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News Headlines - 30 November 2012

Political reaction: Battle lines are drawn as ideological split over Leveson grows wider - The Independent

Next week will bring fresh claims of phone hacking, protests outside Parliament over the relationship between politicians and the press, and frantic negotiations between newspaper groups who normally see each other as bitter rivals.

Mau Mau massacre cover-up detailed in newly-opened secret files | guardian.co.uk

The full story of the British government's attempts to mount a cover-up following a massacre of unarmed prisoners during the 1950s Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya has been disclosed with the declassification of hitherto secret files from the era.

Responding to UN recognition of Palestinian state, Israel to build 3,000 new settlement homes | Fox News

Israel responded swiftly Friday to U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state, revealing it will build 3,000 more homes for Jews on Israeli-occupied lands that the world body overwhelmingly said belong to the Palestinians.

Euro-Zone Inflation Falls Sharply, Unemployment Rises Again - WSJ.com

A rise in joblessness in the countries at the heart of the euro zone's fiscal crisis pushed unemployment to record levels in the region, while the annual inflation rate in November fell to the area's lowest rate in almost two years.

First direct picture of DNA double helix captured (Wired UK)

The first direct images of the DNA double helix have been taken using electron microscopy. In a study published in the journal NanoLetters, Enzo di Fabrizio, head of the Nanostructures Department at the University of Genoa, and his team managed to take a picture of the structure which had previously only been observed indirectly using X-ray crystallography.

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News Headlines - 30 November 2012

Political reaction: Battle lines are drawn as ideological split over Leveson grows wider - The Independent

Next week will bring fresh claims of phone hacking, protests outside Parliament over the relationship between politicians and the press, and frantic negotiations between newspaper groups who normally see each other as bitter rivals.

Mau Mau massacre cover-up detailed in newly-opened secret files | guardian.co.uk

The full story of the British government's attempts to mount a cover-up following a massacre of unarmed prisoners during the 1950s Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya has been disclosed with the declassification of hitherto secret files from the era.

Responding to UN recognition of Palestinian state, Israel to build 3,000 new settlement homes | Fox News

Israel responded swiftly Friday to U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state, revealing it will build 3,000 more homes for Jews on Israeli-occupied lands that the world body overwhelmingly said belong to the Palestinians.

Euro-Zone Inflation Falls Sharply, Unemployment Rises Again - WSJ.com

A rise in joblessness in the countries at the heart of the euro zone's fiscal crisis pushed unemployment to record levels in the region, while the annual inflation rate in November fell to the area's lowest rate in almost two years.

First direct picture of DNA double helix captured (Wired UK)

The first direct images of the DNA double helix have been taken using electron microscopy. In a study published in the journal NanoLetters, Enzo di Fabrizio, head of the Nanostructures Department at the University of Genoa, and his team managed to take a picture of the structure which had previously only been observed indirectly using X-ray crystallography.

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英 独立したメディア規制機関を提言 NHKニュース



私は、10年後にはフランスのギリシャ化は不可避と感じており、理由は次のエピソードに尽きる。日系大手企業に勤め、パリの現地法人にも3年ほど籍を置いた知人。60歳を越した今、毎月フランス政府から月1000ユーロ(約10万円)の年金が生涯振り込まれる。 では、まともにフランスで働き続けた人は、いったいどれだけ貰えるものか。これが全て、国家にとって将来の負債となる。そして、こんなおいしい話を既得権者が手放すはずもない。おそらく、今の子どもたちが支えることになるのだろう。

ノキア・シーメンス、ドイツ工場を来年末までに閉鎖へ - WSJ日本版




東京新聞:「最強のふたり」 フランス映画で異例ヒット


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News Headlines - 29 November 2012

Leveson To Publish Report Into Press Ethics

Lord Justice Leveson's long-awaited report into press standards will be published later amid fears its recommendations could throw the Government into turmoil... Lord Justice Leveson's 2,000-page document will be unveiled at 1.30pm, with the judge widely expected to suggest a new regulator for newspapers underpinned by law.

Former NoW staff want NI to pay legal fees after Coulson appeal win | guardian.co.uk

Former News of the World staff, including ex-deputy editor Neil Wallis, are exploring whether News International could be forced to pay their legal fees arising from the phone-hacking affair after a court of appeal win by Andy Coulson.

With Palestinians near certain to win UN recognition, Israel increasingly isolated - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

At least 150 countries expected to vote in favor of recognizing Palestine as non-member observer state at General Assembly; U.S., Canada to vote with Israel against resolution, Germany to abstain.

BP oil rig workers plead not guilty to manslaughter - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Two BP workers have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges stemming from the 2010 oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, as the British energy giant was suspended from winning US government contracts.

Nokia seeks ban on BlackBerry sales | The Guardian

Nokia has laid the ground for a ban on sales of BlackBerrys in the US, UK and Canada in a new wave of hostilities in the smartphone patent wars, which have also seen Sweden's Ericsson file a suit against Samsung over alleged patent abuse.

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東京新聞:脱原発のドイツ 負担のバランス課題


ドイツの平和賞に秋葉前広島市長 NHKニュース


新作ホラーでシングルファーザーを好演したダニエル・ラドクリフ インタビュー - TVGroove.com

イギリスの人気作家スーザン・ヒルの「黒衣の女 ある亡霊の物語」を実写化した映画「ウーマン・イン・ブラック 亡霊の館」がまもなく公開。……この度、本作で幼い息子ジョセフを懸命に育てる若き弁護士アーサーを好演した俳優ダニエル・ラドクリフのインタビューが到着。自身の代表作である「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズについてや、イギリス映画とハリウッド映画の違い、役者としての今後など余すことなく語った。

映画/トム・クルーズ、日曜朝のロンドン中心部を封鎖して大がかりな撮影を決行 - cinemacafe.net

トム・クルーズが最新主演作の撮影でロンドン中心部を占拠、日曜の朝から大がかりなロケ撮影に踏み切った。トムは現在、イギリスでダグ・リーマン監督の『All You Need Is Kill』(原題)を撮影中。25日(現地時間)は朝からロンドンのトラファルガー広場と周辺の道路を封鎖し、3時間かけて撮影を行った。 2.5平方マイル(約4平方キロメートル)にわたる封鎖で、目的地にたどり着けなくなった市民や観光客からはブーイングが。

フランスの有名映画雑誌「カイエ・デュ・シネマ」が選ぶ今年のベスト10! - シネマトゥデイ

1位:『ホーリー・モーターズ(原題) / Holy Motors』 (レオス・カラックス監督)
2位:『コズモポリス(原題) / Cosmopolis』 (デヴィッド・クローネンバーグ監督)
3位:『Virginia/ヴァージニア』 (フランシス・フォード・コッポラ監督)
4位:『4:44 地球最期の日』 (アベル・フェラーラ監督)
5位:『3人のアンヌ』 (ホン・サンス監督)
6位:『テイク・シェルター』 (ジェフ・ニコルズ監督)
7位:『ゴー・ゴー・テイルズ(原題) / Go Go Tales』 (アベル・フェラーラ監督) 8位:『タブー(原題) / Tabu』 (ミゲル・ゴメス監督)
9位:『ファウスト』 (アレクサンドル・ソクーロフ監督)
10位:『キープ・ザ・ライツ・オン(原題) / Keep the Lights On』 (アイラ・サックス監督)

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News Headlines - 28 November 2012

Mark Carney: it’s the Governor of the Bank of England, not the Second Coming - Telegraph

In little more than 24 hours since George Osborne announced his appointment, Mark Carney has not just become the new Governor of the Bank of England but also attained messiah status for the UK financial system and wider British economy. As far as expectation management goes, Carney has lost the battle already.

Police admit giant MP Cyril Smith DID sexually abuse boys | The Sun

GIANT MP Cyril Smith DID sexually abuse boys decades ago, police said yesterday. The admission came after prosecutors confirmed the 29st Lib Dem politician had slipped through the net THREE TIMES over the years. Smith, who died in 2010 aged 82, was dogged by abuse rumours throughout his career but no charges were brought.

Einstein's brain 'exceptionally complicated' - Telegraph

Albert Einstein's brain contained an unusually high number of folds which may have provided him with the ability to think in "extraordinary ways", scientists claim.

