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News Headlines - 31 July 2012

Silver for Team GB eventing - ITV News

Zara Phillips has become the first royal medal winner at the Olympics, saying it was "amazing" to be presented with silver by her mother.

Phelps breaks all-time Olympic medal record - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

Michael Phelps became the most successful medallist in Olympic history after claiming silver in the 200m butterfly and gold in the 4x200 freestyle relay to bring his career tally to 19.

TV should switch to internet, peers suggest | The Guardian

The switch to digital television may be only the beginning, as a Lords committee says that all TV should be broadcast via the internet, leaving the airwaves free for mobile phones

Syrian Forces and Rebels Claim Gains in Aleppo Fight - NYTimes.com

The Syrian Army has descended on Aleppo, with troops, tanks, helicopters and warplanes, hoping to rout hundreds and perhaps thousands of armed opposition fighters who have grabbed a tenuous foothold here.

BBC News - 'Earliest' evidence of modern human culture found

The finds provide early evidence for the origin of modern human behaviour 44,000 years ago, over 20,000 years before other findings. The artefacts are near identical to modern-day tools of the indigenous African San bush people.

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体操男子団体 日本、得点見直しで銀メダル| ytv

一時、日本の最終成績は4位と表示されたが、内村のあん馬の得点について、再集計の結果、2位に変更された。 優勝は中国、3位はイギリスだった。イギリスが男子団体でメダルを獲得したのは、1912年のストックホルム大会の銅メダル以来、100年ぶり。

ロンドン五輪組織委、未使用入場券を再販売―空席問題に対応 - WSJ日本版




何本わかった?ロンドン五輪開会式で使われたイギリス映画をずらっと紹介! - セレブリティニュース

ダニエル・クレイグとエリザベス女王2世の共演は言わずもがな『007』シリーズがモチーフに。ローワン・アトキンソン演じるMr.ビーンが、『炎のランナー』のクリップの中に現れるという奇跡のコラボも実現した。…… デヴィッド・リーン監督の『オリヴァ・ツイスト』、ジーン・ワイルダー主演の『夢のチョコレート工場』、チャールズ・チャップリンの作品、マイケル・パウエル&エメリック・プレスバーガー監督の『天国への階段』、ゴードン・ジョン・シンクレア主演の『グレゴリーズ・ガール』。 さらに、デヴィッド・ボウイ主演『地球に落ちて来た男』、ケネス・ローチ監督の『ケス』、ヒュー・グラント主演『フォー・ウェディング』、『フル・モンティ』、『ベッドかざりとほうき』、そしてダニー・ボイル監督の『トレインスポッティング』などだと思われる。

仏映画監督のC・マルケル氏死去 日本関連の作品多く ― スポニチ


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News Headlines - 30 July 2012

Olympics 2012: more tickets on sale after officials return their allocation | guardian.co.uk

Organisers put 3,000 tickets from accredited groups on sale to public after criticism over empty seats at Olympic venues Open thread: where should the tickets go?

Italian Embassy Guard Abducted in Yemen - NYTimes.com

A guard at the Italian Embassy in Yemen was kidnapped on Sunday in broad daylight in the capital, Sana, an official from Italy’s Foreign Ministry said.

Phuket NEWS: At least 78 killed in western Myanmar clashes - UN

Clashes between Buddhist and Muslim communities in western Myanmar have reportedly killed at least 78 people and displaced thousands last month, the United Nations (UN) said on Friday. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay expressed serious concern about reports of human rights violations committed by security forces in Myanmar's Rakhine state...

Lending data fuel housing fears - FT.com

Lenders in the UK last month approved the fewest mortgages for 18 months while secured net lending fell sharply, raising concerns about the already weak housing market.

Samsung, Apple head for courtroom confrontation - CNET News

Monday marks the start of the U.S. trial between Apple and Samsung, two companies that have spent the past 17 months attempting to disembowel one another with legal filings -- all while quietly doing business together that helps keep them afloat.

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五輪=サッカー男子が3大会ぶり準々決勝へ、スペイン敗退 | Reuters


ロンドン五輪:日本メディアも判定を批判=柔道 | 朝鮮日報

延長終了後、3人の審判(主審と副審2人)が全員チョ・ジュンホの道着の色とおなじ青の旗を揚げ、全員一致の判定勝ちを収めたように思われた。チョ・ジュンホと監督も一瞬大喜びした。 ところが直後に雰囲気が変わった。応援席の日本ファンから激しいブーイングが浴びせられる中、海老沼もその場を離れようとしなかった。すると国際柔道連盟(IJF)のカルロス・バルコス審判委員長(スペイン)が主審と副審を呼んだ。審判委員会の1人が「判定に問題がある」と委員長に告げ、委員長がこれを受け入れたのだ。その後、ビデオ判定により海老沼の優勢が認められ、判定が完全に覆った。

ロンドン五輪:謎の女性が入場行進…インド選手団に交じり- 毎日jp


五輪=目立つ空席が問題に、「30分ルール」導入提案も | Reuters


金利操作疑惑で独監督庁が調査行拡大、オランダも調査開始 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 29 July 2012

Anti-nuclear protest surrounds Japan parliament | Herald Sun

THOUSANDS of demonstrators, some wearing gas masks, marched on Japan's parliament today where they will form a human chain to protest the use of nuclear power after the Fukushima crisis.

Mitt Romney would support Israeli military strike against Iran, says aide | guardian.co.uk

Mitt Romney would back unilateral military action by Israel against Iran's nuclear sites, a senior aide said as the presumptive Republican candidate embarked on a series of high-level meetings in Jerusalem.

MPs tell Barclays to stop fundraising for Mitt Romney | The Guardian

Barclays has privately distanced itself from its bankers' donations to Mitt Romney, the US Republican presidential candidate, after its executives were accused in parliament of fundraising for political candidates instead of working to rebuild the public's trust in the wake of the Libor-setting scandal.

Barclays hit by new storm as chiefs probed over £7bn Arab bailout - The Independent

Barclays was engulfed in a new scandal last night after it emerged that finance director Chris Lucas is among four "current and former employees" under investigation by the Financial Services Authority over the multi-billion pound bailouts that the bank received from the Middle East in 2008.

Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students | guardian.co.uk

Oxford University has rewritten the laws governing its strict academic dress code following concerns that they were unfair towards transgender students. Under the new regulations, students taking exams or attending formal occasions will no longer have to wear ceremonial clothing that is specific to their gender.

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平岡、あと一歩世界一に及ばず…悔しい「銀」 : YOMIURI ONLINE

どれだけ悔しい思いをすれば、世界の頂点を勝ち取れるのだろう。ロンドン五輪の柔道男子60キロ級で、2大会連続出場の平岡拓晃(了徳寺学園職)。 世界選手権で2度、2位に甘んじていた平岡が、五輪の舞台でも銀メダルに甘んじた。

開幕祝いイギリス中に鐘の音響く NHKニュース






映画『バトル・ロワイアル』、アメリカでTVドラマ化企画が進行中 | マイナビニュース


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News Headlines - 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Empty seats on the opening day prompts investigation - Telegraph

Despite tickets for the events being sold out, television images revealed scores of empty seats at the swimming, dressage, volleyball and tennis. Commentators noted the unfilled seats and members of the public who were unable to purchase tickets took to social media websites like Twitter to express their anger.

David Beckham hugs Michelle Obama and carries Olympic Torch to Tower Bridge on speedboat - now

David Beckham bonded with Michelle Obama in east London yesterday before taking part in the Olympics opening ceremony. Becks gave Michelle a few soccer tips to launch the Let's Move Get Fit campaign and America's First Lady met US contestants who have been training in the capital.

