said in an interview with the Financial Times Weekend magazine.

Ministers order Libor inquiry following bank rate scandal - Telegraph

The review, led by an independent expert, is expected to begin next week and last all summer, reporting back in the early autumn with recommendations on how to change the process over setting the interbank lending rate.

BBC News - London 2012: East London residents march over missiles

East London residents opposed to plans to site surface-to-air missiles on roofs for security during the Olympics, are marching through Bow.

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スペイン、史上初の連覇なるか/EURO - SANSPO.COM

サッカーの欧州選手権は7月1日午後9時45分(日本時間2日午前3時45分)からキエフで決勝を行い、史上初の2連覇が懸かるスペインが2度目の優勝を狙うイタリアと対戦する。 スペインが勝てば2008年の欧州選手権、10年のW杯に続くタイトル。

イギリス五輪代表、統一チームへの足並み揃わず…2協会での参加が決定 - サッカーキング




宮崎あおい&細田守監督、フランスで大喝采!『おおかみこどもの雨と雪』ワールドプレミア |マイナビニュース


オスプレイ配備に反対の考え強調 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 29 June 2012

Assange's fate in Ecuador's hands as he defies police request to surrender - The Independent

A representative for the WikiLeaks founder said today that his legal team had advised him to “decline to comply” with an order which requested that the Australian-born campaigner visited a police station in Belgravia this morning. Doing so would have meant imminent arrest because Mr Assange has broken his bail conditions.

Casino and retail banking 'need to be separated' says BoE boss King | This is Money

Sir Mervyn King yesterday launched a scathing attack on ‘deceitful’ and ‘shoddy’ bankers and called for a radical shake-up with the 'casino' investment banks split from the traditional high street operations.

South Korea and Japan put intelligence pact on hold | guardian.co.uk

A political outcry in Seoul has forced South Korea and Japan to put an intelligence sharing pact on hold less than an hour before it was due to be formally signed, in a major embarrassment for both countries.

Apple scores second legal win vs Samsung in a week | Reuters

A U.S. judge on Friday granted Apple Inc's request for a pre-trial injunction against the sale of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's Galaxy Nexus phone, handing the iPhone maker its second legal victory against Samsung in a week.

BBC News - Two Eta suspects remanded by UK court

Two alleged members of the Basque separatist group Eta have been remanded in custody by a London court over alleged terrorist offences in Spain.

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【ロンドン余話】通常の4倍! ボリ過ぎが裏目? 五輪控えるロンドンのホテル、ガラガラ - MSN産経ニュース
【ロンドンから東京へ】五輪開幕まで1カ月(中)住居屋上に地対空ミサイル - MSN産経ニュース
ロンドン株反落、LIBOR操作疑惑めぐる懸念で銀行株に売り | Reuters
ベルギーとフランスのF1交互開催計画は消滅か | トップニュース
マクラーレン、グッドウッドで新型MP4-12Cをお披露目 | トップニュース
MP4-12Cはマクラーレンが2010年に発表した最高出力600ps、最大トルク61.1kg/mを絞り出す3.8リッターV8エンジンを搭載したスーパーカー。翌2011年には改良版のMP4-12C GT3が発表されていたが、今年のグッドウッド・フェスティバルにはそれらをさらに進化させた2013年型の新バージョンが目見えすることになる。

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News Headlines - 28 June 2012

BBC News - Julian Assange sent extradition notice by Met Police

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been served with an extradition notice by the Metropolitan Police. Officers from the extradition unit delivered a note to Mr Assange at Ecuador's London embassy.

Libor Process Under Review - WSJ.com

The process for setting one of the world's most important interest rates veered toward a shake-up when the U.K. banking group responsible for the rate asked government officials to intervene.

CNN, Fox botch Supreme Court health-care decision in latest media misstep - The Washington Post

Those reports quickly made their way to other news outlets and were spread far and wide via Twitter. Except the information was wrong. Within minutes, the full story emerged.

News Corp announces plans to split - WSJ.com

Calling it the next logical step in an evolution over nearly six decades, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. said Thursday that it will split into two publicly traded companies. As part of the split, one company will operate as a newspaper and book publisher, and the other will be an entertainment company that will include the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Fox broadcast TV network and the Fox News cable channel.

Match Report: Germany 1-2 Italy - Goal.com

The enigmatic striker has come through on the big stage, with two well-taken first half goals leading the Azzurri into the Euro final for the first time since 2000

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ロンドン五輪:タワーブリッジに五輪のマーク- 毎日jp




スーチー氏:仏大統領と会談- 毎日jp


いまだ建国が続く、移民の国アメリカ - WSJ日本版


スペイン決勝進出!“イベリア半島対決”PK戦で制す ― スポニチ


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News Headlines - 27 June 2012

Queen shakes hands with Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness - The Independent

Anglo-Irish relations took a momentous step forward today when the Queen shook hands in public with Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness. The historic encounter between the former IRA commander - now Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister - and the Queen was unthinkable a little over 10 years ago.

AFP: House of Lords reforms face stormy ride

The government was to unveil its plans on Wednesday for a mainly elected upper house of parliament, in a draft law that faces fierce opposition from within the ruling coalition. Under the long-awaited legislation, 80 percent of the House of Lords would be elected, while its 800-strong membership would be reduced to 450.

gulfnews : Al Assad says country ‘in a state of war’

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Tuesday said his country was in state of war and ordered his new cabinet to crush the anti-regime uprising. Rebel forces and Syrian army units, meanwhile, engaged in deadly combat around elite Republican Guard posts in the suburbs of Damascus, as 116 people were killed across the country, a monitoring group said.

RBS clients may still take up Wimbledon seats | guardian.co.uk

The 528 seats that Royal Bank of Scotland had bought for the Wimbledon fortnight may not be left empty even after the bailed-out bank cancelled all its corporate hospitality to allow its top staff to focus on the ongoing computer crisis that has affected up to 13 million customers.

BBC News - Japanese nuclear companies face protests

Protests are expected outside the meetings of Japan's Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) and at Kansai Electric, the firm that will be the first to re-start two of it's nuclear reactors next week.

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「ビッグベン、エリザベス・タワーに改名」 News i


ダビンチ自画像が劣化、イタリア 表面に染み、汚れ / 西日本新聞


<HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!!>が、<JAPAN EXPO>で開催決定 / BARKS ニュース

原宿系カワイイ・カルチャーを世界に向けて発信するファッションイベント<HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!!>が日本を飛び出し、フランス・パリで行われる世界最大級のジャパンカルチャーの祭典<JAPAN EXPO>で開催されることが決定した。

フランスで最低賃金2%引き上げ、緊縮策による影響緩和に | Reuters


イタリア、最大20億ユーロのモンテパスキ銀支援を承認 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 26 June 2012

Al Qaeda threatens Arab Spring nations-UK spy chief | Reuters

Al Qaeda militants are using the countries which toppled their leaders in the Arab Spring as bases to train radical Western youths for potential attacks on Britain, the chief of the MI5 Security Service said on Monday.

Cyber attacks hit UK firms - Evening Standard

A top UK security chief has warned of the rising cost of cybercrime to British companies. Cyber attacks by overseas states has caused one British company to lose close to £800m in revenue, the head of MI5 revealed yesterday.

BBC News - Turkey PM Erdogan warns Syria of raised military level

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the country's military levels have been raised after Syria shot down a Turkish plane that strayed over its territory.

