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News Headlines - 31 October 2012

Three new Star Wars films planned by Disney after Lucasfilm takeover - Mirror Online

The Force is now with Disney – after they announced they are buying Lucasfilm for £2.52billion and releasing a new series of Star Wars films... A decade after the franchise was declared finished by creator Lucas, it was revealed that a seventh movie, with a working title of Episode 7, is set for release in 2015. Episodes 8 and 9 will then follow.

Cameron suffers stinging defeat over Europe - Telegraph

The defeat came after more than 50 Conservative rebels were joined by Labour MPs in supporting a demand for real-terms reductions in spending by Brussels. The Government was defeated by 307 votes to 294, a majority of 13. Commons sources estimated that 51 Tories voted against the Government, with two more acting as tellers.

Government report criticises growth strategy | Reuters

Britain's growth strategy of tax cuts and deregulation will not provide a fast track to economic prosperity and needs to be reassessed, according to a government-commissioned review published on Wednesday.

Japan disaster: 25% of reconstruction fund spent on unrelated projects | guardian.co.uk

Half of government budget allocation is yet to be distributed, despite 225,000 people still living in temporary accommodation

Divers Carve Obama, Romney Pumpkins Under the Sea | Video - ABC News

Florida Keys Divers carve presidential pumpkins ahead of the debate.

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大型ハリケーン NYと米国の資本市場まひ - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


日立がイギリスの原発会社を買収 海外展開に活路


フランスの病院、資金難で城など売却へ-ユーロ圏危機が飛び火 - WSJ日本版


10月ドイツ失業者:前月比2万人増、債務危機で-失業6.9% - Bloomberg

独連邦雇用庁(FLO)が30日発表した10月の雇用統計によると、失業者数は季節調整済みで前月比2万人増の294万人。ブルームバーグ・ニュースがエコノミスト31人を対象にした調査 の中央値では1万人増が見込まれていた。失業率 は6.9%と、9月速報値の6.8%を上回った。失業率上昇は3年余りで初めてとなるが、雇用庁は9月を約20年ぶり低水準の6.8%から6.9%に上方修正し、10月失業率は横ばいと発表した。

『007 スカイフォール』イギリスを始め世界25カ国で公開!すべての国で初登場No.1を記録!


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News Headlines - 30 October 2012

New York Storm: Sandy Heads West

Superstorm Sandy is heading inland after battering parts of the east coast of the United States and Canada and killing at least 17.

Bob Diamond should explain Libor role in court, says judge | The Guardian

Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond and other bosses there could be hauled before the high court to explain what they knew about the Libor interest rate fixing scandal.

Tony Blair calls for directly elected EU president - The Information Daily.com

Tony Blair has called for a directly elected President of Europe, whilst warning of deep political rifts between member states which could lead to the break up of the EU.

BBC News - North Korean leader's wife reappears in public

The wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made public appearances, state-run media report, after being absent from the public eye for 50 days.

Japan's Hitachi buys UK's Horizon nuclear project | Reuters

Japanese industrial electronics maker Hitachi is taking over Britain's Horizon nuclear project to build four to six new nuclear power stations, the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said on Tuesday.

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英警察、BBC司会者による児童虐待疑惑にからみ元ロック歌手逮捕 - WSJ日本版


不思議ロンドン-王様豪邸も3世代同居の借家も税金ほぼ同じ - Bloomberg


中国の銀行、規制回避へ欧州業務をロンドンから移転=報道 | Reuters


ロンドンタクシー苦境 競争激化でメーカー破綻  :日本経済新聞




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News Headlines - 29 October 2012

BBC News - Japan is facing a spending crisis, warns prime minister

The day-to-day functions of Japan's government will seize up unless deadlocked politicians pass a new debt financing bill, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda warned Monday.

BBC News - Honda lowers profit forecast amid China-Japan dispute

Honda has cut is annual profit forecast after anti-Japan protests in China hurt its sales in the country, its second-largest market.

Amazon mocks iPad Mini in advert highlighting Apple tablet's shortcomings - Telegraph

Amazon has mocked Apple in an audacious US advert that pits the Kindle Fire HD against the iPad Mini. Apple's US homepage is dominated by a huge comparison of Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini features titled 'Much More for Much Less'.

Hackers attack French Euromillions lottery site calling it 'devil's work' and posting verse from the Koran - The Independent

Hackers have attacked the French site of the Euromillions lottery, attacking it as the ‘devil’s work’ and posting Koranic verse in place of its homepage.

Japanese researchers discover ways to determine content of dreams - Healthcare Global

The researchers detected changes in the brain waves of the subject, a sign they had started dreaming and woke them up and asked them as to what they were dreaming about... The researchers also found that some dreams were out of ordinary, like for example a discussion with famous actor mostly involved more mundane experiences from everyday life.

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イタリア:財政緊縮策に抗議、15万人デモ行進…ローマ- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


ニュース:ヒュー・ジャックマン、母に捨てられた8歳の頃のことを語る | 海外ドラマNAVI

映画『X-MEN』シリーズでハリウッドスターの仲間入りを果たしたオーストラリア人俳優のヒュー・ジャックマンは、8歳の時に実母に捨てられた経験を持つ。そんな彼が、最新号のThe Australian Women's Weeklyで当時の気持ちを告白した。

経済疲弊とタブー過多が起因? アメリカの懐古ドラマブーム - MSN トピックス


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News Headlines - 28 October 2012

Mirror hacking probe names six reporters - The Independent

A secret dossier on phone-hacking inside Trinity Mirror, prepared by worried investors in the struggling UK publisher, claims the practice was organised on a "systematic" scale inside the company's national titles.

BBC News - Jimmy Savile: Gary Glitter arrested over sex offences

Former pop star Gary Glitter has been arrested on suspicion of sex offences by police investigating Jimmy Savile abuse claims... Glitter, 68, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex offences.

Thompson pressed over Savile claims - FT.com

Mark Thompson, the former director-general of the BBC, has become further embroiled in controversy surrounding the Jimmy Savile scandal, following assertions that his office was twice made aware of allegations relating to sexual abuse conducted on BBC premises by the late TV star.

Penguin authors and agents 'terrified' at prospect of News Corp takeover | guardian.co.uk

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, described by Labour MP Tom Watson as a "toxic institution", could soon be publishing his book on the phone-hacking scandal as the publisher considers a bid for Penguin.

Declining Japan loses its once-hopeful champions - The Independent

Jesper Koll, an economist who's lived in Japan for 26 years, says it's not easy for him to keep faith in a country that's shrinking, aging, stuck in protracted economic gloom and losing fast ground to China as the region's dominant power.

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▽官邸の100時間――検証 福島原発事故

木村英昭『検証 福島原発事故 官邸の一〇〇時間』(岩波書店)


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東京新聞:マリオ開発 宮本氏 スペイン最高賞受賞:国際(TOKYO Web)


ドイツを代表する作曲家、ハンス・ヴェルナー・ヘンツェ氏死去 世界文化賞受賞 - MSN産経ニュース




半導体インフィニオン、「ドイツ版ルネサス」が親離れで復活  :日本経済新聞


オスプレイ飛行訓練 13県が把握の態勢 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 27 October 2012

BBC News - Italy ex-PM Berlusconi threatens to topple Monti government

Mr Berlusconi said the cabinet was leading Italy into a "spiral of recession" and that his centre-right PDL party would decide in the coming days whether it would end its support. It is the largest party in parliament and the move could trigger early polls.

Trains Cancelled Due To Driver Shortage

A train company has cancelled more than 100 services due to a shortage of train drivers, causing anger among commuters... The company has apologised to customers, saying the shortfall in qualified train drivers should be addressed by mid-December.

Barclays slashes bankers' pay by up to half as profits fall - Telegraph

Barclays is to cut the salaries of some of its leading investment bankers by as much as half in a bid to reduce costs and show that the bank has fundamentally changed following the financial crisis.

