News Headlines - 21 February 2013

Guilty: the terror ringleaders who plotted another 9/11 - The Independent

The ringleaders of a Birmingham-based extremist cell whose deadly ambitions were matched only by their incompetence are facing life terms after the unravelling of their plot for a terrorist spectacular to rival the September 11 attacks.

HMV To Close 37 More Stores With 464 Jobs Cut

Troubled entertainment retailer HMV is to close another 37 stores with the loss of 464 more jobs, according to the administrators.

Elton John's plan to save HMV - Telegraph

Elton John may be one of a number of top-selling artists to perform at HMV stores, in a bid to save the high street chain. Elton John could perform in an HMV store in a bid to help save the high street chain.

Five unanswered questions about PS4 - CNET Asia

・How much will the new console cost, and how many versions will there be? ・When will the PS4 be released? ・How big a part will streaming games play? ・Will nearly every online experience required a paid subscription to the PlayStation online service? ・What is the PlayStation 4 going to look like?

BBC News - Hacking group Anonymous latest victim of Twitter hack

Hacker collective Anonymous has suffered an embarrassing breach, as one of its popular Twitter feeds is taken over by rival hacktivists.








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