News Headlines - 02 September 2012

Harvard Probes Allegations of Cheating on Exam - WSJ.com

Harvard University said it is investigating 125 students for possibly cheating on a take-home final exam, in what would be the largest such case at the Ivy League school in recent memory.

US suspends training of new Afghan Local Police after insider attacks | guardian.co.uk

US Forces in Afghanistan said on Sunday they have suspended training new recruits to the Afghan Local Police (ALP) amid a spike in the number of insider attacks which are damaging trust between Afghans and their allies.

BBC News - George Osborne says Heathrow third runway is an option

Chancellor George Osborne has not ruled out a third runway at Heathrow airport to help boost growth, days after No 10 repeated its pledge not to build one.

Venice: Japan’s Kiyoshi Kurosawa explores impact of death on those left behind in ‘Penance’ - The Washington Post

Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s interest in the impact of death on those left behind has drawn to the horror genre, but he says he tries to leave viewers with a sense of hope. Kurosawa showed his latest project, “Penance,” out of competition at the Venice Film Festival this week.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Gets a Good Look Around Mars -- 360-Degree Panorama - WSJ.com

See a panorama from NASA's Curiosity rover from its first test drive on Mars.








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