News Headlines - 10 February 2013

Affleck's Argo Wins Top Bafta Prize

Ben Affleck was named best director for film about a risky plot to rescue of a group of US diplomats from Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The film also took the editing trophy.

Baftas 2013: Skyfall gives Bond his first Bafta for 50 years - Telegraph

Skyfall has beaten the bookies’ favourite Les Miserables to win the outstanding British film award at the Baftas — a first recognition for James Bond in 50 years.

Japan offers nuclear help to Saudi to free up oil - Yahoo! News

Japan has offered to help Saudi Arabia build nuclear power stations to free up more oil for exports, Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday, but a visiting Japanese minister said he was not seeking a supply increase now.

The lessons I learned from my week with Japan's power-brokers | The Observer

Most of us, including many bankers, now agree that the last 25 years have been a dreadful mistake. Western consumers and businesses have too much private debt, with Japan serving as an awesome warning of how that can drag an economy down for decades. There is a lot of hand-wringing over why regulation was so light-touch and why bankers were allowed to get away with so much. But those were the mistakes of a bygone world; the big question we face now is what to do next.

China tightens concert rules after Elton John's 'disrespectful' Beijing show | guardian.co.uk

Chinese authorities have hardened their line on foreign musicians, after Elton John infuriated them by dedicating a performance to outspoken artist and activist Ai Weiwei, according to industry sources. Police arrived to interview the singer shortly after he announced that the performance, which took place in Beijing last November, was dedicated "to the spirit and talent of Ai Weiwei", according to two sources. One said officers wanted John's manager to sign a statement saying the dedication was inspired only by admiration for Ai's art. John's spokesman declined to commentwhen contacted by the Guardian.








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