Six other NHS trusts at risk of 'bankruptcy' - Telegraph

Six other NHS trusts face joining South London Healthcare in "administration" as they have taken on projects viewed by ministers as "unsustainable", it has emerged.

Japan ruling party faces split after parliament passes tax rise | Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda faced on Tuesday a split in his party that could trigger a snap election after his signature tax-increase plan cleared parliament's lower house despite its rejection by a group of ruling party rebels.

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お勧め観光スポットと楽しみ方 トップ10 1位:「バッキンガム宮殿」のツアー 2位:東ロンドンの伝統料理を「トニー・レーンズ・パイ&マッシュ・ショップ」で楽しむ 3位:サッカースタジアム「オールド・トラッフォード」と多目的スタジアム「ウェンブリー」のスタジアムツアー 4位:「ハイド・パーク」「リージェンツ・パーク」「リッチモンド・パーク」などのロイヤル・パークを散策 5位:「セント・アンドルーズ」でゴルフを満喫 6位:野外マーケット「マンチェスターズ・ノーザン・クォーター」などでショッピング 7位:子ども連れの場合は「ソープ・パーク」や「ハリー・ポッターツアー」で遊ぶ 8位:『戦火の馬』や『ジャージーボーイズ』などロンドンの最新演劇シーンを堪能 9位:ロンドンの人気レストラン「Ceconni's(イタリアン)」または「NOPI(無国籍料理)」で食事 10位:郊外を散策し、パブに立ち寄る

朝日新聞デジタル:ビジュアル初公開!マイケルのヒット曲で構成される『THRILLER Live』が日本初上陸 - ぴあニュース


【ミリヲタ的グルメ】第19食 イギリス軍多気候レーション・MCRトライアル | おたくま経済新聞


聖火リレー 被災地の男性参加 NHKニュース


サウジアラビア:ロンドン五輪に女性選手初出場へ- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


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News Headlines - 25 June 2012

Does the welfare system send a message that you're 'better off not working'? | guardian.co.uk

David Cameron is proposing a major overhaul of the welfare system, including scrapping housing benefits for under-25s. The prime minister commented that the system "currently sends the signal you are better off not working, or working less". Do you agree?

Britain needs more QE, says BoE's David Miles - Telegraph

Britain needs a "substantial" amount of further quantitative easing to jump-start its stalled economy, BoE policymaker David Miles said in an interview with the Financial Times.

BBC News - Scottish independence: Alistair Darling warns of 'no way back'

Former UK chancellor Alistair Darling has launched the bid to keep the Union, saying there will be no way back from Scottish independence.

Spain asks for aid to recapitalise banks - FT.com

Luis de Guindos, Spanish economy minister, on Monday formally requested assistance from the country’s eurozone partners to help recapitalise Spanish domestic banks.

Yahoo Japan Shares Fall on E-Mail Privacy Inquiry: Tokyo Mover

Yahoo Japan Corp. fell the most in three weeks in Tokyo trading as the government said it will question the company about plans to display advertisements based on the contents of users’ e-mail messages.

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F1=ヨーロッパGPでアロンソが優勝、小林はリタイア | Reuters
日本・スイスと口座情報共有 米、課税逃れ防止で交渉開始 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)
アメリカ国防総省、オスプレイの今夏沖縄配備方針に変更なし | FlyTeam ニュース

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News Headlines - 24 June 2012

Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi declared president of Egypt | guardian.co.uk

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi has been declared Egypt's first post-revolutionary president, bringing an end to days of feverish speculation amid increased divisions and polarisation.

BBC News - Turkey seeks diplomacy not war

Turkey's decision to call a Nato meeting to discuss the downing of one of its warplanes by Syrian air defences is a measure of the seriousness of the current situation but it also sends a signal that, for now at least, Ankara is looking for a concerted diplomatic response rather than taking military action of its own.

The Associated Press: Greek PM cannot attend EU summit due to surgery

Antonis Samaras, 61, underwent surgery for a detached retina for nearly four hours Saturday, just three days after being sworn in at the head of a three-party coalition government formed after two inconclusive general elections.

Natwest: Problems Mounting For Customer Unable To Access The Bank's Website | Sky News

The IT fiasco affacting Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank that has brought financial chaos to millions dragged into a sixth day with customers facing further frustration. Customers who had previously been able to view their balances - albeit out of date - earlier told Sky News that they could not access the website at all for a period.

Archbishop of Canterbury renews attack on David Cameron's Big Society - Telegraph

The concept is seen by the public as an attempt to hide a “deeply damaging withdrawal of the state from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable”, Dr Rowan Williams said. The Archbishop’s criticism of the Coalition comes months before he is due to step down from his post and is contained in an as yet unpublished book.

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ロンドンでスト 五輪へ懸念も NHKニュース


漂流がれき対策で日米が協議へ NHKニュース


ドイツ攻撃陣入れ替えて4強/欧州選手権 : nikkansports.com


香川選手“自分の名前刻みたい” NHKニュース


ロンドン移住の布袋寅泰「新しいチャレンジ」 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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News Headlines - 23 June 2012

BBC Sport - Shinji Kagawa completes his move to Manchester United

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson says he expects the 23-year-old to prove a big success in England... He added: "I believe he will make an impact upon the team very quickly as he is suited to United's style of play. We are all looking forward to working with him."

Queen's handshake with Martin McGuinness draws line under decades of threats - Telegraph

More than 30 years ago, the IRA detonated a bomb that brought tragedy to the heart of the Royal family when it killed Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the Queen’s cousin, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle.

Flooding across northern England after torrential rain | guardian.co.uk

Torrential downpours have brought flooding to swathes of northern England, forcing people to leave their homes as more than a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours.

NatWest 'glitch' leaves victims without pay | The Guardian

Millions of NatWest bank customers have been hit by one of the industry's worst ever computer breakdowns, leaving at least one family forced out of their home and employers unable to make monthly salary payments.

BBC News - Alan Turing: Inquest's suicide verdict 'not supportable'

Alan Turing, the British mathematical genius and codebreaker born 100 years ago on 23 June, may not have committed suicide, as is widely believed. At a conference in Oxford on Saturday, Turing expert Prof Jack Copeland will question the evidence that was presented at the 1954 inquest.

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朝日新聞デジタル:マンU、香川と4年契約 身体検査をクリア


ロンドン五輪:英政府 シリア五輪委員長の開会式出席拒否- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


イタリア、経済対策8兆円 成長促し財政再建:日本経済新聞


エールフランス・KLM:仏従業員の10%削減を計画-労組幹部 - Bloomberg


ロンドン五輪企画:NTTドコモ、イギリスでの「海外パケ・ホーダイ」を1日980円に値下げ - ITmedia +D モバイル


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今西憲之+週刊朝日取材班『福島原発の真実 最高幹部の独白』(朝日新聞出版)


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News Headlines - 22 June 2012

Moody's cuts ratings of 15 banks, Morgan Stanley down 2 notches | Reuters

Ratings agency Moody's downgraded 15 of the world's biggest banks on Thursday, lowering credit ratings by one to three notches to reflect the risk they face from volatile capital markets activities.

Euro's big four seek way out of crisis in Rome | Reuters

The leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain will try to find common ground in Rome on Friday to restore confidence in the euro zone ahead of a full EU summit next week, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel likely to be outnumbered.

The Chosun Ilbo - S.Korea, Japan, U.S. Hold Military Drills

South Korea is participating in several military exercises, some overlapping and involving other countries including the United States and Japan. U.S. and Japanese naval forces have joined their counterparts from South Korea for a two-day exercise in international waters south of Jeju island.

