News Headlines - 27 August 2012

School fees rise by 63% as middle classes are squeezed - Scotsman.com

The cost of privately educating children in Scotland has soared by 63 per cent in the past ten years, with the average family expected to fork out almost £10,000 per child per year, a new report shows... Experts have warned that it is increasingly difficult for parents in many occupations to afford a private education for their children.

BBC News - Houses of Parliament could close for five years for repairs

Parliament could be convened in a replica chamber or a conference centre for the duration of the repair work, which could start in 2015. The Sunday Times has reported the refurbishment could cost about £3bn.

BBC News - Flag ripped off Japan envoy's car in Beijing

Japanese officials said two cars forced ambassador Uichiro Niwa's vehicle to stop before a man jumped out and snapped off the flag. The embassy lodged a complaint, and China's foreign ministry was later quoted expressing "deep regret".

North Korea and Japan to hold first talks in four years - Telegraph

North Korea and Japan this week hold their first direct talks in four years with attention focused on whether they can show progress in overcoming deep-rooted suspicions that have hamstrung ties.

BBC News - Fish play video game in new behaviour study

Researchers have used a video game projected into a fish tank to study the behaviour of predatory bluegill sunfish.








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