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News Headlines - 31 August 2012

Samsung did not violate Apple patent, Japan rules - Telegraph

A Tokyo court has dismissed Apple's claim that Samsung had infringed on its patent - the latest ruling in the global legal battle between the two technology titans over smartphones.

Japan and North Korea Agree to New Talks - NYTimes.com

Japan and North Korea ended their first direct talks in four years on Friday with an agreement to meet again as early as next month, apparently in a sign of the North’s desire to reduce tensions with Japan, and by extension, the United States.

Hitachi Receives Order for UK Railway Transport Management System Prototype

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd. has received an order for a prototype of a traffic management system from Network Rail Infrastructure Limited ("Network Rail") in the England, Scotland and Wales. Network Rail will test and evaluate prototypes ordered from Hitachi and two other companies, and based on the outcome, it will make a decision regarding the future roll-out of traffic management across the entire rail network in Great Britain.

Japan's Nomura to cut another $1 billion of costs in overseas revamp | Reuters

Nomura Holdings Inc, Japan's largest investment bank, is cutting an additional $1 billion in costs in the second major restructuring of its loss-making overseas operations in less than a year.

Japan plans to cut state spending, could run out of money in a month - Telegraph

Japan's government is planning to suspend some state spending as it could run out of cash by October, with a deficit financing bill blocked by opposition parties trying to force Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda into an early election.

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東京地裁でアップル敗訴  アメリカでの判決と、明暗分かれる |企業法務ナビ


スペイン銀行救済基金,バンキアに直ちに資本注入へ-損失受け - Bloomberg


イギリスの象徴“ブリタニア”を描いた金貨の発行から25周年、懐かしのデザインで再び蘇る!『ブリタニア金貨発行25周年記念コレクション』 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ヤングなでしこ 準決勝の相手はドイツ!ノルウェーを4発粉砕 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex サッカー


日本代表が10月にフランス、ブラジルと対戦 - Goal.com

日本サッカー協会は31日、SAMURAI BLUE(日本代表)が10月に予定していた欧州遠征の対戦相手が、フランス代表とブラジル代表に決まったことを発表した。

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News Headlines - 30 August 2012

London Metropolitan University visa licence revoked: Q&A | guardian.co.uk

Because of what the government has called "serious systemic failure" in its monitoring of its international student body. It says UK Border Agency checks suggest that in more than a quarter of the cases it sampled, the students did not have permission to stay in the country, a "significant proportion" did not have sufficient English and there was no proof that half of those sampled were turning up to lectures.

Drunk Driver Jailed For Injuring Paralympian

A farmer who left a Paralympic cycling champion for dead in a hit-and-run accident has been jailed for 18 months.

Phone Hacking: Tom Crone, former News of the World legal manager is arrested - Telegraph

He was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications and was taken to a local police station for questioning.

Credit card borrowing shows biggest decline in six years | guardian.co.uk

Borrowing on credit cards suffered its biggest fall in almost six years in July as consumers kept a tight rein on their spending. Figures from the Bank of England showed a net fall of £147m in credit card lending during the month – the first drop in three months and the biggest since August 2006.

Hon Hai CEO has left Japan, no deal yet with Sharp: Jiji

Hon Hai Precision Industry Chief Executive Terry Gou left Japan on Thursday afternoon, leaving ongoing talks on a capital alliance with Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp unsettled, Jiji news agency said.

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FNNニュース: イタリアで開催の国際建築展で、日本館の展示が最優秀賞




福島県 独で企業進出呼びかけ NHKニュース


権威あるフランス人作家、ブレイヴィークへ賛辞を寄せる: The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 29 August 2012

17 beheaded at party in bloody Afghan day - thenews.com.pk

Taliban insurgents beheaded 17 party-goers, 10 Afghan soldiers were killed and two Nato troops shot dead in a new insider attack in a bloody day across Afghanistan, officials said on Monday.

BBC News - 'Essex lion was my pet cat Teddy Bear' - owner

A woman has claimed sightings of a "lion"- which sparked an extensive search by Essex Police - were of her large pet cat, Teddy Bear. A search for the "very large animal" seen in St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea, on Sunday was called off on Monday.

BBC News - Ryanair's Aer Lingus bid faces EU inquiry

Budget airline Ryanair's latest attempt to take over its Irish rival Aer Lingus is to be investigated by the European Commission.

Global Deal: Japan’s Daikin to Buy US Rival Goodman - Deal Journal India - WSJ

The world’s biggest maker of air conditioners, Japan’s Daikin Industries Ltd, said Wednesday it has agreed to buy U.S. peer Goodman Global Inc. for $3.7 billion as it looks to increase its share of the U.S. market and solidify its position as global number one.

Two planets orbiting binary star system discovered for the first time (Wired UK)

Astronomers have published a study revealing that Nasa's exoplanet-hunting Kepler telescope has spotted two planets orbiting two suns for the first time. The find proves that circumbinary planetary systems can not only form in, but continue to withstand, the intense pressures exerted by a binary star system -- until now, astronomers had only been able to identify binary star systems with one planet in orbit, a find that was confirmed in 2011 when Kepler-16b was spotted.

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イタリアの2年物ゼロクーポン債入札、利回り大幅低下 | Reuters


「米共和党、ロムニー氏を大統領候補に指名」 News i


ヨセミテ国立公園で奇病の死者が アメリカ


FNNニュース: 英・ロンドンでヨーロッパ最大といわれる伝統的なカーニバル


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News Headlines - 28 August 2012

Isaac nears hurricane strength and heads for New Orleans - U.S. News

Tropical storm Isaac was on the verge of becoming a hurricane as it approached the Gulf Coast early Tuesday morning, forecasters warned. Its swirling winds and rain will be a major test of the region's new flood control systems seven years after Hurricane Katrina sent walls of water crashing inland.

An end to war? Colombian government seeks peace with FARC rebels - World News

Colombia's government is seeking peace with the country's biggest rebel group, the FARC, and could consider also holding talks with a second guerrilla movement to end five decades of war, the country's president said on Monday.

Israeli court rules military not at fault in US activist’s death - The Washington Post

An Israeli court ruled Tuesday that the military was not at fault for killing a U.S. activist crushed by an army bulldozer during a 2003 demonstration, rejecting a lawsuit filed by her parents.

BBC News - Japan seeks China probe into ambassador's car flag attack

Japan has called an incident in which an unknown man ripped the flag off a car carrying its ambassador in Beijing "very regrettable".

Japan cuts economic assessment as global slowdown bites | Reuters

Japan's government cut its assessment for the export-reliant economy for the first time in nearly a year as slowing global growth weighed on exports, clouding recovery prospects and adding pressure on the central bank for further stimulus.

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イタリアの炭鉱で労働者立てこもり、350キロの爆発物も | Reuters


スペイン、2010・11年GDP統計を下方修正 | ビジネスニュース | Reuters





左サイドバック(SB)でフル出場した長友は得点にこそ絡まなかったものの、新加入のイタリア代表FWカッサーノらと息のあった連係で攻撃に厚みを持たせた。 一時は開幕戦先発落ちのうわさもあった長友がコンディションをうまく合わせ、開幕スタメンの座をキープした。

niconicoにアメリカ大使館チャンネル開設 - 28日に坂本龍一のライブ生中継 | マイナビニュース

ドワンゴおよびニワンゴは、両社が運営する動画サービス「niconico」の公式動画配信サイト「ニコニコチャンネル」にて、アメリカ大使館の公式チャンネル「Connect USA」の開設を発表した。同チャンネルでは、アメリカ大使館主催の交流イベントや教育イベントに加え、今まで原則非公開だった限定イベントの模様などを動画や生放送で配信していく。

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News Headlines - 27 August 2012

School fees rise by 63% as middle classes are squeezed - Scotsman.com

The cost of privately educating children in Scotland has soared by 63 per cent in the past ten years, with the average family expected to fork out almost £10,000 per child per year, a new report shows... Experts have warned that it is increasingly difficult for parents in many occupations to afford a private education for their children.

BBC News - Houses of Parliament could close for five years for repairs

Parliament could be convened in a replica chamber or a conference centre for the duration of the repair work, which could start in 2015. The Sunday Times has reported the refurbishment could cost about £3bn.