Twitter crashes amid Olympic fever - Telegraph

Heavy traffic and an unidentified problem have taken Twitter offline on the eve of the Olympics.

US economic growth slows to 1.5% - FT.com

The world’s largest economy has suffered a worrying loss of momentum with US growth slowing to an annualised rate of 1.5 per cent in the second quarter of 2012.

Syrian Forces Strike Rebel Stronghold in Aleppo - NYTimes.com

With tanks and artillery, the Syrian Army pounded opposition strongholds in Aleppo on Saturday, stepping up its barrage on a city that for days has been steeling for an assault, residents and activists said.

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ロンドン五輪開幕 開会式はイギリスの歴史を再現した時代絵巻




逃亡は日本への移送免れるためか NHKニュース


スペイン・伊国債利回りが低下、ECB総裁発言効果続く | Reuters


ステラ・マッカートニー、ロンドン五輪のイギリス代表用ウェアの制作秘話を語る | マイナビニュース


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News Headlines - 27 July 2012

BBC News - London 2012 Olympics launches with huge ceremony

The spectacular opening ceremony of the London Games, featuring Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, the Queen and James Bond, is well under way.

Mitt Romney's Olympics gaffe overshadows visit to London - Telegraph

Mitt Romney’s visit to Downing Street was overshadowed by a diplomatic spat on Thursday, after the Republican presidential candidate cast doubt over London’s readiness to host the Olympics.

Facebook's £100m Loss Sends Shares Plummeting

Facebook's share price has taken a massive tumble after it announced a net loss of $157m (£100m) in its first earnings report since becoming a public company.

British Gas owner Centrica makes £1.9m profit a day - Telegraph

Centrica said profits at British Gas Residential, which has 15.8m energy accounts in the UK, lifted to £345m in the six months to June 30 after volumes were boosted by the cool start to the summer. But the UK's biggest energy supplier also benefited from higher prices because, while it dropped its standard electricity prices by 5pc in January, this did not cancel out a 16pc rise in August, when gas bills also went up by 18pc.

Nomura Shake-Up May Curtail Global Plans - WSJ.com

The management shake-up at Japan's Nomura Holdings Inc. could upset the global ambitions of the country's biggest investment bank, by removing the two architects in charge of implementing a bold international expansion.

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東京新聞:サッカー男子 日本、スペイン破る 優勝候補に歴史的勝利


朝日新聞デジタル:ウェールズ出身なのに「イングランド」 組織委また失態


聖火がロンドン中心部に到着 NHKニュース


戦力外の松井に猶予は10日間 マイナーか自由契約か引退か… ― スポニチ


アメリカ 干ばつ被害は9,400億円超か:テレビ東京


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News Headlines - 26 July 2012

London 2012 organisers apologise for North Korea flag blunder | guardian.co.uk

London 2012 organisers have apologised and blamed human error for Wednesday's flag mix-up when South Korea's flag appeared alongside North Korea's women's football team on stadium screens as players warmed up before their opening match.

BBC News - Free wi-fi network launches in London's West End

The network will initially cover Oxford Street, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Parliament Square. Other areas of Westminster will be covered in due course, with Covent Garden next.

Tony Blair criticised for failure to cooperate with Freedom of Information investigation - The Independent

Tony Blair faces scathing criticism today for his failure to cooperate with MPs investigating the impact of the Freedom of Information Act. The former Prime Minister has described the Act as one of the greatest mistakes of his time in office. But he did not reply to requests from the Commons Justice Select Committee to give evidence to it.

British Gas owner Centrica makes £1.9m profit a day - Telegraph

Profits at the residential arm of British Gas owner, Centrica, jumped by 23pc during the first half of the year as gas consumption rose just 3.5pc, fanning flames of anger over recent price rises.

BBC News - Hitachi train contract will create 900 jobs in Newton Aycliffe

More than 900 jobs will be created as part of a £4.5bn contract to build and maintain new inter-city trains, the Department for Transport has said.

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ニューズウィーク 電子版に移行か NHKニュース


イタリアがインフレ連動債を約13億ユーロ買い戻し、固定金利債と交換 | Reuters


フランス、韓国車にセーフガード検討 | 朝鮮日報




「モナリザ」の遺骨を発見か、イタリア修道院で発掘調査 : AFPBB News

世界一謎めいたほほ笑みで人びとを魅了する女性、「モナリザ(Mona Lisa)」。ルネサンス期の巨匠レオナルド・ダビンチ(Leonardo da Vinci)が描いたこの有名な肖像画のモデルとなった女性の人骨を発見したかもしれないと、イタリアの考古学チームが24日発表した。名画の謎解明に大きな前進となるのではと期待が高まっている。

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News Headlines - 25 July 2012

Hitachi Train Deal To Create 900 Jobs

A £4.5bn deal to build and maintain intercity express trains ,which will help create 900 new jobs, has finally been announced.

BBC News - Olympics: London 2012 kicks off with football

The first event of the Olympics is to kick off later, two days before the official opening ceremony. The Team GB women's football side will get 18 days of sport under way at 16:00 BST (15:00 GMT) against New Zealand at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

Rupert Murdoch's finest brought to trial - The Independent

David Cameron's former spin-doctor Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, were charged with phone-hacking crimes against hundreds of people yesterday, raising fresh questions over Scotland Yard's first inquiry into Rupert Murdoch's newspaper empire.

Confusion over claims Kristen Stewart 'cheated' on Robert Pattinson with Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders | Metro.co.uk

Confusion surrounds reports in the US that Kristen Stewart was pictured in a compromising position with director Rupert Sanders, after his wife's apparent counter-claims that the picture was actually of her were themselves refuted.

BBC News - Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt

Scientists said the "unprecedented" melting took place over a larger area than has been detected in three decades of satellite observation.

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日立製作所、英国で高速鉄道を596両受注 | Reuters


ロンドンの鉄道が混乱 信号故障相次ぐ 五輪目前で1時間遅れも - ロンドン五輪2012特集 - MSN産経ニュース


五輪=柔道の英国代表選手、「ポケモンで人生変わった」 | Reuters




アップル4-6月:市場予想下回る、iPhone買い控えで - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 24 July 2012

AFP: China censors coverage of deadly Beijing floods

Beijing authorities have reportedly ordered Chinese media to stick to positive news about record weekend floods, after the death of at least 37 people sparked fierce criticism of the government. Censors also deleted microblog posts criticising the official response to the disaster in China's rapidly modernising capital, which came at a time of heightened political sensitivity ahead of a 10-yearly handover of power.

116 dead in Iraq attacks | guardian.co.uk

Two bombs killed nine people in Iraq late on Monday, police and hospital sources said, taking to 116 the death toll in a string of co-ordinated bomb and gun attacks against mostly Shia Muslim targets.

BBC News - Paying tradesmen cash in hand morally wrong, says minister

Treasury minister David Gauke has said it is "morally wrong" to pay tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and cleaners in cash in the hope of avoiding tax.

Phone hacking: Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks charged - Telegraph

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, the former News of the World editors, are among seven former staff members who have been charged in connection with the phone hacking scandal.

Mortgage approvals slump to 15-year low - Telegraph

Mortgage approvals slumped to their lowest number in at least 15 years last month, a high street banking report said on Tuesday. There were 51,610 mortgage approvals in June worth £6.5bn, the lowest number of approvals the British Bankers' Association (BBA) has on its records, which stretch back to September 1997.