Penguin and Random House in merger talks | The Guardian

The owners of Penguin and Random House are in talks about merging their publishing arms to create the world's biggest books publisher. Pearson, which owns Penguin and the Financial Times, confirmed on Thursday that it has entered into merger discussions with Bertelsmann, the privately owned German company that owns Random House.

Cambridge scientists send mobile phone into orbit to see if 'anyone could you scream' | Mail Online

A group of Cambridge scientists called Cambridge University Space Flight have invited members of the public to upload videos of themselves screaming to YouTube and the best ten will then be downloaded to a Google Android smartphone and launched into space on a tiny satellite Once in orbit the sounds of the screams will be played through thephone's speaker and whatever audio comes out will be recorded and beamed back to earth.

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CNN.co.jp : 財政難のスペイン、失業率が過去最悪 労働者4人に1人無職


[FT]スペインなどで格安物件を物色する米KKR  :日本経済新聞

米投資ファンドのコールバーグ・クラビス・ロバーツ(KKR)が、経済危機下で「投げ売り」されているスペインの不動産物件を物色している。 KKRのヘンリー・クラビス共同最高経営責任者(CEO)は、ユーロ危機に悩むスペインなど欧州諸国には「絶好の機会」があるとみている。



ドイツ 政治家が番組中にマリファナを吸引: The Voice of Russia


NEWSポストセブン|イギリス 裁判官のカツラ廃止、法服簡素化で7000万円削減

イギリスでは17世紀以来、裁判官らに法廷での白いカツラ着用を義務づけている。法廷の威厳を保つための伝統だが、「時代遅れ」という声が挙がり、2008年から一部地方で民事裁判に限って廃止された。同時に法服も簡素化され、当時のレートで年間7000万円の経費削減効果があった。 しかし、刑事裁判については、被告人から裁判官の人物特定が容易になってしまうという理由で、現在もカツラが着用されている。

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News Headlines - 26 October 2012

Revealed: Jimmy Savile investigated for BBC sex attack in 1980s - The Independent

Jimmy Savile was under investigation for a sex attack on BBC premises as early as the 1980s, Scotland Yard said, as it emerged that at least four police forces were aware of claims against the former DJ while he was still alive.

Berlusconi sentenced to four years - FT.com

A Milan court on Friday sentenced Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, to four years in prison for tax fraud – although, with two levels of appeal remaining, he is unlikely to spend time behind bars in the near future, if at all.

Spain’s Economic Misery Hits New Threshold - NYTimes.com

Though hardly a surprise, data released Friday showing that Spain’s unemployment rate had breached 25 percent for the first time in the country’s modern history were bad news for a government that had recently trumpeted a streamlining of its labor market rules.

Microsoft takes its 'big step' into the tablet market - Telegraph

Microsoft has launched "absolutely critical" new software and a tablet computer that the company is betting will secure it a foothold in a booming market dominated by Apple and Google.

Diary of former spy proves not all spooks are 007 - Scotsman.com

AS filmgoers flock to new James Bond movie Skyfall this weekend, the just-released diary of a former British Secret Service chief proves not every spook is as competent as Ian Fleming’s 007. Stephen McGinty opens the dossier

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英 元司会者が少女300人暴行疑惑 NHKニュース


仏原発 再稼働への作業中に放射能漏れ…従業員に被ばくなし  ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


英 五輪効果でGDPプラスに NHKニュース


アップルにまた軍杯を上げた米国…日本・ドイツでの判決と逆行 | 中央日報

米国国際貿易委員会(ITC)がサムスン電子のスマートフォンとタブレットPCがアップルの特許4件を侵害したという予備判定を下した。今年8月以後、日本とドイツ、英国、オランダで順に出てきた「サムスンがアップル特許を侵害していない」との裁判所判決と異なる結果だ。 このまま確定判決が下された場合、サムスンの該当製品の米国輸入が禁止される可能性もある。

「アンシーン・ツアーズ」、ホームレスの道案内で見るロンドン「裏の顔」 : AFPBB News

英国ロンドンに暮らす56歳の女性ビブさんは、多くのロンドン市民たちと同じように観光案内で生計をたてている。 ただし、ビブさんは普通のガイドではない。彼女はホームレスだ。かつては英国会議事堂やセントポール寺院(St Pauls Cathedral)を見渡せるウォータールー橋(Waterloo Bridge)の下が彼女の住まいだった。

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News Headlines - 25 October 2012

Eurozone nears Japan-style trap as money and credit contract again - Telegraph

All key measures of the eurozone money supply contracted in September and private credit fell at an accelerating pace, dashing hopes of a quick recovery from recession.

GDP Boosted By Olympics But Outlook Gloomy

But the bounce-back in the third quarter will be largely driven by one-off factors, such as clawed-back activity lost to the extra bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and a slight lift from the Olympics.

Ford set to axe British plant after dire sales in eurozone - The Independent

Ford is expected to announce the closure of its Southampton van factory today, with the loss of more than 500 jobs, as the US car giant overhauls its European operations.

BBC News - Child-related benefits may be 'capped' at two children

Child-related benefits for families may be capped at two children, the work and pensions secretary has said.

Female soldier from Northern Ireland is killed in attack on Helmand patrol - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

A female soldier from Northern Ireland killed while on patrol in Afghanistan yesterday may have been killed by a rogue Afghan ally.

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ドラギ総裁、ドイツ議会でECBの政策を擁護 - WSJ日本版 - jp.WSJ.com




東京新聞:ナチスに虐殺のロマ追悼碑が完成 ドイツ首都、50万人犠牲に


ナタリー・ポートマンの広告がイギリスで掲載禁止 誇張表現を問題視 - 楽天woman


30歳未満で最もリッチな英スターはダニエル・ラドクリフ 推定総資産67億 - 楽天woman

英Heat誌がイギリスで最もリッチな30歳以下のスターを発表し、今年も映画『ハリー・ポッター』シリーズのダニエル・ラドクリフがトップに輝いた。 今年、新たにランクインしたのはボーイズ・バンド「ワン・ダイレクション」とアデル。映画『トワイライト』シリーズのロバート・パティンソンは昨年の3位から2位に上がっている。

1. ダニエル・ラドクリフ 5,330万ポンド(約67億7,000万円)
2. ロバート・パティンソン 3,870万ポンド (約49億1,500万円)
3. キーラ・ナイトレイ 3,270万ポンド (約41億5,000万円)
4. エマ・ワトソン 2,650万ポンド (約33億6,500万円)
5. ワン・ダイレクション 2,630万ポンド (約33億4,000万円)
6. アデル 2,600万ポンド(約33億円)
7. ルパート・グリント 2,340万ポンド (約29億7,000万円)
8. レオナ・ルイス 1,360万ポンド (約17億3,000万円)
9. シェリル・コール 1,340万ポンド (約17億円)
10. ケイティ・メルア 1,100万ポンド (約14億円)

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News Headlines - 24 October 2012

Mark Thompson's future at New York Times questioned after Savile scandal - Telegraph

Mark Thompson, the BBC's former director-general, originally claimed he had not heard the allegations against Jimmy Savile but a new account counters that claim.

King warns BoE action reaching limit - FT.com

The Bank of England’s unorthodox actions to turn round the UK’s flagging economy were reaching the limits of their effectiveness, Sir Mervyn King has warned in a blunt assessment that Britain faces a prolonged economic adjustment.

I won't give prisoners the vote, says David Cameron | guardian.co.uk

David Cameron appeared to slap down his senior law officer in the House of Commons over voting rights for prisoners as he told MPs that prisoners would never get the vote under his government.

Japan, China Diplomats Meet Amid Territorial Dispute - WSJ.com

The Japanese and Chinese governments are intensifying back-channel efforts to mend their tattered bilateral ties, after weeks of public bickering surrounding disputed islands.

Japan's deaf ear to Gangnam Style riles South Korea - Telegraph

Psy may have conquered the rest of the world with his "Gangnam Style," but Japan has turned a deaf ear to the South Korean rapper's music, triggering anger in the singer's home country.

