News Headlines - 12 July 2012

Peugeot cuts 8,000 jobs to end losses, shuts plant | Reuters

French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen announced 8,000 job cuts and the closure of an assembly plant as it struggles with mounting losses, in a move that could hasten a wave of restructuring in western Europe.

BBC News - Olympics Security not compromised, Theresa May says

Olympics security will not be compromised after it emerged that 3,500 extra troops would be needed, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

Japanese ad giant Dentsu enters Europe with Aegis | Reuters

Japanese ad giant Dentsu is buying marketing group Aegis for 3.2 billion pounds ($5 billion), the biggest deal in its history as it seeks to expand outside its home market with the British firm's European and digital business.

Five Britons missing in killer Mont Blanc avalanche - The Independent

Five Britons are among a number of mountaineers missing following an avalanche in the Alps which killed at least six climbers, according to reports.

Nasa scientists discover fifth moon orbiting Pluto - Telegraph

Nasa scientists in the United States have found a fifth moon orbiting faraway Pluto using the Hubble telescope, the space-agency said on Wednesday.








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