Sea butterflies already feeling the sting of ocean acidification? | Ars Technica

Take ocean acidification—the change in ocean chemistry due to the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere. The degree of acidification is already beyond the likely range of natural variability of the past thousand years. Acidification has already been linked to impacts on marine life, as a report on a commercial oyster hatchery in Oregon indicated earlier this year.

Algal bloom keeps Sydney beach closed | Herald Sun

SYDNEY'S Clovelly Beach remains closed as a red algal bloom lingers, making the waters resemble tomato soup. Blooms appeared at eastern suburb shorelines on Tuesday, forcing the closure of beaches at Bondi, Clovelly and Gordons Bay.

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アジア勢がロンドン金融街の物件に積極投資、日本勢も回帰 - Bloomberg


シーメンス納期遅れの大失態 揺れるドイツ高速鉄道  :日本経済新聞


エールフランス、14年に羽田就航へ、A380を念頭に | 旅行業界 最新情報 トラベルビジョン


フランスがアルセロールミタル溶鉱炉を一時取得も、大統領が言及 | Reuters


アラファト氏の死因調査で遺体を掘り起こす - WSJ日本版


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News Headlines - 27 November 2012

Debt relief deal brings measure of relief to Greece but country still faces many hurdles - The Washington Post

Greece has avoided imminent bankruptcy after its international creditors finally agreed to give it the money it urgently needs but the cash-strapped country’s economic distress is likely to drag on for years to come.

Eight Tory MPs in talks about defecting to Ukip - Telegraph

Eight Conservative MPs have held talks with senior figures in Ukip about defecting to the Eurosceptic party, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

Majority of British public wants to leave Europe - The Independent

Conservatives and Ukip 'at war' as ComRes survey for The Independent finds 54 per cent want Britain to leave the EU provided it could keep its close trade relationship with the bloc

Catalonia edges towards Spain split

Pro-independence parties in Catalonia won Sunday's regional vote, strengthening a drive for a referendum on secession in defiance of the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

Doha climate talks: US defends 'enormous' efforts | guardian.co.uk

The United States defended its track record on fighting climate change on Monday as UN talks began in Doha, saying it is making "enormous" efforts to slow global warming and help the poor nations most affected by it.

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欧州連合(EU)ユーロ圏諸国は26日、ブリュッセルで財務相会合を開き、27日未明まで約12時間にわたる議論の末、財政危機のギリシャに対する融資再開で合意した。……融資再開により、ギリシャが資金繰りに行き詰まり、デフォルト(債務不履行)に陥る事態は当面回避できる見通しとなった。 一方、ギリシャ債務削減の一環として注目されたユーロ圏による同国向け支援融資の一部債権放棄は、総選挙を来年に控え、世論の反発を懸念するドイツの反対で見送られた。

フィナンシャル・タイムズ・ドイツ版、12月7日で廃刊へ - WSJ日本版


「UBS」に罰金39億円などの処分 NHKニュース


アメリカで言われる「財政の崖」とは何? : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


ヴィクトリアがイギリスで家探し、ベッカム一家完全帰国か - 楽天woman


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News Headlines - 26 November 2012

First-time buyer numbers in London hit three-year high | guardian.co.uk

Ten thousand first-time buyers took out mortgages on properties in London from July to September, the highest number to buy a home in the capital during a single three-month period for almost three years.

UK floods: More than 200,000 households in high risk flood areas to become 'uninsurable' | Mail Online

More than 200,000 homes in areas facing a high flood risk could become uninsurable next year as a row between Government and the insurance industry reached crisis point today. Months of key funding talks between ministers and insurance companies are 'on the brink of collapse' just as parts of Britain suffered their worst flooding for 70 years.

Homes devastated by flood "I saw the water start to trickle through tiles then under my door" | Central - ITV News

One resident in the village of Kempsey, Worcestershire tells of the moment she woke to see flood water approaching the house.

UBS’s £29.7m penalty for failing to stop rogue trader Kweku Adoboli - London Evening Standard

One of the City’s biggest banks, UBS, was today fined £29.7 million by the FSA for failing to spot and stop rogue trader Kweku Adoboli who was jailed for fraud last week.

BBC News - UK 'could face austerity until 2018'

The chancellor may have to extend the squeeze on public spending until 2018 if the recent deterioration in growth prospects and tax receipts turns out to be permanent, a think tank has said.

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アメリカの政府関係者は匿名で、「オバマ大統領は、大統領選挙前に、この法案を可決しようとしていた」と語っています。 2008年にオバマ政権が誕生して以来、アメリカの無人機による他国への攻撃で、少なくとも250名が死亡しています。



アメリカでアンドロイドの読書端末を買ってみた - AndroWire

ニューヨークで、コンピュータ関係のショップで有名なところにJ&Rという店があります。もともとは、レコードなどを扱うショップだったのですが、家電を扱い、コンピュータなどの品揃えも充実していました。ところが、この店、いわゆる911のワールドトレードセンターのすぐ近く。2001年には、大変な状態だったと聞きます。筆者が最後に訪れたのはその翌年で、営業は再開していましたが、すぐ側には、跡地を囲う屏などができており、多くのビルは無人のままといった状態でした。 さて、久々に訪れてみましたが、少し品揃えが減っており、売り場も縮小状態でした

ロンドンで「ロシアンアート ウィーク」開幕: The Voice of Russia

ロンドンでは、オークションハウス「ボナムズ」、「クリステーズ」、「マクドゥーガル」、「サザビース」などが行っている恒例の「ロシアンアート ウィーク」が始まる。

“隠し撮り”で発覚 ゾウ虐待で有罪 イギリス


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News Headlines - 25 November 2012

Irish Daily Star editor resigns over topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge | guardian.co.uk

The editor of the Irish Daily star has resigned in the wake of controversy about his decision to publish topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge. Michael O'Kane had been suspended from duties since September after publication of the pictures, which were apparently taken with long lenses to avoid detection at a private chateau in Provence.

Divisive Election in Spain’s Catalonia Gives Win to Separatist Parties - NYTimes.com

Voters in Catalonia delivered victory to separatist parties in a regional election on Sunday, raising the likelihood that Spain’s most powerful economic region will hold an independence referendum that Madrid has vowed to block.

Republicans face unexpected challenges in coastal South amid shrinking white vote - The Washington Post

Election Day in the South told a newer and more surprising story: The nation’s first black president finished more strongly in the region than any other Democratic nominee in three decades, underscoring a fresh challenge for Republicans who rely on Southern whites as their base of national support.

French minister digs in for steel battle - FT.com

As someone who enjoys the limelight, Arnaud Montebourg, France’s telegenic industry minister, knows how to pick his battles. After months of public duelling with the Peugeot family over the carmaker’s decision to shut down its Aulnay plant outside Paris, the leftwing lawyer has turned his fire on Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian steel magnate and one of the world’s richest men.

China successfully launches remote sensing satellite - Xinhua | English.news.cn

The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center confirmed that China successfully launched the Yaogan XVI remote-sensing satellite into space at 12:06 a.m. Sunday.

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ドイツ銀共同CEO氏が感じるバンカーの孤独-信頼回復まだ - Bloomberg

銀行業界で働いていると言った途端に会話が途絶えてしまうと、ドイツ銀行 のアンシュー・ジェイン共同最高経営責任者(CEO)は嘆く。業界が変わりつつあると、人々はまだ信用していないようだ。

東京新聞:カタルーニャ州独立なら… バルサもスペインL離脱?


【鼓動】不況でも活況呈するロンドン不動産の秘密 安全求め流入する世界のマネー - MSN産経ニュース


ナタリー - Perfume初の海外ツアー、フィナーレを約3万人が目撃

Perfumeが初の海外ツアー「Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st」の最終公演として、昨日11月24日にシンガポール・SCAPEでライブを実施。この様子は日本全国の映画館67館や台湾のシネコンで同時生中継され、合計約2万8000人がスクリーンを通してライブを目撃した。

海外オタク見聞録:ドイツ語圏の人たちが日本のアニソンを流ちょうに歌うワケは? - ねとらぼ


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News Headlines - 24 November 2012

Masayoshi Son, Softbank Prepare for New Battle - WSJ.com

In Japan, Masayoshi Son is known as the eccentric Internet billionaire who upended the country's telecom industry. In the U.S., he is about to become the cash-strapped underdog who picked a fight with two corporate giants—AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless.