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米大統領選、オバマ氏が支持率で僅差リード=世論調査 | Reuters


ドイツ、ユーロが信頼できる通貨であり続けるため必要な措置講じる決意=ショイブレ財務相 | Reuters


元ドイツ財務次官「統一後は北住民の賃金を抑えるべき」 | 中央日報

「北朝鮮労働者の賃金レベルをやや低く抑えてでも雇用をできるだけ増やさなければならない。 これは統一費用を低める核心要素だ」。 東西ドイツ統一(1990年)の前から統一ドイツの再建過程で核心的な役割をしたカルステン元財務次官(1989-93)。

仏政府、EUの対日FTA交渉開始にあたり自動車産業保護の姿勢 | Reuters


『江南スタイル』 イタリアで2万人の世界最大フラッシュモブ | 中央日報

すでに米国ポップ市場で旋風を起こしたPSYの人気が、ヨーロッパでも急速に広まっている。 最近、ある音楽関連の掲示板には、21日にイタリア・ミラノであった『江南スタイル』のフラッシュモブの映像が登場した。 イタリア・ミラノ広場で行われたフラッシュモブでは、2万人の群衆が“馬ダンス”を踊りながら「オ~セクシーレディー」と叫んでいる。

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News Headlines - 23 October 2012

iPad Mini: Apple's new gadget gets cool reception - Telegraph

Apple unveiled a new, smaller iPad this evening in Silicon Valley, but disappointed many observers by pricing it at as much as £110 above rival tablet computers from Google and Amazon.

Presidential debate 2012: Barack Obama attacks Mitt Romney as 'reckless and wrong' on foreign policy - Telegraph

Barack Obama warned voters last night that Mitt Romney would drive America into a “reckless and wrong” foreign policy that would jeopardise their security and future prosperity, as he recorded a victory in the third presidential debate.

BBC News - Mirror hit by High Court claims over phone hacking

Ex-England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson is among four people taking legal action against Mirror Group Newspapers for alleged phone hacking.

Police Launch Manhunt For Fugitive Prisoner

Police have warned the public not to approach a fugitive prisoner who disappeared on day release. Lee Cyrus, 47, also known as Ivan Leach, failed to return to from North Sea Camp open prison in Boston, Lincolnshire, on Tuesday October 9. He is currently serving a life sentence for robbery.

Hillsborough: police chief 'boasted' of role in smearing fans | The Guardian

The chief constable of West Yorkshire police, Sir Norman Bettison, "boasted" about having helped to "concoct" a false account of how the 1989 Hillsborough disaster was caused, according to the Labour MP Maria Eagle.

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政府の放射線測定は「信頼できない」、グリーンピースが福島市など調査 : AFPBB News


スペイン緊縮策、綱渡り続く 地方選で与党1勝1敗  :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:イタリア 地震予知失敗で実刑 学者ら7人禁錮6年


イギリス慈善団体の代表が横領で懲役2年 チャリティニュース




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News Headlines - 22 October 2012

Rosneft to take full control of TNK-BP - FT.com

BP announced it had agreed to sell its stake in its Russian joint venture TNK-BP to the Russian national energy champion Rosneft for about $26bn, in a cash-and-shares deal that sets the UK oil group on a new course in Russia.

BBC News - Manganese Bronze calls in administrators

Manganese Bronze, the maker of London's black cabs, has called in administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers after failing to secure new funding.

Amazon makes UK publishers pay 20% VAT on ebook sales | The Guardian

Amazon is forcing British publishers to cover the cost of a 20% VAT charge on ebook sales – even though the true VAT cost to the online retailer is only a fraction of that amount under its generous Luxembourg-based tax regime.

Japan reports worst September trade figures in 30 years - Telegraph

Japan posted its worst September trade figures in more than 30 years, official data showed on Monday, as the global slowdown and a territorial dispute with China weighed on the world's third-largest economy.

'Parasite' porn websites stealing images and videos posted by young people | guardian.co.uk

Children and young people are posting thousands of sexually explicit images of themselves and their peers online, which are then being stolen by porn websites, according to a leading internet safety organisation.

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緑の党、州都の市長に 独で初めて - MSN産経ニュース

ドイツ南西部シュツットガルト市長選の決選投票が21日行われ、反原発を掲げる環境政党、90年連合・緑の党から立候補したフリッツ・クーン氏(57)が保守系無所属の対立候補を破り当選した。 シュツットガルトはバーデン・ビュルテンベルク州の州都。ドイツ・メディアによると、緑の党の出身者が州都の市長に当選したのは初めて。



アームストロング処分承認 7連覇剥奪、永久追放 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


「スタートレック」のコスプレイヤー1083人が集合 新記録 - MSN産経ニュース


ウディ・アレンが描く軽妙かつ残酷な恋愛模様、『恋のロンドン狂騒曲』が12月に公開 :CINRA.NET

ウディ・アレン監督の長編映画『恋のロンドン狂騒曲』が、12月1日から東京・有楽町のTOHOシネマズ シャンテ、新宿武蔵野館ほか全国で公開される。……同作は2010年に製作され、ファンの間でも日本での公開が待たれていた恋愛コメディー作品。2組の夫婦を中心に、ロンドンで繰り広げられる恋愛模様が軽妙かつ残酷に描かれた作品だ。

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News Headlines - 21 October 2012

Jimmy Savile BBC documentary: Panorama to probe why programme pulled into disgraced star's child abuse claims - Mirror Online

The claims Savile was a paedophile only fully emerged after ITV broadcast a documentary this month. BBC journalists who investigated him speak out in the hour-long special. They claim Newsnight editor Peter Rippon went cold on the story. Reporter Liz MacKean explains how Mr Rippon was initially excited. But she adds: "It was an abrupt change in tone from one day 'excellent, let's prepare to get this thing on air' to 'hold on'." Ms MacKean says she was left with the clear impression that Mr Rippon was feeling under pressure.

Angry Lebanese Beaten Back From Government Offices - NYTimes.com

Lebanon’s jittery composure throughout the long Syrian uprising wobbled but held on Sunday, as political and religious leaders quelled street protests that erupted after the emotional funeral of a security chief whose killing in a car bombing was widely blamed on the Syrian government.

Microsoft Emulates Apple and Google With New Mobile Strategy - WSJ.com

Microsoft Corp. typically lets its software out in the world and leaves decisions about how to sell computers to retailers. This time, though, the company is taking matters into its own hands.

Lottery Hits 3,000 Millionaires Jackpot

The National Lottery has created 3,000 millionaires since it began in 1994 and most of them kept the majority of their winnings in the UK, a new study has said.

Rio Ferdinand in row with Sir Alex Ferguson over anti-racism campaign | The Observer

It is believed Ferdinand refused to support the Kick It Out campaign in protest against the punishment handed out by the Football Association to John Terry after he was found guilty of racially abusing Ferdinand's younger brother, Anton.

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“4か国ユーロ離脱”の損失を試算 NHKニュース


ロンドンで反緊縮デモ 15万人、緊縮策に反発 - 中国新聞

英政府の緊縮財政に反対する労働組合などによる大規模なデモが20日、ロンドン市内で行われ、英BBC放送によると参加者は、主催の労働組合発表で約15万人に上った。同じ目的で行われた2011年3月の約25万人デモに次ぐ規模となった。 欧州ではギリシャやスペインなどで緊縮財政に反発するデモが頻発するが、英国でも反緊縮ムードが根強いことを示した。

警官に身分わきまえろ!平民!…英与党幹部辞任 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


人権に押しつぶされる英国 - MSN産経ニュース

ただ、不法移民の数は当局も正確には把握していない。ロンドン・スクール・オブ・エコノミクス(LSE)のチームが一昨年まとめた推計では、その数は41万7千~86万3千人。仮に中間値で計算すると、英国の人口約6180万(2010年現在)の約1%、100人に1人が不法移民という恐ろしい結果になる。 しかも、亡命者を含む外国人たちへの行政サービスなどの年間諸経費の総額は200億ポンド(約2兆6千億円)以上に上るという試算もある。これは、昨年度の国家支出の約3%に相当するというからなおさらである。

小沢代表の独視察、「第3極」戦略に結びつく? : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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News Headlines - 20 October 2012

Thousands march against austerity - FT.com

Trade unions have called for a general strike after tens of thousands of people marched through central London to protest against the government’s austerity spending cuts.