BBC News - Flag ripped off Japan envoy's car in Beijing

Japanese officials said two cars forced ambassador Uichiro Niwa's vehicle to stop before a man jumped out and snapped off the flag. The embassy lodged a complaint, and China's foreign ministry was later quoted expressing "deep regret".

North Korea and Japan to hold first talks in four years - Telegraph

North Korea and Japan this week hold their first direct talks in four years with attention focused on whether they can show progress in overcoming deep-rooted suspicions that have hamstrung ties.

BBC News - Fish play video game in new behaviour study

Researchers have used a video game projected into a fish tank to study the behaviour of predatory bluegill sunfish.

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東京新聞:脱車社会 ドイツの取り組み 高齢化も見据え交通網

基本は自動車優先をやめ、徒歩や自転車に公共交通機関を組み合わせた交通網をつくること。街中心への一般車の乗り入れを禁じ、バスや路面電車を主に。公共交通機関への乗り換えがしやすいよう歩道や自転車道を整備し、規則も歩行者や自転車優先に変えた。 中でもドイツ西部ミュンスター市は、いち早く自転車を活用した。

トウモロコシ アメリカ誤算、一転「不作」に- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)

今年は、トウモロコシがどれだけとれるか。5月と6月に発表された予想は、過去最高の豊作だった。それが8月の予想では、17年ぶりの不作に変わってしまった。アメリカのトウモロコシ畑は、今年、深刻な水不足に襲われているからだ。 しかしなぜ、農務省は5月と6月にまちがえた予想をしてしまったのだろう。ひとつの考え方は、遺伝子組み換え技術を当てにしすぎた、というものだ。

イタリア、来年はGDPがゼロ成長の見通し=経済相 | Reuters


ドイツ銀:新規採用行員が前勤務先で得たボーナスも没収可能に - Bloomberg


オルフェーヴルがフランスに到着!池江寿師「発熱もなく安心」 - ZAKZAK


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News Headlines - 26 August 2012

AFP: Japan hails Man United scorer Kagawa

Japanese newspapers on Sunday hailed playmaker Shinji Kagawa after he netted his first goal in the Premier League on his home debut following his big-money move to Manchester United.

Murdoch: Sun printed Prince Harry photos for press freedom - Telegraph

The Sun newspaper was obliged to print photographs of Prince Harry nude because there is "no free press" in Britain, Rupert Murdoch has said.

Assad's forces accused of massacre near Syrian capital | Reuters

Syrian opposition activists accused President Bashar al-Assad's army on Sunday of massacring scores of people in a town close to the capital that it recently recaptured from rebels.

iPad mini to follow iPhone 5 in October, sources claim | CNET UK

Apple will announce the iPad mini at a separate event to the iPhone 5, according to sources. The iPhone 5 is widely tipped to launch on 12 September, but then Apple will announce the iPad mini in October, unnamed sources have told AllThingsD. Previously, reports had claimed Apple would announce both devices at the September event.

BBC News - Typhoon Bolaven lashes Japan's Okinawa

A powerful typhoon has crashed into the Japanese island of Okinawa, forcing thousands of residents to take cover. Forecasters are predicting slow-moving Typhoon Bolaven could be the strongest storm to strike the island in more than 50 years.

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CNN.co.jp : マンU移籍の香川が初ゴール、チームも初勝利 プレミア


英国各紙が香川に最高点!「動きで魅せた」 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


ドーピング:米自転車のアームストロングが永久追放へ- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


「ロンドンテロ被害女性がパラリンピックに」 News i

2005年7月6日、ロンドンがオリンピックの開催地に決定しました。しかし、その翌朝、52人の死者を出したロンドン同時爆破テロが発生。地下鉄で会社に向かっていたライト選手の1メートル先で男が自爆しました。病院で意識を取り戻したとき、彼女の両足はなくなっていました。 あれから7年。彼女は『シッティングバレー』と出会い、今やイギリス代表チームのムードメーカー的存在となっています。

ドイツ:動物園のトラ脱走、飼育員かみ殺す- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)

ドイツ西部ケルンの動物園で25日昼、飼育されていた4歳の雄のトラが飼育場から逃げ出し、飼育員の女性(43)が首をかまれて死亡した。駆け付けた園長がトラをライフルで射殺した。当時、動物園は開園中だったが、緊急避難措置が取られ、来園客にけがはなかった。 独メディアによると、原因はトラの飼育場のカギのかけ忘れとみられる。

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News Headlines - 25 August 2012

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, dies at age 82 | guardian.co.uk

As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. As he stepped on the dusty surface, Armstrong said: "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind." Those words endure as one of the best known quotes in the English language.

Apple awarded over $1bn in Samsung patent infringement trial | The Guardian

Apple has been awarded more than $1bn in damages after its rival smartphone and tablet manufacturer Samsung was found to have copied critical features of its iPhone and iPad.

Empire State Building gunman shot dead by police after killing boss | guardian.co.uk

A laid-off clothing designer killed his former manager before being shot dead by police in New York on Friday after a workplace dispute escalated into a shootout near the Empire State Building. At least nine people were wounded during the attack, in one of the most crowded areas of Manhattan. Some of those injured may have been shot by police as they shot at the gunman, who pointed his handgun at them but is understood not to have fired.

MPs’ anger over G4S 'damaging to economy’ - Telegraph

One of G4S’s largest shareholders has warned that the aggressive response of MPs to the Olympics security shambles put recovery at risk by discouraging businesses to come to Britain.

Shinji Kagawa: my dream came true when I played for Manchester United | guardian.co.uk

Shinji Kagawa is "confident of great outcomes" for Manchester United this season despite Sir Alex Ferguson's side losing their opening Premier League match at Everton 1-0.

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眞子さま イギリス留学に出発 NHKニュース


パラリンピック聖火 ロンドンで披露される| 読売テレビ


EUとのFTAで不利益、韓国が初認定 : AFPBB News

貿易委員会は、安価なEU産の輸入豚肉が国内市場で増加した影響で不利益を被ったとする全羅北道(North Jeolla)の養豚業者からの訴えを認めたと説明した。2012年前期の売り上げが、前年同期比で30%減を記録したという。 発表によると、豚肉市場での国内産とEU産の割合は2010年は85%と5.6%だったのに対し、翌2011年はそれぞれ71%と12.2%となり、その差が縮まった。

布袋寅泰、ついにイギリスに移住!ツイッターで旅立ちを報告 - 楽天woman

イギリスに移住することを発表していたミュージシャンの布袋寅泰が24日、東京からロンドンへ旅立つことをツイッターで報告した。「東京からロンドンへ。 夢を追いかけて今、旅立ちます。 今まで本当にありがとう」とファンに感謝をささげた布袋は、「世界のどこにいても君と繋がっているよ。Never say goodbye. また笑顔で会いましょう。皆さんの毎日が夢にあふれた素晴らしい日々でありますように!」とつづっている。

クールベ展 入場者1万人 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

北九州市立美術館・本館(戸畑区西鞘ヶ谷町)で開催中の「フランス写実主義の巨匠 クールベ展―印象派への架け橋―」(読売新聞社など主催)の入場者が23日、1万人に達した。

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News Headlines - 24 August 2012

Sun publishes pictures of naked Prince Harry | guardian.co.uk

The Sun has become the first British newspaper to publish photographs of Prince Harry naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, claiming the move was in the public interest. The tabloid's decision comes after Prince Charles's royal aides threatened legal action against newspapers if they published the images, despite the fact they had already been circulated online.

Norway jails sane Breivik for killing 77 | Reuters

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was jailed for a maximum term on Friday when judges declared him sane enough to answer for the murder of 77 people last year, drawing a smirk of triumph from the self-styled warrior against Islam.

ITV News Investigation: Prescription medicines bought online contain Class A drugs - ITV News

When we started our investigation into buying medicines on the internet, we expected to find some dodgy practices. But we were astonished (to say the least) by the lab tests on two of the compounds we bought which showed they were contaminated by addictive tranquillisers and by the Class A drug of abuse Crystal Meth.

Anger at GCSE 'manipulation' as top grades fall for first time ever - The Independent

The first drop in top grade passes in the history of the GCSE exam was revealed yesterday, prompting claims that exam boards had acted immorally in raising grade boundaries at the last moment.

