News Headlines - 07 September 2012

Merkel Backs ECB, Bucking German Anger Over Bond Plan - WSJ.com

Germany's government threw its support behind European Central Bank President Mario Draghi's plan to intervene in bond markets, countering criticism from German lawmakers, media and the country's central bank.

Nationalist backlash in Italy and Spain to test Mario Draghi bond plan - Telegraph

The European Central Bank's ground-breaking plan for mass purchases of Spanish and Italian bonds is fraught with political risk and may soon be overwhelmed by nationalist anger in the crisis states, leading economists and statesmen warned at a gathering of the European policy elites in Italy.

France shooting: police to question brother over family 'conflict' - Telegraph

The brother of a British man murdered alongside his wife in the Alps is to be interviewed by French detectives over suggestions that the two men had fallen out over money.

Sepp Blatter wants Japan to host women's football and rugby | Mail Online

Japan have been encouraged to bid for the 2019 women's World Cup, with FIFA President Sepp Blatter seeing no reason why the country can't stage the competition and the Rugby World Cup in the same year.

Scientists could find alien life within 40 years, says royal astronomer - Telegraph

Martin Rees, former president of the Royal Society, said evidence of whether beings exist not only beyond earth but beyond our solar system, could be found in that time, a newspaper reported.








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