News Headlines - 12 December 2012

US and UN condemn N Korea rocket launch - FT.com

North Korea has launched a long-range rocket that it said put a satellite in space, drawing condemnation from the US and the UN Security Council.

BBC News - Venezuela President Chavez's cancer surgery 'successful'

Surgeons in Cuba have successfully operated on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to remove cancerous tissue, says his Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

Britain has fallen out of love with marriage - Telegraph

The 2011 Census shows that the number of married people has fallen to 20.4 million, nearly 200,000 fewer than a decade ago.

Churches face challenge on same-sex unions - Telegraph

Churches could be sued by homosexual rights activists who want same-sex marriage, the Government has admitted.

Stone Age people were making cheese over 7,000 years ago - The Independent

Stone Age people living in northern Europe were making cheese more than 7,000 years ago according to scientists who believe they have found the first direct evidence of dairy processing.








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