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News Headlines - 31 December 2012

Norovirus Cruise: 'Outbreaks' On Two Ships

More than 400 passengers and crew have been sick with vomiting and diarrhoea as suspected norovirus hits two cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean. Both luxury liners, the Queen Mary 2 and the Emerald Princess, reported the outbreak to the Centres for Disease Control, following guidelines that come into play when more than 2% of the passengers and crew are laid low.

Hillary Clinton suffers blood clot after fainting - Channel 4 News

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, is admitted to a hospital in New York with a blood clot linked to the concussion she suffered when she fainted with a stomach virus earlier this month.

EU could offer 'second class' membership to stop Britain leaving altogether | Mail Online

Britain would become a ‘second class’ member of the European Union under radical new plans to cut ties with Brussels. Federalists pushing for ever greater integration across the continent want to see the UK relegated to ‘associate member’ status. The move would see British MEPs scrapped, along with its commissioner and power to veto new rules.

Frank Lampard's Future At Chelsea In Doubt

Club rules mean Lampard, at 34, should not get another contract but the board should consider carefully before losing him.

New Year's Eve celebrations around the world: live - Telegraph

Fireworks, party poppers and champage at the ready: join us as we celebrate New Year's Eve celebrations around the world.

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麻生財務相:通貨安にしているわけではない - Bloomberg


TPP 日本周回遅れの危機 - MSN産経ニュース


米判事「サムスンは携帯電話販売額の88%をアップルに支払え」 | 中央日報


シャープ、伊・太陽電池合弁解消へ 株売却で欧米撤退 - MSN産経ニュース


スターバックスがコーヒーの量を減らしていた-不満の声も - Bloomberg

スターバックス が国内で販売しているドリップコーヒーの量を今月から減らしていたことが分かった。同社では容器いっぱいに注ぐとこぼれやすく、またミルクを入れるスペースがないなどとの指摘に応えたものだと説明しているが、一部の客からは不満の声が出ている。

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News Headlines - 30 December 2012

BBC News - US faces crucial day of 'fiscal cliff' talks

US politicians are facing a crucial day of talks aimed at preventing the economy falling over a "fiscal cliff".

PM’s New Year Message: Britain ‘heading in right direction’ - Scotsman.com

David Cameron today used his New Year’s message to declare that Britain is “heading in the right direction” on all the big issues and can look forward to 2013 with “realism and optimism”.

One in 10 police officers 'moonlights' in second job | guardian.co.uk

Questions raised over conflicts of interest after investigation shows 23,000 officers in England and Wales have second income

Dramatic video captures Russian plane crash - CBC News

Amateur video footage has emerged of the moment a passenger plane crashed onto a highway in Russia, killing four people who were aboard the aircraft.

Indian grieves as gangrape victim cremated in secrecy - Hindustan Times

The victim of a gangrape and murder which triggered an outpouring of grief and anger across India was cremated at a private ceremony on Sunday, hours after her body was flown home from Singapore.

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ネット利用者に「実名制」、中国全人代が可決 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

中国の全国人民代表大会(全人代=国会)の常務委員会は28日、インターネット上での個人情報管理を強化する決定(法律に相当)を可決した。 ネット利用者に身元情報の提出などを求める内容で、「事実上の実名制」との批判が出ている。



ドイツの煙突掃除屋さん、2013年は試練の年に? : AFPBB News


30日までに“財政の崖”妥協案策定目指す | NNNニュース




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重信メイ『「アラブの春」の正体 欧米とメディアに踊らされた民主化革命』(角川oneテーマ21)


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News Headlines - 29 December 2012

Attackers in India Rape Case Charged With Murder - NYTimes.com

As protests grew in India on Saturday over the death of a young woman who was raped in New Delhi this month by several men in a moving bus, the police said six men accused of attacking her had been charged with murder.

Top French court overturns 75 percent tax rate for rich - FRANCE 24

France’s highest legal body, the Constitutional Council, announced on Saturday it was overturning the Socialist government’s flagship 75 percent income tax rate for high earners, marking an embarassing setback for President François Hollande.

Silvio Berlusconi agrees £80,000-a-day divorce deal - Telegraph

Silvio Berlusconi must pay 3 million euros a month (£2.45 million) to his ex-wife Veronica Lario as alimony but gets to keep all his properties, according to a legal separation approved on Christmas Day.

Without negotiations, Syria will be the new Somalia, UN envoy says | The Observer

A diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria seemed as far away as ever on Saturday, as the UN-Arab League envoy to Damascus, Lakhdar Brahimi, said the country risked slithering into "hell".

BBC News - Japan PM Abe praises Fukushima nuclear work during visit

Japan's newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami last year.

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原発は「重要なエネルギー戦略」 イギリスで日立原発事業始動へ - MSN産経ニュース


円安ウォン高でトヨタに追い風、韓国勢の価格優位が一転 | Reuters


ベルルスコーニ前伊首相 離婚調停で月3億円の支払い命令  ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


性的暴行容疑者と結婚促され自殺 インド、被害の少女 / 西日本新聞


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News Headlines - 28 December 2012

BBC News - Fiscal cliff: Obama 'optimistic' on Senate-led deal

US President Barack Obama says he is "modestly optimistic" that a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" is possible, after a last-ditch White House meeting.

Japan pushes world closer to currency wars - The Independent

The prospect of a global "currency war" between the world's major economies edged closer as the new Japanese Finance Minister, Taro Aso, pledged to prevent speculators driving up the value of the yen and reiterated Tokyo's plans to alter the Bank of Japan's mandate to deliver reflation.

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch faces US investigation into takeover by HP | This is Money

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch faces a probe by the US Department of Justice over an alleged £5billion accounting cover-up. Federal agents have launched an investigation into the software giant’s takeover by Hewlett-Packard last year, it was confirmed yesterday. After buying it for £7.1billion in October 2011, HP last month wrote down £5billion from the value of Autonomy, accusing former executives of a ‘wilful attempt to inflate’ the company’s numbers.

Abducted Atiya Anjum-Wilkinson returns to UK from Pakistan | The Guardian

Three long, agonising years after Gemma Wilkinson last saw her daughter, Atiya, the six-year-old has finally flown back to the UK after a multinational police operation tracked her down to a city in Pakistan. On 6 November 2009, Wilkinson believed the three-year old was going to Southport to celebrate her birthday. She was not on good terms with Atiya's father, Razwan Anjum, but had expected him to bring the toddler back the following week. Atiya finally returned this evening – landing at Manchester just after 7pm.

Victim of Gang Rape in India Dies at Hospital in Singapore - NYTimes.com

A young woman who had been in critical condition since she was raped two weeks ago by a group of men who lured her onto a bus here died early Saturday, an official at the hospital in Singapore that was caring for her said.

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FNNニュース: トモダチ作戦参加の米軍兵士ら8人、被ばくしたとして東電を提訴


CNN.co.jp : フェイスブックCEOの家族写真が流出、プライバシー設定の難しさ露呈?


東京新聞:開港、4度目の延期? ドイツ新空港


12月のフランス消費者信頼感、8月以来の高水準=INSEE | Reuters


東京新聞:インド 暴行事件抗議激化 女性の怒り爆発「性犯罪厳罰化を」


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News Headlines - 27 December 2012

When Mark Zuckerberg's sister fell foul of Facebook's privacy settings... - The Independent

Even a Zuckerberg can’t navigate Facebook’s privacy settings - or so it would seem after Randi, big sister to the social network’s co-founder Mark and the website’s ex-marketing director, shared a family photo with her Facebook friends only to find it floating freely in the open waters of the internet.

Facebook and Twitter crime sees eight-fold increase as police deal with 5,000 cases involving websites | Mail Online

Reports of crimes involving Facebook and Twitter - such as posting abusive messages, grooming and complaints of stalking - have increased eight-fold in four years. In 2008, a total of 556 complaints were made to police, according to the statistics released by 29 police forces in a Freedom of Information request. But the phenomenon of social networking crime has grown substantially and last year 4,908 offences were reported in which the two sites were a factor. The figures show 653 people were charged for social networking crime in 2011 alone.

Post-Christmas sales: Online shoppers spend £400m in record Boxing Day sales splurge - Mirror Online

Armchair shoppers made 113 million visits to retail websites on Boxing Day alone – racking up a 17% rise in sales on last year

New York Yankees: Former World Series MVP Hideki Matsui Announces Retirement | Bleacher Report

Another former Yankee has decided to hang up the cleats for good. Hideki Matsui has decided to announce his retirement from baseball, according to Craig Calcaterra of NBC's Hard Ball Talk.

