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News Headlines - 30 September 2012

BBC News - Japan typhoon Jelawat lifts car into air in Okinawa

A powerful typhoon has hit Japan's southern island of Okinawa, injuring more than 50 people and leaving thousands without power.

Novelist Murakami Weighs In On Japan Territorial Rows - WSJ

Novelist Haruki Murakami penned an essay expressing his concerns about the cultural fallout that is likely to result from the country’s various escalating territorial spats and described the feverish reaction to the disputes like getting drunk on cheap sake. His commentary was prominently published for all to see on the front page of the Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s second largest daily, on Friday.

BBC News - Freedom of Information to include ministers' private texts

Emails from private accounts and texts sent by the prime minister and cabinet members could be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). New government guidance will say the act relates to "the nature of the information and not the format".

Afghanistan War: 2,000th US Soldier Killed

The number of American military personnel killed in the Afghan war has reached 2,000 following an insider attack in the country's east.

BBC News - George Michael cancels Australian concerts

Singer George Michael has cancelled the Australian leg of his tour due to "major anxiety" following his battle with pneumonia at the end of last year.

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スペインで大規模デモ 政府の緊縮策に猛反発


中・東欧が相次ぎ利下げ 景気減速に警戒感 :日本経済新聞

中・東欧諸国が相次いで政策金利の引き下げに踏み切った。ハンガリー中銀が25日、そしてチェコ中銀が27日に、それぞれ0.25%の利下げを決めた。輸出先のドイツの景気が減速しつつあり、それが波及することへの警戒感がある。外国為替市場で自国通貨の対ユーロ相場が上昇するのを防ぐ狙いもある。 ハンガリー中銀は25日に政策金利を年6.75%から年6.5%に下げることを決めた。「年内にさらに0.25%の追加利下げに踏み切る」(ライフアイゼン銀行グループ)との見方が多い。

First Aid Kit : 北欧の美人姉妹デュオ、ファースト・エイド・キットが新PVを公開、限定BOXセットも発売 / BARKS ニュース


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 日本の伝統料理? - MSN産経ニュース


「007」公開50年記念オークション NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 29 September 2012

Megan Stammers's teacher ready to face abduction charges in UK | guardian.co.uk

The teacher Jeremy Forrest, who went missing with 15-year-old pupil Megan Stammers, will not fight extradition proceedings against him, his lawyers have said. The 30-year-old was arrested on suspicion of child abduction after the pair were found in the French town of Bordeaux on Thursday.

BBC News - Ulster Covenant: Thousands on centenary parade

The six-mile march from central Belfast to Stormont marks the 100th anniversary of the Ulster Covenant, to oppose Home Rule for Ireland in 1912. There was no trouble at a contentious feeder parade past a north Belfast Catholic church on Saturday morning. The biggest policing operation in 20 years is under way in the city.

BBC News - Czech President Vaclav Klaus shot at with replica gun

A man armed with a replica pistol has fired at Czech President Vaclav Klaus at close range while he was opening a bridge in the north of the country. Footage of the incident from Czech channel TV Prima shows Mr Klaus recoiling slightly but carrying on with the visit apparently unhurt. Mr Klaus was taken to hospital but suffered only minor bruising.

AFP: China's Wen urges citizens to back Communist Party

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called on Saturday for his people to unite in support of the Communist Party and its outgoing leader, President Hu Jintao, ahead of a pivotal congress to usher in new leadership. The announcement comes amid a damaging political scandal involving Bo Xilai, a senior party boss who is to stand trial for a litany of crimes including abuse of power and improper sexual relations.

Apple chief Tim Cook says sorry over iPhone maps app - The Independent

Apple has issued a humiliating and humbling apology to customers after being widely derided for the accuracy of its new maps service. Chief executive Tim Cook went so far as to recommend that frustrated customers use rival products such as Google Maps to ensure they find what they are looking for.

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仏政府の13年予算案、300億ユーロの増税・歳出抑制 :日本経済新聞


スペイン2013年予算案、緊縮策印象づけ 年金改革は先送り :日本経済新聞






ジダンの頭突きが銅像に! 仏ポンピドゥー・センターで公開 : 映画.com


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News Headlines - 28 September 2012

Missing British schoolgirl found safe in France | euronews

A 15-year-old British schoolgirl and her 30-year-old maths teacher have been found safe and well in Bordeaux, a week after they travelled to France together.

David Cameron hints at post-election referendum on membership of the European Union - The Independent

David Cameron has given the clearest indication yet that the Conservatives will go into the next election with a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

Germany, France push for financial transactions tax in EU | Reuters

Germany and France asked the European Commission on Friday to push ahead with plans for a financial transactions tax with a core of at least nine European Union countries, after failing to win backing for such a levy across the entire EU.

Slovenia debt to rise but no bailout needed: PM | Reuters

Slovenia's economy, saddled by a banking crisis, does not need a financial bailout, even though public debt levels will likely breach European Union rules in two years, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on Friday.

EU threatens to levy $7.4bn anti-trust fine against Microsoft - Computer Business Review

Earlier Microsoft had fines totalling over $1.28bn The European Union (EU) threatened to levy fine of $7.4bn on Microsoft for its breach of a 2009 ruling ordering the firm to provide users with a choice of Internet browsers.

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独野党SPD、シュタインブリュック前財務相を首相候補指名へ=報道 | Reuters


メルケル独首相、13年総選挙での勝利に向け「無敵」-世論調査 - Bloomberg



国際的な基準金利であるロンドン銀行間取引金利(LIBOR)の不正操作問題で、英当局は28日、LIBORの抜本改革案を発表した。同案では、LIBORの基準金利公表をドル、円など5大準備通貨建てに絞るほか、英金融サービス庁(FSA)がLIBORの運営や金利申告を直接的に規制する方針。 FSAは2013年にも解体され、イングランド銀行(英中央銀行)が金融監督の権限の大半を引き継ぐため、将来的には英中銀がLIBORを監督する見込み。

ロンドンに登場した草間弥生 | ワーキングホリデー通信

ロンドンのルイ・ヴィトン店舗やデパートなど各所に続々登場している、日本人アーティスト草間弥生さんの人形たち。ヤング・アート・プロジェクトも立ち上げている同ブランドは、テート・モダンでこの春開催されていた「Yayoi Kusama」展をサポート。そして現在、草間さんとの大々的なコラボレーションを展開中です。ロンドンの人気デパートのセルフリッジズでは、草間弥生による日本語のメッセージと英語翻訳メッセージが掲載されたディスプレイが登場。

米財務省、住吉会を制裁対象に…山口組に続き : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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News Headlines - 27 September 2012

Abe returns to lead Japanese opposition - FT.com

Japan’s biggest opposition party has elected former prime minister Shinzo Abe as its leader, hoping the nationalist-minded blue-blood will be more successful in engineering a return to power than he was during his first stint leading the nation.

QE3 Triggers Fear of New Currency Wars - CNBC

Fear has crept into the foreign exchange markets: fear of central banks. Currency traders are rapidly shifting assets to countries seen as less likely to try to weaken their currencies, amid concern that the fresh round of U.S. monetary easing could trigger another clash in the “currency wars”.