WikiLeaks' Assange says ready for life in Ecuador | Reuters

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday said he was ready for a life in Ecuador and said the country had been "quite supportive" of his bid for asylum.

Windows Phone 8 News is Awkward for Partner Nokia | PCWorld

Microsoft made important headway in its bid to compete in the smartphone market this week, announcing the next-generation Windows Phone 8 smartphone operating system. But in the process, the company has "placed their hardware partners in a very awkward situation," says Wayne Lam, IHS senior analyst in wireless communications.

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ESMの7月1日発足に暗雲 ドイツ大統領が法案署名見合わせ:日本経済新聞


フランス政府、最低賃金上昇率に2%の上限設定へ=報道 | Reuters


スー・チー氏 イギリス議会で演説:テレビ東京


【Newsbrief】ロンドン警視庁、アサンジ容疑者は「保釈条件違反」 - WSJ日本版


朝日新聞デジタル:ロンドン、街を埋めるさまざまな「落書き」を楽しむ - コラム「London Journal」 - ロンドンオリンピック2012

この地で何より目をひくのは、ありとあらゆる場所に描かれている落書き(グラフィティ:Graffitti)、ストリート・アート(Street Art)の数々だ。

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News Headlines - 21 June 2012

Jimmy Carr apologises for 'terrible error of judgment' over tax scheme | guardian.co.uk

The comedian Jimmy Carr has issued an apology for his "terrible error of judgment" over using a tax avoidance scheme. Carr confirmed that he had changed his tax affairs after the scheme was revealed this week. On Wednesday the prime minister had labelled the situation "morally wrong".

Germany hit by eurozone pain as Spain suffers again - Evening Standard

Europe’s debt crisis finally engulfed Germany today, as the region’s economic powerhouse endured its biggest private-sector slump in three years.

Vote result delay frays Egyptian nerves | Reuters

Allegations of fraud delayed the result of Egypt's presidential election on Thursday, fraying nerves as the Muslim Brotherhood, which claims victory, called for street protests against moves by the ruling generals to deny them power.

Video: Microsoft's Surface tablet 'fails' during Los Angeles showcase - Telegraph

Mr Sinofsky stuggled to show off the Surface's capabilities as the device froze while he talked up how users could "browse smoothly" on the tablet using Internet Explorer and its touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system. After bravely ploughing on for a minute, the Microsoft executive finally admitted defeat.

Manufacturers welcome Windows Phone 8 | Mobile News Online

Handset manufacturers HTC and Huawei have welcomed the announcement of Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft, which will initially be available on selected HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei handsets.

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富裕層はドーバー海峡を泳ぐ?増税策で英仏舌戦 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


仏南部の銀行で立てこもり アルカーイダ名乗る男拘束 人質は全員無事 - MSN産経ニュース


テロで両脚切断、英代表に ロンドンのパラリンピック / 西日本新聞スポーツ


ロンドン五輪メダル数予想…明石のマダコ選定中 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


サシャ・バロン・コーエン、アメリカから国外追放の報道を否定 - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 20 June 2012

Julian Assange faces re-arrest over breaching his bail condition by seeking asylum in Ecuador - Telegraph

Julian Assange has breached his bail conditions after seeking asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London following his failed bid to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex crime allegations and could now be re-arrested.

BBC News - Greece has coalition government, says Pasok party chief

A deal has been struck to form a new Greek coalition government, the leader of the Greek Socialists (Pasok) says.

Conflicting reports about whether Mubarak has died - CNN.com

Reports conflicted Wednesday over whether the 84-year-old former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, was clinically dead.

Boris Johnson under fresh pressure over Murdoch meeting - The Independent

Boris Johnson’s links to News International came under fresh scrutiny today after it emerged he had an undeclared dinner with Rupert Murdoch days before the Metropolitan Police launched a new inquiry into phone hacking.

Djokovic, Sharapova top seeds for Wimbledon | Reuters

Champion Novak Djokovic and French Open winner Maria Sharapova were named as top seeds for Wimbledon as the grasscourt grand slam mostly followed the rankings to draw up the list for the championships that begin on Monday.

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朝日新聞デジタル:ロンドン株大幅続伸、追加刺激策への期待で - ロイターニュース

19日のロンドン株式市場は大幅続伸。主要国中銀による協調行動への期待が広がるなか、一時6週間ぶり高値をつけた。 また、5月の英消費者物価指数(CPI)が2年半ぶりの低水準となったことを受け、英中銀が追加量的緩和を実施するとの観測が高まった。

アウン・サン・スー・チー氏 母校オックスフォード大学を訪問


プーチン大統領:訪英の意向 五輪柔道を観戦- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


水星にミッキーマウスが! 著作権にうるさいディズニーは太陽系を訴えるのか!? - 楽天woman

2011年3月から水星を調査している探査機メッセンジャーが送ってきた、水星表面にできたクレーター画像をNASAが発表。そのタイトルが「Mickey Mouse Spotted on Mercury!(水星にミッキーマウスが!)」。そして画像に映っていたものは、大きな円とその上に左右の小さな円。これは、まさにミッキーマウス。

朝日新聞デジタル:イングランド、フランスが8強入り サッカー欧州選手権


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News Headlines - 19 June 2012

G20 leaders: action needed on eurozone - Channel 4 News

Pressure grows on European countries at the G20 summit in Mexico to find a resolution to what the head of one international organisation described as "the single biggest risk for the world economy".

Spain's Borrowing Costs Surge - WSJ.com

Spain, on the edge of losing debt market access, paid around 2 percentage points more in interest rates Tuesday than a month ago to lure investors to its Treasury bill sale, an ominous sign ahead of a critical government bond auction Thursday.

Inflation drops to 2.8% as oil prices slide | guardian.co.uk

Inflation has slipped to its lowest level in two and a half years, in a rare piece of good news for Britain's recession-hit households. The Office for National Statistics said the annual inflation rate, measured on the consumer price index, slipped to 2.8% last month from 3% in April, as falling oil prices fed through to cheaper petrol at the pump.

BBC News - Rio+20: Prince Charles in climate change warning

The Prince of Wales has warned of the "catastrophic" consequences of inaction on issues such as climate change, at a UN sustainability conference in Brazil.

▽▽Japanese authorities sat on data showing radiation spread | Reuters

Japanese authorities failed to disclose U.S. data about the spread of radiation spewing from a crippled nuclear plant last year, a cabinet minister said on Tuesday, leaving some evacuees fleeing in the same direction as the radioactive emissions.

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聖火リレー中にプロポーズし成功 NHKニュース


テニス=ナルバンディアン、線審にけがをさせて失格に | Reuters


東欧成長 自由度で明暗 独裁的政権ほど海外直接投資が停滞 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


イギリスの法案、ISP にオンライン活動を全て記録させる - 財経新聞

イギリスで、通信データ法案の草案となる 123 ページにも及ぶ「オンライン監視法」が公開されたとのこと。これによれば、オンライン上の如何なる活動も全てインターネット接続業者 (ISP) によって記録されてしまうことになる。オンライン上の活動とは、電子メールからブラウジング履歴、交流サイト上のインスタントメッセージに至る全てを指す

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News Headlines - 18 June 2012

Greeks make early attempts to form new government - The Independent

Greek conservative leader Antonis Samaras is starting coalition talks after winning elections that follow weeks of uncertainty over the debt-crippled country's future in the eurozone.