Android apps of the year 2012 - Telegraph

2012 has been the year that Android has finally been taken seriously by developers and Google has released innovative new programmes of its own. Matt Warman rounds up the ten that he uses every day

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極右非合法化に反対も ドイツ、失敗なら存在是認 - MSN産経ニュース


スペインのバンキアが42億ユーロの債務超過、株主が損失負担へ | Reuters


松井秀“現役引退”の可能性が急浮上 練習場の確保もせず - MSN産経ニュース


朝日新聞デジタル:ジェリー・アンダーソンさん死去 サンダーバード制作 - おくやみ・訃報

ジェリー・アンダーソンさん(特撮人形劇「サンダーバード」を制作した英国の映像プロデューサー) 英BBCによると26日、死去。83歳。アルツハイマー病を患っていた。


興行的には2012年最大ヒット作は言うまでもなく『007 スカイフォール』。そして2011年の『英国王のスピーチ』のヒットの後にぴったりはまったのは『マーガレット・サッチャー 鉄の女の涙』だった。王室から首相と、英国現代史をテーマにした作品のヒットは堅かった。

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News Headlines - 26 December 2012

Shinzo Abe Chosen as Japan's Next Prime Minister - WSJ.com

He has made economic recovery his top priority, calling for aggressive monetary easing together with fiscal stimulus. Financial markets have already welcomed his policy goals by pushing the yen down to a 20-month low against the U.S dollar and lifting Tokyo share prices about 17% since mid-November.

New hope for FTA with Japan | The Australian

Mr Motegi is a former journalist and management consultant, while Mr Hayashi served on the staff of a US senator before entering Japanese political life and was defence minister and economic and fiscal policy minister in 2008 and 2009. Some pundits see their appointments as a sign Japan will also join negotiations for the US-backed free trade bloc known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, although this would involve staring down the farm lobby, a key LDP constituency.

Bargain hunters set to spend £3bn as Boxing Day sales get under way - The Independent

Bargain mad shoppers queued overnight and stormed the high street and shopping malls this morning as the traditional Boxing Day sales got under way.

AFP: Russia ban on US adoptions clears parliament

Russia's upper house of parliament on Wednesday unanimously backed a bill barring Americans from adopting Russian children, leaving the controversial measure in the hands of President Vladimir Putin. The rubber-stamp vote was the last legislative hurdle for a bill representing one of the toughest pieces of anti-US legislation to emerge during Putin's 13 years in power.

BBC News - Landslide and rockfall warning for south-west England

A rare landslide and rockfall warning has been issued for south-west England by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

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英女王のクリスマスメッセージ 3Dでも NHKニュース


米「財政の崖」 増税反対の茶会「沈黙」、歳出削減 景気悪化を懸念 - MSN産経ニュース


メルケル首相に“死角”は? 来秋のドイツ総選挙 連立の枠組み、早や焦点 - MSN産経ニュース

危機対応で海外から批判を受けたメルケル首相も、ドイツ経済の堅調さを背景に、その手腕への国民の評価は高い。米誌が発表した今年の「最も影響力のある指導者」ではオバマ米大統領に続く第2位に入った。 世論調査では「首相にふさわしい人物」として、ライバルの最大野党、社会民主党の首相候補、シュタインブリュック前財務相を10ポイント以上リード。

停電の恐怖に怯えるドイツは日本の将来像か発送電分離で脱原発は可能?  WEDGE Infinity(ウェッジ)


モスクワ たった一晩でほぼ20℃も気温が上昇: The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 25 December 2012

Yen Rises From 20-Month Low on Speculation Drop Overdone - Businessweek

The yen rallied from a 20-month low against the dollar on speculation that monetary easing bets had driven the Japanese currency down too rapidly.

BBC News - Queen marks Christmas with family

The Queen has been to church with members of her family at Sandringham in Norfolk, as part of her traditional Christmas celebrations.

Anger at Amazon starting its sale on Christmas Day, with critics claiming Christmas should remain a family occasion | Mail Online

Church leaders have warned that Christmas Day is in danger of becoming a ‘frenzy of bargain hunting’ after Amazon announced it is launching its sale on December 25. Online retailers expect an astonishing £307 million of business on Tuesday alone – 50 per cent more than an average day. Critics have called for the sales to be postponed until Boxing Day, leaving Christmas as a family occasion and religious celebration.

Sky News: Is Belgian chocolate's status melting?

Belgium's reputation as the world's chocolate capital could be melting as emerging markets develop a sweet tooth and the recession continues to bite. The region became the base for the industry shortly after the Spanish explorer Cortes returned from Mexico with cocoa pods from Mexico in the 17th century. Three hundred chocolate companies are based in Belgium, which have a combined turnover of over $3bn every year.

West Antarctic Warming Faster Than Thought, Study Finds - NYTimes.com

West Antarctica has warmed much more than scientists had thought over the last half century, new research suggests, an ominous finding given that the huge ice sheet there may be vulnerable to long-term collapse, with potentially drastic effects on sea levels.

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2012年12月23日、人民日報によると、米議会上院は21日、国防予算の大枠を定める2013会計年度(2012年10月-2013年9月)国防権限法案を可決した。すでに20日に下院も通過していることから、オバマ大統領の署名を経て成立する。 上下両院が可決した法案には、尖閣諸島(中国名・釣魚島)問題と台湾への武器売却問題に関する条項が盛り込まれた。

【環球異見】アベノミクス、外交構想…安倍氏に注がれる熱い視線 - MSN産経ニュース




日立、英列車運行システム会社を買収 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ドイツ発:「これからは電気自動車の時代」開発と改造のエキスパート | PUNTA - プンタ


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News Headlines - 24 December 2012

BBC News - Queen's Christmas message hails Olympic stars

The Queen is to pay tribute to the nation's Olympic and Paralympic athletes in her Christmas broadcast. She will hail the "splendid summer of sport" and highlight how the sportsmen and women allowed spectators to feel part of the "excitement and drama".

Hospital Christmas for Mandela as rumours fly | Mail & Guardian

Former President Nelson Mandela will spend Christmas Day in hospital, the presidency has announced.

David Cameron cites Gospel of John in Christmas message | The Guardian

David Cameron has issued one of the most overtly religious Christmas messages of any recent British prime minister, citing in it the Gospel of John. Cameron, who famously said in 2008 that his Anglicanism "sort of comes and goes", said the gospel tells the world that Jesus Christ was "the light of all mankind".

Facebook paid £2.9m tax on £840m profits made outside US, figures show | The Guardian

Facebook has become the latest multinational to come under the spotlight for its tax affairs after figures revealed it paid just £2.9m in tax on profits of more than more than £800m. Filings for Facebook Ireland, through which all of the social network's profits outside the US are channelled, show it paid the Irish tax authority €3.2m (£2.9m) last year.

ITV makes move into US cable market | guardian.co.uk

ITV's share price hit a high not seen in more than five years in early trading on Monday, after the broadcaster confirmed a deal worth as much as $111m (£68m) to buy reality TV show maker Gurney in an expansion of it US production operation. ITV's share price hit 108.64p in early trading, a level not seen since September 2007 before the company's stockmarket value was hobbled by the recession, after it confirmed it would take an initial $40m, 61.5% stake in Gurney.

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東京新聞:モンティ氏 イタリア首相再任に含み:国際(TOKYO Web)


英王子が戦闘参加、タリバン兵死亡 アフガン - MSN産経ニュース


ロシア対アメリカ 養子をめぐる対立 | NewSphere(ニュースフィア)


ドイツ政治家ら、「神」の性をめぐって大争論: The Voice of Russia

そもそもこの論争のきっかけはクリスチーナ・シュレイダー家族・女性問題相へのインタビュー。 同相は「神」という単語は男性ないし中性だと語ったがこれに対しキリスト教民主同盟、キリスト教社会連合の政治家らの大半がドイツ語の文法をあまりに自由に解釈していると憤慨した、 キリスト教社会同盟のノルベルト・ガイス代表は、神は昔からキリストの「父」とされており、中性ではありえないと主張している。

大ヒット作の3D映画化、アメリカでは観客動員減少傾向 - 映画.com

ウォルト・ディズニーは昨年、1994年の「ライオン・キング」を3D化した「ライオン・キング ディズニー デジタル3D」を全米公開し、興行収入1億ドル近いヒットを記録。しかしその後、3Dとして再上映された作品はいずれも凡庸な成績に終わっている。

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News Headlines - 23 December 2012

Monti ready to lead next government - FT.com

Mario Monti has declared his readiness to serve a second term as Italy’s technocrat prime minister after elections next year on the basis of an agenda for reforms he set out today during a press conference in Rome.

Egypt's opposition claims fraud in constitution vote - CBC News

Egypt’s opposition called Sunday for an investigation into allegations of vote fraud in the referendum on a deeply divisive Islamist-backed constitution after the Muslim Brotherhood, the main group backing the charter, claimed it passed with a 64 per cent “yes” vote.

BBC News - 'Plebgate': Met Police vows 'ruthless' search for truth

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe has said his force would launch "a ruthless search for the truth" in the "plebgate" affair.

Jeremy Hunt 'disgusted and appalled' by reports of neglect at hospital where elderly man died of starvation - The Independent

Reports claim some patients treated by the Worcestershire Acute NHS Hospital Trust were left thirsty with drinks left out of reach while others were left to sit in their own excrement

BBC News - More rain set to exacerbate flood disruption

Flooding and heavy rain are continuing to cause problems in south-west England and parts of Wales and Scotland. One severe flood warning remains in Cornwall, and there are about 160 flood warnings in England and Wales, and 29 in Scotland.

