News Headlines - 26 June 2012

Al Qaeda threatens Arab Spring nations-UK spy chief | Reuters

Al Qaeda militants are using the countries which toppled their leaders in the Arab Spring as bases to train radical Western youths for potential attacks on Britain, the chief of the MI5 Security Service said on Monday.

Cyber attacks hit UK firms - Evening Standard

A top UK security chief has warned of the rising cost of cybercrime to British companies. Cyber attacks by overseas states has caused one British company to lose close to £800m in revenue, the head of MI5 revealed yesterday.

BBC News - Turkey PM Erdogan warns Syria of raised military level

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the country's military levels have been raised after Syria shot down a Turkish plane that strayed over its territory.

Six other NHS trusts at risk of 'bankruptcy' - Telegraph

Six other NHS trusts face joining South London Healthcare in "administration" as they have taken on projects viewed by ministers as "unsustainable", it has emerged.

Japan ruling party faces split after parliament passes tax rise | Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda faced on Tuesday a split in his party that could trigger a snap election after his signature tax-increase plan cleared parliament's lower house despite its rejection by a group of ruling party rebels.








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