Sigh of relief at G20 summit over Greek election | CTV News

World leaders expressed relief on the eve of a G20 summit that Greek voters had stepped back from the edge and elected a government that supports painful reforms in exchange for a European Union bailout of the country's troubled economy.

The Associated Press: Iran-6 power nuke meeting begins

Iran and six world powers sought elusive common ground Monday in talks meant to reduce tensions over Tehran's nuclear activities that both sides see as crucial to their interests but which are stalled by reluctance to commit to each other's demands.

Queen Sports Badly Bloodshot Eye As She Watches Polo Match In Windsor Great Park | Sky News

Buckingham Palace has declined to say how the Queen came to suffer an extremely bloodshot eye. Her red left eye is clearly visible in photographs taken as she watched polo players take to the field at the Cartier Queen's Cup Final in Surrey.

BBC News - US's IBM supercomputer overtakes Japan's Fujitsu as world's fastest

The newly installed system trumped Japan's K Computer made by Fujitsu which fell to second place. It is the first time the US can claim pole position since it was beaten by China two years ago.

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ギリシャ再選挙 緊縮派が勝利宣言 NHKニュース


ドイツ政府、ギリシャ緊縮措置の緩和に前向きな姿勢を示唆 - Bloomberg




フランス総選挙で第2回投票 左派が勝利へ - MSN産経ニュース


ドイツ 3戦全勝で“死の組”首位突破 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex サッカー


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News Headlines - 17 June 2012

Greek elections: voters give Europe and single currency a chance | The Guardian

European leaders working to avert a meltdown of the single currency gained some respite when Greek voters handed a narrow victory to mainstream conservatives and the chance to forge a pro-euro and pro-bailout coalition.

BBC News - Egypt's Islamist supporters confident of victory

Fertile green fields dotted with workers wearing traditional galabiyya gowns seem to appear from nowhere out of the desert as you enter Fayoum, 100km (60 miles) south of the capital Cairo.

Socialist party win absolute majority in French parliament | guardian.co.uk

François Hollande's Socialist party has won an absolute majority in the French parliament, giving him a free hand in his attempts to drag France out of its economic crisis through a mixture of deficit-reduction and growth measures while raising taxes on the wealthiest.

Coalition faces split over Trident nuclear replacement | guardian.co.uk

A replacement for Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent will become highly contentious at the next general election after the Liberal Democrats confirmed that they will campaign for an alternative and the SNP rejected the presence of "weapons of mass destruction in our waters".

Japan ends its nuclear shutdown - FT Specials News

Japan has given final approval for the restart of two nuclear reactors, a move that will end a total shutdown of the atomic power sector caused by safety fears raised by last year’s crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Utility Kansai Electric Power began preparations on Saturday to bring the reactors at the Oi nuclear power station in western Fukui prefecture back online following the restart announcement by Yoshihiko Noda, prime minister.

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ギリシャ再選挙:「ユーロ残留」焦点に…事実上の国民投票- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


【ロンドン五輪】公式業者が入場券不正売買か IOC、英紙指摘で調査 - MSN産経ニュース



CNN.co.jp:サウジのナエフ皇太子、スイスで死去 対テロ作戦を主導


ケイト・ウィンスレット、エリザベス女王からCBE勲章を授与される - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 16 June 2012

Greece: Polling Stations Prepare To Open But People Are Undecided As To Who To Vote For | Sky News

Greeks are choosing far more than just a new government - their vote could see the country ditch the euro, return to the drachma and send shockwaves through global markets. And with the two leading parties reportedly neck-and-neck going into Sunday's pivotal poll, undecided and volatile voters could swing the election.

Greek election: what could happen | The Observer

Pro-reform parties win / Likelihood 5 out of 10 Weak pro-Europe government / Likelihood 8 out of 10 Victory for radicals / Likelihood 5 out of 10 Political deadlock / Likelihood 2 out of 10

Aung San Suu Kyi Accepts Nobel Peace Prize - NYTimes.com

When she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, while under house arrest in Myanmar, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said Saturday, she realized that the Burmese “were not going to be forgotten.”

U.N. suspends peace mission in Syria due to uptick in violence - CNN.com

The United Nations said Saturday it has suspended its monitoring mission in Syria due to intensifying violence, sending a strong indication that prospects for peace are failing.

AFP: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan

A Nepalese migrant worker who served 15 years in a Japanese jail for a high-profile murder he did not commit told Saturday of his mistreatment at the hands of the country's prison system... "I was treated very badly inside the jail. They didn't allow me to meet my family. They used abusive language. The clothes they gave me were of poor quality," said Mainali, who was flanked by his wife and mother.

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ロンドン五輪、勝てそうにない英観光業界 - WSJ日本版


スペインの洞窟壁画、ネアンデルタール人が描いた可能性 : AFPBB News


イタリア 痛恨ドローで自力突破消滅 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


ドイツの身元不明少年、実は失踪したオランダの若者 : AFPBB News


「初音ミク」ロンドン五輪出場決定!? 海外メディア報道で盛大な空騒ぎ : J-CASTニュース


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スティーブン・レヴィ『グーグル ネット覇者の真実 追われる立場から追う立場へ』(仲達志、池村千秋訳、阪急コミュニケーションズ)


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News Headlines - 15 June 2012

Banks shares jump on Osborne's £140bn stimulus plan - Telegraph

Shares in Britain’s largest banks were among the biggest risers this morning as the market gave a cautious thumbs up to the government’s plans to provide £140bn of emergency funding to support the economy.

Shock as second man dies of Legionnaires’ disease - Scotsman.com

It is reported that he was in his 40s and from Gorgie, and was one of the first people to be admitted to the hospital after the outbreak started. NHS Lothian said he had significant pre-existing health conditions.

Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner demands talks over Falkland Islands | Metro.co.uk

Argentina's president has demanded Britain enters into talks over the sovereignty of the Falklands, as the 30th anniversary of the island's liberation is marked.

Dalai Lama dismisses Chinese protest over UK tour | guardian.co.uk

The Dalai Lama has dismissed a protest by China's Communist rulers as "quite routine" at the start of a 10-day trip to the UK – while the comedian Russell Brand, who will appear with him on Saturday at Manchester Arena, promised he would behave.

Japan arrests last Aum fugitive - FT.com

Japanese police have arrested the final fugitive from the Aum religious cult which traumatised Japan with a deadly sarin gas attack in Tokyo in 1995.

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民放TV、ロンドン五輪を「gorin.jp」でネット配信 -AV Watch
FNNニュース: ロンドン五輪の聖火リレーに女子柔道・塚田真希さんが参加
ロンドン五輪聖火リレーで『炎のランナー』の名シーンを再現!みんなであの海岸を走る! - 楽天woman
このビーチこそ、『炎のランナー』のオープニング・シーンが撮影された場所である。  聖火ランナーたちが白っぽいウエアを着て集団で海岸を走るさまは、『炎のランナー』のオープニング・シーンそのもの! ヴァンゲリスが手掛けた音楽まで聴こえてきそうである。
あなたのレシピが機内食に! 優勝者はロンドン・グルメ旅にご招待 : ニュースリリース : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)
英首相“マードック氏に便宜図らず” NHKニュース

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News Headlines - 14 June 2012

Spain borrowing costs add pressure to seek EU rescue funds | Business | guardian.co.uk

The interest rate on Spain's benchmark 10-year bonds rose as much as 25 basis points to a euro-era high of 7.02%, breaching the level that triggered a collapse in confidence in Portugal, Ireland and Greece.