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イチロー、ヤンキースへ電撃移籍 中前打で早速デビュー - 47NEWS


五輪に悩むテレビ局 放送権料高騰で赤字「日本人は五輪好き…やらざるを得ない」 - SankeiBiz


特需なきロンドン五輪…TVが売れない - ZAKZAK

通常より1.3倍のテレビの販売が見込める-。この五輪開催イヤーの経験則が「今年は当てはまらない」とシャープの担当者は、厳しい表情をみせる。…… 「多額のスポンサー料金を支払ってまで契約を続ける意味があるのか」 日本企業唯一の五輪最上位スポンサーであるパナソニックの関係者は、冬・夏季の2大会で70億~120億円程度ともいわれる高額な契約料に対し、こんな不満をもらす。

ドイツなど3カ国が「弱含み」に ムーディーズ、国債格付け見通し - MSN産経ニュース

国債格付けで最上級の「Aaa」を持つドイツなど3カ国の格付け見通しを「安定的」から「ネガティブ(弱含み)」に引き下げたと発表した。 見通しは中期的な格付けの方向性を示すもので、ムーディーズはドイツのほか、オランダとルクセンブルクも「安定的」から「弱含み」に引き下げた。

メルケル首相も財務相も夏休み、危機過熱よそにベルリン不在 - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 23 July 2012

Spanish bailout fears knock euro, world stocks lower | Reuters

The euro hit its lowest level in more than two years and world equity markets fell sharply on Monday after reports that Spain's indebted regions need help fueled fears that the country will become the fourth euro-zone member to ask for a major bailout.

Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes To Appear in Court | Fox News Latino

James Holmes, the suspect in the horror that turned what would have been an ordinary evening at the movies into a nightmare that gripped the world, is to make an appearance in court Monday to hear pending charges against him.

More than 100 killed in Iraq in deadliest day for two years - Telegraph

An attack by gunmen on an army post at Dhuluiya, 45 miles north of Baghdad, in which 16 soldiers were shot dead or killed by grenades, heralded a series of bombings across the country.

BBC News - SIr Chris Hoy 'blown away' by Olympic flag honour

Sir Chris Hoy has been chosen to carry the flag for Great Britain at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday. The four-time Olympic gold medal winner polled the most number of votes among the 542 members of the British team.

Taylor Swift risque dress at Teen Choice Awards | The Sun

TAYLOR Swift poses in a daring white dress as she sweeps up at the Teen Choice Awards.

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第2四半期のスペインGDPは前期比‐0.4% | Reuters


東京外為:円高・ユーロ安進む 11年8カ月ぶりの水準に- 毎日jp


朝日新聞デジタル:LIBOR不正、トレーダーら逮捕へ 通信社報道


イタリアの10都市が財政問題に直面=現地紙 | Reuters


オスプレイ陸揚げ完了 地元は反発 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 22 July 2012

Battles Continue in Aleppo and Damascus - NYTimes.com

Violent clashes continued on Sunday in certain quarters of Aleppo and Damascus, Syria’s two main cities, as Syrian government forces fought to regain control over areas that rebels claimed to have seized in recent days.

Colorado Movie Shooting: Who Is James Holmes? - ABC News

Investigators spent a day and a half working to gain access to the booby-trapped Aurora, Colo., apartment of James Holmes, hoping to discover there clues to what would make a young man recognized as one of the nation's "outstanding neuroscientists and academicians" unleash a storm of terror in a packed movie theater.

Norway mass killer 'did not win,' PM insists on massacre anniversary - CNN.com

The man who killed 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in Norway one year ago Sunday did not win, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg insisted on the anniversary of the massacre. Noway did, he said.

10 dead, 30,000 evacuated in Beijing downpour - Xinhua

The heaviest rain in six decades in the Chinese capital has left 10 people dead, Beijing authorities said Sunday. As of 4 a.m. Sunday, more than 30,000 residents in districts of Fangshan, Huairou, Mentougou and Pinggu as well as Miyun and Yanqing counties were relocated, the city's floods control headquarters said at 9 a.m.

BBC News - Tube map used to plot Londoners' life expectancy

A version of the Tube map has been produced to show how life expectancy varies from station to station. The contrast it depicts between Tube stops is stark, with the variation in life expectancies of children born near stations only minutes apart being years different.

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香川、マンU移籍後初先発 後半途中まで出場 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


オスプレイ 23日岩国到着見通し NHKニュース


TPPに日本招くのは誤り…米議員10人が書簡 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)




【外信コラム】イタリア便り 電車の切符まで! - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 21 July 2012

In Aurora, bomb experts work their way into explosives-rigged apartment of James Holmes - The Washington Post

Bomb experts disarmed a tripwire and set off a controlled explosion in the booby-trapped apartment of mass shooting suspect James Holmes on Saturday, slowly working their way into the home of the failed neuroscience student being held in custody after Friday’s theater massacre.

Rupert Murdoch quits boards of British papers | Reuters

News Corp's Rupert Murdoch has stepped down from a string of boards overseeing the Sun, Times and Sunday Times newspapers in Britain, the company said in an internal memo on Saturday.

AFP: Putin signs Russia into World Trade Organization

President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed the bill ratifying Russia's entry to the World Trade Organization after 18 years of often acrimonious negotiations, the Kremlin press office said. Economists have long argued that Russia needed to join the WTO as it was the only major economy outside the body -- following China's membership in 2001 -- and the government hopes accession will stimulate growth.

Syrians flee fierce fighting in Aleppo | guardian.co.uk

Fierce fighting erupted on Saturday in Syria's historic northern city of Aleppo, with thousands of residents forced to flee amid bloody clashes between resurgent Free Syrian Army fighters and government troops.

Report: Japan nuclear workers told to hide radiation levels - CNN.com

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is investigating a report that workers at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were told to use lead covers in order to hide unsafe radiation levels, an official said.

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中日新聞:ロンドンで聖火リレー開始 地元走者、コマネチさんも


賛否両論のロンドン五輪公式マスコットで証明!?イギリス生まれキャラの個性の強さ | ニコニコニュース


印警察「労組全員責任問う」 スズキ子会社暴動、殺人罪も (1/2ページ) - SankeiBiz






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News Headlines - 20 July 2012

Bullet trains for Thames Valley | Meridian - ITV News
Meridian can reveal the Government will announce an order for one billion pounds worth of new Japanese style bullet trains within the next week for Great Western services in the Thames Valley. 500 new carriages will be built with the first in operation around 2016 or 2017, our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse understands. The new trains will not look quite like the latest Shinkansen bullet trains but they will have the same technology.
Japanese bullet trains: Blow for British industry as Government puts in £1billion order | Mail Online
A £1 billion order for super-fast bullet trains in the UK will be made in Japan in what critics will call a missed opportunity for British industry. The Government is set to announce the deal which will see the First Great Western rail firm bring 500 carriages into service here by 2016. Despite the huge size of the deal, it is expected to only create 500 British jobs with the majority of construction to be done by company Hitachi in Japan.
US gunman kills 12 at Batman screening - Channel 4 News
A gunman in a gas mask kills 12 people and leaves up to 50 wounded at a screening of the new Batman film in Denver, United States. A 24-year-old suspect is arrested and named by police.
Japan and Australia Olympic teams engulfed in sexism row over travel arrangements - The Independent
Sports governing bodies from Japan and Australia are under fire after complaints that male Olympic athletes flew  business class to the London Games, while the women sat in the cheap  seats. 
Olympic Torch arrives in London - ITV News
The Olympic flame arrived in London for the final leg of its 8,000 mile trip around the UK in spectacular fashion. Royal Marine Martin Williams leapt from a Sea King helicopter with the flame safely contained in an Olympic lamp to abseil into the grounds of the Tower of London.

