News Headlines - 06 September 2012

Analysts' thumbs down for smartphones sees shares tumble at Nokia - The Independent

Shares at the troubled Finnish mobile giant Nokia tumbled by 13 per cent yesterday as analysts gave a thumbs down to its new range of Windows 8 smartphones.

The Press Association: Bill Clinton boosts Obama campaign

US Democrats turned to a hero of the past, Bill Clinton, to boost the shaky re-election prospects of Barack Obama, with the popular former president from the prosperous 1990s assuring worried Americans that he feels "with all my heart" that Mr Obama is steering the country to an economic recovery.

Bird man Russian President Vladimir Putin takes to the skies to lead crane bird migration project in video | Metro.co.uk

The Russian president, who is a well-known wildlife enthusiast, took to the skies to lead a flock of the endangered birds with his motorised glider. Each of the cranes were born in captivity and did not know how to fly south, leading environmentalists to take inspiration from the film Fly Away Home and draft in an imitation bird to guide them in the right direction.

BBC News - Bosses' pension provision growing, says TUC

Directors of the UK's largest companies have seen their average pension provision grow sharply in the last year, the TUC has claimed. It said their provision was up in the last year and would provide an annual pension in retirement of £240,191.

Missing: Voyager 1 yet to find the boundary line of the Solar System | Ars Technica

However, new measurements provided by the venerable Voyager 1 probe have failed to find the expected flow, deepening the mystery of the boundary between our Solar System and interstellar space. This adds to an earlier surprise, when Voyager's instruments measured zero outward velocity in the solar wind, a measurement that has now held constant for over two years.








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