BBC News - 'Nemesis' electric car breaks UK land-speed record

The car was designed and built by a team of British motorsport engineers in Norfolk, and driven by estate agent Nick Ponting, 21, from Gloucestershire. The old record was 137mph (220km/h). The vehicle clocked 151.607mph during two runs along the mile-long course.

BBC Sport - John Terry banned and fined by FA over Anton Ferdinand incident

Chelsea captain John Terry has been banned for four matches and fined £220,000 for racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand. The Football Association found Terry guilty following a four-day hearing.

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton among the nation's 'dream' student housemates, poll finds - Telegraph

Prince Harry's raucous Las Vegas antics have made him the celebrity University Freshers would most wish to share students halls with, according to a new poll.

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製薬各社、新興国戦略を加速 南米中心に拠点整備、M&Aで販路拡大 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


イラン 制裁やめれば米と対話も NHKニュース


ナチスの彫像「鉄の男」、実は隕石 70年後に成分調べ判明 - MSN産経ニュース


アップルの「グーグルマップ」不採用の理由 - WSJ日本版


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News Headlines - 26 September 2012

Clashes in Greece as strikers protest austerity measures - Channel 4 News

Greek riot police have battled protestors in central Athens as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in protest against the country's harsh austerity measures.

EUobserver.com / Anti-austerity protests in Spain turn violent

Thousands of people marched toward the Spanish parliament asking for the government to resign... Violent protests are new to Spain, where people have in the past taken to streets in peaceful rallies, as with the "indignados" movement.

Spain’s Prime Minister Fails to Reach Revenue Deal With Catalonia - NYTimes.com

Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, already under pressure from his European counterparts to clean up Spain’s banks and public finances, failed on Thursday to ease what has recently turned into his biggest domestic political challenge — a separatist push by the nation’s most economically powerful region, Catalonia.

Peers jailed for expenses fraud ordered to pay back £188,000 - Telegraph

Two Tory peers jailed for fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds of parliamentary expenses have been ordered to pay back £188,000.

Billionaire Putin critic faces 5 years jail in Russia | Reuters

Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev was charged on Wednesday with hooliganism and battery over a televised punch-up and faces up to five years in jail in what he says is revenge for criticising President Vladimir Putin.

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ドイツ、ESM批准に向け最後のハードルをクリア | Reuters


再送:ドイツ野党SPD、選挙で勝利すれば銀行に独自の救済基金創設を義務付けへ | Reuters


8月仏失業者数が300万人突破、きょう統計発表へ─労働相=報道 - ロイターニュース

サパン労働・雇用・職業訓練・社会対話相は26日、フランス2のテレビ番組の中で、同日公表される月次の労働統計について、8月の失業者数は300万人を超えたと語った。 同相は「明らかに悪化している」と述べた。

フランスGPに政府の支持なし | ESPN F1


スコットランド北東部に大量の「白い泡」、家や車を覆う | Reuters


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News Headlines - 25 September 2012

BBC News - Megan Stammers: Bishop Bell School under fire over record

In 2009, a teacher from the school was jailed for grooming pupils and in March it emerged a retired priest had been allowed to remain as a governor despite child sex allegations against him. The school has defended its record.

BBC News - Father Peter Donnelly trial - Witness recounts 'abuse'

A woman who claims she was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest in east Belfast has given tearful evidence at his trial in the city.

Former Olympus executives plead guilty in fraud trial - Telegraph

Japanese camera and medical equipment maker Olympus and three of its former executives pleaded guilty today to charges related to a $1.7bn (£1bn) accounting cover-up in one of Japan's biggest corporate scandals.

Spanish forest fire sees thousands evacuated - Telegraph

A forest fire in the Spanish region of Valencia has forced authorities to evacuate around 2,000 people from their home.

Google Maps Goes Diving, Provides “Seaview” Of Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii and Philippines | TechCrunch

Thanks to a partnership with The Catlin Seaview Survey, Google Maps now displays StreetView-ish images of the Great Barrier Reef and popular underwater spots around Hawaii and the Philippines. Clear your calendar. Forward your emails. It’s time for an undersea adventure.

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イスラム過激派指導者 米に移送へ NHKニュース



「シリコンバレーの開発者は、最新技術ややり方には精通しているかもしれないが、融通が利かない」と答えた。 つまり、米国などの開発者はコストが高すぎるというのだ。イスラエルのテルアビブでは、「優秀な開発者1人に年間13万ドル(約1000万円)かかる」(マルコ氏)が、この金額ならベラルーシで開発者を7人雇える。

東欧と東アジアのハッカーを比較、東欧の方がより巧妙で戦術的 | セキュリティ・プライバシー - 財経新聞


テントロンドン視察 益子町の大塚町長ら |下野新聞


フランスで欧州ひげ選手権、自慢の「作品」を披露 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 24 September 2012

BBC News - Detective charged over links with News of the World

The Crown Prosecution Service said Det Ch Insp April Casburn had been charged with misconduct in a public office and would appear in court next month. She is the first person charged under Operation Elveden, which is investigating alleged payments to public officials by journalists.

Spain braced for further austerity as Madrid prepares for bailout | The Guardian

Budget and reform programme to be unveiled on Thursday to feature more spending cuts, tax increases and pension freezes

BBC News - Brittany Ferries strike continues despite weekend talks

Sailings between south and south-west England and France and Spain remain suspended indefinitely, according to a new statement from Brittany Ferries.

Apple's iPhone 5 Cost Rises Slightly - WSJ.com

Some important components used to build Apple Inc.'s AAPL -0.79% iPhone 5 cost a little more than those of the phone's predecessor, owing to an improved display and a more-advanced main processor chip. Yet Apple was able to take advantage of lower costs on other components and kept its overall component expenses just slightly higher.

Japan fund may counter KKR’s Renesas bid - FT.com

A Japanese government-controlled investment fund and leading local companies are considering jointly investing more than Y100bn ($1.3bn) in struggling chipmaker Renesas, Japanese media have reported.

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レッド・ツェッペリンがロンドン市内で記者会見 | MTV JAPAN


テリー、イングランド代表から引退…差別発言 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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News Headlines - 23 September 2012

BBC News - China cancels diplomatic event with Japan over islands

A ceremony to mark 40 years of ties with Japan has been put off by China as the two countries' row over an island chain continues.

George Osborne's deficit reduction plan: a blunt axe, blindly wielded | The Guardian

Chancellor George Osborne's vision for the economy is in trouble with a record August deficit of £14bn

Olive oil prices to soar after Spanish drought devastates crop | The Observer

A fresh oil crisis is brewing. However, this time it won't be hitting the garage forecourts but the nation's kitchens. The wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil has jumped 62% in three months after a severe drought in Spain, the world's largest producer, wiped out an estimated 600,000 tonnes of production.

Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy, Belying Industry Image - NYTimes.com

Most data centers, by design, consume vast amounts of energy in an incongruously wasteful manner, interviews and documents show. Online companies typically run their facilities at maximum capacity around the clock, whatever the demand. As a result, data centers can waste 90 percent or more of the electricity they pull off the grid, The Times found.