Angela Merkel rejects 'miracle solutions' as Spain debt costs soar - Telegraph

Spain's 10-year bond yield hit a euro lifetime high of 7pc - a staging post above which Greece, Ireland and Portugal were driven to seek international rescues - despite last weekend's euro zone agreement to lend Madrid up to €100bn to recapitalise ailing banks.

Japanese mayor approves plan to restart nuclear power plant | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Japan has taken a potentially decisive step towards restarting two of its idled nuclear reactors after the mayor of a town located near a power plant approved plans to bring it back into operation.

AFP: Japan's Hitachi says atomic power sales to double

Japan's Hitachi said Thursday it would more than double its nuclear power business within a decade owing to growing overseas demand and post-disaster work at the crippled Fukushima atomic plant. The industrial group said the unit's annual sales would reach 360 billion yen ($4.5 billion) in the fiscal year to March 2021, compared with 160 billion yen for its latest fiscal year ended in March.

Sun journalist arrested as three more are held over alleged corrupt payments to police | Mail Online

A Sun journalist was arrested today as three more people were held over corrupt payments made... There have now been 33 people arrested under Operation Elveden, the Metropolitan Police investigation into alleged corrupt payments to public officials. The investigation is being run alongside Operation Weeting, the probe into phone-hacking.

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伊の経済改革に暗雲 国債利回り急騰 - WSJ日本版


日本・フィンランド、オープンスカイ協定締結へ-航空交渉合意 - みんなの空港新聞


朝日新聞デジタル:iPS山中教授、技術大賞を受賞 フィンランド団体発表 - 科学


オランダ 2連敗で苦境、ドイツはゴメスが 2発 / サッカー - TSP SPORTS

ドイツは 2連勝し、決勝トーナメント進出に大きく近づいた。 オランダは 2連敗で苦境に立たされた。

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News Headlines - 13 June 2012

Italy Tax Increases Backfire as Monti Tightens Belts - Bloomberg

Value-added tax receipts have declined since Monti’s predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi, raised the rate by 1 percentage point in September as the economy was slipping into recession, government data released June 5 showed. The amount collected fell in the 12 months ended April 30 to the lowest since 2006.

Rebekah Brooks to face jury over claims she plotted to hide evidence of phone hacking - Telegraph

Mrs Brooks sat in the dock at Westminster Magistrates’ Court alongside her racehorse trainer husband Charlie and four current and former employees of News International for the eight-minute hearing.

Reports: Japan has evidence North Korea mobile missile launchers shipped from China - The Washington Post

Japan has evidence that a Chinese company exported to North Korea vehicles capable of transporting and launching missiles, in possible violation of U.N. sanctions, Japanese media reported Wednesday. China called the reports inaccurate, and denied violating any U.N. restriction.

Queen joined by Prince William and Kate Middleton on Diamond Jubilee visit to Nottingham - UK News - News - WalesOnline

Huge crowds turned out to see the Queen and Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they arrived in Nottingham on the latest leg of the Diamond Jubilee tour.

BBC News - Royal Mail asks to be able to leave post with neighbour

Royal Mail is applying for all its postmen and women to be able to leave large items of mail with a neighbour if the addressee is not at home... Royal Mail said nine out of 10 people whose post was left with a neighbour expressed their satisfaction.

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「ロンドン五輪、開会式は「英国の田園風景」」 News i


フランス出版業界との係争に幕、グーグルが和解を発表  :日本経済新聞


試練に立つモンティ首相-イタリア国民の不満高まる - jp.WSJ.com

モンティ首相は昨年11月に政権の座に就いて以降、増税や年金制度改革など緊縮策を打ち出し、投資家や世界の指導者から広く称賛された。 しかし最近、同氏のオーラは失せてきたようだ。投資家やイタリアの国会議員がアジェンダ(政策目標)で未完の項目、例えば労働市場改革、政府支出削減、司法制度近代化に厳しい目を向けているためだ。



【EURO】真逆だったフランス、イングランドのドローの受け止め方|web Sportiva|World Football


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News Headlines - 12 June 2012

AFP: Church of England warns against gay marriage plan

The Church of England objected on Tuesday to government proposals to legalise gay marriage, saying it could harm centuries-old links between it and the British state. The church -- whose supreme governor is Queen Elizabeth II -- warned that it could be forced out of its traditional role of conducting weddings on behalf of the state.

MoD struggling to reduce Army by 20,000 despite biggest redundancy cull for decades - Telegraph

Military chiefs are still struggling to reduce the Army by 20,000 as part of cost-saving defence cuts despite the biggest round of redundancy in two decades, the Defence Secretary said today.

Spanish, Italian Yields Leap Higher - WSJ.com

The euro-zone debt crisis deepened Tuesday as an ominous rise in Spanish government bond yields fanned speculation that the country might need a bailout of its own, just days after Spain said it would seek a support package for its beleaguered banking system.

IMF calls on Japan to reform tax rates - FT.com

Japan has come under renewed pressure to tackle its huge public debt with the International Monetary Fund calling on the government to raise the national consumption tax to at least 15 per cent.

The Press Association: TomTom shares surge on Apple deal

Shares in Dutch navigation device maker TomTom have surged on news that the company is to supply map data to Apple. They rose 12% to 3.65 euro (£2.96) in Amsterdam. TomTom said it had struck a deal to supply the US hardware giant with "maps and related information" but will not disclose any other information.

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ニュートリノ「光より速い」撤回 国際チーム「測定ミス」 ケーブル接続部に隙間 - MSN産経ニュース
ドイツ対ポルトガルで両国への処分検討/EURO - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)
映画『鋼の錬金術師』がイギリス上陸!続編への前向きな発言にイギリス女子も思わず「イエス!」 - 楽天woman
イギリスでは学期中間休みの学校も多かったこの週、BFIでは8日から10日にかけ日本のアニメ上映が続いた。本作のほかに『コクリコ坂から』『ホッタラケの島 遥と魔法の鏡』『星を追う子ども』『劇場版 銀魂 新訳紅桜篇』『ももへの手紙』『とある飛空士への追憶』『AKIRA』が日替わりで上映され、アニメファンにはうれしい週末となった。
【ロンドン五輪】売春婦激増? 世界中から大量のカモ ロンドンに売られる少女は1000人! - MSN産経ニュース

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News Headlines - 11 June 2012

Left poised for victory that would clear François Hollande to pursue growth - The Independent

The moderate left was on course for a comfortable victory in French parliamentary elections last night, strengthening President François Hollande's grip on power.

Video: Gordon Brown at the Leveson Inquiry: 'I never gave permission for Sun story about my son' - Telegraph

The former Labour Prime Minister denies he or his wife Sarah ever gave permission for The Sun to publish a story about their son's diagnosis with cystic fibrosis.

BBC News - Bank account application fraud rising

It says in the first three months of this year, about 0.44% of all attempts to open an account were fraudulent. This was 23% more than in the last three months of 2011 and the highest rate in the past three years.

Tensions may rise over islands |chinadaily.com.cn

Tensions may erupt again as a group of conservative Japanese politicians and political activists held a fishing campaign on Sunday in waters near the Diaoyu Islands to demonstrate "Japan's sovereignty", according to Japan's Asia News Agency.