Tokyo slams Seoul over returned letter|Asia-Pacific|chinadaily.com.cn

Tokyo on Friday slammed Seoul's decision to return a protest letter as showing no signs of "basic diplomatic courtesy", as both countries stepped up their emotional row over disputed islands. The islands, known in English as Liancourt Rocks, in Japanese as Takeshima and in Korean as Dokdo, lie equidistant between South Korea and Japan. The lonely set of islets coveted for the rich mineral resources in the surrounding waters has been a chronic source of diplomatic tension between the two Asian neighbors.

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人権団体“シリア市民犠牲者急増” NHKニュース


朝日新聞デジタル:ハワイのオスプレイ訓練一部中止 米海兵隊、環境に配慮




朝日新聞デジタル:ムトゥが契約解除 リーグアン挑戦へ


【ドイツ】ブンデス開幕。今季ブレイクする日本人選手は?|web Sportiva


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News Headlines - 23 August 2012

Prince Harry photos: Fleet Street told not to publish, yet all is revealed on web | The Guardian

Fleet Street's refusal to publish pictures of a naked Prince Harry represents a remarkable moment of collective restraint with a royal who has already benefited from a different sort of press blackout. Four years ago, the media agreed not to report on his tour of duty to Afghanistan until Australian magazine New Idea broke the embargo, although it did not get much attention until it was picked up by the US-based Drudge report weeks later.

AFP: Lawrence murder pair lose appeal bid

Two men jailed earlier this year for the notorious racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993 have lost the first round of their bid to challenge their convictions.

Pensioners biggest winners from QE - Bank of England - Telegraph

Pensioners and older workers have gained the most from quantitative easing despite claims that they have been hardest hit by the policy, a Bank of England study has shown.

Microsoft revamps logo for 1st time in 25 years - Businessweek

Microsoft's corporate logo has a new look, setting the stage for a wave of products designed to cast the world's largest software maker in a new light.

Indo-European Languages Originated in Anatolia, Biologists Say - NYTimes.com

The result, they announced in Thursday’s issue of the journal Science, is that “we found decisive support for an Anatolian origin over a steppe origin.” Both the timing and the root of the tree of Indo-European languages “fit with an agricultural expansion from Anatolia beginning 8,000 to 9,500 years ago,” they report.

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炭酸飲料規制「余計なお世話」=市民の反対6割―NYタイムズ調査 (時事通信)

特大ソーダの禁止は「余計なお世話」。米紙ニューヨーク・タイムズ(電子版)は22日、ブルームバーグ・ニューヨーク市長が肥満対策の一環として提案した炭酸飲料の販売規制に関する同紙の世論調査で、市民の6割が反対していることが分かったと報じた。 市長の提案は、映画館などで1リットルも入るような特大サイズの炭酸飲料の販売を禁止する内容。

イギリスのハリー王子、素っ裸でラスベガスを満喫 | TVグルーヴ・ドット・コム - TVGroove.com






外資を呼び寄せるフランス ヨーロッパのアニメーション動向 | アニメ!アニメ!


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News Headlines - 22 August 2012

Obama Threatens Force Against Syria - NYTimes.com

President Obama warned Syria on Monday that it would face American military intervention if there were signs that its arsenal of unconventional weapons was being moved or prepared for use. It was Mr. Obama’s first direct threat of force against Syria, as he has resisted being drawn into the bloody 18-month rebellion.

Another disastrous month - and George Osborne is forced to cut deeper - The Independent

Public sector finances suffered from a 20 per cent fall in corporation tax receipts from business while public spending rose by 5 per cent, fuelled by higher benefit payments

RBS under investigation by US authorities - Telegraph

The taxpayer-backed UK bank is understood to be being scrutinised by the US Federal Reserve and the Department of Justice, after it provided information to them and to the UK regulators.

Myth of free banking: Hidden charges mean current accounts can cost £900 a year | Mail Online

Banks are ripping off customers by refusing to pay decent interest rates on current accounts and hitting people with overdraft fees of up to £900 a year, critics claimed last night. Consumer champion Which?, which is challenging moves by the banking industry to add to customers’ pain by introducing a new regime of monthly charges, also said free banking was ‘a myth’.

Three operations a day: Full scale of council spying revealed

The full scope of local councils' surveillance operations was revealed today, with figures showing they launched three new actions every day for three straight years. Big Brother Watch's research for the years between 2008 and 2011, when the coalition imposed a requirement for magistrates' approval, showed local authorities used the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) powers more than 9,600 times.

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危険すぎた「女子大生ルーマニア一人旅」 アイセックに「説明不十分」と批判噴出(J-CASTニュース)


フランス各地で熱波警報、噴水で涼むパリ市民 : AFPBB News

前週末、猛暑に見舞われたフランスでは各地で熱波警報が発令され、当局が高齢者や乳幼児など、暑さに弱い人々の体調への注意が呼び掛けられた。 同国では2003年、8月初めから2週間続いた予想外の熱波が原因で高齢者を中心に推定1万5000人が死亡した。

【海外:イタリア】イタリア豪華客船座礁事故 逃走船長とイチャついていた金髪美女、「こんな少ない賠償金なんて、笑わせんな」 | マイナビニュース


アメリカ、猛暑と干ばつで原発停止 - ナショナルジオグラフィック


フェイスブックの「顔認識データベース」ドイツが破棄要求 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 21 August 2012

BBC News - UK government borrows £600m in July as tax receipts dip

Borrowing to cover the gap between spending and revenue was £600m in July, the Office for National Statistics said. There was a surplus of £2.8bn in the same month a year earlier. The Treasury blamed disappointing corporation tax receipts.

NHS hospitals to open branches abroad to cash in on reputation - Evening Standard

London's world-famous hospitals are being encouraged to sell their services abroad by opening profit-making units in other countries. Historic names such as the Royal Marsden, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, and Guy’s and St Thomas’ are being targeted by the government to cash in on demand for NHS treatment overseas.

Apple Becomes Biggest Stock Ever - US Business News - CNBC

Apple entered the record books Monday, becoming the most valuable stock to have ever traded. Apple closed Monday at another historic high of $665.15, ending the day with a record market cap of $623.5 billion.

Apple, Samsung CEOs speak but fail to reach settlement | Apple - CNET News

The attempt to goad Apple and Samsung into settling at least some of their ongoing patent dispute has apparently been fruitless. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung Chief Executive Officer Kwon Oh Hyun were asked by U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh to discuss possible resolutions of their patent litigation, which is nearly in jurors' hands. However, that conversation failed to break the deadlock between the two companies.

Japanese reporter killed in Syria - Telegraph

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had earlier reported that an unnamed Japanese female journalist had died in Aleppo, the scene of heavy fighting in recent days and weeks, and three other reporters were missing. Ms Yamamoto was killed at Suleiman al-Halabi, a district in the east of Syria's second city where troops and rebels were locked in clashes.

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ルーマニア女性殺害 日本人と確認 NHKニュース


朝日新聞デジタル:シリアで日本人記者死亡 ジャパンプレス・山本美香さん


CNN.co.jp : エチオピア首相が病死、約20年にわたり最高指導者の地位維持


朝日新聞デジタル:「『本当の強姦』なら妊娠しない」 米共和党議員が発言


香川デビュー戦フル出場も敗戦/プレミア - プレミアニュース : nikkansports.com

日本代表MF香川真司(23)が加入したマンチェスターUは、アウェーでの今季開幕戦でエバートンに0-1で敗れた。 香川は背番号26の赤いユニホームを着てトップ下に入り、公式戦デビュー。フル出場を果たした。

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News Headlines - 20 August 2012

BBC News - Bo Xilai scandal: Gu Kailai jailed over Heywood murder

The wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been given a suspended death sentence for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

BAA agrees to sell off Stansted airport - Telegraph

The airports operator said on Monday it would not mount a final appeal to the Supreme Court, after the Court of Appeal last month upheld a competition ruling dating back to 2009, dictating that Stansted must be sold.

BBC News - Greek PM to meet eurozone leaders this week

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is to hold meetings with eurozone leaders this week, which could help determine the fate of his country in the bloc.