Toyota returns from ‘brink of irrelevance’ - FT.com

Next month, it will be three years since Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor, told a group of journalists his company might be ready for the scrap heap. Toyota was the world’s most valuable automaker by market capitalisation and number one for vehicle sales, but it had been hopelessly unprepared for the deep recession and currency swings that followed the global financial crisis. In the words of Mr Toyoda – grandson of the Japanese group’s founder – Toyota was “grasping for salvation” and stood “on the brink of irrelevance or even death”.

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「米有力紙、一面で「日本が右傾化」」 News i


オスプレイ試験飛行 きょうも断続的に離陸


陸自 米海兵隊と初の上陸訓練 NHKニュース


米 中国に“尖閣は日米安保内”と説明 NHKニュース


CNN.co.jp : アップル「iOS6」の地図アプリに不満噴出 「iPhone 5」にも搭載


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News Headlines - 22 September 2012

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - KP minister offers $0.1m bounty for filmmaker

Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour on Saturday announced a $100,000 reward for the person who kills the maker of anti-Islam film. Talking to reporters, the minister said that there was no other way to lodge a protest and infuse fear among the blasphemers other than the murder of the filmmaker.

Nick Clegg is facing a leadership challenge as problems continue to mount | Mail Online

Nick Clegg faced a new leadership threat last night amid claims that a plot is being hatched against him by allies of Liberal Democrat Cabinet Minister Ed Davey. As the Lib Dem conference opened in Brighton yesterday, sources said the Energy Secretary was preparing his own challenge in the event of Clegg being brought down before the next Election.

BBC News - Thousands at Scottish independence rally in Edinburgh

Thousands of people have taken part in an event in Edinburgh aimed at demonstrating support for independence. Crowds waving saltires and lion rampant flags gathered in the Meadows before heading to Princes Street Gardens.

Big Japan firms team up to save Renesas, hinder US bid: report - The China Post

Major Japanese companies have teamed up with a government-backed turnaround fund to rescue troubled chip-maker Renesas, in a move designed to block a purchase by a U.S. investment firm, a report said Saturday.

Video: Space shuttle Endeavour touches down in LA - Telegraph

The space shuttle Endeavour arrives in Los Angeles on the back of a jumbo jet, greeted by cheering crowds as it ended a celebratory final flight en route to its retirement home at a southern California science museum.

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五輪=リオ組織委、ロンドン大会でデータ盗んだ職員を解雇 | Reuters


iPhone 5発売に冷や水?アップル労組がストの構え フランス : AFPBB News

iPhone 5が発売される21日は、新製品を一刻も早く手にしたい熱狂的なアップルファンが店舗に大挙して押し寄せると予想されている。フランスのアップルストア従業員が所属する労働組合の1つ「SUD」は国内13店舗の従業員に対し、今年最も忙しいであろうこの日に合わせてストライキを呼び掛けている。 SUDは、月給を上げることと、フランス企業では一般的な給与1か月分のボーナスの支給を要求している。

アップルにデザイン盗用疑惑浮上 - 「スイス国鉄の時計にそっくり」 - WirelessWire News


フレスコ画を修復した素人が、著作権を求めて教会と対立! : 映画がもっとおもしろくなるハリウッドチャンネル




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News Headlines - 21 September 2012

Manchester Shootings: Boy Arrested At School

Police have arrested a schoolboy as their investigation into the deaths of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone continues.

BBC News - Lloyds bank worker Jessica Harper jailed for £2.4m fraud

Jessica Harper, 50, submitted false invoices to claim payments between 2007 and 2011. At the time, she was working as head of fraud and security for digital banking at the company.

Video: iPhone 5 goes on sale around the world - Telegraph

Thousands of Apple fans flocked to the company's stores around the world on Friday to get their hands on the new iPhone 5.

Struggling Sharp eyes LCD tieup with Intel | The Japan Times Online

Sharp Corp. may form a business tieup with Intel Corp. over small and midsize liquid crystal displays for smartphones and tablet computers, company sources said Friday.

China says Japan ties anniversary ruined by island row | Reuters

Next week's 40th anniversary of the normalisation of diplomatic ties between China and Japan has been ruined by Japan's decision to buy a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

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フランス、21日は20カ国で大使館など休館に―仏誌ムハンマド風刺画掲載で - WSJ日本版


反日デモ隊が米大使車襲撃 中国側は「遺憾の意」




iPhone5を訴訟の対象に NHKニュース



慎重なことで知られるドイツのBSI(Bundesamt fr Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik:連邦情報セキュリティ局)が、米国Microsoftの「Internet Explorer(IE)」に深刻な脆弱性が見つかったことを受け、修正プログラムが配布されるまで同ブラウザの利用を回避するよう国民に警告した。すでにこのゼロデイ脆弱性を利用したマルウェアの標的型攻撃が確認されている。

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News Headlines - 20 September 2012

Shot PCs: Police Investigate 'Family Feud'

A grudge between two families is investigated after the shooting of two women PCs - but police play down notions of gang warfare.

Holder Cleared of Wrong Doing in Fast and Furious - NYTimes.com

The Justice Department’s inspector general on Wednesday issued a scathing critique of federal officials for their handling of the botched gun-trafficking case known as Operation Fast and Furious, but essentially exonerated Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., whom many Republicans have blamed for the scandal.

AFP: Russia expels USAID for 'political meddling'

Russia said it had given USAID until October 1 to halt its work as the US aid agency was meddling in domestic politics, a move that risks sparking a new diplomatic crisis with Washington.

Pakistan declares Friday a day of protest against anti-Islam film - latimes.com

Pakistan continued to seethe Wednesday over the release in the U.S. of a movie trailer mocking Islam, as legions of protesters rallied in several large cities for a sixth day and the government signaled its own discontent by declaring Friday as a national day “of peaceful protest.”

Blast Kills at Least 30 in Syria's North

A Syrian rights group says a blast in northeast Syria has killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens of others. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quotes witnesses as saying the blast occurred when an air strike hit a fuel station in al-Raqqa province. The group's director, Rami Abdelrahman, said witnesses told him they saw at least 30 bodies, with the death toll likely to rise.

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【フォトキナ2012】ドイツ・ケルンでカメラの祭典が開幕、世界中から来場者続々 [サーチナ]


Business Media 誠:伊吹太歩の世界の歩き方:アメリカ政府はウソをついているのか ビンラディン殺害の真実

その時にその男性がビンラディンだと分かったのかという質問に、オーエンは「いや、分からなかった」と答えている。ビンラディン殺害作戦前に、実は米政府は、突入する予定の邸宅に、ビンラディンが暮らしているという100%の確証を持っていなかったのだ。だが襲撃にゴーサインを出した。 さらにオバマ政権の公式発表とは違い、ビンラディンは一切武装していなかったと、オーエンは証言する。

【スライドショー】ロンドン市内を一望できるルーフテラス付きペントハウス - WSJ日本版


ロンドン五輪で民放赤字 五輪放送で初 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


生まれ変わるか イギリスで進む食の改革:ワールドビジネスサテライト


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News Headlines - 19 September 2012

BBC News - Japan-China row: Media worried about economic impact

As the tension between China and Japan over the disputed Diaoyu or Senkaku islands continues, concern is growing in the media on both sides about the possible economic impact of anti-Japanese protests in China.

