News Headlines - 03 February 2013

Romanians & Bulgarians are queueing up for handout Britain | The Sun

AN army of jobless Bulgarians and out-of-work Romanians are preparing to invade Britain, The Sun can reveal today. From next year people from the two countries gain the right to live and work in the UK unrestricted. But it’s not just the work that is attracting them — it’s the generous benefits system too.

Chris Kyle: Ex-US Navy Seal Sniper Shot Dead

The author of the best-selling book, American Sniper, is reportedly killed alongside another man at a shooting range in Texas.

BBC News - Company suspends supplier of halal meat containing pork

The company which supplied halal food found to contain traces of pork DNA to prisons has removed all products from the manufacturer.

BBC News - Gay marriage: Tory chairmen call for delay on vote

Senior local Conservatives are urging the prime minister to delay any parliamentary decision on gay marriage until after the next election. More than 20 Conservative Association chairmen have signed a letter to be delivered to No 10 on Sunday.

Special Forces: 600 Support Posts To Go

Around 600 posts could be cut from the support network for Britain's special forces after the military pull-out from Afghanistan. The Special Forces Support Group is expected to be restructured as Britain's role in the Afghan conflict draws to an end.








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