News Headlines - 29 January 2013

UK troops to train Mali forces - The Independent

News signifies UK's deepening involvement in an effort to drive Islamist militants out of Mali

Scores of bodies with headshots found in Syria’s Aleppo - Israel News, Ynetnews

Over 30 bodies exhibiting signs of torture found in a mass grave outside Damascus as Assad's forces continue to pound Aleppo

Egypt curfew fails to calm streets | The Australian

RAMPAGING Egyptian demonstrators have defied President Mohammed Morsi's curfew, as the nation's army chief warned that the political crisis rocking Egypt could lead to the collapse of the state.

Dutch Queen Beatrix to Abdicate in Favor of Her Son - WSJ.com

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands said she would abdicate after 33 years on the throne, to be succeeded in the largely ceremonial role by her eldest son, 45-year-old Willem-Alexander.

Man sells canned fresh air in China. Welcome to yuppie capitalism, comrades – Telegraph Blogs

This is a story that shows how deliriously capitalist China has become (for good and bad). Rapid industrialisation has covered northern China in a dense pea soup of toxic chemicals. In the past, the old fashioned communist solution might have been either to ignore the problem or, if people insist on dying, organise the entire country in a “popular war on bourgeois toxins.” But in a post-Mao order, how does China’s elite deal with pollution? Yuppie consumerism.








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