France ramps up embassy security after magazine caricatures Prophet Muhammad amid new protests - The Washington Post

A French magazine published vulgar caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday, inflaming global tensions over a movie insulting to Islam and prompting France to step up security at its embassies. The move by the provocative weekly Charlie Hebdo followed days of violent protests from Asia to Africa against the U.S.-produced film “Innocence of Muslims” and turned France into a potential target of Muslim rage. Up to now, American government sites have drawn the most ire.

Danish magazine announces it will publish topless Kate photos | guardian.co.uk

A celebrity magazine in Denmark has said it will publish the controversial topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge less than 24 hours after her lawyers won an injunction preventing a French publisher using or selling the pictures. The editor of Se og Hør (See and Hear), said on the magazine's website that it was "incredibly proud that we have rights to the pictures of Britain's future queen" which will feature in a 16-page supplement due to be published on Thursday.

Bo Xilai 'may be charged' in Neil Heywood case - Telegraph

China appears set to prosecute Bo Xilai, the disgraced former top Communist party leader, on criminal charges over Neil Heywood's murder after publishing the fullest account yet of the days after the killing.

U.K. FSA Warned Barclays Over Diamond in 2010 - WSJ.com

The U.K's financial watchdog had doubts back in 2010 about former Barclays PLC Chief Executive Bob Diamond's "openness and transparency" and warned that any escalation of the then ongoing investigation into the manipulation of key interbank lending rates could affect its view of him as a suitable executive.

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キャサリン妃写真問題、仏誌に版権譲渡など命令 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


「預言者を侮辱」映像で8人に逮捕状 NHKニュース


「ロンドンの日本大使館前でも抗議デモ」 News i


伊フィアット、国内工場は閉鎖せず─CEO=報道 | Reuters


新モデル好調のアップル 時価総額51兆円超え NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 18 September 2012

Anti-Japan protests reignite across China on occupation anniversary | Reuters

Anti-Japan protests reignited across China on Tuesday, the sensitive anniversary marking Tokyo's occupation of its giant neighbour, escalating a maritime dispute which has forced major Japanese firms to suspend business there.

BBC News - China protests: Fears rise over Japan-China trade ties

There are fears over the economic impact of the dispute between China and Japan if the row over islands in the East China Sea is not resolved soon.

Real Madrid v Manchester City: Champions League – live! | guardian.co.uk

City concede two goals in last five minutes as victory turns to defeat

BBC News - Kate topless photos: French injunction against magazine

A court has banned a French magazine from re-publishing or distributing photographs in France of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. A court in Paris ruled the publishers of Closer must hand over the original photographs within 24 hours or face a daily fine of 10,000 euros (£8,000).

AFP: eBay bans sales of topless Kate magazine

US Internet auction giant eBay is banning sales of copies of French magazine Closer that feature photos of Prince William's wife Catherine topless, the website said on Tuesday.

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独首相、原発ゼロ目指す日本の決断歓迎  MBSニュース


Chosun Online | 朝鮮日報


アウディジャパン、雲南省店舗の反日横断幕について謝罪 - ねとらぼ


朝日新聞デジタル:モウ、キャリア史上最低のシーズンスタート - スペイン・リーガエスパニョーラ


日本人作品に注目 ロンドンでデザイン祭典  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 17 September 2012

Royals Seek Criminal Charges Over Kate Photos

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will later a lodge a criminal complaint in France over topless pictures of Kate that appeared in a French magazine.

US, Libya differ on accounts of US consulate attck in Benghazi - Hindustan Times

Top US and Libyan officials have offered starkly different accounts about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that left the ambassador and three other Americans dead.

Japanese firms shut China plants, U.S. urges calm in islands row | Reuters

Major Japanese firms have temporarily shut factories and offices in China after angry protests flared across the country, the result of a territorial dispute that has triggered one of China's worst outbreaks of anti-Japan sentiment in decades.

Japan counts the cost of nuclear withdrawal - FT.com

Japan’s decision to phase out nuclear power by 2040 has left some of its biggest technology companies facing an awkward question: how do you sell a product that your own government has effectively banned?

Japan and UK economies have 'eerie parallels' - Telegraph

If Japan - where experts fear a debt and deficit disaster - is Britain’s future, there is much to fear.

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日米 日中関係で協力必要で一致 NHKニュース


肥満に悩むアメリカ、NY市が禁止したことは? : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

米ニューヨーク市は13日、糖分の多い炭酸飲料などについて、16オンスを超える大型の容器で販売することを禁じる措置を発表した。 16オンスは約473ミリ・リットルで、ビール中瓶よりやや少ない量。肥満の防止が目的で、米メディアによると、米国で初の試み。来年3月12日から施行する。

歩行者をいら立たせないロンドンの街 | コリン・ジョイス


吉田が英国到着「良いスタートを切りたい」 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)

サウサンプトンへ移籍した日本代表DF吉田麻也が12日、イギリスに到着し新天地での意気込みを語った。 日本代表としてワールドカップ最終予選を戦いイラク戦の勝利にも貢献した吉田は、念願だったプレミアリーグでのプレーを前に、次のように話した。



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News Headlines - 16 September 2012

In angry protests, Chinese target Japan’s economy for leverage in island dispute - The Washington Post

Chinese are trying to hurt Japan economically for leverage in a bitter dispute over contested islands, turning to angry protests and calls for boycotts of Japanese businesses, abetted in part by China’s government.

BBC News - Afghanistan: Nato air strike 'kills eight women in Laghman'

At least eight women have died in a Nato air strike in Afghanistan's eastern province of Laghman, local officials say.

Two British soldiers shot dead by Afghan policeman - Telegraph

Two British soldiers have been shot dead by a man dressed as an Afghan policeman, while the soldier killed in a roadside bomb on Friday has been named as Lance Corporal Duane Groom from The Queen's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.

Bomb Blast Kills 15 Near Pakistan Border

A roadside bomb has killed 15 passengers in a van and wounded 12 others in north-west Pakistan, near the Afghan border.

Pope urges Arab leaders to work for Mideast peace - Jerusalem Post

Pope Benedict urged Arab leaders on Sunday at a huge open-air Mass in Lebanon to work for reconciliation in a Middle East riven by Syria's civil war and blazing with fury over a film mocking the Muslim Prophet Mohammad.

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メダル数2位…英国の障害者スポーツ支援 | NNNニュース


大問題に発展か、フランスゴシップ誌がキャサリン妃のトップレス写真掲載へ | マイナビニュース




42年ぶりイギリス3冠馬誕生ならず/競馬・レース速報/デイリースポーツ online


イギリスの映画館がニンジャ軍団を雇う!?闇にまぎれて鑑賞マナー向上呼び掛け! - 楽天woman

ロンドンにあるプリンス・チャールズ・シネマ。ここでは上映中、真っ黒な全身タイツを着た「ニンジャ軍団」が背後で場内を監視。携帯のライトを光らせ、前の座席に足をかけ、おしゃべりをするような観客も見つけると、暗闇にまぎれて彼らに近づき、直接鑑賞マナーを守るよう警告を行うという。 ニンジャにふんしているのはボランティアの人々で、務めの代わりに、彼らは無料で映画を鑑賞できる。

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河野武『そんなんじゃクチコミしないよ。 <ネットだけでブームは作れない!新ネットマーケティング読本>』(技術評論社)


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News Headlines - 15 September 2012

Richard Desmond casts doubt on future of Irish Daily Star after it prints topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge - Telegraph

Richard Desmond has announced that following the decision by the Irish Daily Star to publish the images, he will halt the deal under which his Northern And Shell company runs the newspaper in partnership with Ireland’s Independent News & Media.

