News Headlines - 03 June 2012

BBC News - Diamond Jubilee: Party-goers across UK celebrate occasion

People from across the UK are celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with thousands of street parties and events. Almost 9,500 road closure applications have been submitted for England and Wales across the whole weekend, with Hertfordshire topping the street party list with 451 event licences requested.

SAS frees all four hostages in daring Afghanistan raid - Telegraph

Defence sources said the “surgical” operation showed the “precision, skill and courage” of British special forces after they stormed the cave where Helen Johnston, 28, was held, and killed her kidnappers. David Cameron spoke individually to the soldiers to thank them for an “extraordinarily brave” mission.

Bank of England to consider £50bn stimulus for economy - Telegraph

Worsening economic prospects could force the hand of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, which last month voted to pause its purchase of government bonds after pumping £325bn into the market through quantitative easing.

BBC News - Jeremy Hunt acted 'acted wisely' over BSkyB bid, says Cameron

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt "acted wisely" in his handling of the BSkyB takeover bid, David Cameron has said. The PM said he sought advice from the cabinet secretary before deciding to give responsibility for the bid to the culture secretary.

Google applies for .lol domain, along with .google and .docs (Wired UK)

Google has applied for a number of top level domains (TLDs), including .google, .youtube and, most bizarrely, .lol. A top level domain is the highest level of domain name, and basically anything that goes right at the end of a website address. That includes .com, .org and .museum.








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