News Headlines - 16 October 2012

BBC News - Theresa May tells MPs UK government wants EU law opt-out

The government plans to exercise its right to opt out of 130 EU measures on law and order, Home Secretary Theresa May has told MPs.

Gary McKinnon extradition: What politicians have said - Telegraph

Senior politicians are being urged to honour the promises they made when in opposition about the case of Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker facing extradition to the US. This is what they said before the election.

In talk with U.K. Jews, Cameron urges Israel not to attack Iran - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

British premier says expressed his objection to military action to PM Netanyahu, adds economic sanctions should be allowed to work.

CBBC Newsround - New planet discovered by amateurs who have named it PH1

This is PH1, a brand new planet five thousand light years away from Earth. It's been discovered by two amateur astronomers who are part of a group called planet hunters.

Stem-cell transplant claims debunked : Nature News & Comment

Transplant of induced pluripotent stem cells to treat heart failure probably never happened.









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