Photosynthesis-like process found in insects : Nature News & Comment

The biology of aphids is bizarre: they can be born pregnant and males sometimes lack mouths, causing them to die not long after mating. In an addition to their list of anomalies, work published this week indicates that they may also capture sunlight and use the energy for metabolic purposes.

Prince Charles: young jobless should start their own businesses - Telegraph

Prince Charles has spoken out about high youth unemployment, suggesting the best way out was self-employment.

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ロンドン金融、リストラの波 欧州危機の影響、NYでは増員傾向 - SankeiBiz


西ナイル熱ウイルス感染 ワクチンなくアメリカで非常事態宣言、日本では… - 広島ニュース 食べタインジャー

西ナイル熱 (ウエストナイル熱) のウイルス感染が 2012年8月、アメリカでピークを迎えており特に感染者の多い テキサス州では非常事態を宣言、すでに全米で26人以上の死者が出た、とCNNが伝えています。

YouTubeのロンドン五輪生中継、ピーク時には50万人以上が同時視聴 - ITmedia エンタープライズ

米Google傘下のYouTubeは8月17日(現地時間)、12日に幕を閉じたロンドンオリンピック中の動画視聴について発表した。 オリンピック開催の2週間にYouTubeで再生された関連動画の総数は2億3100万本。その内の7200万本は国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)の公式YouTubeチャンネルのものだった。

アサンジ代表“米は弾圧断念を” NHKニュース


アメリカからの視点で描かれた初の「はっぴいえんど」論 - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 19 August 2012

Man found dead at V Festival in Staffordshire | guardian.co.uk

A 20-year-old man has been found dead in a tent at the V Festival. Police said security staff at Weston Park, Staffordshire, were called to the tent at around 1am on Sunday morning where they discovered the man in an unresponsive state.

The Press Association: Assange in embassy for two months

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has now been inside Ecuador's London embassy for two months. The controversial figure - wanted in Sweden on sex allegations - entered the building seeking asylum on June 19 and has been inside since.

BBC News - Oracle confirms paying a blogger but Google names no-one

Oracle said it had relationships with blogger Florian Mueller and Stanford University's Prof Paul Goldstein. Google said it did not pay any "journalists, bloggers, or other commentators to write about this case".

Syria's Assad makes rare appearance in Damascus mosque | Reuters

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad performed Eid prayers in a Damascus mosque on Sunday, state television showed, in his first appearance in public since a July bombing in the Syrian capital that killed four top security officials.

The Press Association: Rodgers frustrated as Reds pay penalty

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers felt harshly treated by referee Phil Dowd after seeing his side crash to a 3-0 defeat at West Brom on the opening day of the Barclays Premier League season.

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FNNニュース: アサンジ容疑者の亡命受け入れをエクアドル表明 イギリスは反発




CNN.co.jp : 燃料切れでシリアに緊急着陸のエールフランス機、乗客に現金求める


武豊「ムチの使い過ぎで騎乗停止。ビデオ確認してその通りでした」 : J-CASTテレビウォッチ


アメリカ村/デンマークの雑貨チェーンが日本に進出 | 流通ニュース

デンマークの雑貨チェーン「タイガー」の日本法人ZEBRA JAPANは7月21日、大阪のアメリカ村に日本進出1号店を出店する。タイガーは1995年、デンマークのコペンハーゲンに初の店舗をオープンし、食器などの家庭用品や文具、玩具や化粧品などの雑貨を低価格で販売する雑貨チェーン。現在、デンマークを含め、イングランド、ドイツ、ギリシャ、アイスランド、アイルランド、イタリア、ラトビア、リトアニア、オランダ、ノルウェー、ポーランド、スペイン、スコットランド、フィンランド、スウェーデンの16か国に約150店舗を展開、2012年には新たに65店舗の出店を計画する。

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ユリイカ2012年9月臨時増刊号『総特集=平成仮面ライダー 『仮面ライダークウガ』から『仮面ライダーフォーゼ』、そして『仮面ライダーウィザード』へ・・・ヒーローの超克という挑戦』(青土社)


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News Headlines - 18 August 2012

AFP: Russia faces international condemnation over Pussy Riot

Russia on Saturday faced a storm of international criticism for sentencing three members of Pussy Riot punk band to two years in prison for their protest in an Orthodox cathedral.

Julian Assange row: ministers from across Americas to hold meeting | guardian.co.uk

The diplomatic row between Britain and Ecuador over the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is to be discussed by foreign ministers from across the Americas next week. The Organisation of American States (OAS) has voted to hold a meeting next Friday following Ecuador's decision to grant political asylum to Assange, who is currently taking refuge in the South American country's embassy in London.

Japan Sees Near-Term End to Deflation - WSJ.com

The Japanese government on Friday predicted that an end to its 15-year-old problem of deflation is just around the corner, but analysts were skeptical, calling a long-term resolution a more pragmatic view.

Nokia and Microsoft try to steal Apple's thunder with Windows phone launch | The Guardian

Nokia will hold a joint media event with Microsoft in New York on 5 September, boosting expectations that it will show off its long-awaited Windows smartphone upgrade before rival Apple rolls out its next iPhone – expected to be announced exactly a week later.

Wenger admits United are stronger - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

Arsene Wenger accepts Arsenal have made rivals Manchester United even stronger with the sale of captain Robin van Persie, but feels Sir Alex Ferguson is a "bit too confident" with talking up another Treble like in 1999.

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英 安楽死の措置求める訴えを棄却 NHKニュース


フランスの受刑者が法相に切った指送る、「刑務所移して」 | Reuters


「韓国、次の成長モデルはドイツ」 | 中央日報

大韓民国が強国として跳躍していくための次なる成長モデルとして“ドイツ”を提示した本が出版された。キム・テクファン京畿(キョンギ)大教授(言論メディア学科)が執筆した 『NEXT KOREA』(メディチ)だ。著者がドイツを次のモデルとして見る理由は、歴史の類似性や国民性のためだ。韓国とドイツは分断という痛みを経験し、急速な経済成長を遂げた点が似ている。

牛肉の米輸出再開は延期 放射性物質の説明を要求

家畜の伝染病、口蹄疫(こうていえき)の発生で停止していた日本からアメリカへの牛肉の輸出が18日以降、再開される予定でしたが、突然、延期になりました。 農水省によりますと、日本の牛肉について、アメリカ政府が福島の原発事故に伴う放射性物質の安全性の説明を15日に突然、求めてきたため、輸出を延期することになりました。

ドイツ人が撮った昭和初期、貴重な写真300点 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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柳沢 きみお 『なんだかなァ人生』(新潮社)


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News Headlines - 17 August 2012

Prince Philip: no visitors but responding well to hospital treatment | guardian.co.uk

Prince Philip is continuing to respond well to treatment at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, but has been ordered to rest and not exhaust himself entertaining visitors, even members of his own family – though they are keeping in touch by phone.

Pussy riot trial: 'We are representatives of our generation' | guardian.co.uk

They have targeted some of Moscow's most well-secured sites with their flash concerts – the metro, a jail, Red Square – but it was a 40-second performance inside Russia's official church that proved a step too far for a system increasingly intolerant of dissent.

More than 30 striking miners killed in South Africa - The Independent

More than 30 people have been killed after South Africa's police officers opened fire on striking workers at a Lonmin PLC mine. Police ministry spokesman Zweli Mnisi gave the figure today after yesterday's shooting in Marikana, just north-west of Johannesburg.

Japan sends back Chinese activists in bid to defuse island row | Reuters

Japan on Friday sent home the first group of Chinese activists detained after landing on an island claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing, but anger in China and South Korea shows the latest flare-up in territorial rows is far from over.

BBC News - Camouflage bendy robot changes colour for disguise

A robot that can change colour to either blend in with or stand out from its surroundings has been created by scientists. The machine, designed by researchers at Harvard University, was inspired by the camouflage skills of sea creatures such as octopuses, cuttlefish and squid.