Hewlett-Packard: Down in the valley - FT.com

HP is vowing to focus on new technology and end the dealmaking that has put it deep in debt

Sumo succumbs to soccer in Japan - FT.com

It is not hard to find reasons for the lack of enthusiasm. The past few years have been disastrous for sumo’s reputation, with a series of scandals including the death during a hazing of a young trainee and revelations of widespread bout-fixing. In recent decades, young Japanese have increasingly been drawn away by baseball and soccer

BBC News - Namib Desert beetle inspires self-filling water bottle

A US start-up has turned to nature to help bring water to arid areas by drawing moisture from the air. NBD Nano aims to mimic the way a beetle survives in an African desert to create a self-filling water bottle capable of storing up to three litres every hour.

The Pacific island that never was | The Guardian

Sandy Island 'may turn up nearby' after geologists find no trace of it despite featuring on Google Earth and various maps

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ヨーロッパでイタリア料理の人気が上昇、仏料理は人気を落とす? 国際ニュース : AFPBB News


ドイツ経済紙FTD、12月7日で廃刊-広告減で赤字解消望めず - Bloomberg

ドイツのメディア企業ベルテルスマン傘下の出版社グルナー+ヤール(G+J)は、発刊以来12年にわたり不採算だった経済紙フィナンシャル・タイムズ・ドイツ版(FTD)の廃刊を決めた。G+Jが23日に電子メールで配布した資料によると、英紙フィナンシャル・タイムズ(FT)発行元の英ピアソン との合弁で2000年に発刊されたドイツ語版FTのFTDは、12月7日付が最後となる。

空を眺めて音楽を探すエールフランスのiPhoneアプリ「Air France Music」 | mifdesign_antenna


“缶詰にされたサーディンのようだ” 英国で東京の満員電車が話題 - ねとらぼ

イギリスの大衆紙「デイリー・メール」は19日、東京の満員電車に乗る乗客の写真を集めた写真集「東京コンプレッション」を紹介している。 撮影はドイツ出身のマイケル・ウルフ氏で、1995年の地下鉄サリン事件の取材で初めて来日し、東京の電車を経験した。それ以来、出勤時間の7時半から8時45分の間、満員電車に押し詰められている苦しい表情の人々の写真を15年間かけて撮り続け、今回の写真集になった。

戦争捕虜だったアメリカ人がヤクザ社会でのし上がっていく映画に、『ダークナイト・ライジング』のトム・ハーディが主演か? - シネマトゥデイ

『ジ・アウトサイダー(原題)』は、もともとワーナー・ブラザーズが企画していた作品であったが、映画化権のオプションが期限切れとなり、新たにシルヴァー・ピクチャーズが製作することになった作品。製作は、映画『ランナウェイズ』のジョン・リンソンが担当し、新人アンドリュー・ボールドウィンが執筆した脚本を映画化することになっている。 そのストーリーは、第二次世界大戦中に捕虜として日本に捕われていたアメリカ人が、戦後に日本に残りヤクザとして生き抜いていこうとする過程が描かれているそうだ。

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News Headlines - 23 November 2012

Economists, Obama administration at odds over role of mortgage debt in recovery - The Washington Post

One year and one month before President Obama won reelection, he invited seven of the world’s top economists to a private meeting in the Oval Office to hear their advice on what do to fix the ailing economy. “I’m not asking you to consider the political feasibility of things,” he told them in the previously unreported meeting.

Science budget cuts will threaten Europe's recovery, say research heads | The Guardian

The heads of some of the world's leading research organisations have warned the president of the European commission that cuts to the EU science budget will threaten the economic recovery of the region.

Violence in Egypt after Morsi assumes sweeping new powers - Telegraph

Violent protests broke out across Egypt today after the new Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, awarded himself wide-ranging powers over its political transition.

Eurozone slump costs 900 jobs in UK steel industry - The Independent

British workers were revealed as the latest victims of the eurozone recession yesterday, as Tata Steel yesterday announced it will cut 900 jobs across the UK, almost 4 per cent of its British workforce, in response to rising losses and plunging demand in its all-important European markets.

Harry Redknapp takes on toughest task in rescuing Queen's Park Rangers - The Independent

Harry Redknapp has joined Queen's Park Rangers on the understanding he will be allowed to invest in his side this January if he can get the team up the table before the transfer window and demonstrate to the club's owners there is a glimmer of hope that they can avoid relegation.

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コラム:独首相の予算案、日ごろの緊縮論忘れたようなバラマキ型 | Reuters


EU、2023年までに鉄道会社の分離目指す方針=FTドイツ版 | Reuters


英バークレイズ、ロンドン金属取引所の立会取引中止へ | Reuters

英銀行大手バークレイズ(BARC.L: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)は、ロンドン金属取引所(LME)の立会取引を取りやめることを計画している。LMEが22日明らかにした。……バークレイズはLMEでの会員権について詳しい言及を避けたが、顧客サービスを継続的に見直し、評価していると説明。

「英語を話さないなら死ね」、豪バスで歌ったフランス人女性に乗客が暴言 国際ニュース : AFPBB News


フランス映画界の鬼才が撮った『プライベート・ライアン』に肉迫するリアルな戦闘シーン! - ニュースウォーカー


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News Headlines - 22 November 2012

New BBC boss Lord Hall to earn £532,000 by drawing pension on top of salary - Telegraph

Lord Hall, the new director-general of the BBC, will earn £532,000 a year from the corporation because he already draws an £82,000 pension which will be added to his £450,000 salary, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Britain's first profit-making university opened - Telegraph

It is the first private university to be established since Buckingham – officially a charity – was awarded the full title almost 30 years ago. But it the first time a profit-making organisation has been turned into a university. The announcement was made as part of a controversial Government plan to create more diversity in the higher education system.

Sony and Panasonic given junk ratings - FT.com

Fitch has cut the credit ratings of Sony and Panasonic to junk, saying that the recovery of both companies rests on aggressive and far-reaching restructuring. The credit rating agency on Thursday downgraded Sony three notches to double B minus, from triple B minus and cut Panasonic two notches to double B, from triple B minus.

British woman faces jail for having sex in back of taxi in Dubai - Telegraph

A British woman was sentenced to three months in jail and then deportation after being convicted of having drunken sex in the back of taxi in Dubai.

BBC News - Facebook criticised over decision to stop public privacy votes

Facebook is set to remove the ability for users to vote on changes to its data privacy policy, in a move that has angered campaigners. In an email to all members, Facebook said it wanted a "more meaningful" way for users to give feedback.

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ガザ地区 停戦合意も予断許さず NHKニュース


イタリア議会下院、モンティ政権の予算案に賛成多数 - IBTimes

イタリア議会下院が21日に行った、モンティ政権の策定した最新の緊縮予算案承認に向けた第1回信任投票の結果は、賛成426票、反対88票となった。 政府の緊縮財政措置については同日にあと2回の信任投票が予定されており、パッケージは22日に下院で承認される見通し。

仏ルノー、スペインで車台製造へ 1300人を新規雇用 | Reuters


ドイツ・ポルシェミュージアムにて「ポルシェ デザイン40周年特別展」開催 | マイナビニュース

ポルシェ ジャパンはこのほど、ドイツのポルシェミュージアムで開催される特別展について発表した。「ポルシェ デザインスタジオ」の設立40周年を記念したこの特別展で、高級ブランドのひとつに成長したポルシェデザインブランドを体感できる。

オンリーワンなアメリカ映画界の異端児、ガス・ヴァン・サント監督の世界とは? - シネマトゥデイ


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News Headlines - 21 November 2012

The economy: Doing so-so | The Economist

Not all public spending is wasted. But it is striking that 15 years ago public spending as a proportion of GDP was at similar levels in France and Germany and much higher in Sweden, whereas now France’s public spending, at almost 57% of GDP, is more than five points above Sweden’s and almost ten points above Germany’s (see chart 2). It is not obvious that French citizens reap commensurate extra benefits. France has 90 civil servants for every 1,000 inhabitants (compared with just 50 in Germany), which adds up to a huge 22% of the workforce, far above the European average.

California town learns to live on less after falling off its own fiscal cliff | guardian.co.uk

The nation's fiscal cliff nightmare played out in miniature form in the mountain town of Mammoth Lakes. But four months on, residents there say they have settled into acceptance

Newcastle council forced to slash jobs and close libraries | The Guardian

Newcastle city council has announced plans to reduce its budget by cutting at least 1,300 jobs, closing libraries around the city and taking other cost-saving measures. The Labour-controlled authority, which is one of the largest employers in north-east England, placed much of the blame on a "grossly unfair" cut to its government grant and said that the move is designed to reduce its budget by £90m.