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「WBCに出場せず」プロ野球選手会が決議 : YOMIURI ONLINE


中日新聞:米映画館で銃乱射 12人死亡 24歳男拘束

米コロラド州デンバー郊外のオーロラにある映画館で20日未明(日本時間同日午後)、ガスマスクをした男が銃を乱射し、12人が死亡、38人が負傷した。米メディアが一斉に報じた。 地元警察当局は、映画館の駐車場で容疑者の男1人の身柄を拘束した。



フランス極右がマドンナ告訴 「かぎ十字」で侮辱として ― スポニチ




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News Headlines - 19 July 2012

Kagawa set to start for Manchester United against Ajax Cape Town - Goal.com

The Japan midfielder is poised to make his full debut on Saturday, after coming off the bench for a two-minute cameo in the Red Devils' 1-0 win against AmaZulu in Durban

Police officer Simon Harwood cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson - Telegraph

Police officer Simon Harwood was today cleared of killing newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in London in 2009. Concerns about the Pc's alleged previous 'heavy handed policing' were only disclosed after acquittal.

Co-op buys Lloyds branches to challenge top four banks | Reuters

Lloyds Banking Group has struck a deal to sell 632 branches to the Co-operative, transforming the group into a powerful new rival to Britain's dominant high-street banks.

Debt crisis: IMF calls on Coalition to draw up 'Plan B' - Telegraph

Britain’s recovery has stalled and the Government must be prepared to relax austerity to pump life into the ailing economy, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

Nokia woes mount with €220m write-off on unsold smartphones | guardian.co.uk

Nokia also admitted its high-profile attempt to break back into the US smartphone market with its new range of Lumia phones, running Microsoft's Windows Phone software, had led to only about 600,000 sales in the US – down on the 1.5m sold in the same period a year ago when the company was only offering its outdated Symbian software.

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「サムスンはiPadを模倣していない」--英裁判所、アップルに情報掲載を命じる - CNET Japan


アップルのジョブズ氏引用回数に制限を-サムスンが特許訴訟で要請 - Bloomberg


YouTube、顔ぼかし機能を提供開始--匿名性を確保へ - CNET Japan

機能は簡単に利用できる。まず「YouTube Video Enhancements」ページにアクセスし、「Additional Features」で「Blur All Faces」という項目を探す。 そして「Apply」をクリックすれば、完了である。

ドイツで450年前の借用書見つかる、返済額は108億円にも | Reuters


「勝敗よりユーモア、ロンドンで“五輪”開催」 News i


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News Headlines - 18 July 2012

Eva Rausing's body found two months after she was last seen alive - Telegraph

The decomposing body of heiress Eva Rausing was found under a pile of bedclothes two months after she was last seen alive, a court heard.

Numbers claiming benefits is on the increase despite LOWEST unemployment rate for a year | Mail Online

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits has risen even though the jobless rate in Britain is at its lowest for a year, official figures have revealed.

North Korea gives Kim Jong Eun top military rank - The Washington Post

North Korea on Wednesday named its young leader, Kim Jong Eun, as “marshal” of the military, a preeminent job title that analysts say is designed both to reinforce his absolute power and warn off senior elites who might question it.

Brother-in-law of Syrian President killed in bomb blast as rebels close in on Assad regime - The Independent

The brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been has been killed in a bomb blast in Damascus, the country’s state television confirmed today.

How dolphins may use a mathematical trick to find fish - New Scientist

But mathematical tricks can get around this, and dolphins may naturally use them to locate the fishy signal amid the bubbles. Timothy Leighton at the University of Southampton, UK, and his colleagues generated dolphin-like sonar clicks in a tank containing a "fish" – a small steel sphere – hiding in a bubble cloud.

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スペイン、今年と来年の赤字・債務目標未達の見通し=IMF | Reuters
イタリア13銀行を格下げ、見通しはネガティブ=ムーディーズ | Reuters
米で初のエイズ「予防薬」承認 NHKニュース
米五輪ユニホームは中国製 「全部燃やせ」大統領選にらみ政治問題化 - ロンドン五輪2012特集 - MSN産経ニュース

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News Headlines - 17 July 2012

HSBC apologises as key U.S. Senate hearing starts | Reuters

HSBC Holdings Plc will put itself at the mercy of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, acknowledging shortcomings in its anti-money laundering operations and promising to fix what a scathing report called a "pervasively polluted" culture at the bank.

Investors warn against delaying wind energy subsidy cut decision | guardian.co.uk

Investors have warned that government delays in deciding the future of onshore wind energy subsidies could jeopardise billions of pounds of investment and damage the prospects for new green jobs in the UK.

North Korean military appointment masking leadership power struggle - Telegraph

The changes in personnel within the highest echelons of the North Korean military mask a power struggle that has concluded - for now - with Choe Ryong-hae emerging as the most powerful man in the regime and the "puppet-master" behind Kim Jong-un.

Tokyo says ‘no’ to nukes | euronews

Tens of thousands of people rallied at a Tokyo park July 16 demanding that Japan abandon nuclear power. The country is preparing to restart another reactor shut down after last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Border Agency’s IT system runs £28m over budget and a year behind schedule

The Border Agency’s £385m Immigration Case Work IT (ICW) project is running £28m over budget and one year behind schedule, the National Audit Office has said.

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LIBOR不正:イングランド銀総裁が弁明- 毎日jp


アメリカの「たけのこの里」がエレガントな件 - エキサイトニュース

株式会社 明治に問い合わせてみたところ、「『たけのこの里』は、日本では主に10~20代の若い方に買っていただいておりますが、アメリカでは20代の大人を主なターゲットにしており、ファッショナブルで格好よいパッケージを企画した経緯があります」とのこと。

時事ドットコム:“世界で最もテクニカルなロードバイク”を謳うAston Martin One-77 Cycle


湖水地方の夜光雲、イギリス- ナショナルジオグラフィック 公式日本語サイト

さざ波のように空に広がる夜光雲。イギリス、カンブリア地方のケンダル城跡で6月26日撮影。 夜光雲は上空の大気温がきわめて低い場合に発生しやすい。

イギリス代表の継続を訴えるギグス「今後も僕と同じ経験をしてほしい」| goo スポーツ


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News Headlines - 16 July 2012

Tens of thousands demonstrate against nuclear power in Japan - CNN.com

Tens of thousands of people crowded into a park in central Tokyo on Monday to protest the use of nuclear power in Japan, highlighting the growing opposition to atomic energy in the country since the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

Sir Richared Branson to be among first Virgin Galactic passengers | Breaking Travel News

Sir Richard Branson and his children will be among the first passengers to travel to space on Virgin Galactic next year. Branson revealed that his son Sam and daughter Holly would accompany him on a journey 60 miles into space on the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) aircraft.

London 2012 Olympics: Games lanes cause M4 confusion - Telegraph

Newly opened lanes for the London 2012 Olympics have created tailbacks on the motorway network as drivers queue to avoid them.

In surprise move, N. Korea strips military chief of all duties - The Washington Post

With a terse four-paragraph statement, North Korea on Monday announced the dismissal of its top military leader, the latest in what analysts describe as a series of increasingly bold shake-ups to strengthen support for young leader Kim Jong Eun.

Syrian forces head into southern Damascus - FT.com

Syrian regime armoured vehicles headed for southern Damascus on Monday, residents said, after heavy overnight clashes underscored the intensification of fighting in the capital.

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プジョー削減容認せず 仏大統領「国が介入」 - SankeiBiz


経済危機の欧州で販売を伸ばすトヨタの意外なトップ7 | clicccar クリッカー

1位:ヤリス(日本名 ヴィッツ) 96,674台
2位:オーリス 44,709台
3位:アイゴ 38,843台
4位:アベンシス 36,467台
5位:RAV4 35,541台
6位:カローラ 31,915台
7位:ランドクルーザー 28,011台



ベルルスコーニ氏、2013年総選挙に首相候補で出馬-伊紙 - Bloomberg




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News Headlines - 15 July 2012

Bus Blast In Syria As Civil War Declared

News of the explosion followed confirmation by the Red Cross (ICRC) that it now considers the Syrian conflict to be a full-blown civil war, meaning international humanitarian law applies throughout the country.