BBC News - Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

American officials said small arms, rockets and mortars were used to attack the perimeter of the British base, home to troops from several countries. The Taliban said it was a response to an amateur US-made film mocking Islam and later claimed the base was chosen because Harry was there.

Anti-Japan protests erupt in China over islands row - FT.com

Thousands of Chinese besieged the Japanese embassy in Beijing on Saturday, hurling rocks, eggs and bottles, and protests broke out in other Chinese cities in an angry dispute over a group of remote islands.

Japan plans to end reliance on nuclear power within 30 years | guardian.co.uk

Japan has announced plans to end its reliance on nuclear power within 30 years, in a historic policy shift prompted by the triple meltdown at the Fukushima power plant.

Japan teen sets world swim record | Bangkok Post

Japan's precocious 18-year-old Akihiro Yamaguchi set a new world record in the men's 200-metre breaststroke on Saturday, then vowed to be the next Kosuke Kitajima. The high-school student clocked two minutes 07.01 seconds, breaking the previous world mark of 2:07.28 set by Daniel Gyurta of Hungary on August 1 at the London Olympics.

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オランダ、緊縮派与党が勝利 総選挙 欧州危機対応で変化なし - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)




nato軍が冷戦時代にソ連、東ヨーロッパ諸国と戦ったらどうなりますか – とれまが知恵袋


ジェームズ・キャメロンが構想したエイリアン風ジュラシック・パークとは? | マイナビニュース




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News Headlines - 14 September 2012

More protests break out in Muslim world as U.S. appeals for calm - The Washington Post

Protests inspired by an anti-Islam film targeted more U.S. facilities in the Muslim world Thursday, testing the will and capacity of foreign governments to protect Americans and the ability of the Obama administration to cool the growing anger.

Hillsborough: police to consider referral to IPCC - Channel 4 News

As victims' families call for prosecutions, South Yorkshire police say they are reviewing the Hillsborough report with a view to making a referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Alps Murders: Witness Talks Of Awful Dilemma

Brett Martin found members of the al Hilli family shot dead in their car and their seven-year-old daughter collapsed at the side of the road. He said his toughest choice was having to leave Zainab, who had been shot and badly beaten, so that he could get help.

Duchess of Cambridge topless: What the French privacy laws say - Evening Standard

This right, formally incorporated into the constitution in 1995, includes unauthorised taking of photographs... However, images of public figures can only be taken without permission when they are performing their public role. Anything that involves their private life is still strictly off limits.

Tory chairman abandons plan to cut number of MPs in Commons | The Guardian

The Tory leadership has abandoned immediate plans to reduce the size of the House of Commons by 50 MPs, after Lords reform was dropped, the party chairman, Grant Shapps, has announced.

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米大統領“武装集団に裁き” NHKニュース


反米デモ拡大 イスラム圏ほぼ全域に:ワールドビジネスサテライト:テレビ東京


ESM、独大統領が法案に署名 関連条約が発効へ - 47NEWS


仏、スペインに救済要請促す 国債利回り低下維持へ、独は条件を強調 - SankeiBiz


記者の目:パラリンピック・ロンドン大会 - 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


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News Headlines - 13 September 2012

AFP: Obama says terror will not dim light of US values

President Barack Obama says no act of terror would dim the values America offers the world, following assaults on US diplomatic posts in Libya and Egypt.

What They Said, Before and After the Attack in Libya - NYTimes.com

Statements made by President Obama, Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, and American officials preceding and following the attack on an American post in Benghazi, Libya.

BBC News - Hillsborough papers: Calls for 'essential prosecutions'

A criminal investigation into the police handling of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster must happen, an ex-chief constable has said.

Bernanke takes a plunge with QE3 - FT.com

The US Federal Reserve has launched an open-ended effort to spark the recovery by injecting an additional $40bn into the economy each month through purchases of mortgage-backed securities.

BBC News - Robots and humans could 'talk' via new software

Software that will allow robots to "talk" with people is being developed at the University of Aberdeen.

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ロンドン後66%賛成に上昇 20年東京五輪の開催支持率 / 西日本新聞スポーツ


米の穀物生産低水準予測 影響懸念 NHKニュース






イギリスの首都・ロンドンを舞台にしたPC「ロンドン アンダーグランド シミュレーター 日本語版」が9月28日に発売|Gamer


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News Headlines - 12 September 2012

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Is Killed - WSJ.com

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other American diplomats were killed when suspected Libyan religious extremists stormed the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday, according to Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagour.

AFP: Profile: Chris Stevens, US envoy who hailed Libya revolt

US ambassador Chris Stevens had supported the Libyan revolt that overthrew Moamer Kadhafi, but now has now been struck down in an attack by forces unleashed after the strongman's fall.

The Associated Press: Romney criticizes Obama in wake of embassy attacks

Republican Mitt Romney slammed the Obama administration's handling of foreign affairs in the wake of attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya, as the presidential campaign lurched back to negative mode after a one-day pause for reflection over the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Hillsborough disaster: David Cameron apologises for 'double injustice' | Football | guardian.co.uk

David Cameron said he was "profoundly sorry" for the failures that caused the Hillsborough disaster and the subsequent attempts to shift blame for the tragedy on to supporters after the publication of a damning report on the events 23 years ago that left 96 dead.

UK employment rises to four-year high - Telegraph

UK employment hit the highest level in more than four years in August and jobless claims fell by the largest amount in over two years, suggesting an Olympics boost and raising hopes that the jobs market is improving.

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FNNニュース: 米映画がイスラム教冒...


ESM 独憲法裁判所が合憲判断 NHKニュース


英 中央銀行総裁を異例の公募へ NHKニュース


オランダ:下院総選挙12日投開票- 毎日jp


映画/トム・クルーズがまたもお騒がせ? イギリスの田舎町をパニックに陥れる - cinemacafe.net

トム・クルーズの新作映画『All You Need Is Kill』(原題)の撮影中に起こった銃声が、閑静なイギリスの田舎町をパニックに陥れたようだ。今月6日(現地時間)、ハートフォードシャー州のアボッツ・ラングレー村にあるリーヴスデン・スタジオで同作の撮影が行われており、それを知らされていなかった村の住人は複数の銃声を聞いて同地の警察に通報したという。

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News Headlines - 11 September 2012

Americans mark 11th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks | Fox News

Americans paused again Tuesday to mark the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks with familiar ceremony, but also a sense that it's time to move forward after a decade of remembrance.

Japan buys disputed islands, China sends patrol ships | Reuters

Japan brushed off stern warnings by China on Tuesday and bought a group of islands that both sides claim in a growing dispute that threatens to deepen strains between Asia's two biggest economies.

Japan murder case: Chinese national in Toronto committed for extradition - thestar.com

A judge has ordered a Chinese national living in Toronto to be committed for extradition to Japan, where he is wanted for questioning in a high-profile supermarket murder of a woman and two schoolgirls.

