News Headlines - 25 January 2013

China and Japan attempt to ease tensions - FT.com
China and Japan have taken the first diplomatic step in easing tensions over a bitter territorial dispute that has damaged trade between the two countries and threatened to spill over into military conflict.
BBC News - Algeria siege dead and survivors flown back to Japan
A plane carrying the bodies of nine of the 10 Japanese victims of the Algerian hostage crisis has landed in the Japan's capital, Tokyo.
Egyptian Protests Swell as Anniversary of Uprising Nears - WSJ.com
Egyptian protesters try to tear down a cement wall built to prevent them from reaching parliament and the cabinet building near Tahrir Square, in Cairo on Thursday. The uprising that began Jan. 25, 2011, ultimately toppled longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
China may axe North Korea aid | The Australian
CHINA is toughening its stance towards North Korea by threatening to withdraw foreign aid to the impoverished nation if it goes ahead with its planned nuclear rocket launch.
Japan Price Slide Shows Risks From BOJ Delay in Easing: Economy - Bloomberg
Japan’s consumer prices fell for the seventh time in eight months, underscoring the risk that the central bank may struggle to reach a 2 percent inflation target unless it implements new easing measures earlier than planned.








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