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ロンドン五輪 がっかり中継総まとめ - 梅ちゃんねる

ロンドン五輪が閉幕した。日本勢のメダルラッシュに沸いた今大会は、テレビ中継の注目度も高かった。感動の瞬間を臨場感たっぷりに見せてくれた一方で、おふざけ、KY、ヘンな実況なども相変わらず。残念だった5つのパターンについて、勝手にあれこれ言ってみた。 ①ひどい実況編 ②試合後の選手インタビュー編 ④勝ち負けオンリーな視点 ⑤NHK編 ⑥うるさい民放編

フランス:バレリーさん週刊誌に圧力- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


アサンジ容疑者の亡命、エクアドル政府認める : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)



オルティゲイラ:……ドイツやフランスは製造業に強みがありますが、スペインは、製造業が弱い。主力は観光業とサービス業で、ここ数年は、この2つの産業が経済を支えていました。……  リーマンショックが起きる2008年までの住宅バブルの間、活況を呈して経済を支えたのは公共投資を中心とする建設業です。労働力の20%は建設部門に雇用されていました。労働力全体の5分の1ですから、大きいですよね。他の欧州の国々、あるいは他の先進国と比べても高いでしょう。

マンU香川“控え”転落危機!チームが“得点王”獲得 - ZAKZAK


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加藤庸二『原色 ニッポン《南の島》大図鑑』(阪急コミュニケーションズ)


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News Headlines - 16 August 2012

WikiLeaks: Three Julian Assange supporters arrested outside London embassy as tensions grow between UK and Ecuador - Evening Standard

Three people were arrested this morning outside Ecuador’s embassy in London where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seeking political asylum.

Andy Coulson in court over phone hacking - Channel 4 News

Former Tory spin doctor Andy Coulson and six other people appear in court on Thursday charged with phone hacking.

Japan to deport Chinese activists after island landing | Reuters

Japan has decided to deport Chinese activists who landed on a disputed isle at the heart of a territorial row, Kyodo news agency reported on Thursday, a move that could ease tension between Asia's two biggest economies.

BBC News - Libor scandal: Seven banks summoned in US probe

Seven banks, including HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, are to be questioned in the US for alleged manipulation of the Libor inter-bank lending rate. The other banks receiving subpoenas by the New York attorney general are Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and UBS.

Families of 1983 Marines bombing sue bank in NY - WSJ.com

Families of victims of a deadly 1983 bombing of U.S. Marines in Lebanon filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to hold Standard Chartered Bank and its New York branch accountable. They claim in the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan that the bank conspired with Iran and its agents to hide Iran's assets from them. They're seeking to trace assets as they try to enforce a $2.6 billion judgment against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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▽わっ! へんな虫――探検昆虫学者の珍虫ファイル

西田賢司『わっ! へんな虫~探検昆虫学者の珍虫ファイル』(徳間書店)


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東京新聞:ユーロ圏GDP0.2%減 4~6月期 ドイツの減速響く


ロンドンタクシー製造のマンガニーズ・ブロンズ、赤字に-システム問題で - WSJ日本版


SCE、今秋からPlayStation Mobileを本格展開 -AV Watch

ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント(SCE)は15日、Androidスマートフォンやタブレットなど、オープンなシステム上で「プレイステーション」の世界を提供するPlayStation Mobile(旧名PlayStation Suite)向けの専用コンテンツを、今秋からPlayStation Storeで配信すると発表した。日本、アメリカ、カナダ、イギリス、フランス、ドイツ、イタリア、スペイン、オーストラリアの9か国で開始し、順次対象国を拡大する。

エンタメ~テレ 最新映画ニュース : フランス中を感動の渦に巻き込んだ感動の実話!『わたしたちの宣戦布告』公開日決定!

監督は本作が2 作目となり、フランス本国ではファニーな個性派として活躍中の女優、ヴァレリー・ドンゼッリ。本作は実際のカップルであった監督・ジュリエット役のヴァレリー・ドンゼッリとロメオ役のジェレミー・エルカイムの実体験をもとに描かれている。不条理な運命に立ち向かう家族を、ユーモアをまじえ、たくましくポップに描いた、勇敢で生命力に満ちたラブストーリーだ。

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安田佳生『私、社長ではなくなりました。 ― ワイキューブとの7435日』(プレジデント社)


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News Headlines - 15 August 2012

Richard Branson attacks Government 'insanity' after Virgin Trains loses West Coast rail contract - Telegraph

Sir Richard Branson has attacked the "insanity" of the Government after Virgin Trains lost control of the prestigious West Coast rail line that it has run for 15 years.

UK unemployment lowest in a year - FT.com

Unemployment in Britain fell to the lowest in nearly a year in the second quarter as the labour market continued to perform better than expected in spite of the country’s double-dip recession.

Series Of Explosions Follow Damascus Bombing

Free Syrian Army commander says bombing targeted a military meeting rather than UN observers at nearby hotel.

BBC News - Japan arrests Hong Kong activists in islands row

Japanese police have arrested five Hong Kong activists who landed on disputed islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, reports say.

Nokia CEO: We're sticking with Windows Phone - CNET News

The phone maker has no plans to move away from its Windows Phone platform, with a new smartphone expected soon.

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ロンドン五輪、地元企業への経済効果は期待外れ=調査 | Reuters


ステラ・マッカートニーのイギリス公式ユニフォームはオリンピックで一番人気 | マイナビニュース


イギリス景気後退、将来への懸念は消えず 政争の予感も - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)

ただ、最大の問題はやはり経済だ。英中央銀行のイングランド銀行は先週、英国経済が長期的なゼロ成長に突入したとの展望を発表した。景気後退期にどこまで変革をもたらすことができるのか、将来への懸念が消えたわけではない。 しかも五輪の成功は、皮肉なことに開催地ロンドン市長で、キャメロン氏と同じ保守党の異色政治家として知られるボリス・ジョンソン氏の政治的立場を強化し、両者による政争を予感させている。

ギリシャの努力をドイツが賞賛-メルケル首相は進展を協調へ - Bloomberg


イタリア6月公的債務残高が過去最高、ユーロ圏支援への拠出金重し - IBTimes


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News Headlines - 14 August 2012

Air fares lift UK inflation to 2.6% - FT.com

UK inflation picked up unexpectedly in July, driven largely by increases in air fares and housing costs, official data show. The Office for National Statistics said on Tuesday that the Consumer Price Index in July rose at a year-on-year rate of 2.6 per cent, up from the 2.4 per cent in June. Economists had expected price growth to ease in July to 2.3 per cent.

Shock 6.2% Rise In Rail Fares From January

Rail travellers in England face a greater-than-expected 6.2% hike in average fares from the New Year after official figures revealed a surprise jump in the inflation rate.

Japan, North Korean officials to meet for first time in four years | Reuters

Diplomats from Japan and North Korea will meet for the first time in four yours later this month for talks that could touch on the contentious issue of the North's abduction of Japanese citizens decades ago, Japan said on Tuesday.

Google to cut 4,000 Motorola Mobility jobs - Telegraph

Motorola Mobility is to axe 4,000 staff - a fifth of its workforce - in the first major change under its new parent company, Google. The web search giant, which sealed its $12.5bn acquisition of the mobile phone manufacturer in May, was primarily motivated by Motorola’s portfolio of patents but this week made the first steps towards turning the company around.

Apple reveals secret patent deal with Microsoft in Samsung trial - Telegraph

Apple and Microsoft have a secret agreement not to sue each other over infringement of smartphone patents, it has been revealed, as part of a trial in which Samsung is accused of “slavishly copying” the iPhone and iPad.

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ロンドン五輪視聴率はサッカー「金銀銅」 : nikkansports.com

ロンドン五輪が12日(日本時間13日)閉幕し、各競技の番組平均視聴率が13日、ビデオリサーチの調べで分かった。最高視聴率を記録したのは、「サッカー女子予選 日本×スウェーデン」で、関東地区30・8%(関西29・3%)だった。 2位は「サッカー女子決勝 日本×米国」で29・1%(関西24・0%)、3位は「サッカー男子予選 日本×スペイン」で26・0%(関西20・6%)だった。

異常金利が連鎖 北欧国債マイナス、米社債も利率最低 :日本経済新聞


朝日新聞デジタル:穀物価格高騰でG20緊急会合を検討 仏農相が声明 - 経済


独憲法裁、ESMの合憲性判断で欧州司法裁の判断待つべき=専門家 | Reuters


ドイツ人ピアニスト、万里の長城で演奏を披露 | Reuters


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古田雄介『中の人 ネット界のトップスター26人の素顔』(アスキー・メディアワークス)


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News Headlines - 13 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics: A musical farewell to the world at the closing ceremony - The Independent

Last night's closing ceremony lacked the wonder of Danny Boyle's extravaganza. But nobody cared.