Lebanon struggles to keep order as many blame Syria for bombing - latimes.com

Lebanon's military was out in force Saturday as authorities struggled to maintain order amid outrage about a deadly bombing here that many Lebanese blamed on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Unsolved murders link to Charles Manson - Telegraph

Old audio tapes of conversations between a Manson family devotee and his lawyer could shed new light on 12 unsolved murders from the 1960s, detectives in Los Angeles believe.

Corporate Sales Seen Falling in Quarter - WSJ.com

America's largest companies are on track to report lower quarterly sales for the first time in three years, a broad and gloomy verdict on the health of the global economy.

Why should Japan's teachers have to sing the national anthem? | guardian.co.uk

Even the US – that most patriotic of countries – does not discipline people who fail to stand for the anthem

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イタリア、過去最大規模の国債を発行-180億ユーロ - WSJ日本版


スペイン2大労組、11月14日に緊縮策抗議のゼネスト呼び掛け | Reuters




トム・ハンクス、朝のテレビ生放送で思わず放送禁止用語を言う失態 - 楽天woman


在日米兵の夜間外出禁止 沖縄の暴行事件受け


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烏賀陽弘道『原発難民 放射能雲の下で何が起きたのか』(PHP新書)


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News Headlines - 19 October 2012

Protesters say Rosary in rain as first private abortion clinic opens - Independent.ie

WITH prayers and placards, up to 350 protesters gathered in Belfast to mark the opening of the first private abortion clinic on the island of Ireland.

EU leaders agree on bank oversight - CNN.com

Leaders of the European Union in Brussels have agreed Thursday to a deal for a eurozone-wide banking supervisor in 2013 that is designed to help prevent future catastrophic bank failures that could threaten the monetary union.

Second man arrested in plot to bomb US Federal Reserve: NYT | Reuters

U.S. authorities said a man arrested in San Diego on child pornography charges was linked to plot by a Bangladeshi man to set off a bomb at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the New York Times reported.

Chomsky in first visit to Gaza: End the blockade | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

The Jewish-American intellectual and staunch critic of Israel is in Gaza to attend a conference at Gaza's Islamic University over the weekend.

Rolling Stones anniversary concerts: 10 ways to get tickets - Telegraph

Tickets to the Rolling Stones's concerts at London's O2 Arena next month are on sale from 9am today. But how the Jumping Jack Flash do you get tickets? Bernadette McNulty comes up with a foolproof plan.

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仏政府、プジョー救済へ 欧州市場低迷で経営悪化 - SankeiBiz


クラウド、Wi-Fi、モバイル……BTが明かす舞台裏:ロンドンは「過去最大のデジタル五輪」だった - @IT


つえと日本刀間違えスタンガン使用、英警察が盲目男性に謝罪 | Reuters


「史上最大」の地震避難訓練 米加州などで1400万人 : 京都新聞



イギリス人女優のエマ・ワトソンが、米人気トークショウ番組『The Ellen DeGeneres Show』に出演し、イギリス人とアメリカ人の男性について語った。

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News Headlines - 18 October 2012

Google panic over results bungle - FT.com

Disappointing third-quarter earnings from Google were accidentally published several hours earlier than planned, sparking a panicked sell-off of the internet company’s shares until trading was halted for more than two hours.

Apple ordered to open its books on iPhone, iPad profits • The Register

The judge in the ongoing Apple versus Samsung patent trial has ruled that Cupertino must disclose financial information on the profitability of its iPad and iPhone lines so that proper damages can be assessed.

BBC News - Twitter blocks neo-Nazi account to users in Germany

Twitter has blocked access to a neo-Nazi account at the request of the German government. The tweets will no longer be visible to users in Germany although the rest of the world will be able to view them.

MPs' expenses scandal: Independent regulator blocks expenses publication - Telegraph

The independent expenses regulator is refusing to disclose the identity of four MPs who are renting out properties from fellow MPs, and claiming the rent from the taxpayer.

Winning wildlife photos 2012 revealed | History Museum

The winners of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition were announced at a gala awards ceremony at the Natural History Museum tonight.

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ドイツが2013年成長率見通しを下方修正、ユーロ危機で | Reuters


【London】トラファルガー広場の「ジャパン祭り」で日本食屋台に長蛇の列! - 日経トレンディネット

日本の食や文化を紹介するイベント「ジャパン祭り」が2012年10月6日(土)にロンドンのトラファルガー広場で開催された。 ジャパン祭りは今年で4回目を迎える欧州最大級の日本関連イベントだ。

映画『夢売るふたり』の西川美和監督、ロンドン映画祭で蜷川実花と初対面! | エンタメ | マイナビニュース


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News Headlines - 17 October 2012

The decision not to extradite Gary to US has saved his life | Herald Scotland

GARY McKINNON felt he had become a "dead person" during his 10-year battle against extradition to America for computer hacking but now believes he has the chance to lead a normal life again, his tearful mother Janis Sharp said.

New inquest to be held into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans killed in the Hillsborough disaster - The Independent

Attorney General announced that he would apply to the High Court to have the original verdicts overturned in order that new inquests can be held.

Iran Sanctions May Cut Supply of Currency - NYTimes.com

Western economic sanctions imposed on Iran over its disputed nuclear program have severely depressed the value of its national currency, the rial, causing higher inflation and forcing Iranians to carry ever-fatter wads of bank notes to buy everyday items. But the sanctions have also presented a new complication to Iran’s banking authorities: they may not be able to print enough money.

Japan Opposition Leader Visits War Shrine, a Possible Signal to Neighbors - NYTimes.com

A hawkish opposition leader who could be Japan’s next prime minister took the politically inflammatory step of visiting a Tokyo war shrine on Wednesday, raising fresh concerns about whether as national leader he would push a right-wing agenda that could further damage Japan’s ties with Asian neighbors when they are already strained by island disputes.

Pandit, Citigroup's Chief, Resigns His Post in Surprise Step - NYTimes.com

Weeks before Vikram S. Pandit’s surprise resignation on Tuesday as chief executive of Citigroup, the banking giant’s powerful chairman, Michael E. O’Neill, was privately huddling with other board members to plan how to replace him, according to several people briefed on the talks.

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ソフトバンクのスプリント買収、合意破棄なら最大6億ドルの違約金 | Reuters


小沢氏がドイツ訪問へ 脱原発前面、衆院選に向け野田政権に対抗 - MSN産経ニュース




女性を“暴行”で米兵2人を逮捕 沖縄


川島に腕4本合成「福島の影響」仏TV/サッカー/デイリースポーツ online


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News Headlines - 16 October 2012

BBC News - Theresa May tells MPs UK government wants EU law opt-out

The government plans to exercise its right to opt out of 130 EU measures on law and order, Home Secretary Theresa May has told MPs.

Gary McKinnon extradition: What politicians have said - Telegraph

Senior politicians are being urged to honour the promises they made when in opposition about the case of Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker facing extradition to the US. This is what they said before the election.

In talk with U.K. Jews, Cameron urges Israel not to attack Iran - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

British premier says expressed his objection to military action to PM Netanyahu, adds economic sanctions should be allowed to work.

CBBC Newsround - New planet discovered by amateurs who have named it PH1

This is PH1, a brand new planet five thousand light years away from Earth. It's been discovered by two amateur astronomers who are part of a group called planet hunters.

Stem-cell transplant claims debunked : Nature News & Comment

Transplant of induced pluripotent stem cells to treat heart failure probably never happened.

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アメリカ大統領選 ヒスパニック票争奪戦:テレビ東京




「スコットランド、独立問う住民投票実施へ」 News i




米ローリング・ストーン誌発表、007シリーズの主題歌ベスト10 | Musicman-NET


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News Headlines - 15 October 2012

Global warming 'stopped in 1997' | Express.co.uk

GLOBAL warming stopped 15 years ago, it was claimed last night. Met Office figures show that the average temperature between 1997 and 2012 did not rise at all and that the previous warming trend has levelled off.