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ウィキリークス創設者、機密の大規模公開を予告 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

内部告発サイト「ウィキリークス」創設者で、現在、ロンドンの在英エクアドル大使館で暮らすジュリアン・アサンジ容疑者(41)は20日、4か月ぶりに公に姿を見せ、同館の窓から声明を読み上げた。 同容疑者は「来年は忙しくなる。ウィキリークスは100万件を超える機密文書を公開する用意が出来た。これらの文書は、あらゆる諸国に影響を与える」と述べ、年明けに機密文書の大規模公開を開始することを予告した。具体的な内容には言及しなかった。

中国企業 ロンドン名物「キャブ」を生産するメーカーを買収: The Voice of Russia

中国・浙江省の企業は、ロンドン名物のクラシックな黒塗りタクシー、あの「キャブ」を生産するメーカーを買収する考えだ。このタクシーを製造してきたManganese Bronze Holdings Plcは倒産した。……中国のZhejiang Geely Holding Group Coは、Manganeseが負った借金の穴埋めに取りかかる事になったが、買収契約額に関しては、明らかにされていない。

実は高級リゾート! イギリスの城塞を改装した孤島のようなホテル | Pouch[ポーチ]

海外サイト『AcidCow』で紹介されているイギリスの「Spitbank Fort(スピットバンク・フォート)」です。Fortとは「城塞」のことで、なんと歴史ある城塞を利用した珍しいホテルなのです。

ドイツ、9月までの日本人宿泊数は15.4%増-都市の人気継続 | トラベルビジョン


来年2月24日に総選挙 イタリア大統領、議会解散 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 22 December 2012

Egypt votes in second phase of constitution referendum | guardian.co.uk

Egyptians have begun voting in the second and final phase of the country's bitterly divisive constitutional referendum which has sparked weeks of unrest. But with clashes continuing between supporters and opponents of the Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, on Friday in Alexandria, there is little sign that the result of the vote will end Egypt's political crisis.

AFP: Monti: The anti-Berlusconi who saved Italy from default

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who resigned on Friday triggering elections, is a former high-flying European commissioner who saved Italy from the brink of bankruptcy but at a steep social cost.

GDP growth in third quarter revised down to 0.9%, says ONS

Official data shows that the UK economy grew by less than previously stated in the third quarter The economy grew by 0.9 per cent in the third quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) who issued their revised and final figures today, rather then by one per cent.

Archbishop of Canterbury warns against 'complacency' over gun crime - Telegraph

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has warned against “complacency” over violent crime in Britain as he made his final radio broadcast before standing down as head of the Church of England.

The Ten Best Games of 2012 - The Independent

With the release schedule cleared ahead of 2013 now's the time to talk the best videogames of the year.

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「2012年12月21日、世界は滅びない」 NASA、滅亡説への反論 - ねとらぼ

滅亡説の根拠とされているのが、マヤ文明の暦の最後の日が2012年12月21日となっていること。この説を受けて、米航空宇宙局(NASA)には世界滅亡を心配する人たちから数千通の手紙が届いたとか。 米政府は12月上旬に「2012年に世界が滅亡するといううわさはただのうわさ」とするエントリーを公式ブログに掲載

ドイツ、キプロス債務のヘアカットの可能性排除せず | Reuters


朝日新聞デジタル:猪瀬都知事、就任後初外遊はロンドン 五輪招致をPR


津和野の地酒、ドイツで好評 - 中国新聞


確率は5千分の1! 抽選で珍事/欧州CL - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)

スイスで20日に行われたサッカー、欧州チャンピオンズリーグ(CL)決勝トーナメント1回戦の組み合わせ抽選で、本番とリハーサルの抽選結果が全く同じになるハプニングがあった。英紙メトロ(電子版)は「5000分の1の確率」と報じている。 16強の組み合わせは、「マンチェスターU-Rマドリード」「ACミラン-バルセロナ」「アーセナル-Bミュンヘン」といった強豪の対戦が決まり、一部では「ここ数年でも最高の抽選結果」などと言われている。

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▽『検証 東電テレビ会議』

朝日新聞社『検証 東電テレビ会議』(朝日新聞出版)


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News Headlines - 21 December 2012

IntercontinentalExchange to Acquire NYSE Euronext - WSJ.com

The New York Stock Exchange, the cornerstone of American capitalism for 220 years, agreed to be sold as part of an $8.2 billion takeover by IntercontinentalExchange Inc.

Margaret Thatcher may have to stay in hospital for Christmas following operation to remove growth on bladder | Mail Online

Margaret Thatcher was recovering last night following an operation to remove a growth from her bladder. She had been admitted to a London hospital suffering from abdominal pains.

Abe scrambles to mend ties with S. Korea - Xinhua

Japan's premier-in-waiting Shinzo Abe is scrambling to mend the country's relations with neighboring South Korea after a victory of Park Heun-hye in South Korea's presidential election. Abe said Friday that he will send the country's former Financial Minister Fukushiru Nukaga on the day to South Korea as an envoy to help improve bilateral relations.

Nokia to get payments in patent deal with BlackBerry maker RIM | guardian.co.uk

The struggling Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has settled its patent dispute with the BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) in return for payments, as it tries to exploit its technology patents to boost its finances.

New spider species? Biologist has discovered a tiny spider with a deadly clever game - thestar.com

A biologist working in the Peruvian rainforest has stumbled upon the first evidence of a tiny spider with a deadly clever game: constructing its own decoy.

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米FBI、オリンパス損失隠しに関与の台湾出身銀行幹部を逮捕 | Reuters


贈収賄「三銃士」が結託、UBSが開く銀行不正の新天地-社説 - Bloomberg

金利操作から資金洗浄(マネーロンダリング)まで、世界の銀行による道を外れた行為はこれ以上悪くなれないと思われるほどだが、スイスのUBS は悪行の新天地を開いた。各国当局から15億ドル(約1260億円)規模の処分を受けたUBSは、管理職を含む100人以上の行員による数千回にわたる金利操作を認めた。

ドイツ財務省:来春の景気回復の可能性高い-月報で指摘 - Bloomberg


IPC世界陸上、17年にロンドンで : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


アールズ・コートを守れ! ロンドンの老舗ホール取り壊しに反対運動 - リアルライブ


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News Headlines - 20 December 2012

Abe Needs to Show Bank of Japan Who's Boss - WSJ.com

Mr. Abe's problem is the Bank of Japan Governor, Masaaki Shirakawa, who has long been keen not only to preserve the central bank's independence but also to demonstrate its independence. The end result is that for the last few years Mr. Shirakawa has frequently been reluctant to introduce the aggressive easing of monetary policy that the politicians have wanted.

Plebgate: 30 police officers now working on investigation - Scotsman.com

At LEAST 30 police officers are now working on the Met’s investigation into allegations that a police officer falsely claimed to have witnessed the “Plebgate” row that led to the resignation of Andrew Mitchell as Conservative chief whip.

BBC News - Jimmy Savile scandal: Media reaction to BBC Pollard Review

An inquiry into why Newsnight dropped its investigation into the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse claims has been critical of the BBC. The Pollard Review found there was "chaos and confusion" in the handling of the shelved report, although there was no cover-up.

UBS Libor case uncovers tangled web of bank-broker relations | The Guardian

Regulators publish emails showing scale of rigging of Libor rates before and during the 2008 financial crisis

Government to fund legal bill for Hillsborough families - Channel 4 News

The Government will fund legal representation for the families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster at the planned new inquests into their deaths.

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東京新聞:米大統領が財政協議で会見 与野党「接近している」:経済(TOKYO Web)


朝日新聞デジタル:米政府、GM株すべて売却へ 約1年かけて


独ポルシェの元CEO・CFOを起訴-相場操縦の罪で - Bloomberg

ドイツのシュツットガルト検察当局は、不成功に終わったフォルクスワーゲン(VW )買収計画に絡み、独スポーツカーメーカー、ポルシェ のベンデリン・ビーデキング元最高経営責任者(CEO)とホルガー・へルター元最高財務責任者(CFO)がオプション取引で相場操縦に関与した罪で起訴した。

ドイツ銀やJPモルガンに有罪判決-伊デリバティブ販売訴訟 - Bloomberg

イタリアのミラノの裁判所判事は19日、同市政府へのデリバティブ(金融派生商品)販売で詐欺行為を働いた行員の監督に不備があったとして、ドイツ銀行 とJPモルガン・チェース 、UBS 、デプファ銀行 に有罪判決を下した。

朝日新聞デジタル:イラク大統領、ドイツに搬送 脳卒中の治療のため - 国際


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News Headlines - 19 December 2012

Samsung Ends Bid for European Sales Ban on Apple Products - NYTimes.com

Samsung said on Tuesday that it had dropped its request for a ban on sales of certain Apple phones and tablet computers in Europe, a sharp tactical turn in a patent war that the companies have been fighting on multiple fronts around the world.

Pollard inquiry: BBC 'incapable' of dealing with Jimmy Savile affair | guardian.co.uk

Chaos and confusion, a lack of leadership from senior executives and an adherence to "rigid management chains" meant that the BBC proved "completely incapable" of dealing with the Jimmy Savile affair, according to an excoriating 185-page report into the handling of and fallout from the decision to axe a Newsnight investigation into child sexual abuse by the late presenter.

Jimmy Savile: timeline - Telegraph

Staff discover fate today with publication of reports into the Jimmy Savile and Lord McAlpine controversies.

