News Headlines - 09 October 2012

IMF urges Britain to prepare for Plan B - FT.com

The International Monetary Fund has moved a step closer to withdrawing its support for the UK’s economic strategy, advising the government to redraw its fiscal tightening plan if growth disappoints in the coming quarters.

Cisco Systems ends ZTE partnership | guardian.co.uk

Cisco Systems has curtailed a seven-year sales partnership with ZTE Corp after an internal investigation into allegations that the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker broke US sanctions by selling Cisco networking gear to Iran.

Japan and S Korea cut currency swap - FT.com

Japan and South Korea will cut the size of their currency-swap agreement, amid enduring tensions between the two countries over a territorial dispute.

Conservative Party conference 2012: new right to attack burglars - Telegraph

Home owners who attack burglars will not face arrest or prosecution unless they use “grossly disproportionate” violence, the new Justice Secretary will announce on Tuesday.

Forget Disneyland Paris. Now it's Paramount World … Swanscombe - The Independent

The Swanscombe peninsula in Kent, where 150mph trains tear past cows munching on alkaline grass in contaminated soil, in the shadow of giant cranes and towers of shipping containers overlooking the Thames estuary, does not scream "Hollywood".









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