Occupy protesters chain themselves to pulpit of St Paul’s Cathedral - Scotsman.com

SEVERAL supporters of the anti-corporate Occupy movement chained themselves to the pulpit of St Paul’s Cathedral during a Sunday service in an action marking the anniversary of its now-dismantled protest camp outside the London landmark.

Murdoch calls hacking victims 'scumbag celebrities' - Yahoo! Technology

Rupert Murdoch has generated more controversy on Twitter after labelling some phone hacking victims as "scumbag celebrities". Mr Murdoch tweeted: "Told UK's Cameron receiving scumbag celebrities pushing for even more privacy laws. Trust the toffs! Transparency under attack. Bad."

Pressure on Murdoch mounts ahead of News Corp meeting | City A.M.

RUPERT Murdoch is facing increasing pressure to split his role as chief executive and chairman of News Corp ahead of the media giant’s annual meeting tomorrow, with several investors set to vote for Murdoch to step down from one or both roles.

BBC News - Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier

Austrian Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound, reaching a maximum velocity of 833.9mph (1,342km/h).

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英軍 アフガンから来年数千人撤退へ NHKニュース


反体制派が2基地占拠 シリア、死者3万3000人に - 中国新聞



ユーロ圏当局者によると、スペインは来月にユーロ圏への支援要請に踏み切る可能性がある。 グリリ財務相は「イタリアは救済コストの負担に耐えられる。ギリシャ、アイルランド、ポルトガルへの融資で、われわれの公的債務はすでに4%ポイント増えた」と発言。「スペインが少なくとも1000億ユーロの支援を受ける場合、イタリアの負担分は国内総生産(GDP)の1.5%に相当するだろう」と述べた。

FNNニュース: 福島県産牛のアメリカへの輸出が2年6カ月ぶりに再開


医学書院/週刊医学界新聞(第2998号 2012年10月15日)


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News Headlines - 14 October 2012

Scottish independence vote deal finalised - FT.com

David Cameron and Alex Salmond will today formally launch a two-year debate on the future of the UK as the two leaders formally agree the details of the referendum on whether Scotland should become independent.

Mauritania leader flown abroad after shooting | Reuters

Mauritania's president was flown to France for surgery on Sunday after the Western ally against al Qaeda was shot by soldiers in what he said was an accident.

Territory Issues Overshadow Japan's Ambitions for IMF Meeting - WSJ.com

Japan's role as host to the high-profile annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank this past week offered a chance to promote the country's ambition of becoming Asia's leader in the global financial community. Instead, Tokyo's strained ties with its Asian neighbors as well as its insular focus on the strong yen illustrated the difficulties and the limits Japan faces in achieving its vision.

Apple to host October 23 event, iPad mini expected - IBNLive

Apple Inc will host an event on October 23 where it is expected to unveil a smaller iPad that will take on the less expensive devices offered by Amazon.com Inc and Google Inc, a source familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Heather Watson wins Japan Open to end GB's long wait for women's title | guardian.co.uk

Until Sunday, the last time a British woman won a WTA Tour singles title, the Berlin Wall was still standing, Margaret Thatcher was prime minister and Heather Watson was a good four years away from even being born. It has been a long 24 years since Sara Gomer won her title in Aptos, California but now Britain has another female champion after Watson won a nail-biting battle with Chang Kai-cheng of Taiwan to win the Japan Open in Osaka.

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森口氏の記事、読売6本掲載…5本で詐称の肩書 : YOMIURI ONLINE


【iPS細胞移植】英科学誌「うますぎる話」 森口氏は近所に「東大教授に」「ノーベル賞候補に」 - MSN産経ニュース


スペイン財政危機…W杯予選TV中継なし - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)




『ヘルタースケルター』ロンドン映画祭での上映は各回売り切れ!蜷川実花監督も登場! - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 13 October 2012

Video: Space shuttle Endeavour makes final journey through Los Angeles - Telegraph

The retired space shuttle Endeavour set off on Friday for a trip unlike any of its previous journeys, one in which it crawled through Los Angeles on the way to its new home, instead of hurtling through space.

Heathrow third runway would treble air pollution deaths, study warns | guardian.co.uk

Premature deaths from Heathrow pollution would treble by 2030 if a third runway is built, according to an academic study to be published next week.

BBC News - Hezbollah admits launching drone over Israel

The leader of Lebanese Shia militant movement Hezbollah has said that his group was behind the launch of a drone shot down over Israel last week.

Patients may be asked about organ donation on hospital admission | guardian.co.uk

Patients entering hospital could be asked on their admissions form whether they wished to donate their organs for transplant under plans being considered by the NHS. Another potentially controversial suggestion involves recording the wishes of the dying and those placed on so-called "end of life" care by doctors.

Mystery large eye washes ashore on Florida coast | The Sun

SCIENTISTS have been left scratching their heads after a giant eye washed up on a Florida beach. The fleshy flotsam is the size of a large orange and was oozing blood when a member of the public plucked it off Pompano Beach, just north of Miami.

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EUにノーベル平和賞、チェコ大統領が酷評 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

チェコのクラウス大統領は12日、欧州連合(EU)のノーベル平和賞受賞が決まったことについて、「悪ふざけか冗談かと思った」と酷評した。 AFP通信が伝えた。チェコはEU加盟国だが、クラウス大統領は、EUに批判的な欧州統合懐疑論者として知られる。

経団連会長 ドイツ閣僚と会談 NHKニュース


[FT]歴史が教えるイタリア・スペインの行く末 :日本経済新聞

高水準の債務と過大評価されたままの為替レートを抱えた高所得の大国が、公的債務の削減と競争力の回復を試みたらどうなるか?……2度の世界大戦の間に英国が経験したものだ。それを見る限り、「内的減価」(賃金や物価水準の引き下げ)の試みと債務の力学が相互に作用して、致命的な結果をもたらしかねない。 しかも、イタリアとスペインの窮状は多くの意味で当時の英国より深刻だ。英国は最終的に金本位制を離脱できたが、ユーロ圏からの離脱ははるかに難しい



フランスを1-0で撃破  サッカー日本代表・親善試合 - MSN産経フォト


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News Headlines - 12 October 2012

Why did nobody stop Savile? - The Independent

The Jimmy Savile child sex abuse inquiry was expanding last night into a wider scandal enveloping the public sector as new witnesses came forward to claim that the late presenter molested children at hospitals with the apparent knowledge of staff.

Seven Royal Marines arrested for Afghan ‘murder’ - News - Scotsman.com

SEVEN Royal Marines have been arrested on suspicion of murder in relation to an incident in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced last night. In a statement, it said that the Royal Military Police made the arrests in connection with an incident which occurred in 2011 after “an engagement with an insurgent”.

Video - Damascus Accuses Turkey of Air Piracy - WSJ.com

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday said a Syrian passenger plane forced to land in Ankara the day before was carrying military materials from Russia's state-owned arms manufacturer, charges that angered Syria and Russia amid a deepening diplomatic row.

Biden and Ryan Quarrel Aggressively in Debate, Offering Contrasts - NYTimes.com

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Paul D. Ryan fiercely quarreled at the vice-presidential debate here on Thursday night, with Mr. Biden using the cutting attack lines against the Republican ticket that Mr. Obama did not and Mr. Ryan delivering a spirited case for conservative policies that Mr. Romney had soft-pedaled.

EU awarded Nobel Peace Prize - Telegraph

The European Union has won the Nobel Peace Prize, despite a year marked by riots on streets of many capitals and the looming prospect of an acrimonious break up amid an economic crisis caused by the euro.