'Plebgate': CCTV shows chief whip Andrew Mitchell leaving Downing Street – video | guardian.co.uk

CCTV footage shows the then Conservative chief whip, Andrew Mitchell, leaving Downing Street through the side gate with his bike. The recording shows the moment when police at the gate allege that Mitchell called them 'fucking plebs' and 'morons'. Mitchell's supporters say the footage raises questions about the police version of events

NUJ condemns attack on reporter | guardian.co.uk

The National Union of Journalists has condemned an attack on a journalist in Northern Ireland. Adrian Rutherford, a Belfast Telegraph reporter, was attacked and robbed by a masked gang while covering loyalist protests in East Belfast on Monday (17 December).

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朝日新聞デジタル:トヨタ、制裁金14億円に同意 米で不具合報告遅れ

発表によると、トヨタは2012年6月、運転席のフロアマットがアクセルペダルに引っかかるおそれがあるとして、米国で販売した高級車ブランド「レクサス」のスポーツ用多目的車(SUV)「RX350」など2モデルについて合計で約15万台をリコール(回収・無償修理)した。 このときに当局への報告が遅れるなど、リコール対応に不備があったとしている。

ドイツのプライバシー当局、フェイスブックに実名ポリシーの廃止を命令 | Computerworld

ドイツのプライバシー当局が米国Facebookに対し、実名ポリシーの強制をやめるよう命じた。実名ポリシーの強制は、オンラインでニックネームを使う権利をユーザーに認めたドイツ法に違反するためだ。 ドイツのシュレスウィヒ・ホルシュタイン州データ保護コミッショナー局(ULD)の12月17日付けの声明によると、Facebookは、ドイツ・テレメディア法の規定とULDの要請に反し、同社のプラットフォーム上でのユーザーによるハンドルネームの利用を許可することを拒否した。このため、ULDはFacebookにこれを直ちに許可するよう命じた。

朝日新聞デジタル:鯨の皮カクテルで摘発 ロンドンのバー、日本で購入


「フィンランド政府公認サンタは存在しない」 フィンランド大使館のつぶやきが話題に - ねとらぼ


ロンドンの街は、サンタだらけ!? - MSN産経フォト


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News Headlines - 18 December 2012

White House says Obama will move swiftly on gun control after Newtown | The Guardian

The White House promised a comprehensive series of measures, including gun control legislation, on Monday to prevent a recurrence of mass shootings such as the "horrific" attack in Connecticut that left 20 children and six teachers dead.

President Delivers a New Offer on the Fiscal Crisis to Boehner - NYTimes.com

President Obama delivered to Speaker John A. Boehner a new offer on Monday to resolve the pending fiscal crisis, a deal that would raise revenues by $1.2 trillion over the next decade but keep in place the Bush-era tax rates for any household with earnings below $400,000.

Coalition starts to decouple as parties eye 2015 - The Independent

Clegg and Cameron keen to air differences as both aim for centre ground at next election

Libor scandal: More than 30 UBS bankers 'to be implicated in rate rigging' - Telegraph

Authorities are this week expected to say that more than 30 bankers and managers at Swiss banking giant UBS were involved in the alleged rigging of the key Libor interest rate.

BBC News - .cymru beats .scot to early internet address name review

Proposed net address endings .tattoo, .transformers and .menu are among the first that could go live next year.

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東京新聞:米野党が債務問題で譲歩 「財政の崖」協議進展も


コラム:米国での出生率低下、その脅威とジレンマ | コラム | Reuters


コンランが創業した家具チェーン「HABITAT」フランスで再起 | Fashionsnap.com

1964年にイギリスで、テレンス・コンランにより創業された「HABITAT」は、「一般大衆に向けた現代デザイン商品の展開」がヒットし、瞬く間に反響を呼ぶ。フランスには、1973年に上陸し、現在国内には27店舗を数える。モナコ、スペイン、ドイツの欧州規模並びにネットショッピングを展開するが、アジア市場には至っていない。これも時間の問題であろう。 2011年には、企業の再構築がなされて、フランスのグループが買収し、新しい代表者とアート・ディレクターが就任して、新しい幕開けとなった。

「スパイス・ガールズ」、ヴィクトリア・ベッカム抜きで活動再開か - 楽天woman


【ドイツ】 現地で本当に評価されている日本人選手は誰か? 2012通信簿


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News Headlines - 17 December 2012

Japan's election: Shinzo Abe's sumo-sized win | The Economist

A FORMER prime minister, who resigned in 2007 after a shambolic first year in office, and his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which two years later was hounded out of the governing role that it had taken as its birthright, are both headed for a remarkable return to power. In the hours after midnight it became clear that an LDP-led coalition was going to secure a two-thirds majority in the lower house of parliament. Shinzo Abe will be back at the head of government.

Abe intensifies pressure on Bank of Japan - FT.com

Shinzo Abe has intensified pressure on the Bank of Japan to ease monetary policy further after leading his party to a dramatic victory in Sunday’s general election.

Bank Of England Eyes Plastic Money For UK

The bank confirms a proviso is included in a new bank note printing contract to replace paper with polymer-based cash.

Cheap loans scheme fails to reach first-time buyers - London Evening Standard

First-time buyers and those with small deposits have seen barely any of the benefit of cheaper loan costs from the Bank of England’s Funding for Lending scheme, according to new figures.

Comet's creditors to net £50m after collapse

Comet has finally plunged to earth, with secured creditors Hailey Acquisitions Limited (HAL) about to receive 34% of their dues following the collapse of the chain. HAL, an investment vehicle set up for the purpose of acquiring Comet in February this year, will reap £49.7m from the administration process, but unsecured creditors to the chain will not get a single penny.

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海外メディアは日本の右傾化警戒 自民圧勝で  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ公務員労組Verdiは来年の賃金交渉に向けて+6.5%という強気の賃上げ提案へ  - Market Hack


イタリア中道左派、政権取れば欧州に緊縮見直し求める=民主党幹部 | Reuters


財政難のギリシャで列車移動が増加、「車持つ余裕ない」 | Reuters


米 銃による事件さらに相次ぐ NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 16 December 2012

LDP wins landslide victory in Japan - FT.com

The Liberal Democratic party has swept to power in Japan, winning a landslide victory over the ruling Democratic party just three years after being thrown into the political wilderness, according to projections by state broadcaster NHK.

BBC News - Profile: Shinzo Abe

Six years ago he was flying high, becoming Japan's youngest prime minister since World War II in September 2006. But he stepped down less than a year later, citing ill health, as support for his administration plummeted. Now Mr Abe could be in position for another shot at Japan's top job, as the country prepares to vote in a general election.

Coalition starts to decouple as parties eye 2015 - The Independent

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have already begun to decouple their parties from coalition in readiness to fight the next election, senior Tory and Lib Dem sources revealed last night. The Prime Minister and his new strategist, Lynton Crosby, are to start formal Conservative election campaign meetings next month, while Mr Clegg will begin to put distance between his party and the Tories in a major speech tomorrow with the clear declaration: "Our offer is different from that of the Conservatives."

Obama to join mourning Connecticut families in search for answers | Reuters

President Barack Obama arrives in Connecticut on Sunday to mourn the dead and console the survivors of a gunman's rampage that killed 20 children, all 6 and 7 years old, after he forced his way into their school and shot them multiple times.

Piltdown Man: The truth behind the fraud to be revealed 100 years after it fooled the world | Mail Online

It was one of the most enduring hoaxes in history and fooled scientists into believing a crucial evolutionary 'missing link' had been found in England. Now 100 years after the discovery of the Piltdown Man, a team of archeologists and anthropologists will finally be able to expose the truth behind the scam, and pinpoint who was responsible. The Geological Society will meet this week to discuss the results of their investigation into the elaborate hoax, almost a century to the day after the same society hailed its importance to the world.

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米小学校で銃乱射、26人殺害 犯人は自殺 - MSN産経フォト


米小学校乱射で26人死亡 オバマ大統領涙見せる : J-CASTニュース


韓国に売った日本人「実行犯」の告白「技術流出-新日鉄の場合」  | 現代ビジネス [講談社]


廃刊で黒字化? ドイツの有力経済紙「最終回」で増刷 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)

「FINANCIAL TIMES」の題字は「NA」「CI」が抜け落ち、「FINAL TIMES」(ファイナル・タイムズ)に。つまり「最終回」だ。FTにならったオレンジ色の紙面は、ほぼ全面が黒色に塗りつぶされ、中央部に「ようやく黒」との見出しが掲げられた。 2000年創刊。FTから編集者を受け入れるなどしていたこともあり、他の独主要紙とは異なった視点を提供し、債務危機報道などで参考になった。だが、経営は一度も黒字化できなかった。最後の1面は、紙面は評価されながら廃刊せざるをえなかったジャーナリストらの悲嘆を表したようにも思える。

左手のピアニスト ドイツでコンサート NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 15 December 2012

Shooting Suspect's Motive Remains a Mystery | NBC New York

The suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is Adam Lanza, 20, the son of a teacher at the school where the shootings occurred, a law enforcement official said Friday. His mother, Nancy Lanza, is presumed dead.

Children in Connecticut rampage, all six and seven, shot repeatedly | Reuters

Twelve girls and eight boys. One had celebrated her seventh birthday just four days before her death. They were Charlotte and Jack, Noah and Grace.

Hillary Clinton gets concussion after fainting - The Washington Post

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sustained a concussion after fainting from dehydration at her home, her office said Saturday. Clinton, 65, has been suffering from a stomach virus and had to cancel a trip to Morocco and the Persian Gulf on Monday.