ETA terror suspect Benat Atorrasagasti Ordonez arrested in Edinburgh | Metro.co.uk

The 36-year-old is alleged to be a member of the Basque separatist group ETA and escaped from Spanish authorities in 2001. He was detained during a raid by Lothian and Borders Police on a property in the Leith area of the Scottish capital on Friday night.

Sage Stallone death likely an accident since no suicide note found at scene: police - NY Daily News

Lawyer says Sylvester Stallone’s son was going to get married in Las Vegas this weekend. Also claims reports his dead body went undiscovered for days is not true, and that photos posted to Facebook incidate he was alive 17 hours before body was found.

AFP: French president's companion regrets tweet

French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler has said she will now think twice before tweeting, a month after she used the microblogging site to undermine her rival, the president's former partner. Trierweiler sent out a tweet wishing good luck to an opponent of Segolene Royal -- Francois Hollande's ex-partner and mother of their four children -- in last month's legislative election.

Huge Solar Flare Erupts From Giant Sunspot | Space.com

The sun unleashed a huge flare Thursday (July 12), the second major solar storm to erupt from our star in less than a week.

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聖火台どこ? 2週間前なのにスタジアムに姿なし - SankeiBiz


中日新聞:JPモルガンの「ロンドンの鯨」退社 巨額損失で:経済(CHUNICHI Web)


東京新聞:ロンドン金利不正操作 NY連銀、07年から認識


ドイツ:イスラム保守派を捜索 テロ警戒で80カ所- 毎日jp


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News Headlines - 14 July 2012

John Terry faces FA ban despite being cleared in Anton Ferdinand racism trial | Metro.co.uk

The FA was close to concluding its own investigation into the matter when it had to be shelved as soon as the police got involved. With legal proceedings now at an end, it is able to take another look at the clash between Chelsea captain Terry and Rangers centre-back Ferdinand.

Angela Merkel intervenes over court ban on circumcision of young boys | guardian.co.uk

Angela Merkel's spokesman has promised Germany's Jewish and Muslim communities they will be free to carry out circumcision on young boys, despite a court ban that has raised concerns about religious freedom. The government said it would find a way around a ban imposed by a court in Cologne in June as a matter of urgency.

Thai court dismisses claims ruling party was trying to depose king | guardian.co.uk

Thailand's constitutional court has averted a looming political crisis after dismissing a highly controversial case that alleged MPs in the governing party were plotting to topple the monarchy by amending the constitution.

Hollande marks Bastille Day in Paris | euronews

Two months into the job, Francois Hollande has presided over the annual Bastille Day military parade in Paris.

BBC News - Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted

A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain "likes" from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products.

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朝日新聞デジタル:イングランド代表テリー無罪判決 人種差別発言「なし」 - スポーツ


ロンドン五輪の民放・BS放送スケジュール決定…約216時間は過去最大規模 | リセマム


スペイン政府が地方政府向け緊急融資を閣議決定、180億ユーロ | Reuters


独オペルCEOが辞任、米GM<GM.N>が再建計画に不満か | Reuters

米自動車大手ゼネラル・モーターズ(GM)(GM.N: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)は12日、ドイツ子会社オペルのカール・フリードリヒ・ストラッケ最高経営責任者(CEO)が辞任した発表した。 辞任は予想外。GMのダン・アカーソン最高経営責任者(CEO)直轄の「特別任務」に就くためと説明しているが、アナリストは、過去12年間で140億ドルの損失を出している欧州部門に対し、GM本社内で不満が募っていることが原因と分析している。 

“オスプレイ墜落は操縦ミス” NHKニュース


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生島淳『世紀の誤審 オリンピックからW杯まで』(光文社新書)


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News Headlines - 13 July 2012

G4S to lose up to £50m on Olympics security shambles | Metro.co.uk

Private security company G4S has revealed it stands to lose up to £50million on its contract to supply security staff for the London Olympics.

JPMorgan’s ‘whale’ loss swells to $5.8bn - FT.com

JPMorgan Chase has revealed that losses from the trading fiasco in its London office have swollen to $5.8bn and has restated its first-quarter earnings, opening up fresh questions over disclosures to investors.

World outrage at Syria massacre, but no action | Reuters

The United States has branded Syria's leaders murderers after an attack on a village by President Bashar al-Assad's troops left dozens dead, but there was no break in the deadlock among world powers over how to bring about an end to the bloodshed.

Record rainfall in Japan leaves 20 dead and more missing in floods and landslides | Mail Online

It's a race against time for rescuers as they desperately search for people buried after heavy rain caused mudslides that have already claimed 20 lives in south western Japan. The torrential rain continued to fall as police, firefighters and troops dug through mud and rubble with shovels after ‘unprecedented’ downpours swamped whole neighbourhoods yesterday.

More floods on the way for UK's washout summer | guardian.co.uk

Warnings of yet more flooding have been issued, as some areas face downpours that could see almost a month's rain falling in just a few hours.

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英 五輪警備に兵士配置の方針 NHKニュース


欧州製造業の苦境-プジョーが工場閉鎖 フィアット、オペルに続き - WSJ日本版


ドイツ税務当局、クレディ・スイス顧客を脱税容疑で家宅捜索 - WSJ日本版




アメリカ 失業保険申請が4年ぶり低水準:ニュースモーニングサテライト:テレビ東京


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News Headlines - 12 July 2012

Peugeot cuts 8,000 jobs to end losses, shuts plant | Reuters

French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen announced 8,000 job cuts and the closure of an assembly plant as it struggles with mounting losses, in a move that could hasten a wave of restructuring in western Europe.

BBC News - Olympics Security not compromised, Theresa May says

Olympics security will not be compromised after it emerged that 3,500 extra troops would be needed, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

Japanese ad giant Dentsu enters Europe with Aegis | Reuters

Japanese ad giant Dentsu is buying marketing group Aegis for 3.2 billion pounds ($5 billion), the biggest deal in its history as it seeks to expand outside its home market with the British firm's European and digital business.

Five Britons missing in killer Mont Blanc avalanche - The Independent

Five Britons are among a number of mountaineers missing following an avalanche in the Alps which killed at least six climbers, according to reports.

Nasa scientists discover fifth moon orbiting Pluto - Telegraph

Nasa scientists in the United States have found a fifth moon orbiting faraway Pluto using the Hubble telescope, the space-agency said on Wednesday.

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朝日新聞デジタル:炎に照らされるストーンヘンジ 五輪に合わせイベント




香川が英国入り、マンU練習に初参加 : nikkansports.com



この平底船は、宇宙ロケットを思わせるような巨大な三脚台を運ぶ。それは北海に面したドイツの港湾都市ブレーメルハーフェンの港を通る。 この三脚台は洋上風力タービンの土台になる。このため、沖合に建設中の風力発電所にまで運ぶ必要がある。三脚台は巨大で高さが65メートルのものもあるほか、重さは最大で950トンに及ぶ。

国策捜査? イギリス人大学生の人生を変えた著作権侵害事件 : WIRED.jp


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News Headlines - 11 July 2012

BBC News - Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy urges more cuts amid protests

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has announced a sales tax rise as part of austerity measures aimed at cutting the public budget by 65bn euros (£51bn; $80bn). VAT will go up almost immediately from 18% to 21% and there will be a 3.5bn euro cut in local authority budgets.

Queen welcomes Francois Hollande in French - Telegraph

The Queen displayed her linguistic skills as she discussed weather, horses and Prince Philip's health in French during a 30-minute meeting with French President Francois Hollande at Windsor Castle.