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ソフトバンク 米携帯電話会社の買収検討 NHKニュース


スペイン、ジャンク級寸前 S&Pが2段階格下げ 一斉売りの恐れ - SankeiBiz


ドイツの主要経済研究所、ECBの国債買い入れによるインフレリスクを予想 | Reuters


レディー・ガガ、ウィキリークスのアサンジ容疑者とディナー - 楽天woman

歌手のレディー・ガガが、内部告発ウェブサイト「ウィキリークス」の創設者ジュリアン・アサンジ容疑者とディナーをしていたことがわかった。The Guardianなど複数媒体が報じている。

村上春樹氏…またもノーベル文学賞逃す - SANSPO.COM

村上氏は06年、特定の国民性に捉われない世界文学に貢献した作家に贈られるチェコの文学賞「フランツ・カフカ賞」を、アジア圏で初めて受賞。ノーベル文学賞受賞者を何人も輩出していることから、村上氏が一躍ノーベル賞の有力候補に浮上した。 以後、毎年のように有力候補と見なされ、1968年の川端康成氏(故人)、1994年の大江健三郎氏に次ぎ、日本人として3人目の受賞に期待が高まっていた。

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News Headlines - 11 October 2012

Sprint in talks on potential sale to Japan's Softbank | Reuters

Japanese wireless service provider Softbank Corp is looking to buy roughly 70 percent of Sprint Nextel Corp in a bold move that would make it a major player in the U.S. mobile market.

BBC News - Greece unemployment hits a record 25% in July

Unemployment in Greece hit a record 25.1% in July, with the level among young people reaching 54.2%, according to the latest official figures.

Tories plan outright majority with new '40-40' campaign - Telegraph

The Conservatives think they can win a majority at the next election if they fight on a "small battleground" of 80 seats, secret documents have shown.

Oxbridge rejects new graduate 'report cards' - Telegraph

Oxford and Cambridge have rejected plans to scrap traditional degree classifications in favour of school-style report cards, it emerged today.

RHS London Harvest Festival Show - in pictures | guardian.co.uk

Every year, growers from across the UK come together for the Royal Horticultural Society's London Harvest Festival Show at the Horticultural Halls in Westminster. The gathering is a celebration of the harvest with the added excitement of competitions, tastings, workshops and live music

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日立、英ロンドンの欧州鉄道研究開発センターが業務を開始 - 財経新聞


イギリスの“歌姫”宇宙観光へ ロシアのソユーズに搭乗 - MSN産経ニュース


ロンドンのすし 和食料理長が判定 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)

ロンドンの金融街にオープンしたばかりの和食専門店「クリサン」の料理長、林大介氏(36)にすし6種類を試食してもらった。果たして彼はロンドンのすしをどのように評価するのか? ……今回の結果は過去の審査とかなり異なるものだった。2009年はマークス&スペンサー、08年はワサビが優勝している。

ロンドンオリンピックで輝く2万ルーメンプロジェクターの舞台裏【チャンネルパナソニック新着動画】 - MSN産経ニュース


英国、リオ五輪では「代表」を結成せず : nikkansports.com


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News Headlines - 10 October 2012

Diplomatic deadlock kills BAE-EADS deal - FT.com

EADS and BAE Systems have given up their €34bn quest to create the world’s biggest defence and aerospace company after objections from Germany scuppered the deal... Diplomatic efforts to secure the deal of the decade broke down under the weight of political opposition from Berlin and Paris, people close to the discussions said.

Pakistan Erupts in Anger Over Taliban’s Shooting of Malala Yousafzai - NYTimes.com

Doctors on Wednesday removed a bullet from a Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban, as Pakistanis from across the political and religious spectrum united in revulsion at the attack on the 14-year-old education rights campaigner.

SpaceX cargo ship reaches International Space Station - The Independent

Astronauts plucked a commercial cargo ship from orbit and attached it to the International Space Station, marking the reopening of a US supply line to the orbital outpost following the space shuttles' retirement last year.

China 'snubs' Japan at IMF and World Bank meeting - Telegraph

China's delegation to the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Tokyo will not be led by its most senior finance officials, in what looked like a deliberate snub of Japan.

AFP: Japan's Toyota to recall 7.43 mn vehicles globally

Toyota on Wednesday announced a global recall of 7.43 million vehicles, including its popular Camry and Corolla models, over a possible fire risk, in a fresh blow to the firm's reputation for safety.

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ギリシャ:独首相訪問、抗議のデモ隊と警察衝突- 毎日jp


ヨーロッパ安定化機構が発足 NHKニュース


ドイツ建築家の明治洋館、実は日本人作? 研究者が新資料発掘 都が調査へ - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


米下院特別委 中国通信大手を名指し「対米スパイ工作に関与」 - MSN産経ニュース


ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ「ロンドンとニューヨークでライヴをやる」|MSN トピックス


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News Headlines - 09 October 2012

IMF urges Britain to prepare for Plan B - FT.com

The International Monetary Fund has moved a step closer to withdrawing its support for the UK’s economic strategy, advising the government to redraw its fiscal tightening plan if growth disappoints in the coming quarters.

Cisco Systems ends ZTE partnership | guardian.co.uk

Cisco Systems has curtailed a seven-year sales partnership with ZTE Corp after an internal investigation into allegations that the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker broke US sanctions by selling Cisco networking gear to Iran.

Japan and S Korea cut currency swap - FT.com

Japan and South Korea will cut the size of their currency-swap agreement, amid enduring tensions between the two countries over a territorial dispute.

Conservative Party conference 2012: new right to attack burglars - Telegraph

Home owners who attack burglars will not face arrest or prosecution unless they use “grossly disproportionate” violence, the new Justice Secretary will announce on Tuesday.

Forget Disneyland Paris. Now it's Paramount World … Swanscombe - The Independent

The Swanscombe peninsula in Kent, where 150mph trains tear past cows munching on alkaline grass in contaminated soil, in the shadow of giant cranes and towers of shipping containers overlooking the Thames estuary, does not scream "Hollywood".

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共同受賞の英博士「山中さんのおかげ」  MBSニュース

山中伸弥教授とノーベル医学・生理学賞を共同受賞することが決まったイギリスのジョン・ガードン博士は、受賞は「山中教授のおかげ」だと語りました。……  ガードン教授は50年前、核移植の技術を使ってオタマジャクシのクローンを作製することに成功し、山中教授の研究の基礎を作りました。しかし、当時はその技術を再生医療に活用できるとは思っていなかったといいます。

米比が軍事演習 中国をけん制 NHKニュース


韓国 弾道ミサイル射程延長で米と合意 NHKニュース


独財務省 ヤンケさんのバイオリン返還指示も…税関は反発 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex

ドイツのフランクフルト国際空港の税関で同国在住のバイオリニスト、有希・マヌエラ・ヤンケさん(26)が名器ストラディバリウスを差し押さえられ、関税約1億2千万円を請求された問題で、8日付のドイツ大衆紙ビルトは、財務省が税関当局に、バイオリンを返還するよう指示したと報じた。  ただ税関当局は激しく反発。職員が検察当局に、脱税行為を手助けしているとしてショイブレ財務相を告発したという。

英美術館:巨匠の作品にいたずら書き- 毎日jp

ロスコは、ロシア帝国下にあったラトビアに生まれたユダヤ人で、13年に家族と共に米国に移住した。いたずら書きされた作品は、ロスコの代表作である連作「シーグラム壁画」(約40点)のうち一つ。 ロイター通信によると、いたずら書きをしたと主張する男が8日電話取材に応じ、「現代アートに残されている最も創造的なことは、芸術を捨てることだ」などと話したという。男は「Yellowism」と称する芸術運動を主宰しているとされる。

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小川榮太郎『約束の日 安倍晋三試論』(幻冬舎)


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News Headlines - 08 October 2012

Venezuela's Chavez re-elected to extend socialist rule | Reuters

Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez won re-election on Sunday, quashing the opposition's best chance at unseating him in 14 years and cementing himself as a dominant figure in modern Latin American history.

Libyan PM forced to stand down - Xinhua

Libya’s parliament has passed a no-confidence vote in the newly-elected Prime Minister, Mustafa Abu Shagur, dismissing him from his post. Abu Shagur has been forced to stand down after the national congress rejected his second proposed cabinet line-up.

Iran Lawmakers Press Ahmadinejad on Economy - WSJ.com

Iranian lawmakers on Sunday attacked President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the decline of the country's currency—questioning a subsidy overhaul the president has championed and demanding he account for his handling of the economy—as the crisis threatens to morph into a broader political showdown.