Vince Cable to announce 'earn or learn' scheme for school leavers | The Guardian

Coalition plans to make it more difficult for 18- to 21-year-olds to go straight on to benefits after school, and instead require them to work or study, are to be announced by the business secretary, Vince Cable.

BBC News - The Pope publishes final instalment of life of Jesus

The third and final instalment of Pope Benedict's biography of Jesus is published on Wednesday. One million copies of the book, Jesus of Nazereth: The Infancy Narratives, have been printed in eight languages.

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フランス格下げでドイツさらに優位、政治的発言力もアップか - Bloomberg


クレディ・スイス、プライベートバンクと資産運用部門を統合 - WSJ日本版


日立、原発で一世一代の大勝負 リスク覚悟、自社製海外建設の勝算は - MSN産経ニュース


やっぱりやめられない!? 原発ビジネス 「イギリス・リトアニア・ベトナム」にどっぷり浸かる 日立の打算(2) - リアルライブ

その背景にあるのが2011年度に1600億円だった原子力事業の売上高を、'20年度には2倍超の3600億円に拡大させようとの計画である。日立はハードディスク駆動装置や中小型液晶パネルなど、不採算事業のリストラに大ナタを振るったが、巨大市場が見込める原子力事業は聖域として温存した。国内市場の拡大が絶望的になった今、世間からどう陰口を叩かれようと原発との心中に舵を切ったといえば話は早い。 ホライズンの買収と、正式受注が秒読み段階を迎えたリトアニアの陰に隠れているが、日立はフィンランド、カナダ、ポーランド、ベトナムなどでも受注活動を展開している。同社単独のケースもあれば、原発事業でタッグを組む米ゼネラル・エレクトリック(GE)との二人三脚で交渉しているケースもある。各国の電力事情も絡んで対応はさまざまだが、ライバル陣営が「そこまでやるか」と目を剥くのがベトナムで打ち込んだ強力なクサビである。

サッカー=元フランス代表監督、著書でリベリらを非難 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 20 November 2012

MPs' expenses cover-up: Former defence minister 'rents London flat from footballer Frank Lampard while letting out his own home' | Mail Online

A Tory ex-minister caught out by the expenses scandal is now using taxpayer money to rent a flat from footballer Frank Lampard - while letting out his own London home. Former defence minister Sir Peter Luff is living in the flat owned by the Chelsea footballer for up to £1,600 a month, despite owning a home in the capital.

BBC Sport - David Beckham to quit LA Galaxy next month

Former England captain David Beckham is leaving Los Angeles Galaxy next month after six years at the American Major League Soccer (MLS) club. He intends to quit after the season-ending MLS Cup final on 1 December. In a statement Beckham, 37, said: "I wanted to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career."

Prince William tops Royal popularity poll as 90% of Britons believe Queen is doing a good job | Mail Online

Prince William has become the most popular royal in recent history, according to a new poll. The 30-year-old is, remarkably, streaks ahead of the Queen, who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year, wife Kate and even his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince Harry is rated the third most popular royal, demonstrating just how important the younger royals have already become when weighing up the future of the monarchy.

AC/DC end iTunes boycott to offer entire back catalogue online | Metro.co.uk

Rockers AC/DC have finally bowed to Apple’s might and allowed their entire back catalogue to be released on iTunes. Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/music/918431-ac-dc-end-itunes-boycott-to-offer-entire-back-catalogue-online#ixzz2ClreLONx

France stripped of prized 'AAA' credit rating by Moody's - Telegraph

France has suffered a serious blow to its economic credentials after being stripped of its prized AAA credit rating by Moody’s.

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スペイン1月に支援要請か 来年、21.5兆円の国債発行必要 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


スペインの銀行不良債権比率、9月は過去最悪の10.7%に | Reuters



フランスは長年、競争力をドイツに奪われてきた。さらに、ドイツがコストを削減し、大規模な改革を推し進めたことで、その傾向は加速している。通貨切り下げという選択肢を持たないため、フランスは公的支出と債務に頼ってきた。 ほかのEU諸国が政府の役割を抑えてきたのに、フランスでは公的支出が国内総生産(GDP)の57%近くを占めるまでに増加してきた。この割合はユーロ圏で最大だ。1981年以降、財政を均衡させた年は1度もなく、81年当時はGDP比22%だった公的債務が今や90%を超えるまでに膨らんでいる。



イタリア男性に学ぶ「ミスマッチ」 - WSJ日本版

ファッションにうるさい人物を捕まえて「spezzato(スペッツァート)」の意味を知っているかと尋ねてみて欲しい。その人はきっと額に深い皺を寄せるだろう。ミラノとフィレンツェのメンズファッションショー期間中に撮影された粋な男性 イタリア以外ではファッション業界のベテランでもこの言葉を知る者は多くない。このイタリア語は「二つに割れた」の意味。ジャケットに全然合わないパンツを合わせるもの。ブレザーにカーキーのコットンパンツやジーンズを合わせるのもその一種と言えるかもしれない。しかし今では一般的で目新しくもない。つまりフォーマルさを打ち出す一方、調和のバランスも取れたコントラストも付けている。

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News Headlines - 19 November 2012

Noda defends BoJ’s independence - FT.com

Japan’s prime minister has defended the independence of the central bank against calls for dramatic government-led monetary easing from an opposition party that opinion polls say could oust his ruling party at an election next month.

BBC News - US President Obama hails Burma's 'remarkable journey'

Burma is on a "remarkable journey" of reform that has much further to go, Barack Obama said as he made the first visit to the South East Asian nation by a serving US president.

Skyfall's Daniel Craig drops in on British troops in Afghanistan | guardian.co.uk

Daniel Craig has paid a morale-boosting visit to British troops serving in Afghanistan as the latest 007 film, Skyfall, became the highest-grossing James Bond film of all time over the weekend.

BBC News - Fugitive McAfee blogs on the run from Belize police

The founder of anti-virus software maker McAfee has gone on the run in Belize following a police investigation into the murder of his neighbour.

U.S. ITC will review Apple, Samsung patent decision | Reuters

The U.S. International Trade Commission will review a judge's decision which found that Apple did not violate patents owned by Samsung Electronics in making the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

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FNNニュース: 沖縄・米兵住居侵入 逮捕のアメリカ兵を那覇地検に送検


イタリア「水の都」ベネチアが記録的な大雨被害 ー浸水対策に可動式堤防設置を計画 | 世界の水事情


スペインで住宅買えば在留許可が付いてくる-政府が検討中 - Bloomberg


スペイン:26万円以上の現金決済を禁止、脱税防止策の一環 - Bloomberg


北欧航空大手SAS、大半の労組が経費削減策に合意 - WSJ日本版


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News Headlines - 18 November 2012

Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Generations of a Palestinian Family - NYTimes.com

An Israeli bomb pummeled a home deep into the ground here Sunday afternoon, killing 11 people, including nine in three generations of a single family, in the deadliest single strike since the cross-border conflict between Israel and the militant faction Hamas escalated on Wednesday.

Obama: Gaza Crisis Poses More Damage to Mideast Peace Efforts

President Barack Obama says he continues to work to achieve a negotiated solution to the crisis between Israel, and Hamas in Gaza.

BBC News - PM to crack down on 'time-wasting' appeals

David Cameron has promised to crack down on "time-wasting" caused by the "massive growth industry" in legal challenges to government policy.

French Right descends into farce with bitter battle to become Sarkozy's heir - Telegraph

A bitter election battle to succeed Nicolas Sarkozy as new leader of France’s main centre-Right party, UMP, has gone down to the wire in a contest that could decide whether or not the group swings farther Right.

Hitachi Shows Japan Inc. Losing TVs Raises Profits - Bloomberg

Hitachi Ltd. (6501) is showing Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. (6752) that there can be life after TV.

