News Headlines - 04 June 2012

Sydney witnesses partial lunar eclipse | News.com.au

THE first partial lunar eclipse of the year provided a dramatic scene over Sydney tonight, with a clear moon visible over the city as the event unfolded.

Venus to cross Sun in rare spectacle - Telegraph

The crossing of Venus across the face of the Sun is such a rare and spectacular event that in 1769 Captain James Cook sailed the HMS Endeavour half way around the world to witness it.

Space shuttle at sea, en route to new home | CTV News

The prototype space shuttle that arrived in New York City by air earlier this spring is on the move again, this time by sea.

Nintendo to launch Miiverse for news games console - Telegraph

Japan's Nintendo said it will launch a social and content network dubbed Miiverse for its new Wii U games console, as it plays catch-up with rivals and hopes an online strategy will bolster hardware sales under fire from smartphones and tablets.

BBC News - Japan 'doomsday cult member' held

A woman who may be a Japanese cult member wanted over the deadly 1995 gas attacks on the Tokyo subway has been arrested, Japanese media say.








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