News Headlines - 11 February 2013

Horsemeat scandal spreads across Europe - FT.com

French ministers and food industry chiefs are to hold an emergency meeting on Monday over the horsemeat scandal that is spreading across Europe.

Wild horses sold by Romanian peasants may have ended up on British dinner plates - Daily Record

INVESTIGATORS are looking into potential links between Romanian gangs and European meat processing plants in a bid to crack the illegal horsemeat trade.

Breaking: Pope Benedict XVI announces he will resign because of 'ill health' - The Independent

Pope Benedict XVI is the first pontiff to resign in nearly 600 years ...It is extremely rare for a Pope to give up the papacy and is unheard of in modern times. The vast majority serve until they die, even when struck down by ill health. The announcement will trigger an election battle in Rome.

Scotland new state outside EU, U.N. if splits | Reuters

The British government on Monday intensified its campaign to stop Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, publishing a legal opinion saying it would forfeit its membership of international bodies such as the European Union if it chose independence.

Apple aims to ditch iPhone passcodes - Telegraph

Apple could replace the passcode unlocking feature on the iPhone and iPad with a new system based on image recognition, according to a patent filing.








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