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ロンドン五輪の経験、リオデジャネイロに 引き継ぎ会議始まる  :日本経済新聞


ロンドンでシリア国民連合との会合、協力の方策を合意: The Voice of Russia


所得税75%の衝撃~フランスの富裕層脱出にみる日本の将来~ | ZUU-ONLINE


株式会社アライアンス:ドイツ発のフィットネスマシン「milon」が日本初登場 - 共同通信PRワイヤー47NEWS

「milon」は、ドイツのメーカーmilon industries GmbHが開発した、全く新しい機能と利便性を兼ねた筋力マシンで、ヨーロッパのフィットネスクラブで注目を集めています。最大の特徴は、短縮性筋活動と伸張性筋活動を同時に鍛える機能で、電動モーターの回転に抵抗する力を負荷に変換する発想に基づく斬新なコンセプトのトレーニングマシンです。

スイスのデザインが集う国際巡回展、開催中 | Tokyo Art Beat


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News Headlines - 17 November 2012

Israel, Hamas Exchange Fierce Attacks

The Israeli military carried out more than 200 air strikes on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Saturday, targeting government buildings including the office of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and the Hamas Cabinet. Haniyeh was not there at the time. 

Arab League Presses For Ceasefire In Israel

The Egyptian President says there are "indications" a ceasefire could be reached as missile strikes continue in Israel and Gaza.

Watchdog starts inquiry into police election farce - Telegraph

Tony Hogg was named police commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, ending a series of declarations that were badly overshadowed by the tiny turnout of voters for the first elections to the posts. An inquiry is now being carried out by the Electoral Commission into the turnout, which averaged fractionally under 15 per cent across England and Wales. In one polling station in Wales no votes were cast, and in Staffordshire just 11.6 per cent of electors voted.

Two Minor Parties Merge Ahead of Japan Election - WSJ.com

Two minor parties led by local Japanese politicians—who have stirred controversy with hawkish views on matters ranging from relations with China to Japan's wartime past—formally merged Saturday as campaigning for the Dec. 16 national election ground into gear.

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - Yen posts worst week since Feb vs dollar

The yen recovered slightly on Friday but posted its worst weekly performance against the dollar since mid-February as expectations of aggressive monetary easing from the Bank of Japan diminished the currency’s appeal.

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イスラエル、7万5000人の予備役兵動員を承認 地上侵攻への備えか - WSJ日本版


米政府も選挙の行方を注視 NHKニュース


欧州10月新車販売4.6%減 ルノーなど不振 景気後退で買い控え - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


日本人写真家の作品がアメリカでも話題に - ねとらぼ


朝日新聞デジタル:清水宏が、爆笑の英エジンバラ公演凱旋ライブを開催 - ぴあニュース - 映画・音楽・芸能


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News Headlines - 16 November 2012

BBC News - Who will dictate Europe's future?

Which country holds the key to the euro's fate? Which of the 17 members will turn out to be the "pivot state" - the country around which the future of the eurozone will turn?

Business Line : Japan PM dissolves lower house for election

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda dissolved the lower house of parliament today for an election next month, in a political gamble widely expected to strip his centre-left party of power.

Comet closing down sales to start on Saturday | The Guardian

Closing down sales will start in around 30 Comet stores on Saturday as administrators prepare the ground for the first wave of redundancies among store staff.

NASA locates most distant galaxy ever discovered - Telegraph

Light from the newly discovered galaxy, which astronomers have named MACS0647-JD, reached Earth after travelling across space for 13.3 billion years. It provides a window on what the galaxy looked like just 420 million years after the big bang, when the universe was only three per cent of its current age.

Kylie Minogue to sing on Children In Need - Telegraph

The BBC will hold its "biggest ever" Children in Need appeal today with the wreckage caused at the corporation by the Jimmy Savile paedophilia scandal as a backdrop.

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ドイツ銀:最大1550億円の賠償支払いも-キルヒ破綻関連訴訟 - Bloomberg




新たに生存者8万人に補償金 ホロコーストでドイツ - MSN産経ニュース


キーワード解説:日本でも普及するか?「洋上風力発電」 - スマートジャパン



デンマークのファニチャーメーカー「ボーコンセプト」で開催中のホンマタカシ写真展「北欧建築とか。」。ライフデザイン・マガジン カーサ ブルータスのために、写真家のホンマタカシ氏が撮影した北欧建築の写真が、ボーコンセプトの店内に展示される本展は、ホンマ氏の写真とデンマーク生まれの家具とのコラボレーションといった趣きのあるエキシビションとなっている。

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News Headlines - 15 November 2012

Israeli Strike Kills Hamas Commander - WSJ.com

Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with artillery shells and about 20 airstrikes on Wednesday, killing Hamas's top military commander and at least seven other people in the most violent assault on the coastal territory in four years.

Xi Jinping anointed China’s new leader - FT.com

Xi Jinping was anointed as the new head of the Communist Party of China on Thursday, taking charge of a relatively conservative leadership team that is considered reluctant to embrace any major new economic or political reforms.

Warning on £66bn public bank stakes - FT.com

Taxpayers may never see the return of the £66bn spent on shares in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group four years ago, an influential group of MPs warns on Friday.

BP to Plead Guilty to Felonies, Pay $4.5 Billion in Spill - WSJ.com

BP PLC agreed to accept criminal responsibility for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster that killed 11 workers and to pay $4.5 billion in fines and restitution, the biggest penalty ever levied by the U.S. Justice Department.

Japan firms struggle to recruit foreigners

There are plenty of major Japanese companies that can offer decent pay, benefits and job security. But when it comes to attracting top young international talent, Japanese employers are aware that the tide is against them. This is especially true in the high-tech world where Japan is no longer considered to be on the cutting edge of cool.

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オマーン戦勝利後、渋谷は大混乱 「日本人は民度低すぎ」「田舎者が調子に乗るな」の声も - livedoor スポーツ



欧州各地で数百万人の労働者が、政府支出の削減は経済危機を悪化させたとして、抗議ストやデモを行った。スペインやイタリアでは14日、警察と抗議参加者が衝突した。 数百もの航空便が欠航し、自動車工場や港は操業停止状態、労働組合がゼネストを行うスペインやポルトガルでは列車もほとんど運行されていない。

CNN.co.jp : ユーロ圏、7~9月期GDP0.1%減 2期連続マイナスに


ドイツはゴール判定機器導入見送り ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


イギリス・ロンドン、「ロンドン・ダンジョン」場所移転に | トラベルビジョン

イギリス史実の恐怖事件を蝋人形で再現したアトラクション「ロンドン・ダンジョン」は、現在のロンドン・ブリッジ駅そばの Tooley Streetから、ロンドン・アイそば、ロンドン水族館に隣接する South Bankへ移転いたします。

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News Headlines - 14 November 2012

BBC News - FBI search Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell's home

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching the home of the woman who had an extramarital affair with former CIA director David Petraeus.

BBC News - Government 'determined' to deport Abu Qatada - Clegg

The deputy prime minister has said the government is "absolutely determined" to deport Muslim cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan to face terrorism charges.

Government backlash over death of woman refused abortion in Ireland | Metro.co.uk

Ireland prime minister Enda Kenny has refused to commit to abortion reforms amid growing backlash over the death of a woman allegedly refused an abortion on religious grounds.

China names conservative, older leadership | Reuters

China's ruling Communist Party unveiled an older, conservative leadership line-up on Thursday that appears unlikely to take the drastic action needed to tackle pressing issues like social unrest, environmental degradation and corruption.

Japan set for December elections | guardian.co.uk

In a heated exchange on Wednesday, Noda told Shinzo Abe, leader of the main opposition Liberal Democratic party (LDP), he would call an election for 16 December. In return, the LDP would have to vote for plans to shrink the number of seats in the lower house and address the disparity in the weight of rural and urban votes. "We have to achieve that as soon as possible," Noda said. "We must make a decision and set a deadline. Let's do it."

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初音ミクは「世界で最も偽者」のポップスター 米CBSのニュースサイトが「炎上」 : J-CASTニュース

アメリカの3大ネットワークの一つ、CBSがニュースサイトで「初音ミクは世界で最も偽者のポップスターだ(Hatsune Miku The world's fakest pop star)」という記事を掲載したところ、「ミクは偽者じゃない!」「CBSは世界中を怒らせた」「この記事を書いた記者を殺す」などといった批判とCBSに謝罪を求める書き込みが殺到し、記事のコメント欄が「炎上」している。

グーグル、名誉毀損で豪裁判所に20万豪ドルの支払い命じられる - WSJ日本版


英議会、法人税回避めぐりグーグルなど米国3社を追及 - WSJ日本版


TPP、日本出遅れ鮮明 メキシコ、カナダ正式参加  - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)




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News Headlines - 13 November 2012

Hatsune Miku: The world's fakest pop star - CBS News

Hatsune Miku is the rarest kind of pop star. She is enduringly popular in her native country of Japan. She has never been photographed stumbling out of night clubs in the early hours of the morning, and never had issues with drugs or alcohol. She has, in fact, never been seen outside of her concerts at all. This is because Miku is also the fakest kind of pop star. She is a hologram.