Teenager stabbed to death after Facebook party is gatecrashed - Telegraph

A promising A-level student was stabbed to death after a quiet house party spiralled out of control when gatecrashers spotted an invite on Facebook.

Remote-control tech turns cockroaches into beasts of burden - NBCNews.com

Scientists have outfitted a cockroach with a high-tech backpack that allows them to remotely control where it scurries. While the concept may sound terrifying, anyone buried alive under rubble in an earthquake will shout for joy at the sight of one of these bugs. The shout will be relayed to rescue teams.

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ロンドン・パラリンピック日本選手団が解団式 ― Sponichi Annex


スペイン首相がEUによる救済条件決定を拒否、年金削減も否定 | Reuters


フランス、高所得者の税率75%に: The Voice of Russia


ファーマーズマーケットが全米に広がり続けている理由とは?生産者と消費者を繋げるアメリカ食文化 myfood.jp - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


フランス「Japan Expo」に見る日本エンタ世界展開の課題とは? - 日経トレンディネット


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News Headlines - 10 September 2012

London 2012: your highlights from Britain's 'golden summer' | guardian.co.uk

During almost six weeks of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, our readers have shared their experiences and views of the sporting spectacle and of its impact on communities in London and beyond. We've heard from volunteers and those watching the events, to torchbearers and international viewers following the action from afar.

BBC News - Union members back co-ordinated strikes over public sector pay

The TUC has voted at its annual Congress to support co-ordinated strike action over a public sector pay freeze.

BBC News - Alps shootings: Bomb squad visits Saad al-Hilli home

Army bomb disposal experts have visited the Surrey home of a British man, shot dead with his wife, mother-in-law and a cyclist in the French Alps last week.

Body found dead on path could have fallen from Heathrow-bound plane - London 24

A man who was found dead on a pavement could have fallen from the undercarriage of a plane on its way to Heathrow airport.

Emma Watson 'most dangerous' celebrity to search for online - Telegraph

Emma Watson has been named as the favourite bait for cyber criminals attempting to lure internet users to malicious sites

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極右政党議員らが移民の露店襲撃 ギリシャ | 日テレNEWS24


オランダ総選挙:「極右」自由党が堅調に支持固め- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


タリバン“ヘンリー王子狙って攻撃” NHKニュース


マッカートニー氏に仏勲章授与 NHKニュース




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News Headlines - 09 September 2012

France shooting: was Saad Al-Hilli assassinated over secret defence contract? - Telegraph

Detectives investigating the shooting in the alps massacre are looking into whether Saad Al-Hilli could have been targeted over links to the defence industry... There is growing speculation over the motives for the killings. French detectives are reportedly keen to question work colleagues of Saad after discovering that he was killed while working on a secret contract for one of Britain's biggest defence companies.

Dozens Killed In Wave of Bomb Attacks In Iraq

A string of car bombings and shootings sees at least 44 people killed as Iraq continues to struggle against Islamist militants.

Thousands protest in Japan against US plan to deploy Osprey aircraft | Fox News

Pacific Rim leaders pledged Sunday to fend off the deepening damage from the European crisis and revive flagging growth in the region by supporting open trade, reforming their economies and strengthening public finances.

Hong Kong voters flock to polls after protests and government climbdowns | guardian.co.uk

Hong Kong voters have gone to the polls in greater numbers than ever, after days of political drama in which students on hunger strike forced the government to drop an unpopular education policy extolling the merits of mainland China.

Kindle Fire HD ad opt-outs will cost $15 | TechRadar

Amazon has announced that new Kindle Fire HD owners will be able to kill the lock screen advertisements, but for a fee. Owners will need to fork out $15 (around £10) to rid their new tablets of the 'special offers' that appear each time they lock the screen.

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[FT]介入続け1年、スイス通貨戦争いつまで :日本経済新聞




ヴィトン会長が節税のため仏脱出? 本人はすぐ否定 - MSN産経ニュース


欧州委、ガスプロムを調査 中・東欧での地位乱用の疑いで :日本経済新聞


欧州バレエでプロデビュー 樋口桃子さん : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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News Headlines - 08 September 2012

Bank of England's Dale warns about risks of loose policy | Reuters

The Bank of England must guard against fuelling inflation in a stalled economy when deciding on the need for more stimulus, its chief economist warned on Saturday, showing his reluctance to sanction further asset purchases.

Cable’s Industrial Strategy will mean 'picking the UK’s winners’ - Telegraph

Vince Cable, who this weekend admits that government’s handling of industrial policy is often “chaotic” and “ad hoc”, is set to announce “joint partnerships” with key industries targeted to generate growth.

Russia and Japan Move Forward on Major Natural Gas Deal - NYTimes.com

Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled gas monopoly, signed an accord on Saturday with the government of Japan to move forward with plans for the construction of a $13 billion natural gas terminal here that would propel the Kremlin’s ambitions to multiply its business and trade ties in the Far East.

Amazon's new high-end Kindle lacks FCC approval for sale - Gadgetbox on NBCNews.com

Amazon.com Inc trumpeted cutting-edge wireless technology as a key selling point for the fanciest of the new Kindle devices introduced by CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday. There's just one problem: the devices have not yet been approved for sale by the Federal Communications Commission.

Scientists could find alien life within 40 years, says royal astronomer - Telegraph

Martin Rees, former president of the Royal Society, said evidence of whether beings exist not only beyond earth but beyond our solar system, could be found in that time, a newspaper reported.

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▽東電撤退の真実――『原発危機 官邸からの証言』

福山哲郎『原発危機 官邸からの証言』(ちくま新書)


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CNN.co.jp : 仏の森林で車内に複数遺体、生存の少女と女児保護 英国人一家か


独ルフトハンザ、労組がスト 千便が欠航か| ytv 読売テレビ




『ヘルタースケルター』がロンドン映画祭に特別招待ーートニー・レインズが絶賛 | 雑記帳

沢尻エリカ主演、蜷川実花監督の「ヘルタースケルター」がロンドン映画祭(10月10日~21日)の特別招待作品に選ばれ、「DARE pathway部門」に出品されることが決まった。今年で56回目を迎える同映画祭を率いるプログラマーで映画評論家のトニー・レインズ氏により選ばれた。同氏は北野武監督やウォン・カーウァイ監督を発掘して世界に知らしめたことで有名。

帰国の北野監督、ランボルギーニで魅了/デイリースポーツ online

イタリアで開催中の「第69回ベネチア国際映画祭」に参加した北野武監督(65)が7日、成田空港に帰国した。最新作「アウトレイジ ビヨンド」(10月6日公開)がコンペティション部門に出品された北野監督は、報道陣の「おめでとうございます」というあいさつに「え?」と苦笑い。「けっこうウケはよかったよ」と手応えを感じている様子だったが、受賞については「やくざ映画だから(難しい)ね…」とあくまで冷静だった。

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News Headlines - 07 September 2012

Merkel Backs ECB, Bucking German Anger Over Bond Plan - WSJ.com

Germany's government threw its support behind European Central Bank President Mario Draghi's plan to intervene in bond markets, countering criticism from German lawmakers, media and the country's central bank.