Tetra Pak heir Hans Kristian Rausing arrested after wife Eva Rausing found dead at London home | Metro.co.uk

Mr Rausing, a member of the family behind the Tetra Pak packaging empire, had initially been arrested after the 48-year-old's body was found at their mansion in south west London.

BBC News - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on historic Laos visit

Hillary Clinton has become the first US secretary of state to visit Laos in 57 years, on a trip focusing on economic ties and the legacy of the Vietnam War.

Japan slams islands intrusion by China - FT.com

The entry of three Chinese state fisheries patrol vessels into territorial waters around the contested Senkaku Islands has prompted a sharp protest from Japan, further raising friction in one of East Asia’s most dangerous flashpoints.

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『オールカラー 深海と深海生物 美しき神秘の世界』(独立行政法人海洋研究開発機構(JAMSTEC)監修、ナツメ社)


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中日新聞:英女王、聖火を出迎え ウィンザー城で




フランス、持続可能な成長に向け構造改革の推進を=中銀総裁 - ロイターニュース


良品計画/ドイツでECサイト開設 | 流通ニュース

NTTデータは7月10日、良品計画が展開する無印良品のドイツのオンラインストアを構築したと発表した。 6月17日から、サービスを開始した。

イギリス代表キャプテン就任を誇るギグス「他にない素晴らしい経験」 - goo スポーツ


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News Headlines - 10 July 2012

Mitsubishi UFJ Suspends Two London Traders on Libor Probe - Bloomberg

Derivatives traders Christian Schluep and Paul Robson have been suspended from the bank, said a person briefed on the matter, who asked not to be identified. The two formerly worked at Dutch lender Rabobank, one of at least 12 banks being probed by regulators over allegations they rigged the London and euro interbank offered rates, the person said.

Egypt's parliament convenes in defiance of the military - Telegraph

The MPs' session was brief – it lasted just five minutes – but it pushed Egypt deeper into a potential power struggle between new President Mohammed Morsi and the powerful military, which has vowed to uphold the judicial ruling that led to parliament being dissolved.

Commons fight for Lords reform is neck-and-neck - Evening Standard

Ministers are today braced for a potentially damaging Commons defeat over Nick Clegg's plans for House of Lords reform.

BBC News - Work begins on new £12.5m life sciences centre

Work has begun on a £12.5m expansion to upgrade Dundee University's College of Life Sciences.

Cambridge News | Cambridge chemist wins oldest scientific prize

A Cambridge-based chemist who helped uncover the mechanism that powers living cells has been awarded the Copley Medal, believed to be the world’s oldest scientific prize. Professor Sir John Walker joins a long procession of illustrious scientists who have received the award from the Royal Society since 1731.

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デイヴィッド・ワイズ『中国スパイ秘録: 米中情報戦の真実』(石川京子、早川麻百合訳、原書房)


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野田首相 ロンドン五輪開会式への出席を検討 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


「オスプレイ、英航空ショーでデモ飛行」 News i

沖縄への配備計画に対して反発が強まっているアメリカ軍の新型輸送機「オスプレイ」がイギリスの国際航空ショーでデモ飛行を行いました。 アメリカ軍は9日、世界三大航空見本市の一つ、イギリスの「ファンボロー国際航空ショー」でオスプレイのデモ飛行を行いました。

ドイツ景気に黄信号 輸出伸び鈍化:日本経済新聞


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅが「JAPAN EXPO」に出演、ヨーロッパに初進出 | Musicman-NET

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅのライブがフランスで開催中のJAPAN EXPOにて、7日(土)J.E.LIVE HOUSE、8日(日)メインステージで行われた「HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!!」のイベント内で行われた。……このきゃりーのライブは2日間で約1万3千人を集客し、今年のJAPAN EXPOで行われたライブの最大の集客になったという。

イギリスのミイラ、複数人体から合成 - ナショナルジオグラフィック

イギリス、スコットランドで発掘された3000年前の男女2体のミイラは、計6人の骨を組み合わせて作成されていたという。 最新の同位体年代測定とDNA分析を行った結果、泥炭地で発掘されたミイラ状の遺体「ボグボディー(bog body)」が、さまざまな部位の骨の寄せ集めと判明した。ただし、この奇怪な合成物を作り出した目的は、歴史の謎として残りそうだ。

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News Headlines - 09 July 2012

Terry 'Abuse Was Response To Affair Slur'

Chelsea and England footballer John Terry racially abused fellow player Anton Ferdinand in response to a slur over his alleged affair with a teammate's ex-girlfriend, a court has heard.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un pictured with mystery woman - Telegraph

The woman has prompted speculation in Seoul about whether she is his partner or his younger sister. The North's state television aired footage of the woman joining Kim as he paid tribute to his late grandfather Kim Il-sung on the anniversary of his death in 1994.

Russia mourns flood victims, local officials blamed | Reuters

Russia's emergencies minister accused local officials on Monday of not doing enough to prevent 171 deaths in weekend floods that raised new doubts about the country's readiness for natural disasters under President Vladimir Putin.

Manhunt under way for Taliban who shot woman in public execution amid cheers - CNN.com

Shock and outrage have mounted since an amateur video surfaced of a burqa-clad woman sitting on the ground while a man standing a few feet away shoots her nine times before a cheering mob.

BBC News - Greek coalition wins confidence vote ahead of euro talks

It won the approval of all MPs of the three parties backing the coalition, which wants to keep Greece in the euro.

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遠藤誉『チャイナ・ナイン 中国を動かす9人の男たち』(朝日新聞出版)


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フェデラーが史上最多に並ぶ7度目V 王座返り咲き◇ウィンブルドン - テニス365
テニスのグランドスラムであるウィンブルドン(イギリス/ロンドン、芝)は大会13日目の8日、男子シングルス決勝が行われ、第3シードのR・フェデラー(スイス)が第4シードのA・マレー(英国)に4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4で勝利、大会史上最多記録に並ぶ7度目の優勝、さらに自らの持つグランドスラム最多勝記録を17に更新した。
英国人選手最後のウィンブルドン王者、フレッド・ペリー : AFPBB News
1995年にオーストラリアのメルボルン(Melbourne)で85歳の生涯に幕を閉じたペリーは、1930年代に活躍したハリウッド女優のマレーネ・ディートリッヒ(Marlene Dietrich)やジーン・ハーロウ(Jean Harlow)と関係を持ち、第二次世界大戦(World War II)時には英国籍を米国籍に変更して米空軍(US Air Force)に従事した。……社交的な性格のペリーは、テニス愛好家が芝生コートに集う息苦しい環境下のウィンブルドンではいつも部外者扱いだったせいか、平等主義で自由な雰囲気が漂う米国ではすぐに成功を収め、人気を博した。
ドイツ銀<DBKGn.DE>、LIBOR操作疑惑めぐり従業員2人を出勤停止に=シュピーゲル誌 | Reuters
独シュピーゲル誌は、ドイツ銀行(DBKGn.DE: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)がロンドン銀行間取引金利(LIBOR)の操作疑惑に絡み、2人の従業員に出勤停止を命じたと伝えた。情報源は明らかにしていない。  同誌によると、ドイツ銀行は従業員がLIBOR操作に関与していなかったかどうかについて、外部機関に調査を依頼していた。
【ドイツ―販売】BMWグループの上期販売8%増、過去最高の90万台超 : 国際自動車ニュース
フランス・ジャパンエキスポが米国進出 2013年夏カリフォルニアで開催 - 10746 - | アニメ!アニメ!
日本カルチャーをテーマに、毎年夏にフランス・パリで開催されるジャパンエキスポが、2013年に米国進出をする。米国のアニメ情報サイト アニメニューズネットワーク(Anime News Network)などの報道で明らかになった。

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News Headlines - 08 July 2012

The Press Association: Wimbledon gripped by Murray fever

Tennis fans have braved the rain to watch Andy Murray try to make Wimbledon history. The 25-year-old is bidding to become the first British man to lift the men's singles trophy since Fred Perry 76 years ago. He will take on six-time champion Roger Federer on Centre Court, and will be hoping to echo the performance of compatriot Jonny Marray, who last night became the first British man to win the Wimbledon men's doubles tournament in the same amount of time - 76 years - after his victory with partner Freddie Nielsen.