AFP: Australian wins $208k from Google for defamation

Google was ordered to pay Aus$200,000 (US$208,000) in damages to an Australian Monday after a jury found the Internet giant defamed him by publishing material linking him to mobsters. Milorad Trkulja, an entertainment promoter who is now 62, was shot in the back in 2004 in a crime that was never solved. He accused Google of defaming him with material which he said implied he was a major crime figure in Melbourne and had been the target of a professional hit.

Amazon, Google and Starbucks face questions on UK tax avoidance: as it happened - Telegraph

Executives from Amazon, Google and Starbucks give evidence before the Public Accounts Committee on the issue of tax avoidance.

Julie Larson-Green appointed president of Microsoft after Steven Sinofsky resigns | Mail Online

The software giant announced on Monday that Steven Sinofsky, who was in charge of the development and recent launch of Microsoft's operating system Windows 8, was resigning. The company did not give a reason for his shock departure, but said the decision was mutual.

BBC News - FBI search Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell's home

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching the home of the woman who had an extramarital affair with former CIA director David Petraeus.

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ロンドン塔に侵入者 王室ゆかりの貴重な品々…英国社会に衝撃 - MSN産経ニュース


「空飛ぶシビック」がアメリカで製造中! - MSN産経ニュース


米 世界最大の産油国になる見通し NHKニュース


NYタイムズ、「電子版」が「紙」を抜いた それでも経営は「低空飛行」続く : J-CASTニュース


スカンジナビア航空、政府保証融資の確保に向け6000人削減へ | Reuters


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News Headlines - 12 November 2012

Greece’s debt burden: How to end the agony | The Economist

The experience of dozens of debt-ridden countries in Latin America and Africa holds lessons that Greece’s rescuers ought to heed. For years, the IMF and rich-world governments tried to help them with short-term rescue loans. But the most indebted started to recover only when their debts, including those owed to official creditors, were slashed. In Europe, Poland also provides a precedent: its economy took off in the 1990s after it too was given a break by its creditors.

Japan nears fifth recession in 15 years - FT.com

The Japanese economy has shrunk at its fastest pace since the earthquake-hit first quarter of 2011, piling pressure on the government to try to avert recession.

Davie moves to restore trust in BBC - FT.com

The acting director-general of the BBC has moved swiftly to restore trust in the broadcaster’s crisis-hit news operation following the sudden departure of the director-general. Tim Davie sidelined Helen Boaden, the head of news, and Stephen Mitchell, her deputy, on his second day in the job, stressing the need to be crystal clear who was running the BBC’s news operation following a series of revelations linked to its Newsnight programme.

Former Falklands Island governor Sir Rex Hunt dies, aged 86 | guardian.co.uk

Governor was famed for dressing in full uniform and refusing to shake Argentinian general's hand after 1982 Falklands invasion

Roman Abramovich must splash out on new striker after Fernando Torres flops again - London Evening Standard

Hit-man Falcao could be the answer up front as Chelsea’s rivals edge ahead in the title race thanks to their prolific marksmen

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アストン・マーチン売却か 007愛車、トヨタも候補 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


FNNニュース: 遠隔PC犯罪予告事件 アメリカに捜査員派遣し、発信元特定へ


CNN.co.jp : イベリア航空が職員22%削減か、スペイン債務危機など受け


ロンドン、金融部門従事者数世界一をNYに明け渡す=調査 - WSJ日本版


欧州財政、独など北部も緊縮予算 南欧との格差なお  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 11 November 2012

BBC director-general Entwistle resigns - FT.com

George Entwistle has resigned as director-general of the BBC saying it was the “honourable thing” to do in light of a series of journalistic scandals that have racked the broadcaster. Mr Entwistle had been in the post only since September 17.

Jimmy Savile: police arrest third man over historic sex abuse allegations - Telegraph

Detectives investigating child abuse allegations in the wake of revelations about Sir Jimmy Savile today arrested a man in his 70s “on suspicion of sexual offences”.

Power exports peak, despite nuclear phase-out | Germany | DW.DE | 11.11.2012

Renewable energy sources are booming in Germany, and electric utilities exported more power in 2012 than ever before. But energy experts warn that what sounds like progress has its downsides.

Royal Mail profits to jump and open door for IPO - Telegraph

Officials and bankers working on the sale say Tuesday’s figures are the crucial test of whether the business will be ready for a float in the third quarter of next year, which could raise £2bn, reports the Sunday Times.

Japan fears losing control of water as investors buy amid real estate's price slump - Asia - World - The Independent

A two-decade slump in Japan's real estate prices, an incomplete land registry and lax rules on buying forest with water rights are attracting investors led by China and come amid a fraying of ties between the two countries over a territorial dispute. Some areas of remote woodland in Japan, the only country in the Asia-Pacific region that doesn't regulate property investment by foreigners, can be bought for 60 U.S. cents a square meter including groundwater.

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CNN.co.jp : 英BBC会長が辞任、児童虐待巡る誤報で引責 就任から2カ月


PSY、イギリスでギネス認定書を受け取る“生涯初” - 韓流・韓国芸能ニュースはKstyle

歌手PSY(サイ)が、イギリスでギネス世界記録(GWR)に認定された証明書を受け取った。 8日(現地時刻)、GWRの公式サイトには、「PSYが『江南(カンナム)スタイル』でギネス世界記録証明書を受け取る(PSY RECEIVES GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS CERTIFICATE FOR GANGNAM STYLE)」というニュースが掲載され、認定書を持っているPSYの写真も共に公開された。

アップル HTCと特許で和解 NHKニュース


ドイツ、13年は若者とワーグナー、グリムに焦点-電力関連も | トラベルビジョン


ドイツ人住職が日本人に伝える禅の教え - 加賀見 徹 | BOOK.asahi.com


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News Headlines - 10 November 2012

David Petraeus Affair: FBI Probe Uncovers 'Human Drama' - ABC News

A disturbing email sent to a woman associated with Gen. David Petraeus spurred an FBI investigation that ultimately traced the message back to the inbox of Petraeus' biographer, Paula Broadwell, where authorities discovered intimate emails she had exchanged with the CIA director, who has since resigned.

Administrator axes 330 jobs at collapsed Comet - The Independent

The administrator to Comet has made more than 300 of the failed electricals chain's staff redundant, although its stores remain open for a "massive stock liquidation".

Everyone can pay lip service to living wages - FT.com

‘London’s “living wage” will rise by 25p to £8.55 an hour, Boris Johnson, the capital’s mayor said on Monday, as Labour was set to announce proposals to give businesses tax breaks for paying the wage.’

BBC News - Climate change threat to Arabica coffee crops

Climate change could severely reduce the areas suitable for wild Arabica coffee before the end of the century. That is the conclusion of work by a UK-Ethiopian team published in the academic journal Plos One.

UK government to invest extra £300m in space science research | guardian.co.uk

The UK will host the European Space Agency's headquarters for telecoms satellite monitoring, the chancellor George Osborne announced on Friday. The move is part of an extra £300m to be invested in space science research by the government over the next five years.

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銃撃された少女にノーベル平和賞を NHKニュース


焦点:ドイツ産業界、米エネルギー価格下落による競争力低下を懸念 | Reuters




FNNニュース: アメリカ西海岸で「震災漂着物」に思わぬ人気が集まっています。


独ボッシュ、デンソー株すべて売却 業務提携関係は継続  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 09 November 2010

David Cameron ambushed by Phillip Schofield on This Morning with list of alleged Tory child abusers | Metro.co.uk

David Cameron has warned unfounded accusations of child abuse against Conservative Party politicians could turn into a gay 'witch hunt' after being confronted with a list of alleged paedophiles by Phillip Schofield on ITV1's This Morning.

BBC director general George Entwistle says Newsnight's report wrongly implicating Lord McAlpine in child abuse scandal should not have been broadcast - The Independent

A BBC report which wrongly implicated the former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine in child abuse should never have been broadcast, the corporation's director general said today. George Entwistle described the Newsnight report on the North Wales children's home scandal as "unacceptable".

