News Headlines - 23 January 2013

Algeria hostage crisis: top BP executive was on rare visit to the site - Telegraph

A senior executive at BP, who lived in London, was among those who died in the attack on the Algerian gas plant, adding to suggestions that the terrorists may have had inside information.

BP Algeria gas plant raid 'co-ordinated' by a Canadian - Telegraph

The BP gas plant raid was "co-ordinated" by a Canadian terrorist and claimed the lives of at least 37 foreign hostages, the Algerian prime minister announced on Monday.

Defence Cuts: 5,300 Soldiers To Lose Jobs

A third round of redundancies will see the Army shrink to 80,000 soldiers - its lowest level since the 18th century.

BBC News - Israel coalition talks begin after election deadlock

Coalition talks have begun in Israel after near-complete general election results gave right-wing and centre-left blocs 60 seats each in parliament.

Stuart Hall: Rape Charge For BBC Presenter

BBC presenter Stuart Hall has been charged with further sexual offences - including an alleged rape.








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