Coalition government will not survive until 2015 election, voters predict | The Guardian

Just 16% of electorate expect coalition between Tories and Lib Dems to last another three years, according to ICM poll

Japanese GDP growth slows to 0.3% - FT.com

Japan’s economy grew by just 0.3 per cent in the second quarter, lower than expected, as weak exports and softer consumer spending offset continuing strong public investment in the disaster-stricken Tohoku region.

The Press Association: Asian stocks fall on Japan slowdown

Asian stock markets have fallen after a slowdown in Japan's growth gave investors another reason to worry about the health of the global economy.

Tia Sharp latest: Stuart Hazell remanded in custody as he appears in court charged with murder | Mail Online

Stuart Hazell, 37, appeared at Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court via video-link Tia's body was found in a bin bag in the loft of his home in New Addington, south London

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メダル最多はアメリカの104個 NHKニュース


イギリス中が熱狂したキュートすぎる陸上界の女王 - ロンドン五輪2012 - livedoor ニュース


朝日新聞デジタル:〈@ロンドン〉五輪と企業 閉会式に光る国産技術 - スポーツ


欧州各国がワールドカップ予選に向け始動 – UEFA.com

2014 FIFAワールドカップ欧州予選の開幕を9月に控え、欧州と世界の王者スペインを始めとする多くの欧州代表チームが、今週の親善試合から準備をスタートさせる。

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News Headlines - 12 August 2012

U.S. destroyer, oil tanker collide - CNN.com

A U.S. guided missile destroyer was involved in a collision with an oil tanker near the Strait of Hormuz, the U.S. Navy announced. No one on either the USS Porter or the Japanese-owned M/V Otowasan was injured, the Navy said.

Iran earthquakes leave hundreds dead | The Guardian

Overcrowded hospitals in north-west Iran struggled to cope with thousands of earthquake victims on Sunday as rescuers raced to reach remote villages after two powerful earthquakes killed nearly 300 people.

Olympics-Bank of England's King says banks can learn from Games | Reuters

Bank of England governor Mervyn King took a swipe at bankers on Sunday, saying they should take a lesson about fair play from the Olympic Games, which have shown that money is not the only motivator for success.

Virgin May Lose West Coast Rail Franchise

The Government is soon to announce the winner of bidding for the West Coast rail franchise - and Sir Richard Branson may lose out.

AFP: Japan's Sharp Corp. running out of options, analysts say

Japan's Sharp Corp. is fast running out of options to repair its disintegrating balance sheet, analysts say, raising fears about its viability as investors bolt for the exit.

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主要:韓国選手が「竹島領有」掲げる サッカー3決後、IOCが調査 - 岐阜新聞 Web


バレー女子、28年ぶり銅メダル ロンドン五輪第16日-北海道新聞

ロンドン五輪第16日の11日、バレーボール女子の3位決定戦で日本が韓国に3―0でストレート勝ちし、1984年ロサンゼルス大会の「銅」以来、28年ぶりのメダルを獲得した。 「銀」以上が決まっているボクシング男子ミドル級の村田諒太を含め日本のメダルは37個となり、1大会最多のアテネ五輪に並ぶことが確定した。

室伏選手 選手委員の当選無効に NHKニュース




台湾HTCの7月売上45%減、連続ストップ安 | 新興国情報


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News Headlines - 11 August 2012

BBC News - Tia Sharp: Grandmother Christine arrested over murder

The grandmother of 12-year-old Tia Sharp has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Romney campaign confirms Paul Ryan as running mate | Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, the Romney campaign confirmed on Saturday.

Google to punish piracy sites in search rankings | CNET UK

The search giant will downrank sites hit by valid copyright claims, it announced in a blog post. Its new algorithm will take into account the number of valid copyright notices a site has received, and shunt the worst offenders down the rankings. Whether this is a genuine attempt to curb the pirates, or just to appease the studios threatening to sue Google, depends on your point of view.

Japan Raises Sales Tax to Tackle Debt - WSJ.com

Japan, burdened with the highest debt load of any developed nation, on Friday took its biggest step in years to contain the problem, approving a plan to double the national sales tax by 2015.

UK recession not as deep as feared on improved construction data - Telegraph

Britain's recession might not be as deep as feared after better-than-expected construction figures raised the chance that official GDP figures for the second quarter would be revised up.

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サッカー男子、日本はメダル逃す 韓国に0―2 : 日本経済新聞


アメリカ 貿易赤字 10.7%減:テレビ東京


ドイツ、年後半に景気後退の恐れも=エコノミスト | Reuters

ドイツ経済の見通しについて、一部エコノミストの間で年後半にリセッション(景気後退)に陥る恐れがあるとの見方が出ている。 今週発表された経済指標を見ると、鉱工業受注や鉱工業生産、輸出入が軒並み減少した。経済省はこうした統計に加え、過去数カ月間の業況感の急激な悪化が先行きに対する「著しいリスク」を示していると指摘した。


NTTドコモは2012年8月10日、モバイル向けコンテンツ配信や決済を手掛けるイタリアの事業者Buongiorno(ボンジョルノ)の発行済み株式97.109%を、ドコモドイチェランドを通じて取得することを確定したと発表した。取得総額は2億1716万2624.81ユーロ(約208億円相当)。 取得株式数が95%を超えたため、法令に基づき今後残りの全株式を取得する手続きを進め、ボンジョルノをドコモの100%子会社とする。


中国・重慶市のトップだった薄煕来氏の妻がイギリス人男性を殺害した罪に問われている事件で、「薄氏の妻と警察トップが殺害を計画した」など、公表されていない裁判の内容がネットに出回っています。 「裁判傍聴実録」と記された文書には、薄氏の妻・谷開来被告の9日の裁判内容が具体的に記されています。

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News Headlines - 10 August 2012

Manchester United Prices I.P.O. at $14 a Share - NYTimes.com

As publicly traded stocks, professional sports teams have generally been losers. Manchester United, one of the world’s most popular soccer clubs, will soon find out whether its winning ways on the field will make it a rare exception. It is off to a rough start. On Thursday, Manchester United, which raised $4.3 billion, priced its offering at $14 a share, below the expected range.

Google to pay record $22.5m fine to FTC over Safari tracking | guardian.co.uk

Google is to pay a record $22.5m (£14.4m) fine to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US after it tracked users of Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac computers by circumventing privacy protections on the Safari web browser for several months at the end of 2011 and into 2012. The fine is the largest paid by one company to the FTC, which imposed a 20-year privacy order on Google in March 2010 after concerns about the launch of its ill-fated Buzz social network.

Goldman to sell Japan contractor Fujita for $636 million | Reuters

Goldman Sachs (GS.N) will sell Japanese contractor Fujita Corp to Daiwa House Industry for 50 billion yen ($636 million), Daiwa said on Friday, marking another exit by the U.S. bank from its investments in Japan.

Russian underground Islamic sect: child abuse investigation launched - Telegraph

The discovery of an Islamic sect in Russia, where 70 people including 27 children were discovered living in a catacomb, has led prosecutors to open a child abuse investigation.

South Korean Leader’s Visit to Disputed Islets Increases Tension With Japan - NYTimes.com

President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea flew to a set of islets locked in a territorial dispute with Japan on Friday, dismissing protests from Tokyo and making a trip that was bound to heighten diplomatic tensions between Washington’s two key Asian allies.

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【サッカー女子】ドイツ紙が主審の判定批判 なでしこ不運、米選手のハンドとらず - MSN産経ニュース


訂正:〔MOFウオッチャー〕ドイツの与党幹部が日本の政府要人と会談、欧州支援めぐり市場に思惑広がる | Reuters

来日中のドイツ与党幹部が8日、財務省幹部をはじめ政府要人と会談し、市場関係者の思惑を呼んでいる。債務危機国の支援に必要な資金を調達するため、欧州安定メカニズム(ESM)が発行する債券の購入を日本に働きかけに来たのではないかとの観測が事前に広がっていたためだ。 来日したのは、ドイツ連邦議会のキリスト教民主・社会同盟会派のカウダー院内総務。

三菱UFJ行員を調査 LIBOR不正操作問題で英当局


北欧では盛んに食べられているザリガニ。日本でも調理できる? : nikkansports.com


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News Headlines - 09 August 2012

Murder trial at heart of Chinese political scandal begins - CNN.com

The murder trial of Gu Kailai, the wife of a recently deposed top official in the Chinese Communist Party, has begun in the eastern China city of Hefei, local officials said Thursday.

