News Headlines - 17 June 2012

Greek elections: voters give Europe and single currency a chance | The Guardian

European leaders working to avert a meltdown of the single currency gained some respite when Greek voters handed a narrow victory to mainstream conservatives and the chance to forge a pro-euro and pro-bailout coalition.

BBC News - Egypt's Islamist supporters confident of victory

Fertile green fields dotted with workers wearing traditional galabiyya gowns seem to appear from nowhere out of the desert as you enter Fayoum, 100km (60 miles) south of the capital Cairo.

Socialist party win absolute majority in French parliament | guardian.co.uk

François Hollande's Socialist party has won an absolute majority in the French parliament, giving him a free hand in his attempts to drag France out of its economic crisis through a mixture of deficit-reduction and growth measures while raising taxes on the wealthiest.

Coalition faces split over Trident nuclear replacement | guardian.co.uk

A replacement for Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent will become highly contentious at the next general election after the Liberal Democrats confirmed that they will campaign for an alternative and the SNP rejected the presence of "weapons of mass destruction in our waters".

Japan ends its nuclear shutdown - FT Specials News

Japan has given final approval for the restart of two nuclear reactors, a move that will end a total shutdown of the atomic power sector caused by safety fears raised by last year’s crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Utility Kansai Electric Power began preparations on Saturday to bring the reactors at the Oi nuclear power station in western Fukui prefecture back online following the restart announcement by Yoshihiko Noda, prime minister.








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