News Headlines - 05 February 2013

Was Richard III really the most evil monarch we have ever had? By Tristram Hunt MP - Mirror Online

We came to know Richard through Shakespeare, the greatest propagandist for the Tudors, depicting him as a scheming, treacherous, self-pitying thug

Chris Huhne: A political career in ruins, and all for three penalty speeding points - The Independent

After 10 years of deceit, two years of brazen denials, the disintegration of his family and a year of legal wrangling that cost £500,000, the former cabinet minister Chris Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice over a speeding offence – and now faces jail

UK prepares new law to break up errant banks | Reuters

British banks that fail to shield their day-to-day banking from risky investment activities could be broken up, Chancellor George Osborne said on Monday, bowing to political pressure to come down harder on reckless lenders.

BBC News - Prolonged TV viewing linked to lower sperm count

Men who do little exercise and spend much of their spare time watching TV have lower sperm counts than more active men, a study suggests.

Gay marriage vote in UK parliament gets overwhelming support, passing 400 to 175 | thetelegraph.com.au

BRITISH MPs have voted in favour of legislation allowing gay marriage despite a split in Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party.








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