BBC News - Egypt constitution: First round of referendum ends

Voting has closed in Egypt in the first leg of a referendum on a controversial new constitution, after a high turnout. President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have endorsed the document, but critics say it is poorly drafted and overly favours Islamists.

UBS to admit Japan criminal wrongdoing in Libor case - sources | Reuters

UBS will admit to criminal wrongdoing by its Japanese arm, where one of the Swiss bank's traders manipulated yen Libor and euro yen contracts, to secure a $1-billion (618.5 million pounds)-plus settlement with regulators, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

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S&Pジャパンに業務改善命令、格付け業務の管理体制に不備=金融庁 | Reuters

金融庁は14日、信用格付け大手のスタンダード&プアーズ・レーティング・ジャパン(S&P)による信用格付け付与の業務管理体制の整備が不十分で金融商品取引法に違反したとして、再発防止策の確実な実施・定着などを求める業務改善命令を出した。証券取引等監視委員会が同日、行政処分の勧告をしたことを踏まえた措置。 金融庁による格付け会社への行政処分は初めて。先進国の格付け会社に対し、本業での行政処分が出るのも初めてと見られ、極めて異例だ。

Huffington Postが朝日新聞と合弁で日本版を来春にもスタート

Huffington Post Media Groupはパートナーとして朝日新聞を選び、両社で合弁会社を設立して、来春にもHuffington Postの日本版をスタートさせることを発表した。ただし、合弁会社の出資比率や役員などについては明らかにされていないし、運営者としてのチーム構成もまだ決まってはいない。

ドイツ トルコにパトリオット配備へ NHKニュース


【厚労省】同等国リスト掲載を申請‐EU原薬輸入新規制へ対応 : 薬事日報ウェブサイト

来年7月2日からEUが原薬の輸入規制を強化し、EU‐GMPに適合している証明書を添付するか、EUと同等の制度の国で製造された原薬でなければ輸出できなくなることを受け、厚生労働省は今月6日付でEUに対し、GMPの同等性を認めるリストに日本を掲載するよう申請した。同省医薬食品局の佐藤大作監視指導室長が12日に都内で講演し、説明した。 EUの新たな規制は、偽造薬対策として導入するもので、2008年に米国で起きた中国産の偽造原料を使ったヘパリン製剤による死亡事件が発端となっている。

否定できない「iPhone時代の終わり」 - TechTargetジャパン

iPhoneの登場以来、初めて他のスマートフォンが四半期販売台数で米Appleのこの象徴的なデバイスを上回った。上回ったのがどのスマートフォンなのかを推測するのはそう難しくない。2012年7~9月期に1800万台も売れた韓国Samsungの「Galaxy S III」だ。一方、同期間にAppleが出荷した「iPhone 4S」は1620万台だった。

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News Headlines - 14 December 2012

Investment banker Thomas Ammann jailed for helping lovers make £1.5m by leaking inside information | Mail Online

The serial love-rat who tricked two of his girlfriends into carrying out illegal trades worth almost £1.8million was jailed for two years and eight months yesterday.

ITN News » Probe into Maria Miller's expenses begins

Parliament's investigation into claims that Culture Secretary Maria Miller wrongly used her MP's second home allowance to pay for a house where her parents lived will begin on Friday.

Syria: Russia finally admits that Assad's time is nearly up - Telegraph

Russia has admitted for the first time that Syria’s rebels could overthrow President Bashar al-Assad as Nato said the regime was “approaching collapse”.

Enigma hero Alan Turing should be pardoned, leading scientists claim - Telegraph

In a letter to the Telegraph, Prof Hawking and ten other signatories call on the Prime Minister to "formally forgive" Turing, whose work at Bletchley Park is widely credited with helping bring an end to the Second World War. Turing died from cyanide poisoning in 1954 after being convicted of gross indecency at a time when homosexuality was still illegal, and an inquest found he had committed suicide.

Pictures of the year: Entertainment | Reuters.com

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ギリシャ融資再開を正式承認 ユーロ圏財務相会合  :日本経済新聞




ドイツ銀CEOも捜査対象-排出権取引で税法違反の疑い - Bloomberg

ドイツ銀行 は12日、ユルゲン・フィッチェン共同最高経営責任者(CEO)とステファン・クラウス最高財務責任者(CFO)が、二酸化炭素(CO2)排出権売買に絡む税法違反に関する捜査の対象に含まれていることを明らかにした。警察当局はこの日、同件でドイツ銀のフランクフルト本店を家宅捜索し、行員5人を逮捕した。

フランスの再生可能エネルギーはいま(6) ――中国の脅威を跳ね返すのは、社員12人の新興企業 | nikkei BPnet 〈日経BPネット〉


アメリカでは認可が始まった「夢の治療薬」、日本では未承認の怪しげな高額療法・・・いったいはどちらが本当か 上昌広(東京大学医科学研究所特任教授) | 現代ビジネス [講談社]


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News Headlines - 13 December 2012

Japan scrambles jets as Chinese plane flies over disputed isles | Reuters

Japan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after a Chinese government plane entered for the first time what Japan considers its airspace over disputed islets in the East China Sea, escalating tension between Asia's two biggest economies.

UN Security Council Condemns N. Korea's Missile Launch - Arirang News

The UN Security Council on Wednesday strongly condemned North Korea's missile launch, calling it a clear violation of UN resolutions.

Syria fires Scud missiles on its own people - Telegraph

Syria's regime has fired Scud missiles on its own people for the first time in a sign of its increasing “desperation” to crush the rebellion.

Alexander Litvinenko murder: British evidence 'shows Russia involved' | guardian.co.uk

British government evidence relating to the death of the former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko amounts to a "prima facie case" that he was murdered by the Russian government, the coroner investigating his death has been told.

Cardboard cops help cut crimes in South Yorkshire - The Star

SOUTH Yorkshire Police have spent £7,000 on a batch of new recruits – 280 cardboard coppers. The paper PCs are being used to deter thieves across the county and force chiefs say they are having the desired effect.

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米FRBが量的緩和を拡大 失業率目標も導入、「財政の崖」懸念 - MSN産経ニュース


ドイツ銀頭取に脱税容疑 本店を家宅捜索  :日本経済新聞


【ノーベル賞授賞式】「iPS使った創薬に本腰を」と山中教授 - MSN産経ニュース


ロンドンの地下鉄をミニ図書館に?! 本をシェアし合う草の根キャンペーン「Books for London」 | greenz.jp グリーンズ

米ニューヨークの電話ボックスを活用したミニ図書館や北米のマイクロ図書館ネットワーク「Little Free Library」など、greenz.jpでは、ユニークな草の根図書館をご紹介してきましたが、英ロンドンでは、市内に張り巡らされた地下鉄ネットワークを”ミニ図書館”にしようという試みが始まっています。

米グーグルの地図アプリ、iPhoneで再び利用可能に | Reuters


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News Headlines - 12 December 2012

US and UN condemn N Korea rocket launch - FT.com

North Korea has launched a long-range rocket that it said put a satellite in space, drawing condemnation from the US and the UN Security Council.

BBC News - Venezuela President Chavez's cancer surgery 'successful'

Surgeons in Cuba have successfully operated on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to remove cancerous tissue, says his Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

Britain has fallen out of love with marriage - Telegraph

The 2011 Census shows that the number of married people has fallen to 20.4 million, nearly 200,000 fewer than a decade ago.

Churches face challenge on same-sex unions - Telegraph

Churches could be sued by homosexual rights activists who want same-sex marriage, the Government has admitted.

Stone Age people were making cheese over 7,000 years ago - The Independent

Stone Age people living in northern Europe were making cheese more than 7,000 years ago according to scientists who believe they have found the first direct evidence of dairy processing.

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イタリア債上昇、政局の不透明感和らぐ-スペイン債も堅調 - Bloomberg


LIBOR不正:関与で英国人の男3人逮捕 初の逮捕者- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


米財務省がAIGの普通株全株売却へ、6380億円相当 | Reuters


豪ラジオ局 看護師遺族にCM収入寄付 NHKニュース


ロンドン 白人のイギリス人が5割切る NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 11 December 2012

HSBC to pay $1.9B in money laundering probe

HSBC, the British banking giant, will pay $1.9 billion to settle a money-laundering probe by federal and state authorities in the United States, a law enforcement official said Monday.

Richard Branson and BA chief's 'knee in the groin' bet | guardian.co.uk

Willie Walsh, the boss of British Airways' parent company IAG, has further stoked hostilities with his rival by offering to accept Richard Branson's million-pound bet that he will still be running Virgin Atlantic in five years – but on condition that the stake is "a knee in the groin".

Tube Wi-Fi to cost £15 per month unless you're on Virgin, Vodafone or EE | CNET UK

Good news, Londoners! Wi-Fi in Tube stations is going to stay free for the foreseeable future. Bad news: it's only if you're a customer of Virgin Media, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile or EE.

BBC News - Japan economic data revision suggests recession

Revised growth figures for Japan have suggested that the world's third-largest economy is in recession.

Drilling deep below the Antarctic for new life - Channel 4 News

Braving temperatures of minus 40 degrees, a small team of British researchers today starts drilling through three kilometres of the Antarctic in search of life-forms new to science.

