News Headlines - 29 October 2012

BBC News - Japan is facing a spending crisis, warns prime minister

The day-to-day functions of Japan's government will seize up unless deadlocked politicians pass a new debt financing bill, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda warned Monday.

BBC News - Honda lowers profit forecast amid China-Japan dispute

Honda has cut is annual profit forecast after anti-Japan protests in China hurt its sales in the country, its second-largest market.

Amazon mocks iPad Mini in advert highlighting Apple tablet's shortcomings - Telegraph

Amazon has mocked Apple in an audacious US advert that pits the Kindle Fire HD against the iPad Mini. Apple's US homepage is dominated by a huge comparison of Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini features titled 'Much More for Much Less'.

Hackers attack French Euromillions lottery site calling it 'devil's work' and posting verse from the Koran - The Independent

Hackers have attacked the French site of the Euromillions lottery, attacking it as the ‘devil’s work’ and posting Koranic verse in place of its homepage.

Japanese researchers discover ways to determine content of dreams - Healthcare Global

The researchers detected changes in the brain waves of the subject, a sign they had started dreaming and woke them up and asked them as to what they were dreaming about... The researchers also found that some dreams were out of ordinary, like for example a discussion with famous actor mostly involved more mundane experiences from everyday life.








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