News Headlines - 21 January 2013

BBC News - Inauguration Day: Obama set for public inauguration

Barack Obama is to be publicly sworn in for his second term as US president. Hundreds of thousands are expected in Washington for the event, which will feature music from Beyonce, parades, black tie balls and tight security.

PM vows to hunt down terrorists behind Algeria hostage attack - Telegraph

Britain will hunt down the terrorists behind the Algerian gas plant siege, Downing Street has said, but the government stopped short of threatening military action in Africa.

French and Malian troops enter Diabaly after jihadists retreat | guardian.co.uk

French and Malian troops have entered the contested town of Diabaly in the west of the country after the retreat of Islamist fighters. About 30 tanks and armoured vehicles carrying 200 soldiers entered the town without resistance, French media reported.

BBC News - Dreamliner: Japan and US probe battery maker

US and Japanese authorities have begun a joint investigation into GS Yuasa, the Japanese battery maker for Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Scientists claim new data is 'strongest evidence yet' that Mars may have supported life - The Independent

Components required to sustain simple microorganisms could have been present on Mars for much of its history, say scientists








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