Delays expected as thousands head to Silverstone - ITV News

Silverstone has said that everyone with a ticket for this afternoon's British Grand Prix will be able to get into the circuit. Yesterday more the 20,00 fans were turned away as the grass car parks turned into a quagmire due to the heavy rain which has swept the region.

Vince Cable: Barclays must stop Bob Diamond's £17m pay-out - Telegraph

The Business Secretary warned it would be an “outrage” for Mr Diamond to claim a huge final payment in light of the “shame” brought on the bank by the interest rate-fixing scandal.

AFP: Liberals claim early lead in Libya vote count

Liberals claimed an early lead on Sunday in counting of votes across the country after Libya's first free elections following the overthrow of dictator Moamer Kadhafi. "Early reports show that the coalition is leading the polls in the majority of constituencies," the secretary general of the National Forces Alliance, Faisal Krekshi, told AFP.

Japan's plan to buy disputed islands draws anger from China

Japan is considering buying a chain of islands at the centre of a bitter territorial dispute with China and Taiwan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Saturday, sparking an angry response from Beijing.

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東京新聞:セリーナ、2年ぶりV   テニスのウィンブルドン選手権:スポーツ(TOKYO Web)


FNNニュース: アメリカ、アフガンをNATO非加盟の主要同盟国に正式指定


スイス:UAE向け軍需品輸出を全面禁止- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


米 サムスンのスマホ販売認める NHKニュース


ヨーロッパの2014年度環境首都はコペンハーゲン 省エネ!最新ニュース


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吉越浩一郎『新装版 「残業ゼロ」の仕事力』(日本能率協会マネジメントセンター)


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News Headlines - 07 July 2012

Libyans vote in 1st parliamentary election since Gadhafi’s ouster amid fears of violence - The Washington Post

Libyans started voting on Saturday in the first parliamentary election since last year’s ouster and slaying of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, with jubilation at this major step toward democracy after decades of erratic one-man rule tempered by boycott calls and violence in the country’s restive east.

BBC News - Hillary Clinton says Afghanistan 'major non-Nato ally'

The announcement was made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan.

Clinton's criticism of China over Syria "unacceptable" - Xinhua

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday said that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of China at the latest Friends of Syria meeting is "unacceptable."

Japan, Norway block United Nations role on whales - The Economic Times

Japan, Norway and their allies have blocked a bid to give the United Nations a greater role in protecting whales, as sought by conservationists frustrated by deep polarisation over whaling.

Flood Threat Looms As Heavy Rain Lashes UK

A severe flood warning and more than 150 flood alerts have been issued by the Met Office as heavy rain continues to inundate many parts of Britain.

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テロ計画容疑で6人逮捕 ロンドン、五輪と関連なし - MSN産経ニュース




ドイツ、日本の「失われた10年」の教訓受け入れ始める リチャード・クー氏が指摘 - WSJ日本版


イタリア、2・6兆円の歳出削減を閣議決定 増税は先送り - MSN産経ニュース


スペイン国債利回り7%突破 1週間ぶり「危険水域」:日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 06 July 2012

IMF to Cut Global Growth Forecasts - WSJ.com

International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde said Friday that the IMF will cut its global growth forecasts in the next month, adding that a weaker global economy will bring more trouble for Japan in the form of a stronger yen.

The Associated Press: Over 90 flood alerts in UK as heavy rain sweeps in

Over 90 flood alerts were issued Friday for central and northern England and Scotland as forecasters warned that intense rain may hit large swaths of the U.K.

Scientist claims jellyfish-like aliens exist - Telegraph

Aliens exist and look similar to huge jellyfish, according to a leading British space scientist.

BBC News - Apple reportedly planning to release 'iPad mini'

Just one week after Google announced its entry into the tablet market with a 7-inch tablet, sources say Apple is planning to release a so-called "iPad mini" later this year.

Google privacy chief worked for ICO during Street View probe - The Inquirer

THE UK INFORMATION COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE (ICO) has admitted that one of its former privacy managers who worked at the organisation during its Google Street View investigation is now a senior privacy chief at the internet search firm.

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ユーロ圏離脱への対策テーマに論文 NHKニュース


ロンドン五輪に293選手 総勢514人は史上2番目 / 西日本新聞スポーツ


NHKオンデマンド、ロンドン五輪を見逃し配信。約250時間 -AV Watch


ロンドンオリンピックワールドワイドパートナー・エイサーと プロダクションI.Gのコラボアニメ第2弾! 「美人すぎるボクサー」伊藤沙月選手の続編がスタート!! - MSN産経ニュース

今回、再生回数も10万回を突破し、好評をいただいておりましたプロダクションI.Gとのコラボレーションアニメの第2弾、『Surprise 4 U. 〜沙月の不思議な冒険〜「今日と明日」』篇を7月6日(金)から「Surprise Yourself.」キャンペーンサイト*にて公開いたします。

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News Headlines - 05 July 2012

BBC News - Barclays credit rating outlook cut by Moody's and S&P

Rating agencies Moody's and Standard and Poor's have lowered their outlook on Barclays from stable to negative amid the bank rate-rigging scandal.

Bank of England extends quantitative easing programme by £50bn | guardian.co.uk

The Bank of England will pump a further £50bn into the economy in a desperate bid to haul Britain out of double dip recession that is threatening to stretch into the autumn.

ECB cuts interest rates to historic low - FT.com

The European Central Bank has cut its main interest rate to an historic low, responding to increasing gloom over the prospects for the eurozone economy with a move that also offers relief to the region’s struggling banks.

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis a Man-Made Disaster, Report Says - NYTimes.com

The nuclear accident at Fukushima was a preventable disaster rooted in government-industry collusion and the worst conformist conventions of Japanese culture, a parliamentary inquiry concluded on Thursday.

Japan Holds "ARIGATO in LONDON" at London County Hall - MarketWatch

"ARIGATO in LONDON," an event to show Japan's gratitude for the worldwide help, assistance and courage given after the Great East Japan Earthquake and also to show how Japan is recovering from the disaster, will be held for 15 days from July 28 to August 11, 2012, at London County Hall.

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ロンドン五輪:英国のメダル目標は最多で70個- 毎日jp
ロンドン五輪のメダル獲得数を最少40個、最多70個と見込み、国別争いで4位を目指すと発表した。最も多く期待されるのは自転車の6~10個。ボートで6個、陸上で5~8個、競泳は5~7個で、UKスポーツの統括外であるサッカーを除く25競技のうち、19競技でメダルの可能性があると分析している。  前回の北京五輪で47個を獲得して国別争いで4位
ソニー、「Music Unlimited」を日本で開始 -AV Watch
PCやスマートフォン、ゲーム機のPlayStation Vitaなどでも利用できる音楽配信サービスで、2010年12月の英国/アイルランドを皮切りに、アメリカやカナダなど既に16カ国でサービスを展開。新たに日本でもスタートする。
ドイツ独禁法当局、GMとプジョーの提携案を調査 - WSJ日本版
セルジオ・ピニンファリーナ死す | AUTOCAR JAPAN
ヒッグス粒子とみられる粒子発見 NHKニュース

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News Headlines - 04 July 2012

BOE Minutes Show Tucker Aware Of Libor Fixing Claims In 2007 | MNI

Bank of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker, long the BOE's leading internal candidate for the top job when Mervyn King's term comes to an end at the middle of 2013, was fully aware from the early days of the financial crisis that market participants believed Libor was being rigged.