What to expect from WWDC 2012 - CNET

There's a poignant note to this year's proceedings, as it's the first WWDC since the passing of Steve Jobs. His successor, Tim Cook, is expected on stage instead, along with the usual Apple presenters, such as marketing chief Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice-president for iOS.

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FNNニュース: 太平洋横断中に遭難し救助されたイギリス人女性、宮城・塩釜港に
救助されたのは、イギリス人冒険家のセーラ・ウーテンさん(27)。 ウーテンさんは、宮城県のおよそ900kmの海上で、船に穴が開いたため遭難し、海上保安庁に救助され、塩釜港に到着した。
米製造業 本国へ“再上陸”の動き NHKニュース
アメリカでは、2001年以降、企業が工場を賃金の安い中国などに移す動きが加速し、600万人分もの製造業の雇用が失われたと言われています。 雇用創出が課題となるなか、いったん海外に移した製造拠点を再びアメリカに戻す「リショアリング」と呼ばれる「再上陸」の動きが注目されています。
EICネット[海外環境ニュース - アメリカエネルギー省、アラスカ先住民コミュニティを再生可能エネルギー等で支援]
フィンランド大使館フィンたんが教える北欧スイーツ『ラスキアイスプッラ』の作り方 | Pouch[ポーチ]

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News Headlines - 10 June 2012

France's Hollande in strong parliament position | Reuters

French President Francois Hollande is on track to win a solid parliamentary majority after a first-round election that leaves him strengthened heading into a flurry of talks with euro zone leaders that could make or break the currency union.

Jeremy Hunt should resign, says top Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott - Telegraph

Lord Oakeshott, a leading peer, became the first senior Liberal Democrat to say the Culture Secretary should have stepped down after appearing at the Leveson Inquiry, as “no self-respecting minister could possibly carry on after that”.

BBC News - Euro sees gains as markets greet Spain deal

The euro has made gains against the dollar and the yen as markets react to the eurozone deal aimed at shoring up Spain's troubled banks.

▽'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal | World news | The Observer

It was the sight of a young male Adélie penguin attempting to have sex with a dead female that particularly unnerved George Murray Levick, a scientist with the 1910-13 Scott Antarctic Expedition. No such observation had ever been recorded before, as far as he knew, and Levick, a typical Edwardian Englishman, was horrified. Blizzards and freezing cold were one thing. Penguin perversion was another.

Japan's 17-year manhunt for Sarin gas suspects draws closer to completion | World news | guardian.co.uk

The arrest last weekend of Naoko Kikuchi brought the 17-year manhunt one step closer to completion, leaving at large just one member of Aum Supreme Truth, the doomsday cult behind Japan's worst terrorist incident.

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安田寛『バイエルの謎: 日本文化になったピアノ教則本』(音楽之友社)


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男子バレーのロンドン五輪消える、勝ち点足りず : バレーボール : 球技 : ニュース : ロンドン五輪2012 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)
ドイツが白星発進、オランダは敗れる/EURO - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)
実質過半数獲得へ連立模索 仏下院選、社会党は最大議席予想 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)
「国王になって欲しい人物」 チャールズ皇太子が人気トップに、英調査 写真4枚 国際ニュース : AFPBB News
エリザベス女王(Queen Elizabeth II)即位60年を祝う「ダイヤモンド・ジュビリー(Diamond Jubilee)」の記念行事を終えたばかりの英国で10日、後継者にふさわしい人物のアンケートで、チャールズ皇太子(Prince Charles、63)が息子のウィリアム王子(Prince William)を抜いて首位になった。
FNNニュース: イタリアの高級ブラン...
その1つが、「フェラガモ」。 1928年にフィレンツェで創立され、ハリウッド女優をとりこにしたそのセンスが、中国人客を引き寄せている。 フェラガモの中国での売り上げは、2011年に44%増加した。 ヨーロッパでの売り上げも、中国人観光客が原動力となって、34%増えている。 フェラガモの経営陣は、政府が本腰を入れれば、さらに売り上げを拡大できると考えている。

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News Headlines - 09 June 2012

Euro zone agrees to lend Spain up to 100 billion euros | Reuters

After a 2 1/2-hour conference call of the 17 finance ministers, which several sources described as heated, the Euro group and Madrid said the amount of the bailout would be sufficiently large to banish any doubts.

UN says civil war 'imminent' in Syria, West urges sanctions - Times Of India

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned the Security Council on Thursday that a full-blown civil war in Syria was "imminent," while international mediator Kofi Annan said it was time to step up the pressure on Damascus to halt the violence.

BBC News - Russia 'still opposes Syria intervention'

Russia will continue to oppose attempts by the UN Security Council to sanction military intervention in Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says... He said the intervention of "external forces" could result in a "catastrophic scenario" that would create an "arc of instability" from the Mediterranean to the Gulf.

More than a million need aid in Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent

At least 1.5 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance in Syria, aid agencies said yesterday – evidence that the impact of what is now a civil war goes far beyond the probable 10,000 dead reported since the insurgency and protests began.

As Japan debris washes up in the US, scientists fear break in natural order | Environment | guardian.co.uk

But scientists worried it represented a whole new way for invasive species of seaweed, crabs and other marine organisms to break the earth's natural barriers and further muck up the area's marine environments.

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スペイン支援4兆円超か…ユーロ圏が電話会合へ : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)
横領容疑:重機大手、タダノ米子会社の元副社長が7億円- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)
UBS、フェイスブック上場時に278億円の損失―関係筋 - WSJ日本版 - jp.WSJ.com
朝日新聞デジタル:背景にロシアの後押し? 国連総会議長、異例の選挙戦に - 国際
晴れ舞台なのに…ウクライナ誤算 サッカー欧州選手権共催も経済停滞でどんより - MSN産経ニュース
欧州連合(EU)加盟国として着実に前進するポーランドは、リーマン・ショック後の09年、欧州では唯一経済成長を果たし、今年も成長を続けている。  対してウクライナは産業振興の失敗や通貨の暴落などで09年にマイナス14・8%成長を記録。ソ連崩壊直後、経済規模はウクライナの方が上だったが、いまや1人当たりの国民総生産でみると、ポーランドが約1万2000ドルでウクライナと4倍以上の開きがある。

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海野和男『昆虫顔面図鑑 日本編』(実業之日本社)


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News Headlines - 08 June 2012

Eurozone crisis: Spain to seek financial bailout on Saturday | Business | guardian.co.uk

Spain is on Saturday expected to become the fourth eurozone country to seek international help for its debt crisis when Europe's policy leaders agree a package to bail out its crippled banking sector.

Japanese PM calls for nuclear restart | News | DW.DE | 08.06.2012

The Japanese prime minister has reiterated his call for two nuclear reactors to be restarted. The decision is likely to be unpopular with some Japanese voters.

Oil price losing streak continues | Business | guardian.co.uk

Longest period of decline in crude prices since 1998 as markets expect reduced demand for fuel from the US and China, the world's biggest consumers of crude

BBC News - Syria massacre: UN team reaches Qubair village

UN monitors have reached the village of Qubair in western Syria where a massacre took place on Wednesday, says a BBC reporter travelling with them.

Uefa confirms racist abuse of Holland players at pre-Euro 2012 training in Krakow, Poland | Metro.co.uk

The tournament in Poland and Ukraine looks set to begin under a cloud after Bert van Marwijk's side were subjected to monkey chants. After reports from various media outlets, Uefa have now acknowledged there were 'isolated incidents of racist chanting', although they say they will only take action if there is a repeat of the scenes.