France to Boost Antiterror Laws - WSJ.com

The French government aims to strengthen antiterrorism laws and boost security at places of worship, French President François Hollande said Sunday, after authorities mounted a series of raids against an alleged Islamic terror network suspected of targeting France's Jewish community.

Welcome to the Nasty Party conference - The Independent

David Cameron's efforts to improve his party's image undermined by tonight's meeting of 900 Tory activists opposed to same-sex union

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東京新聞:温暖化対策ランク パナソニック世界で10位に




【北欧点景】フロム鉄道に乗った!歓声が上がった瞬間…+(1/3ページ) - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 07 October 2012

Turkey strikes back at Syria - FT.com

Turkey returned fire after a mortar bomb shot from Syria landed in a field in southern Turkey on Saturday, the day after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Damascus Turkey would not shy away from war if provoked.

David Cameron: Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations need to be fully investigated - Mirror Online

Prime Minister David Cameron today called for allegations of sexual abuse against former DJ Sir Jimmy Savile to be fully investigated. Mr Cameron said that the claims from a number of women which have emerged over recent weeks that they were abused by Savile as teenagers were "truly shocking".

Toyota September China car sales fall 40 percent on year: source - Chicago Tribune

Toyota Motor Corp's sales in China fell about 40 percent in September from a year earlier to about 50,000 cars, and the decline will likely force the company to miss its goal of selling 1 millions cars there this year, a source with knowledge of the sales said on Friday.

PlayStation Mobile’s Potential – Missed Opportunity or Mass Appeal? | TheSixthAxis - PlayStation PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 And Nintendo News, Reviews, Previews And Opinion

This past Wednesday, as previously announced and completely separate to the usual PS Store update, Sony’s new games-and-app service PlayStation Mobile rolled out onto a select number of PlayStation Certified mobile devices, and more importantly perhaps, the PlayStation Vita.

Yoda worm brings Star Wars to the deep sea | guardian.co.uk

The Jedi acorn worm joins a horse fly named after Beyoncé and a trio of slime mold beetles named after Republicans

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朝日新聞デジタル:集団食中毒、原因は冷凍イチゴ? ドイツ、政府機関発表


英中銀:総裁を初の公募 不信受け、透明性を強調- 毎日jp




ロンドン郊外の元精神病院、若いセレブの好む高級マンションに変身 - WSJ日本版

英国ロンドン北部郊外にかつて精神病院として使われていた館がある。こんな不気味な場所が最近では、少女らが大挙して訪れる人気スポットになっている。 この精神病院、少し前に新たに「プリンセス・パーク・マナー」という名が付けられ、若い有名人が数多く住む豪華なマンションに生まれ変わった。英ボーイズグループ「ワンダイレクション」も住人だという。

産経記者、CNN記事を無断翻訳・加筆…おわび : YOMIURI ONLINE


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News Headlines - 06 October 2012

BBC News - Manchester Airport suspend worker for missing fake bomb

An airline security worker has been suspended after failing to spot a fake bomb as it passed through the X ray machine. Manchester Airport said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

Pope's former butler sentenced to 18 months' jail | guardian.co.uk

Pope Benedict's former butler, Paolo Gabriele, has been sentenced to 18 months' jail for stealing his employer's private correspondence. Gabriele made a last-minute plea before the Vatican court that he acted out of love for the pope and did not "feel like a thief".

Student visa row damages image of UK higher education, warns LSE chief | The Guardian

The row over student visas at London Metropolitan university has done "huge damage to the image of British higher education", according to the new head of the London School of Economics.

Amazon to Buy Headquarter Buildings From Paul Allen's Firm for $1.2 Billion - WSJ.com

Amazon.com Inc. has agreed to buy a large chunk of its Seattle headquarters for $1.2 billion from an investment firm owned by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen, the firm said Friday.

Bond auction brings double-o heaven for bidders - Telegraph

A charity auction of James Bond memorabilia to mark 50 years of the movies has attracted furious bidding from wealthy fans.

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モトローラ、ドイツにおける特許侵害訴訟でMSに一勝 - CNET Japan


ヨーロッパが日本の伝統工芸「こけし」に注目 | PUNTA - プンタ


PSY、米の特殊ビザを受け15日に海外での活動を再開へ - 楽天woman


NY繁華街に慰安婦広告 米紙竹島取材は韓国で波紋


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News Headlines - 05 October 2012

Drop in Jobless Figure Gives Jolt to Race for President - NYTimes.com

The jobless rate abruptly dropped in September to its lowest level since the month President Obama took office, indicating a steadier recovery than previously thought and delivering another jolt to the presidential campaign.

Lloyds says crash fixed after millions left without access to cash - Telegraph

Millions of bank customers were left with no access to their money on Friday afternoon after systems issues at two separate banking groups led to cards being declined at check outs and cash points, and the banks’ online systems freezing up.

BBC News - Abu Hamza to be extradited to US

Five suspected terrorists including Abu Hamza al-Masri can be extradited to the US, ending a long legal battle, UK High Court judges have decided.

Greece's National Bank, Eurobank in Merger Talks - WSJ.com

Greece's largest lender, National Bank of Greece SA, announced late Friday a friendly, all-share takeover bid for crosstown rival Eurobank Ergasias SA aimed at forming a bank that would dominate Greece's domestic market and rank among the largest in southeast Europe.

Graphic: How Apple has performed in the year since Steve Jobs' death - Telegraph

All those analysts and commentators who assumed Steve Jobs death would mark the end of Apple’s high point were wrong. In the year since he died, the Cupertino-based technology business has soared in value, becoming not just the public biggest company in the world but the biggest public company there has ever been.

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ドイツテレコム、米へ再攻勢 携帯部門、メトロPCSとの統合合意 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


東京新聞:企業役員の女性比率義務化法案  ドイツ 女性閣僚間にも賛否


朝日新聞デジタル:バラックの「惜しかった」キャリア - ドイツ・ブンデスリーガ


羽生善治二冠がヨーロッパのチェス女王とチェス対決 - TV LIFE

本イベントは、囲碁・将棋チャンネルによる将棋の棋士とチェスのプロがガチンコで戦う異種格闘技戦「The Cheak Mate at TOKYO 2012」の企画。将棋のみならずチェスプレーヤーとしても世界屈指の実力を誇る羽生二冠が海外から招待された数々のビッグタイトルを持つアルミラと対局を行った。結果は1局目、2局目ともに引き分け。

池上彰氏が「イラン問題への理解が深まる」と「アルゴ」を徹底解説 : 映画.com


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News Headlines - 04 October 2012

BBC News - Google settles book scanning lawsuit

The settlement lets US publishers decide which works should, or should not, be in Google's library. This settles one of the main objections to the library project which planned to scan every book unless publishers and authors specifically objected.

Ed Miliband opinion poll: Labour conference speech shows huge boost for leader - Mirror Online

Mr Miliband was widely praised for his bold One Nation speech in Manchester which he delivered without notes

Government scraps flawed rail deal in embarrassing U-turn | Reuters

The government has torn up a deal awarding one of its biggest rail franchises to a private operator, in a humiliating U-turn that raises doubts about the government's handling of the privatised railways.

BBC News - First US presidential debate: Obama v Romney

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clash on the economy in the first of three presidential debates

Japanese firm Hitachi unveils bomb-spotting departure gate | Herald Sun

PLANE passengers could soon be scanned for bombs as they swipe their boarding pass, a Japanese company said as it unveiled the world's first explosive-detecting departure gate. Engineers from hi-tech firm Hitachi showcased a machine that blows a short puff of air at a passenger's hand as he scans his pass.