David Walker to be Barclays chairman - FT.com

Barclays has moved swiftly to fill the governance vacuum at the bank following the mass resignations that followed its indictment by regulators over the Libor lending rate scandal, appointing City grandee Sir David Walker as its next non-executive chairman.

Bad press may affect Google more than FTC's $22.5M fine - Computerworld

Although analysts say Google's $22.5 million fine from the FTC is a simple slap on the wrist, they argue that the publicity about it may still push the company to change its ways.

Manchester United to become most valuable football club in the world - Telegraph

Manchester United will become the most valuable football club in the world following its controversial flotation in New York.

BBC News - New human species identified from Kenya fossils

Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago.

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ロンドン五輪 無気力試合の処分は一罰百戒? - SankeiBiz


きょうから薄熙来氏の妻らの裁判 | NNNニュース


アメリカ 7月の気温は過去最高:テレビ東京




ユーロ救済のコストはドイツの想定よりもはるかに安い-社説 - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 08 August 2012

Hoy makes history in medals rush - Liverpool Echo

Having repeatedly under-forecast inflation, the Bank now admits that it has also been far too optimistic about growth.

Olympic triumph masks an altogether grimmer reality - Telegraph

Prominent Welsh Liberal Democrats are clinging onto the hope that the UK Government may still be able to make minor Lords reforms. They could include getting rid of the remaining hereditary peers, allowing members to retire and improving the appointment system.

BBC News - Pfizer pays $60m to US government to settle charges

Drug firm Pfizer has paid the US government $60m (£38m) to settle charges alleging it paid millions of dollars in bribes to build its business in Europe and China.

Egypt bombs 20 suspected terrorists in Sinai - JPost

Egypt launched air strikes in the Sinai region close to the border with Israel on Wednesday, killing more than 20 suspected Islamic terrorists and marking the largest Egyptian military operation in the Sinai since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Sky launches James Bond channel as Sky Movies 007 HD - Mirror Online

All 22 Bond movies will be available under one roof for the first time from Octobe

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イタリア議会:歳出削減策を最終承認-371対86で下院が可決 - Bloomberg


イタリア 4期連続マイナス成長:テレビ東京


6月のドイツ輸出・輸入ともに減少、ユーロ圏危機の影響 | Reuters


フェイスブックが賭博ゲーム NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 07 August 2012

Standard Chartered Faces N.Y. Suspension Over Iran Deals - Bloomberg

Standard Chartered Plc conducted $250 billion of transactions with Iranian banks over seven years in violation of federal money laundering laws, a New York regulator said in an order warning that the firm’s U.S. unit may be suspended from doing business in the state.

Hate Page: Gurdwara killer raged, ranted online - Hindustan Times

The gunman who killed six worshippers at a Sikh temple played in white supremacist heavy metal bands and posted frequent comments on internet forums for skinheads, repeatedly exhorting members to act more decisively to support their cause.

Dramatic video of moment Curiosity landed on Mars - Channel 4 News

NASA's Curiosity space rover beams back a video sequence of its free-fall towards the surface of the red planet.

Japanese giant Panasonic confirm £2m R&D facility at its Cardiff plant - WalesOnline

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has today confirmed a new fuel cell product research and development facility at its plant in Cardiff. The company said the £2m facility would develop and adapt fuel cell products for the domestic market.

Kindle ebook sales have overtaken Amazon print, says book seller | The Guardian

According to unaudited figures released by the company on Monday, since the start of 2012, for every 100 hardback and paperback book sold on its site, customers downloaded 114 ebooks. Amazon said the figures included sales of printed books which did not have Kindle editions, but excluded free ebooks.

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五輪=なでしこが仏下し初メダル確定、決勝で米国と対戦へ | Reuters


米シーク教寺院で銃乱射 インドで非難の声 NHKニュース




ヨーロッパ最後の独裁者を悩ませる、ロシア生まれの「テディベア」運動 - IBTimes


東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ、バルセロナ&ロンドンレコーディングが終了 - MSN トピックス


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News Headlines - 06 August 2012

BBC News - Japan marks Hiroshima bombing amid anti-nuclear calls

Japan is marking the 67th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima in an annual ceremony. Tens of thousands of people attended the event, amid growing anti-nuclear sentiment and protests in the country.

Banks are hiring not firing – at least for now - The Independent

The recruiter says that 2,985 new jobs were created in the Square Mile in July, an improvement on recent months. That's still down by 39 per cent on the same month a year ago, when there were 4,880 jobs going in the financial district. But it suggests that banks are looking to hire at least as many as they fire, a huge relief to a sector buffeted by scandal and going through a slump in business.

Thomas Cook profits hit after selling 45,000 Olympic tickets on the cheap - Mirror Online

Thomas Cook has been forced to offload 45,000 Olympic tickets on the cheap after suffering poor company junket sales. The struggling travel giant hoped to sell 300,000 tickets for the Games as part of packages that include hotel rooms.

Scientists name spider after Sir David Attenborough | Radio Times

A tiny Australian goblin spider has been named after wildlife expert and national treasure Sir David Attenborough. The creepy crawly is the sixth species to be named after the 86-year-old broadcaster.

Sky News: World on alert for massive solar storm

Experts say the sun is reaching a peak in its 10-year activity cycle, putting the Earth at greater risk from solar storms. Mike Hapgood, a space weather specialist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot, Oxfordshire, said: 'Governments are taking it very seriously. These things may be very rare but when they happen, the consequences can be catastrophic.'

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五輪=ボルトが男子100m連覇、9秒63の大会新記録 | Reuters


卓球女子団体、日本が決勝へ 銀メダル以上確定 :日本経済新聞


イギリス監督「チームGB再結成はないと思う」 - SANSPO.COM


ネオナチ男性と交際…ドイツ選手が繰り上げ帰国 : YOMIURI ONLINE

ロンドン五輪ボート女子エイトに出場したドイツのナディア・ドリガラ選手(23)が、ネオナチの男性との交際を報じられ、予定を繰り上げて帰国した。 交際は独ラジオが2日に報じ、ドリガラ選手はその日のうちに帰国した。競技はすでに終了していた。

ドイツ・スーパーカップも中国開催へ? - サッカー - SANSPO.COM


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News Headlines - 05 August 2012

Heavy rain causes floods in Scottish borders and south-west England | guardian.co.uk

Spectators stand in the rain before the start of the women's marathon at the London 2012 Olympics. Heavy downpours are forecast for much of the UK on Sunday.

BBC News - South China Sea dispute: China summons US diplomat

On Friday, the US state department said Beijing was risking an escalation in tensions by establishing a garrison on one of the disputed Paracel islands.

Target Nagasaki: the men who dropped the second bomb - Telegraph

Days after Hiroshima, a deadlier atomic bomb was bound for an armaments factory in Kokura – until bad weather forced a change of plan. In an extract from his new book, Nagasaki, Craig Collie gets inside the cockpit of the plane that dropped Fat Man

Nasa's Curiosity rover on course for successful landing - Telegraph

Nasa's ambitious attempt to land its Curiosity rover on Mars has so far gone without a hitch paving the way for a smooth landing on Monday morning, scientists have said.