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ドイツ、優勝で史上最高ボーナス3000万円 - EURO2012ニュース : nikkansports.com
イングランド監督、キーマンにハートを指名 - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)
ブラン:「フランスは優勝候補ではない」 - Goal.com
ファン・ボメル、EURO優勝へ自信 - Goal.com
朝日新聞デジタル:キエッリーニ:「スペインはイタリアを恐れるべき」 - イタリア・セリエA - 海外サッカー - サッカー - スポーツ

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News Headlines - 07 June 2012

BBC News - 'Massacre' reported in Syria's Hama province

Syrian pro-government forces have killed 78 people in a single village in Hama province, many of them women and children, activists say. The opposition said government-backed militia stabbed and shot their victims in the village of Qubair.

EU, Germany exploring Spanish rescue, no request yet | Reuters

Germany and European Union officials are urgently exploring ways to rescue Spain's debt-stricken banks although Madrid has not yet requested assistance and is resisting being placed under international supervision, European sources said on Wednesday.

UK braced for 70mph winds and heavy rain as Atlantic storm hits | UK news | guardian.co.uk

An unseasonable Atlantic storm is set to batter the UK, with gale-force winds and heavy rain expected in many parts of the country on Thursday, continuing and spreading into Friday.

Japan pop fans go crazy for democracy

The election debate that raged across Japan for weeks has been settled, campaigners are packing up their things and TV pundits are moving on to different topics - all-girl group AKB48 has a new president.

Risk of Amazon bird extinctions increases | News | Birdwatch Magazine

The risk of extinction has increased substantially for nearly 100 species of Amazonian birds, while European seaduck have also radically declined.

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クリス・マクナブ『図表と地図で知る ヒトラー政権下のドイツ』(松尾恭子訳、原書房)


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Source: Japanese tsunami sweeps dock to Oregon beach – video | World news | guardian.co.uk

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フランス、一部就業者の定年引き下げで合意 | Reuters

 実施は11月。サルコジ前大統領は2010年、定年を60歳から62歳に引き上げる年金改革を打ち出したが、オランド大統領はサルコジ氏の改革を一部逆行させたことになる。 トゥーレーヌ社会問題・保健相によると、定年引き下げに伴うコストは、2017年まで年間11億ユーロ。その後は30億ユーロで、当初予想の50億ユーロを下回る。 財源は年金拠出金の増額で賄う。



津波で流出の浮き桟橋 米に漂着 NHKニュース




ポール・マッカートニー、ロンドン五輪開幕式でトリ!本人が認める - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 06 June 2012

Legionnaires' disease toll spirals as new cases investigated - Telegraph

One man has died and 15 other people are in a critical condition in hospital following the outbreak in Edinburgh, with a further 15 suspected cases being investigated. The Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said it is a significant outbreak of considerable concern.

Eyes turn skyward to witness transit of Venus across the sun - Science - News - The Independent

From the US to South Korea, people around the world turned their attention to the daytime sky on last night and early this morning in Asia to make sure they caught the rare sight of the transit of Venus. The next one won't be for another 105 years.

Now Moody's downgrades seven GERMAN banks as Spain begs for help | Mail Online

Seven German banks have been downgraded by one of the most reputable rating agencies amid fears that eurozone debt will hit the country. Moody's said it would be cutting the rating of Germany's second biggest bank, Commerzbank AG, from A2 to A3 for the long term with a negative outlook.

Queen's diamond jubilee: BBC takes TV ratings crown | Media | guardian.co.uk

BBC1's ratings highlights over the bank holiday included average audiences of 14.7 million viewers for Monday night's Diamond Jubilee Concert and 10.3 million for the much-maligned Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant on Sunday afternoon.

Kagawa's Japan team-mates react to transfer: It's like something from a comic book - Goal.com

Kagawa will become the fifth Japanese to play in the Premier League following Junichi Inamoto (Arsenal and Fulham), Kazuyuki Toda (Tottenham), Hidetoshi Nakata (Bolton), and Ryo Miyaichi (Arsenal and Bolton).

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任天堂Wii Uのゲームを紹介

アメリカで開催中のゲームイベント「E3」において、任天堂がWii Uのゲームを紹介する動画を公開しました。

Source: Wii U - Lineup E3 Trailer - YouTube

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ガソリン価格 145円台に NHKニュース


[FT]サッカー欧州選手権、共催国の立場逆転  :日本経済新聞


スイスのソーラー飛行機、初の大陸間横断を達成 : AFPBB News

燃料を一切使わずに太陽エネルギーのみで飛行するスイスのソーラー飛行機「ソーラー・インパルス(Solar Impulse)」が5日、モロッコ・ラバト(Rabat)のサレ(Sale)空港に着陸し、ソーラー飛行機として史上初めての大陸間飛行を達成した。

北欧はコインまでラブリーなのね! フィンランドでマリメッコ・デザインの超キュートなユーロ硬貨が発行されたよ | Pouch[ポーチ]


ナタリー - ヤスタカが東欧の小悪魔アレクサンドラ・スタンをRemix


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News Headlines - 05 June 2012

Call for inquiry into use of unpaid jobseekers as jubilee stewards | UK news | guardian.co.uk

The former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott has written to the home secretary to complain about a security firm that used unpaid jobseekers to steward the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations in London... The firm, Close Protection UK (CPUK), has issued "sincere apologies" for what it called the "London Bridge incident", but insisted that it had not been exploiting individuals but providing work experience.

U.S. strike said to target al-Qaeda’s No. 2 - The Washington Post

U.S. missiles killed more than a dozen people in northwestern Pakistan early Monday in a strike that apparently was aimed at al-Qaeda’s No. 2 leader, the charismatic and influential jihadist known as Abu Yahya al-Libi, U.S. and Pakistani officials said.

Syria Bars 17 Western Diplomats - NYTimes.com

Syria’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that more than a dozen Western ambassadors and envoys were no longer welcome in the country, a response to the coordinated expulsion last week of Syrian diplomats from the United States and 10 other nations.

The Associated Press: Navy marks Battle of Midway's 70th anniversary

On Monday, current Pacific Fleet commander, Adm. Cecil Haney and other officials flew 1,300 miles northwest from Oahu to Midway to mark the 70th anniversary of the pivotal battle that changed the course of the Pacific war.

BBC Sport - Shinji Kagawa's Manchester United transfer agreed

The 23-year-old needs to pass a medical and obtain a UK work permit, but the Old Trafford club expect both to be completed by the end of June. It is thought the fee could reach £17m depending on success and appearances.

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見ているだけでおなかペコペコ!アメリカ各州にある定番サンドイッチの具一覧表 | Pouch[ポーチ]

今回ご紹介するのは、サンドイッチをこよなく愛するアメリカ人女性Kelly Prattさんが制作した、アメリカ各州にある定番サンドイッチの具一覧表『Stately Sandwiches』。Prattさんの目標は50州すべてのサンドイッチを制覇することなのだそうですが、表作りのプロジェクトはまだスタートしたばかりなので、サンドイッチはまだ11種類しかありません。


ポーカーフェイスのイギリス衛兵を笑わせたら無料航空券をプレゼント。エリザベス女王の即位60周年を記念して、そんなイベントが行われました。……  少女:「チケットをよこしなさい。お尻をけとばすわよ」 これには衛兵も思わず噴き出しました。



ジャスティン・ビーバー、ガラスに激突 脳しんとう起こす - セレブリティニュース - 最新ニュース一覧 - 楽天woman


漫画本「タンタン」の表紙絵、1.3億円で落札 : AFPBB News

落札された原画は、1934年発表の「タンタン アメリカへ」初版本を飾った表紙絵で、3人のネーティブ・アメリカンが石に腰掛けるカウボーイ姿のタンタンと横に座るイヌのスノーウィの背後から、おのを手に忍び寄る様子を墨と水彩絵の具で描いたもの。エルジェによる同様の表紙は5点しか現存していない。

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News Headlines - 04 June 2012

Sydney witnesses partial lunar eclipse | News.com.au

THE first partial lunar eclipse of the year provided a dramatic scene over Sydney tonight, with a clear moon visible over the city as the event unfolded.