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日本より怖いアメリカのインフラ危機 | ニューズウィーク日本版 オフィシャルサイト

現在アメリカでインフラ整備に投じられている資金は、GDPの2・4%程度にとどまっている。 ヨーロッパでは、この数字が5%に達している。おかげで、ドイツで道路が穴だらけということはまずないし、フランスで市庁舎が雨漏りすることも少ない。国土の多くが海面より低いオランダでも、防潮堤や水門が整備されているので、国民は安心して暮らせる。 アメリカがインフラ整備を怠り続ければ、ダメージは自然災害による打撃にとどまらない。

イギリス企業がガーナにアフリカ大陸最大規模となる太陽光発電所を建設 アフリカビジネスニュース

11月4日付けの海外サイト「JEUNE AFRIQUE」はイギリス「ブルー・エナジー」がガーナにメガソーラーの建設を予定していると報じている。建設予定地はヌゼマ(Nzema)、63万基のソーラーモジュールが設置されル予定で総工費は約4億ドル、出力は155MWとなる。これはアフリカ大陸内で最大の規模となるという。また世界全体でも第四位の出力規模となる。



英首相&ロンドン市長もPSYの「江南スタイル」をパロディー - 韓流・韓国芸能ニュースはKstyle

イギリスのデービッド・キャメロン首相とロンドン市長のボリス・ジョンソンが、国際歌手PSYの「江南(カンナム)スタイル」のパロディーを行なう予定だ。イギリスの日刊紙Daily Mailの報道によると、デービッド・キャメロン首相とボリス・ジョンソン市長が共に“馬ダンス”を踊っている映像がYouTubeに掲載されたという。

殴る!蹴る!暴れる!筋肉隆々のトム・ハーディがイギリスで最も有名な犯罪者を熱演 - ニュースウォーカー


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News Headlines - 10 December 2012

Duchess hoax call: radio station tried to contact hospital five times - Telegraph

A Sydney radio station at the heart of the royal prank call scandal has said it tried to contact the King Edward VII Hospital five times to discuss what it had recorded before going to air, as the DJs who carried out the hoax prepare to break their silence.

Tories warn Cameron that gay marriage will split party in two - The Independent

David Cameron has been warned that he could tear the Conservative Party in two if he goes ahead with legislation that will permit churches to hold marriage ceremonies for gay people.

Virgin to operate 18 Scots Heathrow flights | Herald Scotland

VIRGIN Atlantic will operate 18 flights a day between Heathrow and Scotland when it launches its short-haul network in April. Details of the domestic programme have been revealed three weeks after Sir Richard Branson's airline won the right to go head-to-head with its old rival British Airways by taking up slots used by BMI.

UK recruitment rate shows strength - FT.com

Hiring increased in November at its fastest rate for more than 18 months, recruitment companies have said – suggesting that the jobs market may be showing resilience despite recent signs of a slowdown.

Nobel Peace Prize: 'We will come out of crisis stronger than ever,' says EU president - Telegraph

European Union leaders declared the bloc will come out of the eurozone crisis stronger than before with new “common policies” that strip national parliaments of sovereignty as they prepared to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012.

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【アメリカを読む】英雄の名声「ぶち壊した」不倫騒動 - MSN産経ニュース

「Screwed up royally(どでかく、ぶち壊しにしてしまった)」 不倫を理由に米中央情報局(CIA)長官を辞任したデービッド・ペトレイアス氏(60)が、30年来の友人に宛てた手紙でつづった後悔の念だ。一時の快楽におぼれ、取り返しの付かない事態に陥ったことへの自責が、砕けた言葉遣いに見え隠れする。

フランス人も絶賛!三枝改め桂文枝、パリで襲名公演「ボンソワール、いらっしゃぁい!」 - オリコンスタイル

今年7月に上方落語の大名跡を襲名した桂文枝が7日(日本時間8 日午前4 時)、フランス・パリ日本文化会館で襲名記念公演を行った。初のヨーロッパ公演初日は開演3時間前からキャンセル待ちのチケットを求めて約30人が列をつくるなど注目度の高さがうかがえ、272席の会場は6 割日本人、4 割がフランス人で埋め尽くされた。

見た目はちょんまげ風、360度見渡せるヘルメット型装置 フランス : AFPBB News

フランスの首都パリ(Paris)で4日、周囲360度を見渡すことができるヘルメット型装置「FlyViz」の試作品が公開された。フランス国立情報学自動制御研究所(Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique、INRIA)で披露された「FlyViz」をかぶると、リアルタイムで周囲の様子を360度見渡せる。こうした装置は「FlyViz」が初めて。

今年イギリスで最も売れたシングルは…ゴティエの耳についたら離れないあの曲! - 楽天woman

ベルギー生まれのオーストラリア人シンガーソングライターであるゴティエ(32)は、2006年にリリースしたアルバム「Like Drawing Blood」がダブル・プラチナムを達成。甘いファルセットボイスがウけ、本国オーストラリアで一躍注目のアーティストに。 その後6年のブランクを経て2011年に発表された「Making Mirrors」からのシングル曲「Somebody That I Used To Know」が世界的大ヒットを記録。

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News Headlines - 09 December 2012

Egypt protests warning despite concession - FT.com

Opposition groups in Egypt on Sunday said they rejected a referendum on a controversial new constitution to be held on December 15, and vowed to stage more protests in a bid to maintain pressure on President Mohamed Morsi to postpone the vote.

Gypsies arrived in Europe 1,500 years ago, genetic study says | guardian.co.uk

A genetic analysis of 13 Gypsy groups around Europe, published in Current Biology journal, has revealed that the arrival on the continent of their forebears from northern India happened far earlier than was thought, about 1,500 years ago.

End of the South London Line: campaigners gather at London Bridge [9 December 2012]

Transport campaigners and local politicians gathered at London Bridge Station on Saturday morning to mark the final day of the inner South London Line service to Victoria via Peckham Rye.

Government will not change drugs policy despite critical report - The Independent

The Government tonight ruled out any shift in drugs policy despite a damning report by an influential group of MPs which said Britain was failing to tackle drug barons or the multi-billion pound global profits of their illegal trade.

Christmas rush and Amazon backlash spurs record John Lewis sales - Telegraph

John Lewis has recorded its best ever week of sales and the department store chain’s boss believes the fillip has been driven at least in part by the tax backlash against rivals such as Amazon.

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[FT]ドイツ銀の損失隠しを許してはならない(社説)  :日本経済新聞

ドイツ銀行が金融危機の際にデリバティブ(金融派生商品)取引を正しく評価していなかったとして元行員から内部告発された件は、複雑で理解しにくい。だが、これは重要な問題だ。3人の元行員はドイツ銀がデリバティブ取引で最大120億ドルの損失を隠していたと主張。公的支援を要請する事態に追い込まれていた可能性もあったという。 問題となっているのは銀行の損失計上方法だ。

フランス人の半数弱が「貧困の危険」感じる、調査結果 : AFPBB News

フランス人の半数近くが自分のことを「貧しい」と思っているか、すぐに貧しくなるかもしれないと恐れているとの調査結果が6日、発表された。 仏調査会社CSAが仏経済紙レゼコー(Les Echos)の委託により行ったこの調査で、自分は「貧しい」と答えたフランス人は11%、貧しくなりつつあると答えた人は37%だった。自分は貧しくない、または貧しくなる危険はないと答えた人は51%、残る1%は無回答だった。

ロンドン大空襲でナチス・ドイツによって落とされた爆弾の位置をマッピングした「Bomb Sight – Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census」 | mifdesign_antenna

第2次世界大戦中、1940年9月7日から1941年6月6日までの間に、ナチス・ドイツ軍がイギリスのロンドンを空爆したロンドン大空襲(ザ・ブリッツ/The Blitz)。この時にどこにどれだけの爆弾が落とされたかをマッピングしたサイトです。

「007 スカイフォール」旋風続く 「アバター」抜きイギリス歴代興収1位に : 映画ニュース - 映画.com

シリーズ第23弾「007 スカイフォール」のイギリスでの累計興行収入が9430万ポンド(約124.3億円)を突破し、ジェームズ・キャメロン監督の3D映画「アバター(2009)」の9400万ポンド(約123.9億円)を抜き、同国の歴代興収第1位となった。

ONE PIECEの原点とも言える国民的アニメがドイツで実写映画化、そのDVDが遂に日本で発売 - ニュースウォーカー

「小さなバイキング ビッケ」は、1974年の本放送はもちろん、その後の再放送の度にファンを増やし続けた傑作テレビアニメだ。尾田栄一郎が「海賊ビッケが冒険漫画の原点」とインタビューで語るなど、国民的人気コミック「ONE PIECE」に多大な影響を与えたことでも有名な作品なのだ。そんな昭和の名作アニメが、原作が生まれたドイツで2009年に実写版映画化されていたのは、あまり知られていない事実。

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News Headlines - 08 December 2012

Hoax call: 'Foolish, premeditated, tragic beyond words' - Channel 4 News

The Australian station that approved an 'appalling' prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital humiliated nurses in tragic incident that should never be repeated, UK hospital warns in letter.

Italy PM Monti says he will resign when budget passed | Reuters

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti announced on Saturday that he intended to resign once next year's budget is approved in parliament after Silvio Berlusconi's party withdrew its support for his technocrat government this week.

