News Headlines - 18 February 2013

G20 currency truce shortlived as Japan mulls foreign bond buys - Telegraph

Japan’s premier has left the door open for outright purchases of foreign bonds to weaken the yen, a move that would risk a serious clash with the US and Europe and a fresh escalation in global currency tensions.

BBC News - David Cameron urges India to open up to British business

David Cameron has urged the Indian government to cut "regulation and red tape" in a bid to encourage more trade and investment involving UK businesses.

Hugo Chavez Returns to Venezuela. What Happens Next? - ABC News

So is this the start of a surprise comeback for the cancer-stricken socialist leader? Probably not, says Jose Marquina, a Florida-based Venezuelan doctor who claims to get inside info on Chávez's closely guarded health status.

Burger King’s Twitter account hacked - FT.com

Burger King’s Twitter account has been suspended after it was hacked on Monday in a sign of the problems companies can run into with social media. The hackers spent the morning tweeting obscenities and drug references and changed the company’s logo to that of McDonald’s, claiming Burger King had been sold to its fast-food rival.

Japan disaster relief effort boosted by 'goodwill gold rush' | guardian.co.uk

An anonymous donor has sent gold ingots worth at least £160,000 to survivors of the March 2011 tsunami in north-east Japan, as the region prepares to mark the second anniversary of the disaster.








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