Nationalist backlash in Italy and Spain to test Mario Draghi bond plan - Telegraph

The European Central Bank's ground-breaking plan for mass purchases of Spanish and Italian bonds is fraught with political risk and may soon be overwhelmed by nationalist anger in the crisis states, leading economists and statesmen warned at a gathering of the European policy elites in Italy.

France shooting: police to question brother over family 'conflict' - Telegraph

The brother of a British man murdered alongside his wife in the Alps is to be interviewed by French detectives over suggestions that the two men had fallen out over money.

Sepp Blatter wants Japan to host women's football and rugby | Mail Online

Japan have been encouraged to bid for the 2019 women's World Cup, with FIFA President Sepp Blatter seeing no reason why the country can't stage the competition and the Rugby World Cup in the same year.

Scientists could find alien life within 40 years, says royal astronomer - Telegraph

Martin Rees, former president of the Royal Society, said evidence of whether beings exist not only beyond earth but beyond our solar system, could be found in that time, a newspaper reported.

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「民主党大会、オバマ大統領を候補指名」 News i


イギリス ホンダ 戦略車生産開始 最新ディーゼルエンジン搭載:ワールドビジネスサテライト


三菱自、世界初SUV型プラグインハイブリッド車を2013年初頭に発売 | 環境ビジネスオンライン


FNNニュース: 政府、津波で流出し北米に漂着するがれき処理に600万ドル供与へ


スイスの名門PBジュリアス・ベア:従業員が口座データ盗む - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 06 September 2012

Analysts' thumbs down for smartphones sees shares tumble at Nokia - The Independent

Shares at the troubled Finnish mobile giant Nokia tumbled by 13 per cent yesterday as analysts gave a thumbs down to its new range of Windows 8 smartphones.

The Press Association: Bill Clinton boosts Obama campaign

US Democrats turned to a hero of the past, Bill Clinton, to boost the shaky re-election prospects of Barack Obama, with the popular former president from the prosperous 1990s assuring worried Americans that he feels "with all my heart" that Mr Obama is steering the country to an economic recovery.

Bird man Russian President Vladimir Putin takes to the skies to lead crane bird migration project in video | Metro.co.uk

The Russian president, who is a well-known wildlife enthusiast, took to the skies to lead a flock of the endangered birds with his motorised glider. Each of the cranes were born in captivity and did not know how to fly south, leading environmentalists to take inspiration from the film Fly Away Home and draft in an imitation bird to guide them in the right direction.

BBC News - Bosses' pension provision growing, says TUC

Directors of the UK's largest companies have seen their average pension provision grow sharply in the last year, the TUC has claimed. It said their provision was up in the last year and would provide an annual pension in retirement of £240,191.

Missing: Voyager 1 yet to find the boundary line of the Solar System | Ars Technica

However, new measurements provided by the venerable Voyager 1 probe have failed to find the expected flow, deepening the mystery of the boundary between our Solar System and interstellar space. This adds to an earlier surprise, when Voyager's instruments measured zero outward velocity in the solar wind, a measurement that has now held constant for over two years.

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フランス:原発で水蒸気漏れ…作業員2人やけど- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


イタリアで大人気! 電気自動車への改造サーヴィス - MSN産経ニュース


東京新聞:ロンドン 国旗市場をジャック:世界の街から

五輪が終わってもなお、ロンドンでユニオンジャックをあしらった商品の人気が衰えを見せない。 もともと、英国旗を使った商品は土産物店の定番で外国人向けだった。ところがここ数年、英国のファッションブランドが日本や中国を中心に海外で、服や小物のデザインに英国旗を使って成功を収め風向きが変わった。

アメリカで結合双生児の姉妹が大学卒業! 就職活動などの様子をリアリティー番組に - AOLニュース


八景島沖で外来種・ロブスター漁獲、専門家「聞いたことない」:ローカルニュース : ニュース : 神奈川新聞社


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News Headlines - 05 September 2012

Japan to buy Senkaku-Diaoyu islands in dispute with China | The Australian

JAPAN'S government has agreed to buy a group of islands at the centre of a territorial dispute with China, reports say - a move likely to prove a further irritant in a tense relationship.

Apple hacking: FBI hits back at hackers and says its did NOT have the details millions of accounts | Mail Online

The FBI has hit back at a hacktivist groups claims that it stole personal identification data on millions of Apple device owners from an FBI agent's laptop. FBI officials said the bureau never asked for and never possessed the database that the group, which calls itself AntiSec, is posting on a website.

Foreign student migration rules attacked - FT.com

Britain’s ability to expand its share of the overseas student market is in jeopardy because the government is counting accredited students as part of overall immigration totals, an inquiry by a committee of MPs has found.

Northern Ireland leaders hold crisis talks to halt rioting | Reuters

Northern Ireland's first and deputy first ministers held crisis talks with politicians and leaders of the pro-British Orange Order on Wednesday in a bid to stop the sectarian violence which has engulfed Belfast over the last three days.

Human Genome Far More Complex, New Research Finds - WSJ.com

Encode succeeded the Human Genome Project, which identified the 20,000 genes that underpin the blueprint of human biology. But scientists discovered that those 20,000 genes constituted less than 2% of the human genome. The task of Encode was to explore the remaining 98%—the so-called junk DNA—that lies between those genes and was thought to be a biological desert.

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音楽が武器を包囲した。9月3日、ドイツのオーケストラグループ『レーベンス ラウテ(Lebenslaute、人生を叫べ)』が武器製造会社『ヘッケラー&コッホ (Heckler & Koch)』を封鎖し占拠コンサートを行った。

フランス国民の将来への悲観度が2005年以来最悪に=世論調査 | Reuters

調査では、回答者の68%が自国の将来について「むしろ」または「極めて」悲観的と回答。新大統領就任後数カ月の統計としては過去最悪の水準となった。 この調査はまた、先週末に発表された別の調査で、オランド大統領の支持率が54%となり、5月の就任以来着実に低下している状況とも一致している。

運送中に消えたサムスン「OLEDテレビ」…最先端技術を狙った? | 中央日報


仏アルプスの氷河からインド外交文書発見 46年前の墜落旅客機 - SankeiBiz

1966年1月、現在のムンバイからニューヨークに向かう途中で墜落し、乗客乗員117人全員が死亡したエア・インディア機の残骸とみられる。 ハイキング客が、アルプス最高峰モンブラン(4810メートル)の下で車輪のようなものを見つけたと登山基地のシャモニー観光局に通報。山岳救助職員らが現場に向かい、当時の新聞のほか、外交文書が入っている麻袋を回収した。

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News Headlines - 04 September 2012

The Pirate Bay co-founder arrested - FT.com

A co-founder of The Pirate Bay, a controversial file-sharing website, has been detained in Cambodia after failing to return to his native Sweden to serve a one-year prison sentence for a 2009 conviction for breach of copyright law.

BBC launches mobile downloads for iPlayer | imediamonkey®

The BBC has today announced that BBC iPlayer users will be able to download their favourite BBC TV programmes directly to their smartphone or tablet for free.

BBC News - Student visa 'chaos' claim by Public Accounts Committee

Attempts to tighten the student visa system have been strongly attacked by a committee of MPs as "poorly planned and ill thought-out", and creating "chaos".

One in seven UK shops vacant | Reuters

Nearly one in seven British shops remained vacant at the end of June as retailers struggled in a double-dip recession, a report from Local Data Company said on Tuesday.

