News Headlines - 16 December 2012

LDP wins landslide victory in Japan - FT.com

The Liberal Democratic party has swept to power in Japan, winning a landslide victory over the ruling Democratic party just three years after being thrown into the political wilderness, according to projections by state broadcaster NHK.

BBC News - Profile: Shinzo Abe

Six years ago he was flying high, becoming Japan's youngest prime minister since World War II in September 2006. But he stepped down less than a year later, citing ill health, as support for his administration plummeted. Now Mr Abe could be in position for another shot at Japan's top job, as the country prepares to vote in a general election.

Coalition starts to decouple as parties eye 2015 - The Independent

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have already begun to decouple their parties from coalition in readiness to fight the next election, senior Tory and Lib Dem sources revealed last night. The Prime Minister and his new strategist, Lynton Crosby, are to start formal Conservative election campaign meetings next month, while Mr Clegg will begin to put distance between his party and the Tories in a major speech tomorrow with the clear declaration: "Our offer is different from that of the Conservatives."

Obama to join mourning Connecticut families in search for answers | Reuters

President Barack Obama arrives in Connecticut on Sunday to mourn the dead and console the survivors of a gunman's rampage that killed 20 children, all 6 and 7 years old, after he forced his way into their school and shot them multiple times.

Piltdown Man: The truth behind the fraud to be revealed 100 years after it fooled the world | Mail Online

It was one of the most enduring hoaxes in history and fooled scientists into believing a crucial evolutionary 'missing link' had been found in England. Now 100 years after the discovery of the Piltdown Man, a team of archeologists and anthropologists will finally be able to expose the truth behind the scam, and pinpoint who was responsible. The Geological Society will meet this week to discuss the results of their investigation into the elaborate hoax, almost a century to the day after the same society hailed its importance to the world.








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