Berlusconi Returns to Italian Politics as Monti Charts Exit - WSJ.com

Silvio Berlusconi said Saturday he would run again to be Italy's prime minister, ending weeks of ambiguity about his role as the country heads toward general elections. Those elections could be held a few weeks earlier than expected after Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said Saturday that he planned to resign after parliament approves Italy's budget law, according to a statement from Italy's president.

Meet the craziest football team in Japan - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

Now the trend has spread to the Far East where Japanese side Sanfrecce Hiroshima have been delighting their fans with innovative celebrations. They started out with the 'fishing' celebration that helped make Stjarnan so famous but have added some new concoctions such as 'bowling' and 'cycling' which have provided much amusement.

Japan earthquake and tsunami triggers Fukushima fears | The Guardian

Japan escaped largely unscathed on Friday after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake shook the north-east coast. It was, however, a chilling reminder of the 9.0 quake that struck the area in March 2011, triggering a tsunami that killed almost 20,000 people and a triple meltdown at the nearby Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

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英王室:偽電話受けた看護師自殺 キャサリン妃容体漏らし- 毎日jp


CNN.co.jp : ロンドン五輪スタジアム、後利用先候補にサッカークラブ選ぶ


香川真司、イギリスサッカー誌による世界のトッププレーヤー100人に選出 - Goal.com

マンチェスター・ユナイテッドの香川真司が、イギリスのサッカー専門誌『Four Four Two』が選ぶ"世界のトッププレイヤー・ベスト100"の63位に選出された。アジア人プレイヤーとしては唯一のランクインとなり、昨年の68位から5つ順位を上げている。

フランス人も絶賛!三枝改め桂文枝、パリで襲名公演「ボンソワール、いらっしゃぁい!」 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)

今年7月に上方落語の大名跡を襲名した桂文枝が7日(日本時間8 日午前4 時)、フランス・パリ日本文化会館で襲名記念公演を行った。初のヨーロッパ公演初日は開演3時間前からキャンセル待ちのチケットを求めて約30人が列をつくるなど注目度の高さがうかがえ、272席の会場は6 割日本人、4 割がフランス人で埋め尽くされた。

アメリカの石油輸送、鉄道が復権 - ナショナルジオグラフィック


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News Headlines - 07 December 2012

Kate hoax nurse found dead: Full transcript of the call - Yorkshire Post

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were “deeply saddened” today after a nurse who was duped by hoaxers in a call to the hospital treating pregnant Kate apparently took her own life. Jacintha Saldanha was found an address near the King Edward VII’s Hospital in London this morning.

David Cameron faces Tory revolt over vote on same-sex weddings | guardian.co.uk

David Cameron is facing a backlash from traditional Conservatives after he confirmed plans to allow churches and religious organisations to host same-sex weddings. Opponents of gay marriage claim more than 120 Tory backbenchers will reject the plans in the free vote promised in the Commons. Details of the draft legislation will be unveiled next week.

UK faces £27bn black hole | Herald Scotland

MILLIONS of hard-pressed Britons face yet more tax rises and benefit cuts in the three years after the 2015 General Election to plug a £27 billion black hole in UK Government coffers, it has been claimed. The warning has come from the highly respected think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), which said it was "close to inconceivable" that such austerity measures could be avoided after forecasts in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement showed sluggish growth would leave the UK economy 3.6% smaller in 2016/17 than was expected just nine months ago.

Rolls-Royce could face prosecution in bribery probe | Reuters

Aerospace and defence group Rolls-Royce (RR.L) may face prosecution after Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) ordered it to hand over details of possible bribery and corruption in China and elsewhere, the company said on Thursday.

U.S. and Russia Meet on Syrian Conflict - NYTimes.com

With the support of the United States, the United Nations special envoy on Syria is mounting a diplomatic push for a brokered agreement that would lead to the ouster of the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and the installation of a transitional government.

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アップル、Macの一部機種を米国で生産へ (クックCEOインタビュー) - Engadget Japanese

アップルは現在も特定の部品については米国内で製造しており、また最近の iMac では米国内で組み立てた「Assembled in USA」のモデルがあることが判明しています。リンク先番組ページのクックCEOインタビューによれば、アップルは既存 Mac の一機種について、2013年にもすべてを米国内での製造に計画であるとのこと。具体的にどの機種なのかは明らかにしていません。

仏紙レキップがゴン引退特集を掲載 - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


NYを朝に出れば昼には東京に着く、夢の「極超音速飛行」実現へ - MSN産経ニュース

地球を数時間で半周できる「極超音速飛行(hypersonic flight)」の実現は、これまで多くの企業が目指してきたことだが、このほど英国のある企業が実現につながる新たな技術を開発したと発表した。リアクション・エンジンズというこの企業は、航空宇宙分野の推進技術に、ジェットエンジン以来の革命を起こす新たなブレイクスルーを見出したと述べている。

「デス・スター」を作って――ホワイトハウスに市民が陳情 - ねとらぼ

「スター・ウォーズ」に登場する宇宙要塞「デス・スター」を作ってほしいという驚きの陳情が、アメリカ政府に出されました。 この陳情は、ホワイトハウスの陳情受け付けサイトに提出されたもの。「資金とリソースを確保して、2016年までにデス・スター(のような宇宙要塞)の建設を始めてほしい」という内容です。

放射能に怯え続ける世界 ジェームズ・ボンドの50年、そしていま


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News Headlines - 06 December 2012

Greece and Italy Are Listed Among Corrupt in Europe - NYTimes.com

Greece is considered Europe’s most corrupt country, ranking roughly on par with Colombia and Swaziland in an annual global survey of perceived corruption released Wednesday.

John McAfee arrested in Guatemala | guardian.co.uk

The anti-virus software millionaire John McAfee has been arrested by Guatemalan police for illegally entering the country, the interior minister, Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, has said.

BBC News - Egypt crisis: Fatal Cairo clashes amid constitution row

Three people have died and 350 have been injured in clashes in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as unrest grows over a controversial draft constitution. Rocks and petrol bombs were thrown as supporters of President Mohammed Morsi tried to break up an opposition sit-in outside the presidential palace.

BBC News - EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £64m goes unclaimed

The EuroMillions ticket for the 8 June draw was bought in the Stevenage or Hitchin area of Hertfordshire. The missing ticket-holder matched all five numbers - 5, 11, 22, 34 and 40 - and the Lucky Star numbers - 9 and 11. The deadline to claim the money was 23:00 GMT on Wednesday. It is the biggest unclaimed lottery win in history.

BBC News - Starbucks agrees to pay more corporation tax

Coffee chain Starbucks has agreed to pay more UK corporation tax, after a public outcry over how little it pays.

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人はこれを「サウジアメリカ」と呼ぶ。米国の石油生産量が急増しており、2010年代末には原油の純輸出国になるとの予測が一部で出ているのだ。 わくわくするような予想であり、これに乗じることができる企業は劇的な成長を遂げるかもしれない。米国の原油増産に熱狂している人たちは、ごく短い期間の実績に基づいて壮大な予測をすることがよくある。環境汚染を懸念する反対運動やシェールオイルの埋蔵量推計への疑念など、このバラ色の見通しにはリスクも多い。

羽田空港で男性姿消す 紛失・盗難のドイツ旅券所持 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex




朝日新聞デジタル:豪華キャストが登壇! 『レ・ミゼラブル』ロンドンプレミア緊急生中継が決定! - ぴあニュース


イギリス版「実写ドラゴンボール」ヤバすぎる最新トレーラーが公開に オ、オラわくわくしてきたぞ! - ねとらぼ

イギリス版「実写ドラゴンボールZ」こと「DragonBall Z - Saiyan Saga」の、5分44秒にわたるアクショントレーラーがYouTubeで公開されました。これまで公開されていた動画はどちらかと言えばメイキング映像に近いものでしたが、今回はきちんと編集されており、かなり完成版に近いものとなっています。……制作しているのは、イギリスの小さな映画制作会社k&k productions。あくまでファンムービーという位置づけですが、クラウドファンドサイト「indiegogo」でプロジェクトを告知したところ、無事に目標額(3500ドル)をクリア。現在は公開に向けて鋭意製作中とのことです。

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News Headlines - 05 December 2012

BBC News - London 2012 Olympic legacy 'needs leadership'

The government's spending watchdog has called for "strong leadership" by the Cabinet Office to ensure the legacy of the London 2012 Games is not wasted.

Attorney: Internet pioneer John McAfee in Guatemala, will seek asylum - CNN.com

For weeks, John McAfee hid from authorities, donning a disguise and using disposable cell phones to communicate. On Tuesday, the 67-year-old Internet security pioneer emerged publicly in Guatemala's capital, hundreds of miles away from the Caribbean island in Belize where his next-door neighbor was found dead. McAfee's lawyer said he left Belize to escape police persecution and planned to file a formal request for asylum with Guatemalan officials Wednesday.

NATO will deploy Patriot missiles on Turkey's border with Syria - latimes.com

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Tuesday agreed to deploy Patriot anti-missile batteries along the Turkish border with Syria, providing a measure of security for Turkey in case of an airborne attack from its war-ravaged neighbor.