Barclays Under Pressure to Find an External CEO Successor

Barclays is under pressure to find an external candidate to distance the bank from Chief Executive Officer Bob Diamond, who quit after the lender was fined for rigging Libor rates.

BBC News - Leaders clash over Barclays rate-rigging inquiry

David Cameron and Ed Miliband have clashed in the Commons over the terms of an inquiry into the interest rate-rigging scandal surrounding Barclays.

BBC News - Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC

Cern scientists reporting from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

Higgs boson: Give Professor Higgs a knighthood, say colleagues - Telegraph

Professor Peter Higgs, the British scientist who first suggested the existence of the “God particle”, should be knighted and awarded a Nobel prize following the discovery of the Higgs boson, leading physicists have said.

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英バークレイズ、CEOも辞任 金利操作問題で引責:日本経済新聞


〔焦点〕欧州の新車販売が低迷、ドイツ市場にも影響及ぶ見通し | Reuters




震災後の東北での花火打ち上げ実現を追うドキュメンタリーがフランスでチャリティー上映! - シネマトゥデイ


あやまんJAPAN、イギリスでカバー!「ぽいぽいぽいぽぽいぽいぽぴー」が世界へ! - MSN トピックス


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News Headlines - 03 July 2012

The Bank of England told us to do it, claims Barclays - Telegraph

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England encouraged Barclays to try to lower interest rates after coming under pressure from senior members of the last Labour government, documents have disclosed.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s Home Is Searched in Financing Inquiry - NYTimes.com

The French police searched the home and office of former President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday as part of what his lawyer confirmed was the longstanding investigation into allegations of illegal financing in his 2007 presidential campaign.

David Cameron 'prepared to halt immigration of Greeks into UK' | The Guardian

David Cameron is prepared to override Britain's historic obligations under EU treaties and impose stringent border controls that would block Greek citizens from entering the United Kingdom, if Greece is forced out of the single currency.

RBS and NatWest customers double-charged on loan repayments - Telegraph

There was further misery today for customers of RBS and NatWest when many discovered that their personal loan repayments had been duplicated.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet infringes Nokia patents - The Inquirer

Announced last week, the Asus built Nexus 7 is Google's first own-brand tablet and boasts Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a quad-core processor and a mere £159 SIM free price tag. However, Nokia has alleged that it is not licensed for certain Nokia patents. It's believed that the patents in question have to do with the IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard, and Nokia told us that neither Google nor Asus have sought to license the technologies.

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五輪メダル ロンドン塔に保管 NHKニュース


EU残留への支持 英首相「国民投票が必要」 - SankeiBiz

キャメロン英首相は1日付の英紙デーリー・テレグラフへの寄稿で、英国が欧州連合(EU)に加盟し続けることの是非を国民に問うことには反対しないと指摘し、EU残留への支持を確保するには国民投票が必要になるとの見解を示した。 首相は欧州に関する国民投票には反対しない考えを表明した上で、英国はEUにとどまる方が望ましいと指摘した。

フランス、赤字目標達成には新たな節減策必要=会計検査院 | Reuters


米“事実上アサド大統領排除” NHKニュース


恐竜:ドイツで新種の化石発見 リスのような羽毛持つ- 毎日jp


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News Headlines - 02 July 2012

Japan's ruling party suffers mass defection | guardian.co.uk

Japanese political heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa, one of the key figures behind the ruling party's rise to power, led a defection of dozens of politicians on Monday. However, the government will retain its majority in the powerful lower house of parliament.

Libor scandal: George Osborne to announce independent inquiry | guardian.co.uk

George Osborne is expected to announce an independent inquiry into the future operation of Libor, the inter-bank lending rate, but will stop short of setting up a full scale Leveson-style investigation into banking culture and practices.

Mexico Returns Former Ruling Party to Power - ABC News

Mexico's old guard sailed back into power after a 12-year hiatus Sunday as the official preliminary vote count handed a victory to Enrique Pena Nieto, whose party was long accused of ruling the country through corruption and patronage. The second place candidate, leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, refused to concede, saying he would wait for a full count.

Sony set to buy Gaikai cloud gaming service - The Independent

Sony is set to buy the Gaikai cloud gaming service in a deal worth £242m. The company will allow the service - which streams games to players rather than having them as downloads or physical media - to be used on PlayStation 3 consoles.

BBC Sport - Euro 2012: Spain's Andres Iniesta named player of the tournament

The Barcelona player, 28, was selected by Uefa's technical committee after helping Spain beat Italy 4-0 in Sunday's final.

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スペイン、大勝でEURO連覇を達成 – UEFA.com

スペインがUEFA EURO 2012決勝でイタリアを一蹴し、史上初となる主要国際大会の3連覇を成し遂げた。UEFA欧州選手権の決勝で4-0のスコアは大会新記録となる。



朝日新聞デジタル:ベッカム落選に不満のエリクソン氏 - イングランド・プレミアリーグ


清武直筆「金メダル宣言」で渡独 - サッカー ロンドン五輪 : nikkansports.com




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News Headlines - 01 July 2012

David Cameron hints at EU referendum | Metro.co.uk

David Cameron has given his strongest indication yet that he would consider holding an historic referendum on Britain's future in and with Europe, but only if voters are presented with a 'real choice'.

Tony Blair insists that he does not avoid paying tax | The Observer

Tony Blair has admitted taking advice from accountants on establishing a company structure that keeps his business affairs confidential, but insists he does not avoid tax.

Sensational film reveals Quinn family trying to do deal in Kiev and get cash back to Ireland after court froze assets | Mail Online

Leading members of the Quinn family dynasty have been caught on secretly filmed video footage discussing what appears to be a multimillion-euro cash deal in Kiev in January - a time when they were the subject of Irish High Court orders forbidding them from disposing of the family’s assets worldwide.

Protesters March as New Hong Kong Leader Is Sworn In - NYTimes.com

Huge crowds of protesters thronged the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon, hours after President Hu Jintao of China swore in a new chief executive and cabinet for the territory.

Euro 2012: Uefa president Michel Platini reveals plans to stage Euro 2020 all over the continent - Telegraph

Platini argued the cost of hosting an expanding Euros was too prohibitive for most aspiring hosts. “We have talked about 12 or 13 host cities all over Europe because it could be 24 or 32 nations,’’ Platini said. “We won’t need to build airports and stadiums especially at this moment in time when we have the economic crisis.

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【Anime Expo 2012】、ロサンゼルスで開幕! - mu-mo エンタメニュース


グリーがヨーロッパ最大級のゲームイベント“gamescom 2012”に初出展することを発表 - ファミ通App

グリーは、2012年8月15日から19日まで(※)ドイツのケルンで開催されるヨーロッパ最大級のゲームイベント“gamescom 2012”に初出展することを発表した。GREE Platformで提供される最新のソーシャルゲームが体験できるコーナーを設置したり、商談スペースなども設けたりしてヨーロッパのユーザーやヨーロッパ市場での関連事業社に紹介し、展開していくとのこと。

ヨーロッパで鉄道チケットを刻印しなかったために「罰金を支払う日本人」が多い | Pouch[ポーチ]


ハンガリー 今度は“電話税”だけど NHKニュース


米軍 最大規模の軍事演習開始 NHKニュース


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日経ホームビルダー『震災に強い家 (東日本大震災の教訓[住宅編])』(日経BP社)


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