Barclays probed by US over Saudi banking licence - Telegraph

Officials at the Department of Justice are examining how the UK bank got a licence to run investment banking and wealth management operations in the Gulf country in 2009, the Financial Times reported on Friday night.

Apple Slammed In Samsung High Court Case

Apple has been criticised for its conduct by senior judges at London's Court of Appeal. The iPhone and iPad maker published "false and misleading" material, Sir Robin Jacob said, adding that bosses showed a "lack of integrity". His written statement came after Apple was ordered to post a new statement on its website acknowledging it had lost an earlier legal fight with Samsung.

Japan’s Premier May Announce Plan to Join Free Trade Pact - NYTimes.com

In a possible gambit to reverse his governing party’s flagging fortunes, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda may soon declare Japan’s intent to join an ambitious pan-Pacific free trade agreement, and then call a snap election in which the party would campaign on that move.

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[FT]競争力強化にかじを切ったフランス  :日本経済新聞


ロンドン金融街、13年に1.3万人のレイオフへ=業界調査 | Reuters




スズキはなぜアメリカで売れなかったのか? 北米での四輪事業撤退の背景を分析する|ダイヤモンド・オンライン




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News Headlines - 08 November 2012

Video - Minorities, Higher-Income Whites Emerge as Democratic Stronghold - WSJ.com

Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest men ever to run for president. And yet the lack of money earlier this year stalled his campaign, and he never really recovered.

The economy and the election: The macroeconomics mandate | The Economist

HAD Barack Obama lost to Mitt Romney yesterday, the explanation would have barely taken up a sentence: the economy defeated him. Mr Romney’s mission from day one was simple. Pound home the message that Mr Obama took a bad economy and made it worse, and leave the facts to do the rest: unemployment stuck at around 8% and four straight years of trillion-dollar deficits. That Mr Obama won is thus a victory not just for him personally but for macroeconomics.

Plagiarism exposed in Romanian grant applications : Nature

Earlier this year, Nature exposed a series of plagiarism scandals in Romania that implicated the country's prime minister Victor Ponta, a former research minister and university leaders. Now evidence is emerging of plagiarism in applications for public grant money.

Celtic 2-1 Barcelona | Champions League Group G match report | The Guardian

A day after Celtic officially recognised the 125th anniversary of their foundation, the class of 2012 delivered one of the finest European results in the club's history.

Japanese grandmother arrested over series of murders - Telegraph

A 64-year-old Japanese grandmother has been accused of leading her family in a series of grisly murders of her own relatives, in a case that has transfixed the country.

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米大統領選:オバマ氏再選 勝利演説で「一つの国家」 共和党と結束決意- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


米国株急反落、ダウ312ドル安 財政の崖など警戒 金融株に売り :日本経済新聞


南欧、13年もマイナス成長続く 欧州委経済見通し  :日本経済新聞


日米財界人会議 経済先行きに懸念 NHKニュース


『007 スカイフォール』が『ハリポタ』最終作超え!イギリスでの公開1週間の興収が歴代最高 - シネマトゥデイ

007シリーズ最新作『007 スカイフォール』の公開1週間のイギリス国内での興行収入が3,720万ポンド(約48億3,600万円)となり、歴代最高記録を更新したことがわかった。Hollywood Reporterなどが報じている。(1ポンド130円計算)

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News Headlines - 07 November 2012

'Anonymous' hacktivist arrested after attacks on Home Office websites - The Independent

A 41-year-old man has been arrested in connection with attacks on the websites of Theresa May and the Home Office, which were believed to have been carried out by members of the "hacktivist" group Anonymous.

Poisoned Brit was ‘MI6 spy in China’ | The Sun

THE British businessman murdered by the wife of a top Chinese politician was passing information on the couple to MI6, it was claimed last night. Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4631506/Poisoned-Brit-was-MI6-spy-in-China.html#ixzz2BYdYd7Hh

Sellafield Nuclear Waste Storage Warning

Hazardous waste being stored in run-down buildings at Sellafield nuclear plant is posing "intolerable risks to people and the environment", a watchdog has warned.

Pearson denies FT is up for sale - The Independent

The owner of the Financial Times was forced into taking the unprecedented step of denying reports that it is exploring a £1bn sale of the newspaper, according to reports that emerged last night.

Vogue Hommes Japan folds - Telegraph

Fashion director Nicola Formichetti has announced that the autumn/winter 2012 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan will be the last. Men's style bible Vogue Hommes Japan will cease publication following its autumn/winter 2012 issue. The magazine was launched in September 2008 as the Japanese counterpart to the long-running and highly-respected L'Uomo Vogue , the Italian Vogue for men.

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米大統領選挙 開票始まる NHKニュース




独経済指標、ユーロ圏危機の影響色濃く反映 | Reuters


水説:ドイツの金は無事か=潮田道夫- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


米ファイザー第3四半期、売上高が予想下回る | Reuters


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News Headlines - 06 November 2012

Apple’s share of tablet market slips - FT.com

Apple’s share of the global tablet market has fallen from two-thirds to a half in the past six months, market researchers say, raising the stakes for its new iPad mini against a slew of new challengers using Google’s Android and Microsoft's Windows software.

US Election guide: how does the election work? - Telegraph

Our guide to the votes, the money and the strategy as Mitt Romney and Barack Obama battle in the US election.

BBC News - Firework rocket display goes wrong

A community council has apologised to locals in an Edinburgh neighbourhood after a fireworks display went wrong. A rocket at the Pentland community centre display misfired and ricocheted into the remaining undetonated fireworks setting them off all at once.

UFO enthusiasts admit the truth may not be out there after all - Telegraph

Declining numbers of “flying saucer” sightings and failure to establish proof of alien existence has led UFO enthusiasts to admit they might not exist after all.

BBC News - Scotland's seabird numbers continue to decline

Scotland's seabird numbers have continued to decline over the last 25 years a new report by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has confirmed.

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ドイツ連立与党が社会保障制度の変更で合意、来年の総選挙控え | ニューズウィーク日本版


ドイツ2年債がマイナス利回り-ギリシャの緊縮策採決控え - Bloomberg


スズキ、米本土から四輪車撤退 子会社の更生申請を機に - MSN産経ニュース



米陸軍からの熱心な要望を受け、訓練参加している第十師団第三十三普通科連隊が三重県を本拠地とする縁もあって、三重県伊賀市の伊賀流忍者博物館で忍術を披露する「伊賀忍者特殊軍団 阿修羅」のメンバー五人が出演した。

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News Headlines - 05 November 2012

Bad press : Japan’s media have played a large part in exacerbating the effects of a fraud.

The poor quality of journalism that led to the story being so widely reported was not an isolated incident in the coverage of science, in Japan or elsewhere. The Yomiuri Shimbun’s presentation of Moriguchi’s ‘accomplishments’ was particularly disappointing. But other newspapers, including the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, have now admitted to having run unverified stories about Moriguchi over the past decade. Given the esoteric nature of the studies involved, reporting on science can be intimidating. So here are some practical steps to help a journalist challenge a specialist.

David Cameron 'should publish secret messages' with Rebekah Brooks - Telegraph

David Cameron is facing calls to publish up to 150 secret emails and text messages with Rebekah Brooks after the leak of more embarrassing correspondence with the former newspaper executive.

HSBC bill for money laundering may top $1.5bn - IFAonline

Britain's largest bank HSBC has set aside an extra $800m to cover settlements for breaching anti money-laundering rules in the US. The bank, which had already set aside $700m to cover the scandal, outlined the extension in its third-quarter results.

Sandy-afflicted areas seek to shelter homeless as new storm brews - latimes.com

With a freeze expected Monday and another storm on the horizon, New York and New Jersey struggle to find shelter for those who lost homes.

Space Shuttle Enterprise damaged by Sandy at Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York | Mail Online

The Space Shuttle Enterprise, housed on the deck of an aircraft carrier in New York City, was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The shuttle prototype sustained minor damage to its vertical stabilizer, or tail. A small piece of foam came off, said a spokesman for the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The damage was confirmed Friday by both the museum and NASA. At the same time, shuttle Atlantis concluded its journey to retirement at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

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「サンディ」経済損失は4兆円…民間会社試算 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


ドイツ税収、過去最大の見通し 12年62兆円  :日本経済新聞

ドイツ財務省は、2012年の連邦政府や州政府、地方自治体などの税収が過去最大の6024億ユーロ(約62兆円)になる見通しだと発表した。11年に比べ290億ユーロ増える。5月時点予測の5965億ユーロを上方修正した。 欧州債務危機の中でもドイツ経済は堅調で、税収拡大に寄与した形。

東京新聞:ネオナチ事件発覚1年 「極右政党禁止」議論続くドイツ


伝書ばとの骨に英軍暗号文書か NHKニュース


朝日新聞デジタル:「007」最新作に軍艦島が登場 廃墟の島のモデルに


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News Headlines - 04 November 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney make final election push | The Observer

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Saturday began the last frantic days of campaigning in their battle for the White House by criss-crossing America's key swing states.