Venus to cross Sun in rare spectacle - Telegraph

The crossing of Venus across the face of the Sun is such a rare and spectacular event that in 1769 Captain James Cook sailed the HMS Endeavour half way around the world to witness it.

Space shuttle at sea, en route to new home | CTV News

The prototype space shuttle that arrived in New York City by air earlier this spring is on the move again, this time by sea.

Nintendo to launch Miiverse for news games console - Telegraph

Japan's Nintendo said it will launch a social and content network dubbed Miiverse for its new Wii U games console, as it plays catch-up with rivals and hopes an online strategy will bolster hardware sales under fire from smartphones and tablets.

BBC News - Japan 'doomsday cult member' held

A woman who may be a Japanese cult member wanted over the deadly 1995 gas attacks on the Tokyo subway has been arrested, Japanese media say.

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テムズ川に1000隻 女王即位60周年壮麗に祝賀


ベッカム、ドログバも登場! 聖火リレーで英国が盛り上がる! - トレンド - 日経トレンディネット

そんななか、ロンドン五輪の聖火リレーがスタート、オリンピックに向けての盛り上がりもいよいよ高まっている。 まずは、聖火リレーのこれまでの経緯を振り返ってみよう。

CNN.co.jp:ボルト、ロンドン五輪での世界新を宣言 9秒4台にも自信


FNNニュース: 「原発全廃」宣言から...


フランス 国連の承認あればシリアへの軍事介入容認: The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 03 June 2012

BBC News - Diamond Jubilee: Party-goers across UK celebrate occasion

People from across the UK are celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with thousands of street parties and events. Almost 9,500 road closure applications have been submitted for England and Wales across the whole weekend, with Hertfordshire topping the street party list with 451 event licences requested.

SAS frees all four hostages in daring Afghanistan raid - Telegraph

Defence sources said the “surgical” operation showed the “precision, skill and courage” of British special forces after they stormed the cave where Helen Johnston, 28, was held, and killed her kidnappers. David Cameron spoke individually to the soldiers to thank them for an “extraordinarily brave” mission.

Bank of England to consider £50bn stimulus for economy - Telegraph

Worsening economic prospects could force the hand of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, which last month voted to pause its purchase of government bonds after pumping £325bn into the market through quantitative easing.

BBC News - Jeremy Hunt acted 'acted wisely' over BSkyB bid, says Cameron

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt "acted wisely" in his handling of the BSkyB takeover bid, David Cameron has said. The PM said he sought advice from the cabinet secretary before deciding to give responsibility for the bid to the culture secretary.

Google applies for .lol domain, along with .google and .docs (Wired UK)

Google has applied for a number of top level domains (TLDs), including .google, .youtube and, most bizarrely, .lol. A top level domain is the highest level of domain name, and basically anything that goes right at the end of a website address. That includes .com, .org and .museum.

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ムバラク前大統領に終身刑 エジプトのデモ隊殺害公判 - 中国新聞




アメリカはすでにイランと戦争していた!: サイバー兵器Stuxnetワームの一部始終

The New York TimesがDavid Sangerの優れた記事で、われわれ全員の疑念を確証した: やっぱり合衆国は、イランの核濃縮事業に関わるマシンをターゲットとする強力なワーム、Stuxnetを展開していたのだ。

EV先進国 いつまで?:ワールドビジネスサテライト:テレビ東京


サッカー=イタリア代表監督、ユーロ出場辞退に言及 | スポーツ | Reuters


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News Headlines - 02 June 2012

BBC News - Diamond Jubilee celebrations from across the region

A variety of events, both big and small, will take place over the weekend to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The range of activities include street parties and family fun days to a picnic in the stately surroundings of Burton Agnes Hall.

British soldier shot dead on patrol in Afghanistan - Telegraph

The soldier was shot dead while taking part in a patrol to disrupt insurgent activity in the Nahr-e Saraj District of Helmand Province, when his patrol came under attack from small arms fire.

Britain's manufacturing sector shrinks at fastest rate in three years - Telegraph

The Markit/CIPS PMI - which combines output, orders and employment in the sector - fell to 45.9 last month from 50.2 in April, where any number below 50 indicates contraction.

Japan to ask SEC to join insider trading crackdown: sources - chicagotribune.com

Japan's securities regulator plans to ask the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to cooperate in a widening probe of insider trading in Japanese shares, two sources with knowledge of the situation said on Saturday.

London tube stations to get Wi-Fi | UK news | The Guardian

The last sanctuary from the incessant red light blinking on BlackBerry devices will begin to vanish in the next few weeks as Wi-Fi coverage is extended to the London Underground.

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NYダウ ことし最大の下落幅
《アイルランドで5月31日実施された欧州連合(EU)の新財政協定批准の是非を問う国民投票は、賛成が60%に達し承認された。 43の選挙区のうち、反対が賛成を上回ったのは5区のみとなった。投票率は50%と、同国の国民投票のほぼ平均となった。》
ボーナスよこせ! バス運転手、期間中に“壊滅的”ストライキ示唆
ジブリ美術館で2日から挿絵展示会 東京・三鷹

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News Headlines - 01 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee: Madness to give London a 'knees up' with show from Buckingham Palace roof - Evening Standard

Organisers today said the Eighties group would perform their hit Our House from the roof to an audience of 12,000 in front of the Palace ― and more than a billion viewers worldwide ― at the Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday.

Houla massacre 'may be crime against humanity' - BBC

Last week's killing of more than 100 civilians at Houla in Syria may amount to crimes against humanity, the UN high commissioner for human rights has said.

Aung San Suu Kyi Calls for "Healthy Skepticism" of Burma's Reforms - Voice of America

Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi called on the international investors Friday to exercise "healthy skepticism" as her country implements reforms after half a century of military rule.

Korean, Japanese automakers post solid May sales - Reuters

Automakers in Japan and South Korea continued to post solid gains in sales in May with Hyundai Motor (005380.KS) and Kia Motors (000270.KS) benefiting from the sustained recovery of the U.S. market while Japanese domestic sales were supported by government incentives for fuel-efficient models.

Putin Heads To Germany, France For Talks On Syria, Business - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Moves to strengthen economic links and the conflict in Syria are expected to top the agenda as Russian President Vladimir Putin meets the leaders of France and Germany, the two biggest European Union economies.

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眞子さま イギリスの大学に留学へ
アイルランドで5月31日、欧州連合(EU)の財政規律を強化する新条約批准の賛否を問う国民投票が行われた。  同条約に署名した25か国中、批准を国民投票にかけるのはアイルランドのみ。仮に否決されることがあれば、欧州の財政・金融危機はさらに深刻化しそうだが、事前の世論調査では賛成派が優勢となっている。

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