The 50 best apps for children | The Observer

Adults are starting to trust their kids with their smartphones, but can children trust the grown-ups to download the best apps? Stuart Dredge picks the apps designed to get the kids learning, creating and playing

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周防正行『それでもボクはやってない―日本の刑事裁判、まだまだ疑問あり! 』(幻冬舎)


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【ロンドン五輪】日本男子サッカー、3-0でエジプトに完勝!44年ぶり準決勝進出 - 芸能ニュースラウンジ


なでしこ、ロンドンへ移動 6日にフランスと対戦 / 西スポ


【北朝鮮見本市】ロンドン五輪、朝鮮マニアはこう楽しむ! - ZAKZAK


佳純&愛&平野 ドイツをストレー倒でメダル王手 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


スペイン、アルカイダ系3人をテロ計画の容疑で逮捕=内相 - WSJ日本版


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News Headlines - 04 August 2012

Rebels: Iranian combatants in Syria to aid Assad - Israel News, Ynetnews

Syrian rebel leader says over 3,000 Iranian snipers have arrived in Damascus to join the Syrian regime's ranks; army no longer trusts local troops, he claims

Sky News: Diplomat expelled after teddy bear drop

On July 4, a Swedish public relations firm used a light plane to dump 879 teddies bearing slogans supporting human rights over Belarus. The invasion of the toys into Belarus airspace prompted the president, Alexander Lukashenko, to sack his air defence chief and head of the border guards. According to Sweden's foreign minister, Carl Bildt, Mr Lukashenko has now expelled his country's ambassador, Stefan Eriksson.

Russia: Protests at Pussy Riot trial | euronews

“Freedom for Pussy Riot!” they cried. But three demonstrators were detained for a colourful show of support for the all-female punk band appearing at the Moscow courthouse opposite.

British diplomats to be granted access to Heywood trial - Telegraph

British diplomats will be granted rare access to the highly secretive and politically-charged Neil Heywood murder trial, set to start in China on Thursday.

Japanese chef meets North Korea's Kim and wife-reports | Reuters

A Japanese chef for the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visited Pyongyang for the first time in 11 years and met the new young leader and his wife Ri Sol-ju, whom he described as "pretty and charming", Japanese media said on Saturday.

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判定ミスのレフェリー追放 ロンドン五輪ボクシング戦 - 中国新聞


勤務中は五輪ネット中継見ちゃダメ!米ロス市 - SANSPO.COM


コラム:円高を誘発するドイツとEUの信用格差=熊野英生氏 | Reuters


ロンドン、ミュンヘンを経て東京へ、「日本ファッションの未来性」展を開催 : マリ・クレール スタイル

東京都現代美術館(MOT)と京都服飾文化研究財団(KCI)で、7月28日から「Future Beauty:日本ファッションの未来性」展が開催されています。……本展は2010年にロンドンのバービカン・アート・ギャラリーで、11年にミュンヘンのハウス・デア・クンストで開催され、いずれも大きな反響を得たもの。東京での開催は初めてで、会期は10月8日まで。

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News Headlines - 03 August 2012

Angry Annan ends Syria peace bid - WalesOnline

Kofi Annan has quit as peace envoy to Syria with a blistering attack on world powers, ending a frustrating six-month effort that failed to achieve even a temporary ceasefire as the country plunged into civil war.

Japan condemned over executions - Telegraph

Japan has been condemned for hanging two death row inmates in the country's first executions since March.

Soccer - U.S. and Japan eye women's final rematch - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

The United States, chasing a third successive Olympic gold, will meet neighbours Canada in the semi-finals of the women's football tournament while France meet world champions Japan after all four convincingly won their quarter-finals on Friday.

London 2012: Putin Cheers Russia at Judo - WSJ.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent decades cultivating an image as a macho man: Riding horses bare-chested, swimming in a Siberian river, collecting skin samples from whales, vanquishing his political opponents—all, of course, with the cameras rolling.

JAL, a Bailout Beneficiary, Heads for a Public Offering - NYTimes.com

Critics say the bailout has given JAL an unfair edge that distorts competition, and questions about its underlying health threaten to distract from the company’s return to the stock market. Whether its shares will be a good long-term investment is still to be seen, analysts say.

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原子力発電、ガス安で正当化難しく─米GECEO=FT紙 | Reuters


ドイツ・ヘーン緑の党副代表:美浜町役場を訪問 町長と会談 /福井- 毎日jp


米で漂着浮き桟橋の解体作業 NHKニュース


李嘉誠氏の長男、英ガス会社を買収、英紙「イギリスをほぼ買い取った」 - 新華社経済ニュース


JPモルガン「ロンドンの鯨」にポジション過大評価の指示=米紙 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 02 August 2012

Where’s Assad? Mystery deepens as Syrian leader appeals _ in writing _ for army to boost fight - The Washington Post

Assad has not spoken publicly since the July 18 bombing killed four of his top security officials — including his brother-in-law — during a rebel assault on the capital, Damascus. The president’s low profile has raised questions about whether he fears for his personal safety as the civil war escalates dramatically.

Series of Blasts Hit Indian City - WSJ.com

At least four blasts occurred in the western Indian city of Pune on Wednesday evening, police said... Apart from the four bombs that exploded, one bomb was also defused. Mr. Pol said he doesn't suspect it to be a terrorist attack.

Taliban kills West-friendly Afghans | The Australian

AFGHAN insurgents have executed seven men near Kabul for working with Westerners, Afghan officials said, while four NATO troops and an interpreter were killed in bomb attacks.

Greece agrees €11.5bn spending cuts - CNN.com

Greece's three-party coalition has reached agreement on €11.5bn of spending cuts over the next two years after the socialist party leader dropped objections to further planned reductions in pensions and public sector wages.

The Press Association: Markets fall after inaction on euro

The UK is facing more economic uncertainty after the European Central Bank failed to deliver measures for tackling the region's debt crisis. Markets fell sharply as ECB president Mario Draghi dashed hopes that he would signal an imminent move into bond markets to ease Spain's borrowing costs.

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スペイン、ホンジュラスに敗れまさかの1次L敗退─五輪サッカー男子 - WSJ日本版


ロンドン市長、宙ぶらりんで減点? MBSニュース

ユニオンジャックを手にワイヤーを滑車で滑り降りてくる男性。しかし、長さ320メートルあるワイヤーの途中で止まり、宙ぶらりんの状態に・・・。スーツに身を包んだこの男性、実はロンドンのジョンソン市長です。 ロンドン・オリンピックのパブリック・ビューイングが行われている場所の1つ、ヴィクトリア・パークでアトラクションのジップ・ラインを颯爽と滑り降りる予定でしたが大失敗。結局、係員に下ろしてもらいました。



イタリアのコロッセオ、73年ぶり大規模修復へ :日本経済新聞


ドイツ銀行、報酬カットも推進-求人難で人材流出の不安ない - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 01 August 2012

Japan play for a draw to avoid switching from Cardiff base - The Independent

The Japan coach, Norio Sasaki, instructed his side not to push for a winner in their 0-0 draw against South Africa at the Millennium Stadium yesterday in order to stay in Cardiff for their next match.

BBC News - Olympic female badminton players charged

The Badminton World Federation has charged eight female Olympic doubles players with "not using one's best efforts to win a match".

Hans Rausing Admits Hiding Wife's Body

Tetra Pak heir Hans Kristian Rausing has pleaded guilty to a charge of preventing the lawful and decent burial of his wife's body. Rausing, one of Britain's richest men, also admitted driving a vehicle while unfit through drugs at Isleworth Crown Court.

BBC News - Press fumes at India's power failure

India's mainstream press was unanimously scathing in its criticism of the power outages which caused major disruption to much of the country over the past two days. Several papers expressed concern at how the blackout had affected India's image as an emerging superpower.

Outlook.com replaces Hotmail, breaks Windows Phone services | CNET UK

Microsoft has a new email service -- Outlook.com has launched, and will eventually replace popular browser-based service Hotmail.

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聖火台スタンドに移動 移設前後に一度消え“再点火式” ― Sponichi Annex


聖火台点火に立ち会えず 開会式で日本選手団 - 47NEWS


【ロンドン五輪】3位決定戦進出!卓球・石川佳純の基礎知識 [サーチナ]

◎何で有名? 石川佳純選手は元卓球選手の両親の元で幼少の頃から大人相手に実戦経験を積みました。小学6年生の時に出場した2005年の全日本卓球選手権の女子シングルスでは高校生と大学生を破り3回戦に進出し、「愛ちゃん2世」として話題になりました。

イギリス伝統のテニスと馬術、会場の地元っ子の関心度は? : YOMIURI ONLINE


エミリー・サンデー、ロンドンオリンピック開会式のセレモニーで熱唱した聖歌のスタジオ・ヴァージョン公開! - MSN産経ニュース


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