China wraps up key meeting with Bo Xilai expulsion | Reuters

Chinese leaders ended a key closed-door conclave on Sunday with a decision to formally expel disgraced politician Bo Xilai from the Communist Party, in a meeting which also promoted two senior military men and approved the party constitution's amendment.

Children's commissioner for Wales urges inquiry into abuse allegations | guardian.co.uk

The children's commissioner for Wales has said a new inquiry should be held into allegations that a senior Tory was involved in a paedophile ring three decades ago in order to avoid suggestions of a cover-up.

British bank RBS set to pay fine due to Libor rate fixing | FTC Publications Newswire Daily

UK’s biggest taxpayer-owned lender Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc said it will likely pay a fine in the next several months to settle with regulators’ investigating its involvement in manipulation of the London interbank offered rate.

Japan Regulators Seek Fresh Fine Against Japan Advisory - WSJ.com

Japanese regulators on Friday sought a fresh fine against Tokyo-based investment adviser Japan Advisory for allegedly trading on information gleaned from a research report compiled by Nomura Holdings Inc. 8604.TO +4.20% The case is the latest in Japan's ongoing crackdown on insider trading where employees at brokerages were found to have passed on non-public information to clients on share offerings.

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スペイン、本格救済を必要としない公算-フィンランド首相 - Bloomberg


FNNニュース: 投票日まであと3日、アメリカ大統領選挙の最新情勢分析です。


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 食べ物への偏見 - MSN産経ニュース


一般女性が最も憧れるヘアスタイルのセレブは? - ニュースウォーカー

プロのヘアケア商品を扱うイギリスの小売店が、オンラインFabriah.comのユーザー女性700人からアンケート調査を行った結果、最も憧れるヘアスタイルのセレブには、イギリスのキャサリン妃が選ばれた。 2位にはミック・ジャガーの元妻でモデルのジェリー・ホール、3位は歌手のシェリル・コール、4位はケリー・ブルック、5位にはビクトリア・ベッカムとアデルがそれぞれ選ばれた。

内田選手 ドイツリーグ戦初ゴール NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 03 November 2012

Japan nuclear safety team took utility money - Chicago Sun-Times

Members of a Japanese government team assigned to set reactor safety measures received funding from utility companies or atomic industry manufacturers, raising questions about the experts’ neutrality in the wake of last year’s tsunami-triggered nuclear disaster.

US election: Obama and Romney in frantic dash for final votes - Telegraph

The two men who would be president presented their closing arguments to the American people on Saturday, as they embarked on a frantic three-day dash for the finishing line in what is poised to be one of the closest contests ever seen in the United States.

Fractured recovery in NYC in superstorm's aftermath - CBC News

More New Yorkers were able to switch on their lights on Saturday for the first time since superstorm Sandy brought widespread devastation along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard but many are still without power and upset over what they say is a fractured response.

Tories at war over future of UK airports | The Times

David Cameron criticised Boris Johnson yesterday after he threatened to undermine a commission on the future of London’s airports before it had begun. The Prime Minister said that the Mayor of London was wrong to rule out a third runway at Heathrow on the morning that the panel charged with studying the aviation needs of the capital was announced.

BBC News - Alexander Litvinenko inquest 'may look at MI6 role'

The inquest into the death of murdered Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko could examine the possible role of British spies in his death.

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アメリカ大使館が大統領選挙の特番をニコ生で放送! 開票まで16時間ぶっ通し | マイナビニュース


監禁されたイギリスの女性がFacebookを使ってSOSを求め、無事救出される | マイナビニュース


【スライドショー】ロンドンの以前の公営住宅、現在では屈指の不動産物件に - WSJ日本版


フランスの若き鬼才監督、カンヌ常連の巨匠に激怒「ホラー好きを心底軽蔑している|MSN トピックス


ロンドン韓国映画祭開幕 オープニングは「泥棒たち」 - 聯合ニュース


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News Headlines - 02 November 2012

Freddie Starr released on police bail after arrest in Savile abuse inquiry | guardian.co.uk

The 69-year-old comic was arrested at 5.45pm on Thursday at his home in Warwickshire "on suspicion of sexual offences" and was taken into custody. He was released between 1am and 1.30am on Friday morning.

Denis MacShane resigns as MP over expenses | The Guardian

Denis MacShane, Britain's most tireless pro-European campaigner, ended his political career when he resigned from parliament after a cross-party committee of MPs called for him to be suspended from the House of Commons for 12 months after submitting false invoices.

Exam watchdog insulting us, say teacher unions - London Evening Standard

In a damning report, Ofqual said the problems with this summer’s English results were caused by teachers “significantly” over-marking pupils’ work to boost course work results.

US election hangs on a knife-edge - FT.com

Mitt Romney sharpened his attacks on Barack Obama after the final jobs report before Tuesday’s desperately tight election provided further evidence of a slow, but steady economic recovery.

BBC News - Japan protests to US over Okinawa 'assault'

Japan has protested to the US after another incident in Okinawa allegedly involving a member of the US military.

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官房長官 アメリカ側に申し入れ NHKニュース


ドイツ人は依然として日本人に好感  ベルテルスマンの世論調査 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)

ドイツ人は日本に対し圧倒的に好感を抱いており、競争相手とは見ていない。ますます強まっている国際的な、あるいはアジアからの競争に対してドイツはアジア諸国や日本との協力を強化すべきで、国益優先を主張すべきではない。これはドイツで最も影響力のある政策シンクタンク、ベルテルスマン財団(Bertelsmann Foundation)が最近行った世論調査の結果である。

スピード違反のバラックに100万円の罰金処分か - Goal.com


漫画家の松本零士氏がフランスの芸術文学勲章を授章 | マイナビニュース


日本板硝子、北欧の工場2カ所閉鎖 自動車向けの需要低迷 :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 01 November 2012

Burdens of Storm’s Damage Ease Slightly - NYTimes.com

Subways and buses started to roll again in some sections of New York City and cars jockeyed for passengers on Thursday, promising a commute slightly more fluid than Wednesday’s gridlock brought on by Hurricane Sandy.

GLOBAL ECONOMY-Asian factories, U.S. jobs show improvement | Reuters

Big Asian economies are slowly picking up after a year battling global headwinds, business surveys and data showed on Thursday, with renewed vim from China's factories and a rebound in South Korean exports.

Panasonic warns of second $10bn loss - FT.com

Panasonic has warned it will suffer a loss of nearly $10bn for the second consecutive year, discarding an earlier prediction that it would return to profit, in a move that underscores the deep and persistent problems facing Japan’s consumer electronics sector.

NI prison officer dies in ambush - The Irish Times

A long-serving Northern Ireland prison officer was murdered in a motorway ambush today in an attack which police are blaming on dissident republicans.

BBC Sport - Chelsea v Manchester United: 'Racist gesture by fan' investigated

Chelsea are investigating after reports a fan made a racist gesture in the League Cup win over Manchester United.

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ユーロ圏失業率、過去最悪 9月、0.1ポイント上昇11.6% - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ギリシャ協議、11月12日決着目指す=ユーログループ議長 | Reuters


ニューヨーク市場が取り引きを再開 NHKニュース




アメリカで反響を呼んだ、日系人の美徳を映し出す展覧会が日本に上陸 :PRONWEB WATCH

今から70年前のアメリカでは、それまで普通の生活を送っていた日系人が、日米の開戦により収容所に隔離され、厳しい生活を強いられた。生活物資すら満足に手に入らない状況の中で、人々は人間らしく生きるために、様々な美術工芸品や日用品を制作し、不安や苦悩を乗り越え未来へと希望をつないだという。  その彼らが作った作品が展示されるのが、11月3日(土・祝)から上野公園内の東京藝術大学大学美術館で開催される「尊厳の芸術展-The Art of GAMAN-」だ。

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