Liverpool reject Michael Owen as John Henry admits errors during Anfield ownership - The Independent

Brendan Rodgers, the Liverpool manager, has decided against approaching Michael Owen about a return to his spiritual home of Anfield, despite the club's desperate need of striking reinforcements after a disastrous conclusion to the transfer window.

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グーグルに勝利した男(1) 僕がアメリカで特許訴訟に踏み切った本気の理由|ダイヤモンド・オンライン

お客様が持っている秘匿性の高い大容量データをネット上でセキュア(安全・確実)に配送する電子物流サービスを提供している。……日本国籍のグローバル企業の多くは積極的に発展途上国に進出しているが、そういう国や地域では例外なくネットワーク環境が極めて劣悪だ。さらに、スコールのような気象現象が起こると、当たり前のように回線がプツッ、プツッと頻繁に途切れてしまう。 そんな劣悪な通信環境は、時に現場の最先端でトラブルを発生させてしまう。遠く時差のある国や地域で頑張る日系企業にとっては、このトラブルがどれだけスピーディーに解消されるかが大きな意味を持ってくる。だから、僕たちはすぐさまソフトウェアに改良を加えて現場にフィードバックする。



野村投資銀行幹部ヴェレッカー氏の肩書が変更、退職観測も | ニューズウィーク日本版




アメリカの映画・TVドラマ出演俳優たちには "印税" があるって、本当? | 海外ドラマNAVI


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News Headlines - 03 September 2012

Russia to demand explanations over reports about UK's Magnitsky list

Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko is going to ask the British Foreign Office to give a formal explanation over media reports about tighter control of entry to the UK for Russian officials from the Magnitsky list.

Unification Church Founder Dies at 92

Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon has died at the age of 92. Moon succumbed to complications from pneumonia early Monday in a church-run hospital east of the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Hon Hai chairman demands management role at Japan's Sharp | Reuters

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd's chairman is demanding a management role at Sharp Corp as part of an equity tie-up, stepping up the pressure on the Japanese TV maker to give him greater influence in the company in return for badly needed cash.

BBC News - Fans resurrect Half-Life video game

After eight years of work, fans are about to release an updated and expanded version of classic video game Half-Life. Called Black Mesa, the resurrected game will be made available as a free download on 14 September.

BBC News - Free school numbers to rise by 55, government reveals

Fifty-five new free schools are opening this autumn, tripling the number in place across England, ministers say.

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「EU全域の銀行監督」 ドイツ連銀理事が表明 :日本経済新聞


ツツ元大主教 英元首相との同席拒否 NHKニュース


東欧の小さな工場が生んだスーパーカー、愛好家が熱い視線 : AFPBB News

フェラーリ(Ferrari)やランボルギーニ(Lamborghini)と並んで、いま高級車愛好家たちが最も熱い視線を送るスーパーカー「Renovatio T500」。意外にも、この高級車が造られているのは、スロベニア北東プトゥイ(Ptuj)にあるごく小さな自動車工場だ。

ロンドン五輪で見た! 「ナイキVSアディダス」の“し烈な戦い” - 日経トレンディネット


全裸になって敬礼 写真流出のヘンリー王子を応援する人々が続々と登場 - ねとらぼ

ヘンリー王子は現役の軍人でもあることから、一部の兵士が全裸になって敬礼し、王子への支援を表明していたところ、Facebookを通じて爆発的に拡大。専用のグループアカウントには多くの全裸で敬礼する姿が投稿されている。 当初の予想では、集まって75人だろうと思われていたが、現在はなんと2万人突破……。

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News Headlines - 02 September 2012

Harvard Probes Allegations of Cheating on Exam - WSJ.com

Harvard University said it is investigating 125 students for possibly cheating on a take-home final exam, in what would be the largest such case at the Ivy League school in recent memory.

US suspends training of new Afghan Local Police after insider attacks | guardian.co.uk

US Forces in Afghanistan said on Sunday they have suspended training new recruits to the Afghan Local Police (ALP) amid a spike in the number of insider attacks which are damaging trust between Afghans and their allies.

BBC News - George Osborne says Heathrow third runway is an option

Chancellor George Osborne has not ruled out a third runway at Heathrow airport to help boost growth, days after No 10 repeated its pledge not to build one.

Venice: Japan’s Kiyoshi Kurosawa explores impact of death on those left behind in ‘Penance’ - The Washington Post

Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s interest in the impact of death on those left behind has drawn to the horror genre, but he says he tries to leave viewers with a sense of hope. Kurosawa showed his latest project, “Penance,” out of competition at the Venice Film Festival this week.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Gets a Good Look Around Mars -- 360-Degree Panorama - WSJ.com

See a panorama from NASA's Curiosity rover from its first test drive on Mars.

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世界食料価格、7月に約10%上昇=世銀報告 - ロイターニュース


ノルウェーSWF、グレンコアとエクストラータ合併条件に反対=報道 | Reuters


東京新聞:強権国家ベラルーシ 独が治安部隊支援


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 見直される古来種 - MSN産経ニュース


この猛暑の原因は? アメリカの専門家ジェームズ・ハンセン博士の見解 省エネ!最新ニュース


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News Headlines - 01 September 2012

The Associated Press: New UN Syria envoy puts pressure on regime

The U.N.'s new envoy to Syria told President Bashar Assad's regime on Saturday that change is both "urgent" and "necessary" and that it must meet the "legitimate" demands of the Syrian people, words that will not win the seasoned Algerian diplomat and international trouble shooter any friends in Damascus.

Suicide blasts at U.S.-Afghan base kill 13 - CNN.com

Two suicide bombers struck a joint U.S.-Afghan military base in central Afghanistan early Saturday, killing 13 people, authorities said.

Grünenthal Group Apologizes to Thalidomide Victims - NYTimes.com

Decades of campaigning by victims of thalidomide, a morning sickness drug, have taken a new turn, with the first apology in 50 years to the victims and their families by the drug’s German manufacturer — and an incensed rejection of the apology as too little and too late from many of those it was intended to placate.

BBC Nature - 'Spineless' animals under threat of extinction

The majority of the world's estimated 126,000 freshwater species are invertebrates including molluscs and insects, such as dragonflies... According to the ZSL review, a major issue for threatened freshwater species is water pollution from agricultural run-off, domestic sewage and industrial waste.

The Press Association: Scientist backing Higgs boson find

The scientist who heads the world's largest particle physics laboratory said he thinks it is "beyond any doubt" that a Higgs boson particle has been discovered.

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米FRB議長、追加緩和の可能性を示唆  MBSニュース


欧州委、銀行の清算機関創設を提案へ=バルニエ委員 - ロイターニュース


金融市場の行方 : 銀行守秘義務のツケを払うスイス- swissinfo



「鉄の女」と呼ばれたサッチャー元英首相が1970年代に着用したスーツ7着が、3日にロンドンで競売に掛けられる。長く英政界に君臨したサッチャー氏の「ファッション戦略」がうかがえる機会として注目を集めている。 出品されるのは、75年2月に保守党党首に選出された時に着た青緑色のドレススーツや、71年のテレビ番組出演時に身に着けたピンクのスーツなど。

明治初期、フランス天体観測隊の写真発見 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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