News Headlines - 07 February 2013

RBS warning of more fines after £390m Libor hit - The Independent

Royal Bank of Scotland warned that there will be more penalties to come as it pledged that its bankers will meet most of the cost of the £390m in fines it has agreed to pay as a result of its traders' attempts to fix Libor interest rates.

David Cameron is trashing his own party, and it’s not a pretty sight - Telegraph

Gay marriage is an admirable cause, but if Conservative membership keeps falling at this rate, we will soon enter a new political era

Solomon Islands earthquake triggers tsunami | guardian.co.uk

A powerful earthquake off the Solomon Islands generated a tsunami up to 1.5 metres (5ft) high that damaged dozens of homes and left several people missing, presumed dead.

Daniel Craig will not be axed from 'Dragon Tattoo' sequel, says Rooney Mara | NME.COM

Rooney Mara has insisted there is no chance of Daniel Craig being sliced from the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Here's Becks in his kecks showing off his pecs - new Beckham H&M underpants advert unveiled - London Evening Standard

He’s long had ambitions on a career in Hollywood - and today David Beckham showed off his action hero credentials in a short film directed by Guy Ritchie.








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