News Headlines - 20 October 2012

Thousands march against austerity - FT.com

Trade unions have called for a general strike after tens of thousands of people marched through central London to protest against the government’s austerity spending cuts.

Lebanon struggles to keep order as many blame Syria for bombing - latimes.com

Lebanon's military was out in force Saturday as authorities struggled to maintain order amid outrage about a deadly bombing here that many Lebanese blamed on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Unsolved murders link to Charles Manson - Telegraph

Old audio tapes of conversations between a Manson family devotee and his lawyer could shed new light on 12 unsolved murders from the 1960s, detectives in Los Angeles believe.

Corporate Sales Seen Falling in Quarter - WSJ.com

America's largest companies are on track to report lower quarterly sales for the first time in three years, a broad and gloomy verdict on the health of the global economy.

Why should Japan's teachers have to sing the national anthem? | guardian.co.uk

Even the US – that most patriotic of countries – does not discipline people who fail to stand for the anthem








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