News Headlines - 04 October 2012

BBC News - Google settles book scanning lawsuit

The settlement lets US publishers decide which works should, or should not, be in Google's library. This settles one of the main objections to the library project which planned to scan every book unless publishers and authors specifically objected.

Ed Miliband opinion poll: Labour conference speech shows huge boost for leader - Mirror Online

Mr Miliband was widely praised for his bold One Nation speech in Manchester which he delivered without notes

Government scraps flawed rail deal in embarrassing U-turn | Reuters

The government has torn up a deal awarding one of its biggest rail franchises to a private operator, in a humiliating U-turn that raises doubts about the government's handling of the privatised railways.

BBC News - First US presidential debate: Obama v Romney

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clash on the economy in the first of three presidential debates

Japanese firm Hitachi unveils bomb-spotting departure gate | Herald Sun

PLANE passengers could soon be scanned for bombs as they swipe their boarding pass, a Japanese company said as it unveiled the world's first explosive-detecting departure gate. Engineers from hi-tech firm Hitachi showcased a machine that blows a short puff of air at a passenger's hand as he scans his pass.









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