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ギリシャ、デモ隊が国防省敷地内に乱入-警官隊と衝突 - Bloomberg


ギリシャ緊縮策に珍抗議、親が税務署に子ども押し付け | Reuters


スペインの「バッドバンク」、少なくとも55%が民間投資家に=経済相 | Reuters


小沢氏、ドイツの「脱原発」視察へ - MSN産経ニュース


スカーレット・ヨハンソン、『キャプテン・アメリカ2』にブラック・ウィドウ役で出演か - 楽天woman

女優のスカーレット・ヨハンソンが、ヒーロー映画『Captain America:The Winter Soldier』(原題、2014年4月4日全米公開)に出演するという。同映画は、クリス・エヴァンスが主役の映画『キャプテン・アメリカ/ザ・ファースト・アベンジャー』(11)の2作目で、スカーレットは美し過ぎる魔性のスパイのブラック・ウィドウ役で登場する

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News Headlines - 03 October 2012

Government axes West Coast rail contract - FT.com

Three officials at the Department for Transport were suspended on Wednesday after the award of a new contract to run the West Coast mainline rail franchise was cancelled because of “technical flaws” in the bidding process. The decision, which has thrown the government’s rail franchising policy into disarray, is a partial victory for incumbent Virgin Trains, which had mounted a legal challenge to the decision to award the contract to rival FirstGroup. The government previously defended the process as “robust”.

Mobile firms' truce opens the way to super-fast broadband - The Independent

Britain's three main mobile operators and the media regulator Ofcom have reached a crucial truce over much-delayed plans to roll out fourth-generation super-fast mobile broadband, known as 4G... The phone operators have agreed to plans for 4G to launch sooner than expected in May 2013, after an Ofcom-supervised auction of new airwave spectrum.

No UK return planned for Wolseley - The Independent

The company moved its tax domicile to Switzerland two years ago to avoid the controlled foreign companies tax regime, which applies UK tax on overseas earnings. The move cut £40m off its tax bill. The rules change next year. But Ian Meakins, Wolseley's chief executive, said at the moment there was no business case to return.

Obama And Romney Set For Presidential Debate

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney go head to head tonight in the first presidential debate of this year's race for the White House. The President will face his Republican challenger on a stage in an ice hockey arena at the University of Denver in Colorado - with an estimated 50 million Americans watching on TV.

BBC News - Julian Assange: Bail cash decision delayed

Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange face a wait to see if they will be asked to forfeit £140,000 of bail sureties after he sought asylum.

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仏ルノー<RENA.PA>、欧州市場の悪化で工場の完全閉鎖を検討中─COO=独業界紙 | Reuters

仏自動車メーカー、ルノーは、欧州自動車市場の厳しい状況を理由に、工場の完全閉鎖を検討している。カルロス・タバレス最高執行責任者(COO)が、30日付の独自動車専門紙アウトモービルヴォッへに掲載された記事で述べた。 同COOは「そのうち分かるだろう。現在、労働組合と協議しており、競争力の差がどれほど大きいか説明している。われわれは西欧とフランスで競争力の問題を抱えている」と語った。

ドイツ第2の通信社が破産 DAPD通信 500人のうち300人解雇へ - MSN産経ニュース

従業員約500人のうち約300人を解雇する予定。破産手続き中もニュースの配信は続けるという。 DAPDは2010年、ドイツのDDP通信と米国のAP通信のドイツ語部門が統合して誕生した。

メトロPCS、Tモバイルと「合併で協議中」 米報道 :日本経済新聞


FNNニュース: イラン大統領の同行カメラマンがアメリカ政府に亡命申請


朝日新聞デジタル:集団の狂気と個の対立を鋭くえぐる―ブリテンの傑作オペラ「ピーター・グライムズ」が新国立劇場で上演 - ぴあニュース


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News Headlines - 02 October 2012

6 Crew Members Detained in Hong Kong Ferry Disaster That Killed Dozens - NYTimes.com

Three crew members were arrested from each of two boats that collided just off the coast of Lamma, one of the largest of Hong Kong’s many outlying islands, at about 8:30 p.m. on Monday, as the city was gearing up for a mammoth fireworks display that marked China’s National Day.

Georgia’s President Concedes Defeat in Parliamentary Election - NYTimes.com

Georgia’s larger-than-life president, Mikheil Saakashvili, conceded defeat on Tuesday after early results in Georgia’s hotly contested parliamentary race showed that a coalition backed by the billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili had edged out his party.

UN fails to resolve Syrian crisis

After countless speeches, meetings and behind-the-scenes discussions, the unending war in Syria remains the unsolved problem that loomed over this year's gathering of world leaders at the United Nations. As the week-long meeting of the UN General Assembly ended on Monday, there were no breakthroughs on a civil war that has vexed diplomats, paralysed the Security Council and raised new questions about the relevance of the United Nations.

BBC News - White House confirms cyber-attack on 'unclassified' system

The conservative Washington Free Beacon reported on Sunday that hackers linked to the Chinese government had breached the White House Military Office.

BBC News - Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95

His reputation rests largely on four works, including History of the 20th Century, The Age of Extremes, which has been translated into 40 languages.

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元ドイツ銀幹部ら4人をインサイダー取引事件で訴追-FSA - Bloomberg


ドイツ:武器輸出が急増 サウジやパキスタンも得意先- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


韓国の小太りラッパーPSY「江南スタイル」が英チャート首位! - ナビコン・ニュース

歌手PSYの「江南スタイル」がポップスの本場イギリスでアルバム順位のトップに上がる快挙を遂げた。アメリカと同じく世界ポップス音楽の流れをリードするイギリスチャートを韓国歌手が征服したのは史上初めてのこと。 さらに、現地ロンドンでの活躍ぶりを、特派員が次のように報道している。 驚くべきは、PSYが英語ではなく韓国語の曲で、現地でアルバムを1枚も発表しないで、音源だけでこの偉業を達成したことだ。

朝日新聞デジタル:独政府、割礼を合法化へ 傷害罪判決にユダヤ教徒ら反発


A・シュワルツェネッガー、新人の頃はドイツ語なまりで役がもらえなかった - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 01 October 2012

Can TV debate lift Mitt Romney out of slump? - The Independent

The pressure will be on Mitt Romney this week to ensure that the first of his televised debates with President Barack Obama becomes the moment his campaign pulls up from a protracted swoon that some in the Republican Party have started to blame on media bias and skewed polling techniques.

Asia-Pacific: Desert island risks - FT.com

June Teufel Dreyer, a China and Japan specialist at the University of Miami, says Chinese military journals refer to Senkaku as part of a chain hemming China in. “They say: ‘If we get these islands we can break out into the open Pacific’.” Washington too could get dragged into the argument. If China were to invade the Senkaku, the US would have to decide whether to defend them under the US-Japan security treaty. If it did not, Japan could well conclude that Washington’s security guarantees are worthless.

Japan enacts two-year jail terms for illegal downloading • The Register

Downloading pirated material in Japan can now earn you two years in prison and a fine of two million yen ($25,600) for each purloined file, with uploaders facing 10 years in the Big House and a fine five times as large. The laws – some of the toughest ever enacted against illegal downloaders – were passed in June after strong lobbying from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). Downloading has been illegal in Japan for the last two years, but as a civil offense with no sanctions, not a criminal matter with jail time.

IRA bomb survivor found dead with two stabbed children | The Guardian

An ex-cavalryman who survived an infamous IRA attack apparently stabbed his two young children to death on an isolated bridleway before taking his own life on Sunday. Police believe that Michael Pedersen, formerly of the Household Cavalry, killed his seven-year-old son, Ben, and six-year-old daughter, Freya, and then himself.

Xstrata Seen Recommending Glencore’s $33 Billion Bid Today - Bloomberg

Xstrata Plc (XTA) will recommend shareholders vote in favor of a 20.5 billion-pound ($33 billion) takeover offer by Glencore International Plc (GLEN) after making changes to the terms to satisfy investors’ demands, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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オスプレイ 1日にも沖縄へ NHKニュース


アメリカ 穀物輸送ルートに危機:ニュースモーニングサテライト:テレビ東京


ドイツ最大規模の食中毒、児童生徒ら8千人症状 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


米アマゾン、ナチスがモチーフのジクゾーパズル販売で非難 : AFPBB News


なぜ日本人サッカー選手はドイツでばかりウケているのか? - 週プレNEWS


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