News Headlines - 14 September 2012

More protests break out in Muslim world as U.S. appeals for calm - The Washington Post

Protests inspired by an anti-Islam film targeted more U.S. facilities in the Muslim world Thursday, testing the will and capacity of foreign governments to protect Americans and the ability of the Obama administration to cool the growing anger.

Hillsborough: police to consider referral to IPCC - Channel 4 News

As victims' families call for prosecutions, South Yorkshire police say they are reviewing the Hillsborough report with a view to making a referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Alps Murders: Witness Talks Of Awful Dilemma

Brett Martin found members of the al Hilli family shot dead in their car and their seven-year-old daughter collapsed at the side of the road. He said his toughest choice was having to leave Zainab, who had been shot and badly beaten, so that he could get help.

Duchess of Cambridge topless: What the French privacy laws say - Evening Standard

This right, formally incorporated into the constitution in 1995, includes unauthorised taking of photographs... However, images of public figures can only be taken without permission when they are performing their public role. Anything that involves their private life is still strictly off limits.

Tory chairman abandons plan to cut number of MPs in Commons | The Guardian

The Tory leadership has abandoned immediate plans to reduce the size of the House of Commons by 50 MPs, after Lords reform was dropped, the party chairman, Grant Shapps, has announced.








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