Defection or escape? Syria's foreign ministry spokesman 'on way to US' | guardian.co.uk

The former Syrian foreign ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdissi, is on his way to the United States after apparently defecting, the Guardian has learned. Makdissi, the most senior Christian official yet to abandon Bashar al-Assad's regime, was reported on Monday to have variously been sacked or defected and to have arrived back in London, where he used to serve in the Syrian embassy.

Iran Claims It Captured U.S. Drone - WSJ.com

Iran aired footage Tuesday of what it said was a U.S. drone it had captured over Iranian airspace in the Persian Gulf, a claim the U.S. Navy denied.

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「今度こそ日本売りは成功する」 国債バブル崩壊に賭けるヘッジファンド


アップルの巨大な新社屋--計画の詳細がアップデートされる - ZDNet Japan

先頃、米Appleが「Apple Campus 2」と言われる新社屋の情報をアップデートした。「Spaceship(宇宙船)」というあだ名でも知られる新社屋を画像で紹介する。

【The リーダー 番外編】エリート養成 ドイツの苦悩 ヒトラーの過去…「カリスマはいらない」 - MSN産経ニュース


フランス組曲 イレーヌ・ネミロフスキー著 冷徹なリアリズムの豊かさ :日本経済新聞


「クレムリンを爆破」を予告 ナポレオン書簡、2千万円 仏で落札 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


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News Headlines - 04 December 2012

Prince William, wife Kate expecting a baby | Reuters
Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting a baby, destined to be the country's future monarch, although the mother-to-be is in hospital with a type of very acute morning sickness that sometimes indicates twins.
Kate Middleton pregnancy: For first time, baby’s gender will not matter - Scotsman.com
The new baby should one day rule as monarch – whether it is a boy or a girl. Thanks to the proposed shake-up of the rules of succession, its gender will not determine whether he or she wears the crown.
NATO Backs Defensive Missiles for Turkey - NYTimes.com
NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday endorsed a decision to send Patriot missile batteries to Turkey, as concerns persisted about reports of heightened activity at Syria’s chemical weapons sites.
The Olympus scandal: Paying a price for doing what’s right | The Economist
Mr Woodford stands tall as an example of leadership. Read his book and ask yourself: would you do the same thing—or would you just shut up and go to Davos?
Olympus whistleblower eyes movie deal with le Carré sons | Reuters
Michael Woodford, the former CEO-turned whistleblower of Japan's Olympus, is close to signing a movie deal with the British film production company run by the sons of spy thriller author John le Carré.

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フランス自動車市場、今年は1997年以来の低水準に | Reuters




J1清水の大前、ドイツ移籍確実 デュッセルドルフと大筋合意 | 静岡新聞


【アメリカ】着物の魅力を紹介 押元さん、ショーで解説 - 琉球新報

日本とアメリカの友好の証しとして、日本は100年前、ワシントンDCに6040本の桜の苗木を寄贈した。100年たった今でも、ポトマック河畔の桜並木は世界の名所の一つになっている。その寄贈100周年を記念して開催されたのが「日米桜寄贈100周年記念 着物レクチャー&ファッションショー」だ。着物ファッションショー、デモンストレーション、着物に関するレクチャーがこのほど、アラスカ州アンカレッジ大学で開催された。

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News Headlines - 03 December 2012

Economists want minimum wage raised | NBC News

More than 650 economists, including five winners of the Nobel Prize for economics, called Wednesday for an increase in the minimum wage, saying the value of the last increase, in 1997, has been “fully eroded.”

AFP: Britain to unveil plans to target tax-dodgers

British finance minister George Osborne was on Monday to announce a £154 million crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion as public anger rises over the tax arrangements of big-name multinational firms. The money, equivalent to $246.5 million or 190 million euros, will be used to establish a team of investigators to target high-earning individuals and companies who aggressively shield their earnings from the British government.

David Cameron rules out 'naming and shaming' multinationals who fail to pay their 'fair share' of tax - The Independent

Downing Street said the Prime Minister was opposed to any move that would undermine taxpayer confidentiality despite criticism by a powerful committee of MPs that the Government “lacked determination” to tackle the problem.

Leveson Report: The devil is in the detail - Telegraph

Exactly 78 minutes after the judge finished speaking, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, told MPs he could not accept the central demand, for what Lord Justice Leveson called the “voluntary independent self-regulation” of the press, with a law — a “statutory underpinning” — to lay down the broad principles that the “independent self-regulator” must follow.

Underwater robots to replace dolphins in US Navy | SmartPlanet

The U.S. Navy is planning to replace its fleet of mine-tracking dolphins and sea lions with underwater robots as soon as five years from now. Starting in 2017, about one-quarter of the Navy’s 80 trained dolphins will give their jobs to unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

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ドイツが計画より早く今年に財政均衡達成へ=財務省 | Reuters


イタリア中道左派はベルサニ氏が首相候補に、経済・雇用問題を重視 | Reuters


ロシア製ロケット フランスの偵察衛星を軌道に投入: The Voice of Russia




アメリカ旅行中に入院したら2000万円の請求が! 海外旅行でのトラブル | マイナビニュース


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News Headlines - 02 December 2012

Japan grapples with nuclear question - FT.com

Japanese voters hoping to use December’s election to cast a ballot for or against nuclear power – the most emotionally charged issue in the country since the Fukushima disaster – are getting little help from mainstream politicians. Over the weekend, Japanese lawmakers across the political spectrum suggested in televised debates that the leading parties had converged on something close to a consensus – but their comments left plenty of room for confusion.

7 missing in collapse of highway tunnel in Japan | CTV News

At least seven people were feared missing Sunday after about 150 concrete panels fell from the roof of a tunnel on the main highway linking Tokyo with central Japan. Efforts to rescue any survivors trapped inside the tunnel were hindered by heavy smoke after one vehicle caught fire inside the Sasago Tunnel, about 80 kilometres outside Tokyo.

North Korea plans new rocket launch as leader asserts power | Reuters

North Korea said it would carry out its second rocket launch of 2012 as its youthful leader Kim Jong-un flexes his muscles a year after his father's death, in a move that South Korea and the United States swiftly condemned as a provocation.

Britain to miss debt targets, George Osborne suggests - Telegraph

The Government is likely to miss its target of starting to pay down Britain's debt, Chancellor George Osborne has said.

BBC News - Tax: Starbucks in talks with UK's Revenue and Customs

Global coffee chain Starbucks has said it is in talks with HM Revenue and Customs and the Treasury over how much UK tax it pays.

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ロンドンはお祭り騒ぎ!イギリスでのWii U発売イベント、マリオも駆けつける | インサイド

任天堂は、11月30日にヨーロッパでWii Uの販売を開始しました。0時ちょうどからイギリス・ロンドンのHMVで開催された発売イベントの模様を多くのゲームメディアが報じています。

UEFA、ELを廃止してCLをスケールアップ? - Goal.com


ベッカム「欧州CLの舞台が恋しいよ」 : nikkansports.com


日本、コンフェデ杯はブラジル、伊と同組 - nikkansports.com


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News Headlines - 01 December 2012

William Hague and Hillary Clinton criticise Israel for settlement plans - Telegraph

Mr Hague abstained at the UN General Assembly vote over Palestine's status on Thursday after President Mahmoud Abbas failed to give assurances that he would return to peace negotiations without preconditions. But he also repeatedly made clear in calls with Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman that the UK would not support a strong reaction to the vote.

Ban Ki-moon warns Syria has reached 'appalling heights of brutality' - Telegraph

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has said that the conflict in Syria has reached "appalling heights of brutality", as Syrian jets bombed rebel-held areas of Damascus and an internet blackout entered its third day.

British supermarket food collection against 'food poverty' : Voice of Russia

One in ten people in Britain have suffered from 'food poverty' in the past year. That's the finding of charities working to provide 'food banks'. They say that more than half of those seeking help have gone without food for 48 hours.

Rise in assaults on NHS staff | The Guardian

Growing numbers of NHS staff are being assaulted at work, prompting concern about the effects of rising waiting times, staff shortages and patients' frustrations with the service. There were 59,744 assaults during 2011-12, up 3.3% from 57,830 the year before, according to figures compiled by NHS Protect, which seeks to ensure staff safety.

Australia's cigarette plain packaging laws come into force - video | guardian.co.uk

Shops in Australia restock their shelves as world-first laws on cigarette and tobacco plain packaging come into force on Saturday. Brand logos and colours have been replaced with generic drab olive green coverings, gruesome pictures of diseased body parts and depictions of children and babies made ill by their parents' smoking

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尖閣防衛を再確認 米上院が異例の法案可決| ytv 読売テレビ


ユーロ圏支援機関格下げ=最上級から転落―ムーディーズ – とれまがニュース


任天堂、「Wii mini」をカナダで発売へ--本体小型化で価格は99.99ドル - CNET Japan

 その新ゲーム機は「Wii mini」で、カナダにおいて現地時間12月7日に店頭に並ぶ予定だ。しかし、すっかり定着したオリジナルの「Wii」よりもかなり小さい同デバイスは、カナダでのみ発売される。マットブラックで縁に特徴的な赤色を配したデザインの同デバイスは、小売価格が99.99ドルになる予定だ。

河北新報 東北のニュース/ハネト人形東欧も感嘆 青森・今井さんの作品、最優秀賞受賞


スペイン通信:アトレティコ、“3強時代”復活への挑戦 - Goal.com


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